Friday, September 30, 2022

Wenger dismisses Balotelli interest

Arsene Wenger has outright dismissed any interest in signing Mario Balotelli.

The Italian striker has been linked with the Gunners considerably over the last few weeks, with all kinds of vague quotes from his agent fueling the fire.

However, speaking to beIN Sport last night, the Arsenal manager denied the AC Milan man was on his summer shopping list. Asked by Ruud Gullit if he was a player he was hoping to add to the Arsenal squad, Wenger said, “No. No, that’s pure invention. We cannot believe absolutely everything that is on internet or is in newspapers.

“Sometimes it’s created by agents or by press who needs news. But in that case, it’s not true.”

The link has always seemed somewhat dubious to us. Indeed, it feels more like he’s just the name that has been picked because of the lack of any other suitable candidates on the market right now.

And considering the paucity of his World Cup performances, perhaps it’s not a bad thing that our sights are aimed elsewhere.

There are those that will remind us that Wenger has often dismissed interest in a player before signing him (Mikel Arteta and Santi Cazorla for example), but what’s overlooked is that far more often he’s said he’s not going to sign a player and been speaking the absolute truth.

Arseblog News reckons this is one of those times.

Thanks to Will for the Wenger quote.


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Great news!


I wonder what Suarez is smoking over at Anfield?
Put that in your pipe and smoke it you asshole!!
Bet they wish they took our “£1” now?!


I don’t think we should judge Suarez so harshly, as he clearly has some form of dental illness.


Ladies and gentleman, we have a winner…


Suarez is obviously just teething, all babies bite at that age. I don’t get why everyone’s so upset


Suarez is obviously bi-molar


I’d personally like to smoke what he’s smoking. Gotta be some grade A shit to make you hungry enough to devour some skin. He needs to let the world know and stop hoggin that shit!

Bould's Eyeliner

bath salts?


I just don’t get a full erection each time this guy’s name is being mentioned!!!


coz that wouldnt be weird


Yes! We turned down the chance to sign a world class striker. Wohoooo!

Can’t wait to see Giroud and Remy up front next season.


Liverpool will have Sturridge and (maybe Suarez)
Chelsea will have Diego Costa, Ba and Torres
Man City will have Augero, Dzkeo and Negrado
Man United will have RVP and Rooney


Wonder what world Balotelli is world class in. People just throw that term around like it’s nothing.


I’ve previously said I’d like him at Arsenal. But this World Cup has once again convinced me that he is not the player Arsenal need.

Arsene knows.

(Now go sign Aurier, Moreno, Witsel, Sanchez and Benzema)

Subhankar Pasalapudi

I liked the first part of your comment, but “(Now go sign Aurier, Moreno, Witsel, Sanchez and Benzema)” smacks of exactly what the media wants, you believing what they say. You believe these players are right for Arsenal only because the media keeps pandering their names about. No one would’ve spoken of Aurier had he not created what he has, and the same goes for the others and news about them too. It’s understandable, but it’s immature.


Well Aurier was selected the best right back in Ligue 1.

To me that fits the bill perfectly to Wenger tastes, even if the press hadn’t spoken anything.

Springbank 1965

And Suarez was acclaimed as the nailed-on best player in England last season.

There’s more to team-building than popular opinion and awards.


Subhankar Pasalapudi – I have absolutely no idea where you are coming from. These players are all high quality, fit the bill and are gettable. Whether they are being touted in the media as future Arsenal players or not what does it matter? And with the internet the resource it is, most fans don’t get their information about a player from papers anymore. I’m sure most people are quite capable of making their own judgements. And if you actually follow some of these journalists you’ll find them woefully uninformed. Also what does the media care about what I think or… Read more »


You find websites and bloggers eminently more honest and informed? That’s scary. It’s precisely the Tabloid hacks AND Web Infotainment that has de-jounalism’d the Journalism.

It’s all info-tainment. Facts are Opinions one conveniently agrees with. We should all just kick back in our handbaskets and enjoy the ride.


I’m not sure where I said I “find websites and bloggers eminently more honest and informed”. By mentioning the internet as a resource, I referred to the ability to stream football from nigh on every league in the world.

