Friday, June 2, 2023

Sagna signs off with thank you message

It’s a good day to bury Bac news. Anyway, Monsieur Sagna has taken to Instagram to release a statement about his impending departure from the club.

The right back will leave when his contract expires at the end of the month, and writing on his social media channel, he thanked everyone associated with the club for the good times he spent.

Here’s the full statement, as it was written.

To be fair, i don’t even know where to start or even how to say it… but i just wanna thank the whole Arsenal fc… a family to me , a club who taught me so much in 7 years, a club where i had the chance to progress day by day, a club who always gave me his trust whenever i was personally not at my best , a club who change the kid i was to the man i am today, a club where i had the pleasure to give 200 pr cent every game.

I wanna thank the whole staff working at the club, the fans for accepting me so fast, making it smoove for myself and my family, my team mates witch i consider my true friends today and i had a great pleasure learning with them. Of course i wanna thank the coach MR WENGER… who believed in me..gave me his trust..and clearly changed my life. Now, it’s time for me to move on and one more time THANK YOU.

No doubt some halfwits will still abuse him for his decision, but he gave us a lot in his seven years, and leaves with our respect and thanks for all those amazing performances.

And, of course, the FA Cup.

Cheers, Bac!

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Just hope he doesn’t go to Man City as he’s too good to play second fiddle to someone. Good luck Bac 🙂

Perry S.

why not? it’s the paycheck of his life. you’d do it. i’d do it. we’d all do it. if you say you wouldn’t, you’re lying and no one likes a liar.


Or you are just lying to yourself that everyone is like you.


If it’s the difference between earning £4 million a year at a place you clearly love, are loved, have great friends or £6/7/8 million a year at a place where money is the be all and end all, and you will never have that love, I know which one I’d choose.

It’s a helluva lot different to moving from say a £25k job to a £50k job when, at his level, you frankly already have all the money you should ever need for a very nice life..

Dan Gunn

The loyalist man at Arsenal is Wenger. Never forget that. All the massive clubs have been in for him yet 17 years later he still remains.

Why do none of his players show the same loyalty?

The prerogative of the modern footballer I guess.

If i have to hear this short career. Needs his final big pay day bullshit I’m gonna explode. Any premier league player leads a privileged life.

Pay it back with some fucking loyalty!


All the best Bac. You have played and it’s your decision to move on.


Cant and don’t hold it against him one bit, never complained and saw out his contract. Even so, long may he sit on City’s bench…at least when they play against us!
Cheers Bac, and all the best!


I was saying Boo-urns!

George Lane

Who would downvote this?


Sad sad day. A true Arsenal legend, Bac is. He gave everything to the cause. A fierce warrior on the pitch. Honoured your contract, you deserve your last big pay rise. Farewell!


Was a legend while he was here, probably my favorite player over the last 7 years. He’ll still be remembered as one of the best right backs in this clubs history and he has a FA-Cup medal to show for it, but in my opinion he’s passed on his chance to be remembered as an Arsenal legend by moving to city.
Chose the money over something money can’t buy, guess he’ll regret it sooner or later..


Arsenal legends don’t sign for man city,stop talking bollocks


Even though we all saw this coming (Cesc at Chelski), but it still hurts.. 🙁


Time to bring back Eboué.


Constant reminders of loyal players leaving and former heroes going over to rivals isn’t really making my day… Hopefully Wenger will give us something to feel positive about soon!


Don’t want to worry you, but Eboue could be that news!

DE Gooner

You’re telling me @RayC, It was my birthday yesterday. It was an alright day before that bit of news.

chocolate man

I wont abuse I just wont like him anymore if he goes to city.
Jesus I am getting so sick of this trend with our leaving players.


How about the trend of re-signing our best players in Koscielny, Ramsey, Mertasacker, Cazorla et al? And the British Core are locked up on long term contracts too. And we also signed Mesut Ozil. How about those trends?


The British core who were all injured for large chunks of last season? How many games did Theo, Rambo, Gibbs and Jack play cumulatively all together? Probably only a few more than Fabregas managed for Barca. And Cesc has won the world cup. Face it, if you take Ozil out of the equation, then there is ZERO ambition in the transfer market. (Flamini + Sanogoal + injured Kallstrom) And Ozil was a vastly overpriced panic buy. 42-43M for him when Chelski have Costa and Cesc for only a little more than what we paid for Ozil! Today, we’ve let 2… Read more »


Have to agree on the injuries point especially. All this shit on the blogs about us having a “wealth of riches” in the midfield department, etc. This argument is flattened when star players such as Ozil and Rambo loose half the season between them with injuries. Perhaps Wenger should replace our physio-medics team first?


