Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Wilshere backs Ox to make World Cup impact

Jack Wilshere says his Arsenal teammate, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, is recovering well from the injury he picked up against Ecuador last week, and believes he can have a big impact on England’s World Cup campaign.

There were doubts about the midfielder’s availability after suffering a knee ligament injury, but Wilshere has revealed his recovery is going well.

“Alex looks well,” said Jack. “He was straight line running five days after getting a meniscus strain.

It helps he’s young because the body heals when you’re younger and what also helps is that he’s got 24-hour treatment.

“Sometimes when you’re back at a club, injuries can take a bit longer to heal because you’re not getting treatment all the time, but here he’s got treatment when he wants it – that was a big part of him staying here.”

Having missed a chunk of Arsenal’s season due to a cruciate knee injury, some might be worried about his overall fitness, but Wilshere believes his freshness could well benefit Roy Hodgson’s team.

“He had a knee injury at the beginning of the season which was worse than this one and he came back from that well and looked good and I think that was another factor in him staying here.

“We’ve seen him come back before and he’s fresh as well – he’s only played six months so hopefully we can get him back in the next couple of weeks.”

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Terry is a cunt.

El Capitano

That he is………


COYG!!! first comment yay

Merlin's Panini

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Merlin's Panini

dunno what happened there… sorry.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

You have now experienced first-hand the reason sensible people don’t do “1st Post. Yay!!!” posts. You’re a second post flop. The Silvestre of 1st posting.

Just Don’t Do It, Pacificus Goonerius.


Unyoke the Ox!


Meh, just stay healthy. Not asking for anything more than that.


“He had a knee injury at the start of the season and he came back well from that one…”. Yeah so well he missed a massive chunk of the season. Ox will play injured or not, because frankly England have no backup of sufficient quality. it’s not Hodgsons fault that England produces so few players of quality but when you state that one of your best midfielders is likely to be replaced by Stones or Flanagan, both fullbacks FFS, then the sound you hear is that of barrels being scraped. Hodgsons will play him regardless of any likely damage that… Read more »


That’s my fear, and with Walcott unavailable for the CL qualifier and others like Cazorla probably still on the beach, we need an uninjured Ox. Anyone else baffled by this: “Sometimes when you’re back at a club, injuries can take a bit longer to heal because you’re not getting treatment all the time, but here he’s got treatment when he wants it – that was a big part of him staying here.” Injured players don’t get treatment when they want/need it at Arsenal? Why the hell not? What have we built that expensive new medical centre for and staffed it… Read more »


The players could do what Ronaldo does and hire they’re own team of physios to keep em fit and healthy. That way treatment would allways be readily available.


That was exactly my first thought Miranda. At a club of this stature and resource the players should have to chase the med staff away with a stick.

Kon-Tiki Taka

I found that strange as well, but maybe Jack’s point is that during the world cup the players and staff all live together, so there’s constant access to treatment that way. If they decide they want some physio at any odd hour, they can just pop down from their hotel room. Short of the injured players sleeping at the training ground, that’s not going to work at Arsenal. Anyways, I doubt it makes a difference to have 24 hour access to treatment – I mean, isn’t there a limit to the amount of work that can or even should be… Read more »

GaGa LuLu

Yayyy LANS !!

FA CUP lid

Sorry ……something unrelated.

Has any one seen on you tube Spurs keeper Gomez shit himself in the middle of a match against Aston Villa i think . Must see

The Playmaker

“Sometimes when you’re back at a club, injuries can take a bit longer to heel because you’re not getting treatment all the time”

Black Hei

Firstly, shouldn’t clubs be tending to their expensive assets 24/7?

Secondly Blogs, a typo to correct, *heals


Well they can’t very well ask one of the physios to sleep at the foot of Ox’s bed every night when he’s at the club. At the World Cup, there’s always a physio down the hall.