As I stated previously, most people are capable of making a judgement on a player by watching said player, with their own two eyes.

And let’s be honest transfer speculation should be a bit of fun. Come on, who honestly didn’t chuckle when Tom Cleverley was linked with us?

Third Plebeian

You find websites and bloggers eminently more honest and informed? That’s scary.


Nowhere did AndrewM4 say that. He simply stated that people get most of their information from the internet nowadays and that they would make their own judgments about what looked plausible or not.

I find the (over)reaction to Andrew’s comments strange. Like he said, calm down?

Bould's Eyeliner

Transfer speculation is always about opinion simply because the sad truth as fans is that Wenger has 0 flying fucks to give about who we want on the team – he cares about keeping us happy with wins, how he’s going to do it is an entirely other matter.

So saying, oh I wish we would sign so-and-so is a bit of a passive aggressive fantasy, just like blogs mentioning sanchez every other sentence. A bit of fun! Cheer up peoples.


“with the internet the resource it is, most fans don’t get their information about a player from papers anymore. I’m sure most people are quite capable of making their own judgements”

–Just saying this conjures many different images, as evidenced in these very comment sections.

Streaming and watching for oneself does indeed allow forming one’s own opinion. Cheers to that. On the other hand 3 minute youtube comps of highlights from a 27 or whatever match season are highly idealized fantasy (this is an example, not what I’m assuming, mind you).

Momo (@MuhamLAD)

Don’t forget Ochoa! Several news outlets linked him to us straight after Mexico v Brazil so it must have substance


I also said I’d be very pleased if we signed him. He’s hugely talented and endlessly entertaining, just like Suarez in fact. Love the way he wandered into a women’s prison just because he was curious to see what it was like. He and Campbell together would have been interesting. Thing is, though, every club Balotelli has been at has wanted to get rid of him after a bit so we’d probably be better off with someone more stable. One firey character is quite enough.


I was just sick a little.


I’ve never understood the fascination with Balotelli, nor the interest from some Gooners in signing him. He seems a complete narcissist who is far more interested in himself than the team, and hasn’t (for me) ever lived up to the hype. One great thing about the current team is that it seems pretty free of head cases and wankers, and long may it continue. Suarez a case in point.


The fact that he is troublesome leads to people over-hyping his ability. He gets the “waste of talent” branding. But if you were to strip away all of that, he’s not a good enough striker to lead a title chase


Totally agree mate. Signing balotelli would be the equivalent of dosusing your beautiful house on petrol and then setting it alight, all by yourself. That muppet is too whimsical IMHO.


But surely you have to admire Suarez. Darwin went all the way to the Galapagos islands to prove evolution, we just have to look at Suarez. Most blokes fight with both their fists and feet but will go as far as to throw in the occasional head butt, elbow, etc. Suarez only uses his teeth! Yesterday (chewsday) he held his teeth after snacking on the Italian bloke. My granddad aside, I’ve never seen anyone hold their teeth before. Evolution has sculpted Suarez’s nashers into the most feared weaponry in international sport. You just have to admire mother nature.


Oh I admire them all right, but those teeth are getting so big they’re in danger of being offside.


Ha Chewsday. I like that…


I have laughed out so loud, my entire office is staring at me.


That’s why I’ll never understand nature……I mean if monkeys evolved into humans why aren’t they still doing it?

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Would anyone like to contribute to the new Charity I have formed?

“Food Parcels for Suarez”

Anything you can offer would be of help, no matter how small. A Curly-wurly, sherbert fizz, a half-eaten sandwich, a cheese and blueberry curry. Anything will be gratefully received and sent on to him.*

* Shoulder of mutton would be very useful, as he sees other footballers as sheep.

This man needs your help.


That produced an instant mental image of John Terry neatly wrapped in brown paper and tied up with string.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Chump Chops


Either that, or he will be signed by 4 pm..


Thank god. Now can we sign James Rodriguez please Arsene?