Just because I hate hyperbole:

Cesc last season — 40 appearances in all competitions.

Theo — 18
Jack — 35
Rambo — 34
Gibbs — 41

Total — 128. So a little bit more. They average around 24 each.

Take away the guy who blew his Cruciate, and the rest of our ‘injury prone English core’ matched Cesc last season.

Third Plebeian

That was such a nice message to read after the Fabregas news.

Thanks, Bacary. You were great for us, and we’ll always remember you.


It feels like it’s been such a long time since a player left and deserved a warm reception upon returning. I hope he gets one.


I hope he dont


Good luck Bac! One of the most reliable and consistent players we’ve ever had. Thanks for the commitment. Glad he finally won some silverware with us.


🙁 Bye bye Super Bac… *wails uncontrollably*

Anand modha

Farewell Bac, a warrior till the end. Best of luck


Fabregas, RVP, Nasri and Song all left when they were vital to the team and loved by the fans, all of them picked up major trophies nearly straight away, and I used to hope that we would win something major for the players who stuck with us, but I don’t think there are even any left.


Hi yes… Sagna stuck with us and he got himself a nice shiny medal and a trophy parade.


To be fair Wigan won the FA Cup the time before us. It’s a great trophy but it doesn’t mean we’ve been able to become true global contenders.


Gunnersaurus wouldn’t say something like that. Gunnersaurus is always positive and behind the Arsenal.


Gunnersaurus is behind the Arsenal but he’s also a bit gutted about all of these ex-players leaving to rival teams and winning more trophies than us

Perry S.

money talks and it also has ruined the integrity of the game. one of the aspects of american sports i really respect is the salary cap systems. footballing across the globe would be wise to use such a model, but as we know, its also one of the most corrupt, money hungry sports on the planet as well.


Real gunnersaurus would have kicked ur arse


Too true. This years FA Cup was won by the ‘new boys’ at Arsenal


Ok, let’s finish the day with the news that Per signs for Sp*rs and we’ll have the whole package(((
On a serious note, good luck to him


he really did give his 200% everytime he was on the pitch. Never seen a player more consistent than him. He will remain my fav RB. Loved his commitment.
Thank you Sagna and best of luck.


Sagna decides to sneak under the radar clever guy all the best


You always gave everything on the field. You stood by us through difficult times. You saw out your contract in the best possible way by helping the club winning its first trophy in 9 years.

Thank you Bac.

Yoyo Sanogoals

I’m not even joking Sagna leaving Arsenal hurts more than any other player. Not necessarily cos he’s the best but because I’ve seen him grow into a true legend, plus he continued to play after his brother killed himself, that takes a lot of mental strength and character. Even if he left for City I wouldn’t begrude him. He’s a decent guy, a good man.

Yoyo Sanogoals

P.S he has the best wag in the history of Arsenal. I’m gonna miss Ludivine in her Arsenal shirt. God bless that woman


You know, Arteta’s wife is a worthy successor. Not an avid instagram user though(


Good luck to him. No grudges. When I think back on our goal celebrations he seems always to by in the thick of the action going crazy. The guy loved playing for Arsenal.


I’d love if Monaco gave him a bajillion quid a week to sign for them. Bac gets the pay day and starting spot he deserves, and we don’t have to see him line out with the chinless wonder next season.


I’m sure as hell gonna miss his wife…

Don’t act like you weren’t thinking the exact same thing!

Henry! Chance!! Goal!!!

The first thing I noticed was that he didn’t say “You Guys”. Thanks Bac!


This makes me sad 🙁

Big Chief from Antarctica

That’s the main difference. I wouldn’t like seeing Bac at Man City but I wouldn’t begrudge him for it. He stuck with us throughout the dire periods. Bac being a defender, wouldn’t have made the headlines in this sensationalist world yet I suspect most Gooners would agree that he was a warrior, never gave up, gave his full commitment. Literally, as he honoured his contract. That’s the very least you can expect. I might not like him at Man City but at least he helped us in getting that FA Cup after so many years without any honours. How many… Read more »


The only one who stuck around long enough till we finally won a trophy, and helped us right through the transition period. That’s right, only Bac and Rosicky remains since 2006. On that basis alone I’ll always keep a soft spot for him regardless where he ends up as this is likely to be his final shot at a big payday. Cesc, Nasri, RVP on the other hand can suck a dick. I’m trying to be a bit more calm than I was in my last post and something struck me. Cesc is already 27, and since he went to… Read more »


Someone with fucking sense , finally . all this shit about Wenger has to go because we didnt take the option on Cese and buy him back . he has done fuck all at Barca , thats why he had to go , he played nearly very game with barca last year , they gave him every opportunity to shine but every game he was subbed why because the fans wanted to see Pedro and Sanchez instead. They are the players not Cese , not anymore, why are people pissed off him going to chelsea , he sulked and then… Read more »


You’ve just speak my mind. I don’t know why people are angry about some players who cant steak with us during our trying period.