What, available at four in the morning? The difference is presumably that Ox is the only injuread player in the England squad so he’s the centre of attention, whereas at Arsenal he’s competing for time with all the others who are crooked. Still, all players, even uninjured ones, need attention pretty much daily if they’re to avoid picking up the type of soft-tissue strains that have crippled us for the best part of a decade, so the explanation doesn’t really make sense. Clearly if the England physio (who was our physio before England nicked him) can get Ox’s knee up… Read more »


Also at the club the doctors have their schedule full … treatment for Abou. Who else will get better attention then.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Yes, yes they can. The players are multi-million pound assets that are necessary to the Club’s success. There should be somebody available 24 hours a day for each of our injured players so that they get exactly the sort of round-the-clock care that the players in the England squad get.

Waiting for the Arsenal episode:
“Injuries don’t just happen, they’re triggered by a chain of critical events. Now we unlock the clues and count down those final Seconds from Another 4th Place Finish..”


At last! A new post!

Arteta's hair



“after a meniscus strain”?? That’s pretty impressive given the meniscus is cartilage….think jack meant medial ligament strain. Can we now please wrap ox’s knees in titanium, don’t want him to do a frimpong and get both knees seriously crocked before he’s 21. Here’s to hoping for an unproblematic recovery and good world cup for him, his future is sooo bright.


Definitely looked like Jack was almost back to peak fitness on Saturday night and a 100% fit Jack Wilshere is a handful against most teams.
Really enjoyed watching The Ox tearing through the opposition defense last week and I hope he gets some playing time for England.
Can’t wait to see ’em both turning out for us next season and really making a difference over a full campaign.
World class striker please Arsene for our world class attacking midfield to benefit from.
Falcao anyone ?


Falcao has a bad knee so he’d fit right in.


I missed arseblog news ! <3

Toure Motors

I don’t really give a shit… As long as he’s ok in August

monkey knees

I’ve a feeling that, if fit, the Ox will have a bloomin’ special season next year..


Agreed. I think he and Jack will be next year’s Ramseys. Honestly, we’ve got so much young talent in midfield, when they’re all healthy at once we’re just going to be breathtaking.

Merlin's Panini

Love the photo. It’s like a who can do the cutest animal face competition.


I actually hope that the Ox DOESN’T have a great World Cup. Why? If Alex performs like we all know he can then some of the big clubs in Europe will come sniffing around. And we don’t want that. I know it sounds selfish but to be honest I care about 100 times more about Arsenal than England. By the way: can anybody explain to me just why Jack Wilshere is in the England squad for this tournament? He looks unfit and completely out of form. It would have been better for him and England if he had stayed at… Read more »

the only sam is nelson

and the big clubs will be told to fuck off – that, or we pocket £50m and buy Cesc for £28m. Either would be fine with me – seeing us tell the rest to piss off or make a fine profit and get a brilliant replacement for less. And that’s before you look at the effect on the Ox of having a blinding WC. It’ll build him up. To the extent that if AW says to him “Ox, I passed on Cesc because I believe you’re better” then he’ll believe it, and get *even better* So, on balance, I’d love… Read more »

Gutbukket Deffrolla

To me this World Cup is shaping up like the movie “A Bridge Too Far”. England are reaching for The Big Win but are likely to come up a little short. I hope Germany then go on to win, like they did in the movie, but of course the England team (and the Arsenal boys in particular) will get all the plaudits for their amazingly brave and super-tough fighting spirit. Yes, you heard it here first. The wait for the World Cup has been too long for me and I’m now thinking of Arsenal’s German contingent as a Panzer Division… Read more »

Chairman Meow

It is selfish, but its you lol so lets leave that point at that.

As for why is Jack at the World Cup…. *sigh* can you name a single English CM who’s better and isn’t called Gerrard?


Didn’t the Ox sign a long term deal in the great “English lads” signings of 2012? I would think he’d have at least a couple more years under contract. The big clubs would have to pony up some big bucks for him….


But Arsenal Inc doesn’t work that way, Sam.

The Ox will go for a nice price: every one of our players has a reasonable market value. And I would prefer to keep Alex.