Because we’re lacking creative players at the moment …

Chairman Meow

All of your tunes have changed… I for one am disappointed, loved to have had him at Arsenal

Merlin's Panini

I still think he’s a great talent. He’s not had a good World Cup but he was great in the last Euros. He destroyed Germany and not many players can do that.
He’s one of those frustrating players who could be amazing or terrible. I think if anyone could get the best out of him it would be Arsene Wenger, but whether he feels it is worth the effort is another thing entirely.


I thought “if anyone could get the best out of him it would be Arsene Wenger” when the rumours started circulating. However, and this is why I believe Wenger is 100% truthful here: Arsene has preferred “intelligent” (for lack of a better word) players throughout his career. You hear it when he is talking about players and their qualities, and you see it in most of his signings. I just don’t see how he’d be willing to spend the amount of cash required to sign Balotelli for any player where his ability to take & respond to instructions would be… Read more »


Forgot to add: Arsene telling Giroud to be more sly in his movement in & around the opposition box. With Balotelli he’d have to tell him to be more sly in his movement in & out of the vest.


I’m not sure about Wenger being able to get the best out of him. Wenger is a very, very good judge of footballing talent – there’s none better – but time and again he’s been let down by his failure to research before buying, or overcome once they’ve arrived, players’ unsuitability for Arsenal in particular or the English league in general. Reyes would be an obvious example, Gervinho another. The day we signed both Denilson and Wellington Silva Tim Vickery said that, though their talent was massive, he had strong doubts about their ability to handle the move. It’s quite… Read more »

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Any signing of a player from abroad is a gamble, whatever league you are in. You can assess skill, you can look at a player’s history, but at the end of the day you are banking on the player’s ability to adapt to a new environment. You can tell if a player seems sensible, but you can’t tell if he will become homesick, feel isolated, hate his new country, feel insecure as he cannot speak the language, adapt to a league where football is played faster or with less time to dwell on the ball, etc etc. Many players we… Read more »

Chairman Meow

@Merlin, have to agree with you to be honest


I’m starting to get an immaculate sense of how speculative this transfer speculation can be. I’m also missing every possibility being rated with varying units of fecal matter.


So all Puma helping us with Mario transfer was just POOMA??


No poo in article means it that the news was all fart without poo. I does make sense now.


I know it’s the not ~the point~ but it’s odd how many people, including this article, seem willing to dismiss his career so far, and his obvious potential to be fucking amazing, because of three world cup matches. To get the striker we need we’re gonna need to take a risk in at least one category of price, ability or attitude, and at £25–30m, at his age, he would have been a risk worth taking imo. Oh well.


I’ve always found it amusing how people demand us to sing a ‘world class striker’, attribute which for many is synonymous with a hefty price tag. But if you want to play this game, Mario is pretty high on the list of world class strikers (potentially) available this summer, beyond only Suarez, Cavani, Falcao, and Benzema, and: Suarez is not worth it imo; it’s not very likely that Cavani is for sale at all; and Benzema, which is not that much better choice than Mario, will only be available if Real gets one of the other three. So obviously, the… Read more »

Policeman's Bangers 'N' Mash

Mate, he costs a bomb wherever he goes and he has set the world alight NOWHERE. He reminds me of Robinho, so much hype and just never delivers consistently. He’s like 25% of an Özil.

Policeman's Bangers 'N' Mash

And there’s pictures of him smoking shisha surrounded by hookers clutching a bottle of vintage Dom Perignon. I mean he’s an utter twat of Adebayor-like proportions.

Cazorla's smile

He’s my favorite person and I’d have loved him, but I trust Arsene. We’ll see what happens. Hoping for Cuadrado tbh

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Your mum/dad/granny/wife/kids must be sad to hear this.


Said it before, it’s going to be one signing (mf/fw) this summer, and it’s Alexis Sanchez. End of. #ITK

Finsbury Park Gooner

Flamini covering CB, RB and DMF?

True Red

There is less than 0% chance of us signing James Rodriguez.