History should teach that the grass isn’t always greener elsewhere. How many players have left us and found glory? Or, how many have left us and found frustration?


If I see a picture of him grinning in a bright blue Chelsea shirt tomorrow, my summer will have been completely ruined.

2014-2015 = the year we've been waiting for

Summer’2012: contemplated burning my ‘Van Persie 10’ shirt, wasn’t safe so ended up just tossing it in the bin.

Summer’2014: contemplated throwing away my ‘Sagna 3’ short, decided to wear it one last time at the Emirates Cup.


Best wishes. You made the team of the year in your 1st season and never looked bac. Many thanks for your fantastic service and of course, that lovely header against ‘the enemy’.


John terry to blame for all this. What a cunt this John Terry is!


Good luck Bac. God what a depressing day!!!!


Can your wife stay??…


I was all excited this morning too. It’s like they’ve ruined Christmas.


He has giving us so much. Including the goal which sums up his time at arsenal when he pulled one back against the spuds with the determined header. Nobody except bac was getting to that ball.



el bahja

A true legend thanx a lot bacary


Could almost see his face light up when he typed MR WENGER there or maybe its just me


I’m running out of games I can watch without vomiting.

ManU, City and now Chelsea.

What a crap day


Thanks Bac for your time here with the Arsenal. You are a warrior. Best of luck for the future.


Great player, another one departing.. Time to open the Cheque book Arsene..


Good luck to you Bac! Thanks for all of your time and effort that made silverware a reality again. Now shove off to France!!

Sheffield Goon

Best wishes to Sagna who has been great for us.

The fact that we cannot retain such an important player and the fact that Cesc has been allowed to go to Chelsea tells me we have some way to go before we are considered to be a very serious title challenger.

Cornish Gunner

Bac say’s bye bye, Cesc say’s you don’t want me. Fingers crossed this transfer Window can only get better!

Satnam Singh

I remember Arsene saying 3/4 seasons ago before the start of pre season that they all wanted to leave and it was the most difficult time in he’s manager career to keep hold of them . The last one has finally gone . That’s the end of all that lot . He tried so hard to keep them but you know money talks and in the end you go and take the money . Bac is a fool for footballing terms because the kids are ready to shine and he has gone for pound notes . U are a millionaire… Read more »


We are now an American business model of efficiency , profit & customer loyalty. A business success that requires the same annual productivity for continued growth. How long can this continue? Can’t hold on to Sagna , unwilling to bring back Cesc, no extra striker last Jan & persisting with average players. It will I’m afraid continue , to the lamentation & sorrow of Arsenal fans.

Arsene's Apologist

Average players? I’m depressed too but that’s a bit off. Ramsey, Özil, Per, Kos, Theo, Cazorla… then Wilshere, Theo, Tomas, even Poldi or Giroud is not just “average”. We have a great mix of experience and youth, those in their prime and those coming up on it with others in the wings. We need depth, to be sure. But that’s something different than letting the bad news discolor your view of our players.


A classy farewell from a classy player. I don’t begrudge Sagna leaving us. He’s basically given us the best years of his career to us and gave us his all in every match he played for us. Goodbye and good luck Bac! All in all not a great day for us. Still trying to wrap my head around the fact that Cesc is going to be playing for the scum that is Chelsea. It just made so much sense to sign him and we’ve let it slip. From the looks of it he’s going to be playing as a deep… Read more »


Totally agree.


smoove talker


Least he’s british PR guy didnt compose tht.
Sounds sincere.


Let’s thank him for his effort, he played with heart for Arsenal and no one can deny it. I personally wish him good luck and no matter which club he choice he will be remind one of us. Let us don’t forget that in every negotiation there is two party, and Arsenal couldn’t or wouldn’t give him what he asked for. To be fair we should not judge him base of his decision. Everybody knows Arsenal’s policy about players over 30 years old. Good luck Sanga.


We could have had Bac and Cesc next season….I’m gutted.

Captain's Armband

Wu- Tang Sagna Ain’t Nuttin’ Ta Fuck Wit’

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