And Jack wouldn’t get into the Iran side the way he’s playing at the moment. Scoles was right.

the only sam is nelson

Will you just crack us a wee little smile just to acknowledge that Bendtner is gone now? And Park? Come on, FG, there’s got to be *some* things that make you happy, even if only for the briefest glimpses of light in the dank and sombre existence with which you busy yourself. Can’t see the Ox going anywhere to be honest – for all his promise the kind of teams that would blow £30m+ on him have similar or better players (apart from the Glazerhawks but then he’s not a Van Gaal sort of purchase) so he’d have to have… Read more »


I agree, I can’t see Ox leaving in the near future. Also agree that pessimism about absolutely everything Arsenal-related is nuts. There are things the club does better than anyone and for which it gets far too little credit from the media here. Has anyone else watched the German TV film – you can access it via arsenal dot com – about how Arsenal are teaching kids foreign languages? It’s great, and really cheering to see London kids enjoying their sessions with Merte and Gnabry so much they want to get good enough to study at German universities. It’s on… Read more »

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Barcelona are a Selling Club now.


Brutally honest opinion from the FATSo


“Honest” only in the sense that he probably believes what he writes. Seriously, this guy is about as upbeat as a terminally depressed lemming.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Lemmings are usually happy and excited when they take the leap. Stop perpetuating this terrible myth about lemmings. They are never like Fatgooner.


Mmm… I’ve been reading this over and over again, can someone clarify if it’s only u gunners in England that don’t care for world cup or is everybody else that support a club ? … Majority of England don’t feel passionate about your country lifting the most prestigious trophy or it’s just the hardcore fans ?? …. In majority of others countries people unplug the fan team chip and wear the country flag as Superman…. Please explain that (without being thumbdown or abuse, it’s a simple question as I don’t live in England). And yes, even with just a micro… Read more »


Not everyone here is.from england, hence many don’t care abut England’s world.cup performances


On the other hand, I’m not from England either but I’d love to see them do well, along with every other team that has an Arsenal player in it, as well as Brazil, because I was born there and they’re nice to watch. I’ll never get to cheer for my own country (Canada) in a World Cup because we’re such crap, so I choose to support whoever has the most Arsenal players. And at the same time I hope to smeg that all of our boys play blinders and none of them get hurt. I’ll even be thinking of Iran… Read more »

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Yes, I agree. Here’s to a four-way draw in the Final, with goals set up on all four sides of the pitch, just like at Arsenal training sessions. The Cup being awarded to the Club team whose players score the most goals in it. Yes, Arsenal are going for the Cup Double this summer.


Fans of big clubs in Europe aren’t usually so interested in the national team as fans of lower-league ones who wouldn’t otherwise have a chance to watch their team in a big comp. Europeans anyway, I think, tend to be less nationalistic than Americans. Our loyalties are to Arsenal or Liverpool, Barca or Real, Juve or Roma. A team containing Rooney and Lampard doesn’t arouse great positive emotion in me. I usually root for France. Partly because it used to be like rooting for Arsenal. Partly because no one else does, least of all most the French, which makes it… Read more »

Gutbukket Deffrolla

I find that a bit of a patronising assumption (like all poor English people like a bit of a ‘knees up’). I can happily manage to wholeheartedly support England at the World Cup (well, except for the bit of heart I loan to Australia, and the other bits I use for the individual Arsenal players at the Finals). It’s in Arsenal holiday time, so I don’t feel conflicted at all (excpet that I can’t have all the Arsenal players win the Cup as I would like). Granted, I want Rooney and Lampard to experience spontaneous leg breaks some time this… Read more »


On top of the above, there is also the degree of fatalism a lot of English fans have, despite being fully behind the team (quarter final on penalties……again.) For me it reflects the tension you get here sometimes between club and country. England is like the kid who begs you to play with your favourite toy until you give in and let them. The moment you look away, they drop it and break a bit off, then give it back without saying anything. — When you call them on it later they claim it was like that that when they… Read more »

Satnam Singh

Jack means the Arsenal medical people have homes to go to unlike the England lot living together 26/7 .
Jack needs to talk less and play he’s fantastic football .
Roy had to also correct him today .
Come on the Jack and Ox . The world is going to see u two play proper fucking football

Gutbukket Deffrolla

We should be employing people to not go home but to go to the injured player’s home and live in a caravan in the garden if that means they can care for our injured more.