Sam Kandere

I for one I’m disappointed in the Boss.We seriously need quality additions to the squad and Balotelli would have fitted the bill.If he keeps waiting for the World Cup to end,he may end up with “one show wonders” with over inflated valuations or even quality players who will since reject Arsenal on account of interests elsewhere. Aurier Serge is a must have in my books coz after the World Cup,he will have numerous suitors

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Quality at the expense of a settled dressing room is no improvement.

Parisian Weetabix

Thank fuck.

I just don’t think he’s an Arsenal player. I’d rather we got someone with some creativity and guile to go with the goalscoring touch we obviously require. *looks hungrily at Alexis Sanchez*


Absolutely !! Balotelli is as mad as a bat in a biscuit tin. At least this shows Wenger is not, whatever his other faults.

But Sanchez on the other hand. I can’t believe that Barca’ would sell him . But if they did he’d really give us something extra across the whole range of our attack – left , right and down the middle.

Trouble is this is to be filed under ‘too good to be true’.


Wasn’t Ozil too good to be true?


That’s just it though – with Ozil, we didn’t hear peep until it happened. I just have the sneaking suspicion that whatever is going to happen, it’s not going to be anything that’s being openly discussed in the media.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Under the radar?

Yes!!!! We’re buying Nathan Elder from Dover Athletic!!!!!!!


“*looks hungrily at Alexis Sanchez*”

You are Luis Suarez and I claim my five pounds!



If any of you here knows how Wenger does his thing, this is the most obvious confirmation that Mario’s coming to us.


If Wenger is not signing a player he usually says stuff like “He’s a good player, we could afford to buy him, he has interesting qualities”

For me, Balotelli alone is not enough. He is worth the speculation but he has not shown himself to be much better than Giroud. If we signed Balotelli plus a more mobile attacker, like Sanchez or Greizmann, I’d be happy. Partly because I don’t think Theo will be fully recovered until Christmas time, if not next season.

Then a DM and a RB and a CB


I fear the same about Walcott, and now – oh what a surprise – Ox has had a setback as well. Hope to God we get his knee looked at properly straight away. Nothing worse than letting him go on holiday and then discovering when he returns to training that surgery is needed.


Don’t know if it was you or some others on here who were bitching when the Ox said that injuries ‘heal faster’ with England, and that he was going to be ready for Uruguay (let alone Costa Rica) – and surprise surprise, England doesn’t have some magical healing powers that Arsenal don’t. I should clarify, we do need to make massive strives in our injury prevention regime and am very glad that its being looked into, and if its true that the German NT fitness coach is indeed joining the staff at the Emirates then amazing. It just pissed me… Read more »


Thank fuck for that. Mario often goes to war with the opponents, their fans, his team, his fans, the refs, the linesmen, the managers, the press…EVERBODY.
We’ve finally gotten rid of cocks like Bendtner, we certainly didn’t need a Mad Mario


In other news, is anyone else happy that we didn’t sign Suarez with a potential 2 year ban leering over his shoulder after another episode of Master Chef Cannibalism style?

Clock End Mike

Well, I certainly am — always said he was potentially a huge liability, and not at all loyal. Quite apart from his behaviour on the pitch, look how he’s been trying to sell himself to RM and/or Barca this summer, just like he did to us last year.
To my mind, we had a lucky escape. I can’t believe you’re getting thumbed down, WindsorGooner.


Why should he be loyal to a club that gave him a verbal agreement he could leave and then abused his trust by dishonouring it? Not only that, they counted on the fact that the contract was meaningless because no potentially buying club would go to the trouble and expense of taking it to court. I’ve a lot sympathy with Suarez. Liverpool treated him like shit but he still played his heart out for them.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Because the following summer they gave him a hugely improved long term contract and he swore his love for them?


Well hopefully that sympathy should go a long way in preventing you from being eaten.


Yes. I was happy that we could not sign him and am now happier seeing the kind of liability he can be. But, does this 2 year ban affect Liverpool? I was under the impression that it would only affect his participation in national team.


FIFA has the ability to ban someone at both club and international levels. The ban may be as long as 24 games, if measured in games, or two years, if measured in time. However, the longest ban they have ever issued in the past was eight games, and they have never issued a ban that applies at the club level.

Merlin's Panini

I was relieved when it didn’t happen. He’s such a despicable little prick. Liverpoo are welcome to him. They’re the only club classless enough to put up with him. It would be even more of a relief if they got rid of him to Madrid and couldn’t find a decent replacement.

2014-2015 = the year we've been waiting for

Hmm… the timing of Arsene’s loss of interest in Mario Balotelli is interesting.

Could it be due to the price of a certain racist cannibal, falling to… er… £40,000,001 or thereabouts after yesterday’s events?

Man Manny

Thank God. I never wanted that man in the team. Undoubted talent but too close to Suarez in attitude. Having said that, it’s time for Arsene to begin to make his intentions in the transfer market known. The fans need to start feeling some excitement as we look forward to next season.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Yes Arsene. Tell the world who you want to buy and how much you want to pay for them


So who are we signing? Or is it the same old ‘linked- with- everybody-sign-nobody’ syndrome?


Thank God for that. Has never impressed me as a footballer

Policeman's Bangers 'N' Mash

As opposed to impressing you as what … a role model!?


Getting Alexis Sanchez would mean we still mean we need another striker. I believe pretty much every Arsenal fan knows Giroud isn’t good enough to lead our line. So it’s not either or with a Left Winger and a Striker. I wouldn’t want Loic Remy leading our line honestly. If we actually mean when we say we’re competing for all 4 trophies next year than prove it. No team has ever won the UCL without a world class striker. Bring in Alexis and someone like Jackson Martinez who was highly impressive yesterday. P.S. I really hope Chile and Colombia get… Read more »

Black Hei

Nope it is just you and your lot.


Within the last decade, Porto have won the UCL without a world class striker, and Liverpool won it with Milan Baros up front!

No team has ever won the UCL without a world class striker…apart from the ones that have.


you want chile and colombia to get knocked out because they feature players that MIGHT be transfer targets for arsenal? what a confusing way to watch the world cup.

Thru' n thru'

To: Wenger…
From: Gooner Thru’

James R, Sanchez, Aurrier, good keeper and khedira would make us very very strong. And bring back campbell. Dont sell any player.



Great news – Balotelli would have been a disaster.


especially at a club like arsenal — things would be good when we’re winning but during a tough and dry spell, i really think he’d be disruptive.


The only reason arsenal is linked with balotelli is because we are sponsored with Puma next season and that arsenal so badly needs a top striker. Balotelli would be a huge boost for Arsenal in and off the field. Balotelli is one of the most recognisable athelete in football right now. I don’t think Mario is the best striker,but he would be a valuable asset for the club along side ozil,Ramse,cazorla.just look at David luiz, his afro alone worth 50 million dollars. I hope Wenger signs baloteli and fans should be behind Mario if he ever move to the emirates


I would have liked him at Arsenal but I can’t help but think he was only linked because of his involvement with Puma and nothing more

Black Hei

We should sign Balotelli. Racist Suarez will bite him. He will then head butt Suarez in the mouth and break all his teeth with that Mohawk.

Are you guys not entertained? That will be the new phrase on his shirt.


Question – has Le Boss put his own interests first by going and working for French TV instead of working on transfer targets? Wenger is quoted as saying it is impossible to get deals done before the world cup. Not true! We have already lost a player to a direct rival, chelski have added a player who was playing at the world cup. Does aw take the start of summer off and miss a trick? From the moment we missed out on suarez last August surely Wenger had to be looking at who would be his suarez. He hadn’t identified… Read more »


First of all, as an employee of Arsenal FC, Arsene is entitled to several weeks holidays a year. If Arsene chooses to spend some of his hard earned holidays working as a commentator for French TV at the World Cup in Brazil, good for him. I have no problem with how Arsene chooses to spend his free time. Secondly, the worst thing that Arsenal can do is to speedily sign players just to give some fans something to talk about, and/or, to give some fans some type of “meaning” in their lives. Third, as Arsene regularly reminds us, it takes… Read more »

Jj's Bender

1) Where are all the best players and their agents in the world right now? Oh where he is.

2) If you’ve been a gooner for longer than an FA cup win, you’d know we never announce signings until the window officially opens.