Bring back Gary Lewin.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

If he breaks Rooney and Lampard’s legs first then I would surely welcome him back.


I don’t care if he was right, Scholes is still a busy little twat with too much to say about everything. Personally FG I hope Ox has a cracking tournament and Jack makes you eat your words, not with chips though.


No, not with chips … more likely a whole roast ox garnished with horses, the entire PEI potato harvest, and a tanker of white wine sauce.


Aargh… I feel sick without arsenal football!Can’t wait for the new season(with our new world class signings) to start!!!!!! #GunningForTheEPL & ChampionsLeague

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Try to think of the World Cup as an opportunity to watch Arsenal players having competetive training sessions.


Mmm you’re making me hungry.

Finest Alex oxen in white wine sauce.

@FG best thing for Arsenal is for Ox etc to enjoy themselves and gain valuable experience and hopefully confidence

Yankee Gooner

Honestly, most people in the US don’t give a fuck about the national team. That said, I think the responses to BILLSitO are a bit condescending–blogs himself has countless times pilloried international football, and that sentiment has been echoed 5:1 against those who claim to love international football. I don’t think his comment comes from assuming that everyone on the site is English.


Agree with ClockEnd Rider way above – Hodgson is likely to send him back crocked. Ox will not refuse an opportunity like this and Hodgson needs his skill set. Let’s just hope our other 342 midfielders come back safe and sound.

We know Ramsey and Arteta will be fresh- and hearing rumors about a certain former gunner forward who had a certain fallout with some-or-other national team which means he would as well be fresh.


Rambo and Mikel will be fresh, as well Flamini, Rosicky, Chessers, Sanogo, Gibbo, Nacho and Jenko.

Diaby (he hopes to get a full pre-season in now that he’s ‘fully fit’) and Theo (due back in September) are also the wildcards.

Black Hei

Interesting transfer titbits coming unto the net. 1. Carlos Vela is coming back? While people are underwhelmed by his price tag, this is the guy Simeone wants as replacement for Costa. So he can’t be rubbish right. IMO, Vela has everything we need to play alongside Giroud except blistering pace. He is fast, in a way, but not the most pacey guy. Kind of like OX, who has explosive acceleration but not quite the top speed. 2. Athletico wants Carzola? This one appeared last year too. Initially I thought it was BS, but it is happening again, and seems too… Read more »


While he isn’t the big name, he’s also the sort of player who Özil can spend an entire game teeing up (‘thank you sir; may I please have another’).


I think Vela might just surprise us this time around, I won’t be underwhelmed if he comes, he’s quite pacey in total contrast to Giroud.

Carzola is going nowhere. Period. 😐

Ex-spurs Defender? What’s that?? Hell no!


Buy back Vela on the cheap, loan him out to a club we want to do business with in Spain, let him continue to develop in a league that suits him and then sell him for a massive profit this time next year?


This seems as good a place as any to, to again, say that Stuart Pearce is a stupid twat who knows fuck all, and should shut the fuck up. He’s probably just bitter that Wilshire thought playing for the seniors was more important than his U21s. The twat.
I would apologise for how much I’ve sworn in this post, but Stuart Pearce is a twat.


*once again*


Wilshere certainly did not have much impact today himself when he came on vs Italy. Hopefully we will get to see Chamberlain a couple of times aswell. Sterling However looks Ace. He will be such a beast in a few years. To bad he plays for our rivals.

On a different note, Joel Campbell was excellent today vs Uruguay. A 1 man attack, and bagged himself both a goal and an assist. Perhaps we will get to see him in a Arsenal jersey next season? Looks promising.

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