3) He knows exactly who he wants and what Arsenal needs. Chill the f**k out.


I can’t see any new signings announced until the Puma deal clicks in. Business sense!!


I’ve been hearing/reading a lot of this “Why is Wenger in Brazil?” nonsense. Let’s think about that for a minute. The vast majority of our reported transfer targets are in Brazil, as are their agents. Not to mention that a vast majority of club managers are most likely there as well. Now let’s suppose that Brazil wasn’t the absolute center of the football universe right now, do you think it would make a difference that he was there, in this age of instant connnectivity to anywhere in the world? I’m sure we’d be raking in the transfers right now if… Read more »


Get Suarez!.. He should cost 40 000 001 – 40 000 0000, right about now

Gutbukket Deffrolla

There is a reason for that. The figure you are talking about is VALUE, and if he continues to behave the way he does his VALUE is way lower than his COST.


Roll on July 1st so the bloody Puma deal can be officially started and we can see some players holding the damn shirt.


This makes me sad. I hope it’s one of Wengers smoke screens. I like Balo.

East Gooner

I think Arsene is right to not buy Balotelli. He represents far too much of gamble for us at 30 mil. Sure he might score a Hattrick at Old Trafford in a brilliant win, but between that and his next great performance, we don’t know what is going to happen. It is interesting to see how many goals he got against Juventus, Roma, Napoli, Fiorentina, Inter etc. – I suspect very, very few. Also he just scored around 16 times last season – to put that into context, the so called ‘limited’ (I think he is better that) striker HFB… Read more »

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Yep, it would be Arshavin Mark II.

Entertaining. Likeable. Gives us some great moments. Scored 4 at Liverpool in one game.

Overall: Hugely disappointing.

Lloyd Townsend

Shattering stuff, he is a freak. Just watch his one-on-one ability and how he manipulates the ball – he’s so gifted, and he’s athletic, and he can finish. I love him, and although he’s volatile on the pitch, I like his combativeness.


How about when that combativeness turns into an utter liability, like their game against Uruguay? He was their only real threat in their World Cup squad this time round – he was having a turd of a game and got frustrated, got a yellow. Looked to be headed to a red with his play and behavior, forcing their manager to sub him off after the half. That’s not a team player, not a player that a manager can trust, and that’s the wrong type of combativeness we’re looking for.

Al Gilmore

Ally – we’re not dismissing Balo because of 3 WC matches, but his performance at the WC does kinda sum up the good and bad about him. He was clinical against England without doing much during the game – that can be a sign of a great player. However, the other two matches show that he can very much go missing and is as prone to bad finishing as people complain about Giroud for being AND he walks a disciplinary tightrope every game. He has shown this in club football as well. To me, he is the sort of player… Read more »


Thank goodness. He was awful, both in the Uruguay game and against Costa Rica. Bring on Sanchez and Griezmann.

Anonymous Physicist

I like Alexis Sanchez, but I don’t see how getting him solves the striker problem. I guess he can play up front on his own, but he’s really more of a winger/second striker. Which means he’ll probably end up playing with Giroud rather than instead of Giroud, and that’ll mean we still won’t have a fresh quality striker on the bench to come on at the end or play the next game in a busy schedule. Sanchez seems like someone who’ll compete for places with Walcott, Podolski, Ox and Campbell, and while he might be better than all of them… Read more »


I was for this signing but Alexis Sanchez is less of a risk

Giroud, Sanchez ,Walcott, Joel Campbell and maybe even Remy would be decent attack options

dink arnold

Plenty of potential in Sanogo too

Al Gilmore

Styles – he is in Brazil where he needs to be to watch most of the world’s best players. So, no I don’t think he is putting his own interests first. He has always been a pundit on french football and no one gave a fiddlers when we were winning titles, but now they’re trying to make a big thing out of it. And while it may be preferable to get business down pre-WC – like CFC have done – they really are pretty much the excpetion that proves the rule. The vast majority of clubs haven’t got their targets… Read more »

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Not to mention that half of the players being mentioned here may already have signed with somebody but are waiting for July 1st before the official announcement is made. “I’m sorry Mr. Wenger, we’ve already sold him.”

Halfman Halfhotdog

Sky reporting that contact has been made with Barca over Sanchez. Keeping an eye out for Dick Law carrying a massive bag of wonga.

Black Hei

Please let it be true.

Not the Wonga bit, we are stacked to the brim with Pumas not Wongas.

Paul S

To those calling for us to sign James Rodriguez:

He’s currently at a club bankrolled by one of the richest men in the world, a club at which players don’t have to pay income tax and a club which is attracting a number of other high profile footballers. They signed him one year ago for £40m and he played nearly every game for them last season.

There’s no reason for him to leave, there’s no reason for them to sell. It’s not going to happen.


But he does say we can’t believe everything that’s on the internet.. this is on the internet, therefor… IT’S STILL ON !!!

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Yes, and your real name is McDooDooPants. I know it’s true. It’s on the internet.


Dear Arsene Wenger, Please sign the following players: (every single player the media has linked with Arsenal, ignoring the fact that for a transfer to happen the player and selling club need to consent to it too) I am a fan who obviously knows more than you even though you have 20 years of managing experience, a degree in economics, various analysts and advisors working for you and direct sources to clubs and agents. Also ignore the fact that you do this stuff for a living and I just think about it in my free time. Lastly, anyone who is… Read more »




Spot on ArsenalFan


It really is amazing isn’t it, how many brilliant football managers are out there, their talents tragically wasted by having to sit at home and post in blogs rather than having their true genius recognized? Quite a shame, really.


IMO Balotelli is no Better than Giroud.

We are never going to get a striker from the top tier of strikers (Messi, Ronaldo & Ibra) but we need one from the next group down. Benzema or Sanches for example. Not as good as the world class players but still better than Balotelli.

He's got no hair but we don't care...


Waiting for a few surprise signings…dismissed.

Boring isn’t it.

Remember that glorious summer we stunned everyone by signing Campbell from the scum? Could do with few of those top, top, top signings this summer.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Not from the Scum though. Their players aren’t able to settle at new Clubs. And they’re shit.


interesting to see most fans on here bashing him now that arsene dismissed interest. Had we signed him, y’all would have been praising him…saying stuff like wenger would get the best out of him…

Gutbukket Deffrolla

We’re not as fucking smart as you.


Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger has distanced his side from a move for Spain international midfielder Santi Cazorla.

(

I just want the transfer window to end already

Paul S

The difference is that your linked article is spinning a specific meaning out of a generic quote from Wenger about not (yet) being close on completing a transfer. It doesn’t mention Cazorla at all, and even ‘distance his side from a move’ isn’t remotely accurate. Wenger simply said they weren’t close to sorting any deals yet, not that they weren’t making any moves.

In this case he is clearly specifically referring to Balotelli and saying there have been no approaches. Although it’s a matter for dispute whether that means no interest at all.



“Sometimes it’s created by agents or by press who needs news. But in that case, it’s not true.”

Whats not true? That we are signing Balotelli or that the story might be created by an agent or press who needs news.

I can spin specific meaning from anything.
and wenger is very precise in his language.


If we are not signing a striker (as there are not many available) then sign Sanchez (or any other top class winger) and then play Theo in the centre forward position he always wanted . Plus we have Poldi, Sanogo and Campbell returning and Ox, Santi, Gnabry and Poldi again for the wings .

Howard's Webb

We’ve got Joel Campbell, don’t need anyone else. Other players can fill the vacant positions, as long as money keeps coming into the bank that’s all that matters. There’s still time to ship out some more players and increase the bank balance further before closing up shop.


Swansea seems to be closing in on Bafitimbi Gomis (Sky sports). Could mean exit for Bony..

Tom Watt

Think the might be jumping the shark with the embarrassing advert.


Despite their poor performance in the WC so far I think that Russia have two players I think would fit into the Arsenal system Aleksandr Kokorin (£12) and Alan Dzagoev (£20). Striker and LM/LW respectively.


I’d take Dzagoev for twenty quid at my sunday league team, not sure about Arsenal though

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