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Worrying Cazorla quotes emerge

Over the last few days there have been stories linking Santi Cazorla with a move to newly crowned Spanish champions Atletico Madrid.

They have been fairly easy to dismiss for a couple of reasons. Firstly, the Spaniard just signed a new Arsenal contract back in March, and had he been of a mind to leave the club, making a further contractual commitment makes that much more difficult.

Secondly, any move to Ateltico, who are still financially in a difficult place, would require him to take a pay-cut and most footballers aren’t willing to do that. Especially after signing an extension at their current club which would, more than likely, have give him an increase in wages.

However, this morning the former Malaga and Villarreal man is quoted in AS, and rather than dismissing the rumours, said he’ll consider his position after the World Cup.

“When the World Cup is over, I’ll start thinking about my situation,” he said. “I don’t want to be thinking about it right now and I’ve told my agents not to tell me anything is an offer comes in.

“But I know a few of the Atlético players – Godín, Juanfran and I know the side well from when I was playing the Spanish league but until the tournament is over, I won’t know if the rumours are true or not.”

It’s worth pointing out that even he doesn’t know if there’s anything substantial to the stories, but it does seem a bit odd that after signing that new contract with us, he’s not 100% of his plans for next season.

All the same, Arseblog News would be astounded if Cazorla, scorer of that fantastic FA Cup final goal, was allowed to leave this summer. He’s a player that Arsene Wenger likes a lot and certainly part of the reason we didn’t go back for Cesc Fabregas was knowing we had Cazorla who could slot into the creative role if anything did happen to Mesut Ozil.

In our special, all summer long ratings system, we put this as an 7/10 on the poo-ometer (where 10 is total shite, and 1 so much truth that Tom Cruise can’t handle it):




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Much a dodo about nothing methinks

Formerly known as El Capitano

I hope this is a load of horse.
I cant imagine Arsena would of been that stupid to pass on Cesc and then let Cazorla leave in the same summer, large portions of the fans would absolutely lynch him for it.
Looks like a load of bollocks made up by the media to add fuel to ‘Cesc Fabregas to Chelsea fire’ ..

Or maybe we just forgot to say Happy Birthday to Santi and send him a card.


Cartola and his poor English. I can swear he means no harm, just a misunderstanding with interpreting direct Spanish to direct English.

Big Bill

Trade deal for Turan or Koke then? 🙂 nah, hope Cazorla stays and I think he will. Fabregas on the other hand was desperate to leave Arsenal willing to pay out of his own pocket to make it happen. But he has been mediocre for Barca and spent alot of time on the bench, and even when he plays hehas been mediocre,hencewhy Barcawant tocash in on him even though both Xavi and Iniesta is getting old. they dont want Fabregas to fill the hole,and wouldrather look somewhere else. And Fabregas would never return to Arsenal if we did not have… Read more »


Fabregas: 42 goals and 48 assists in three years.
Ozil: 27 goals and 47 assists in four years.


Sorry easier to do it by appearances.

Fabregas: 42 goals and 48 assists in 151 appearances.
Ozil: 27 goals and 47 assists in 159 appearances.


Truth hurts apparently.

Third Plebeian

Right. So…no taking into account where each have been asked to play, who is around them, what systems are used by their respective teams, what roles they’ve been asked to fulfill, or to what teams or leagues they’ve acclimated?

Besides, you insist on telling me Fabregas is an amazing player, and I’m left wondering why you’re overstating the obvious. Are you slow?

Cyril Washbrook

“Truth hurts apparently.”

Sorry, but the numbers you posted aren’t the “truth”. Özil’s numbers in particular are wildly off the mark. First, he was at Real Madrid for three years, not four. Secondly, he accumulated 81 assists, not 47. Via Transfermarkt, these are the actual numbers for their respective times in Spain:

Fàbregas: 42 goals and 57 assists in 151 appearances in three years.
Özil: 27 goals and 81 assists in 159 appearances in three years.

I think you’ll agree that paints a very different picture to the incorrect numbers you posted.


Hhhmm, I wouldn’t be too sure. These kind of passive aggressive quotes, bigging up the club and then refusing to comment further, are often the start of a slow but divisive stream of press releases that culminate in the player expressing his desire to leave. Otherwise why not nip it in the bud immediately? And as he has recently resigned for us, it’s not to engineer a pay rise. Maybe our previous transfer wrangling’s have turned me into a cynical old fool but I find it hard to dismiss this as a load of nonsense. If he does really want… Read more »


Or we could ask for Koke in a swap deal. That should halt Atletico in the tracks


Hardball wold be asking 35-40 at least, there’s absolutely no reason to sell him for 20…

Bould's Eyeliner

lallana is going for fucking 25 lets ask for 60


There would if Wenger wants a return on him. Leave it another season and he’ll be in his thirties and his value will half. I’m not saying we should but we all know Wenger is a shrewd bank manager and may see this as an opportunity to off load while we get a good price. And can we all stop comparing transfer fees to Lallana. It makes no sense. Lallana is flavour of the month, he’s English, he’s relatively young and once Shaw goes, the Saints won’t desperately need the money. His inflated price therefore should not be used as… Read more »


Let’s see. Litterpool previously paid 20 for Downing, on the grounds he was English and left sided.

Lallana is English, left-sided and can actually play too. As that last bit is quite an important bonus feature, 25 sounds a bit cheap to me…….


Whats up with all this fooking spanish players when they get together. do they really need to see each other alll the time. Lil bitches.


The recently signed contract means NOTHING in terms of staying, other than any club coming in will have to give Arsenal more money. Period.
Both he AND Arsenal could even have known of his desire to leave, and out of mutual respect agreed to sign on, guaranteeing both him (higher wages) and Arsenal (higher fee) win should an offer come in, that neither can refuse.

According to the Laws of Quantum Mechanics, WENGA can be OUT and IN at the same Time

Here we go again. Summer transfer sagas. Thank fuck for the World Cup.

I love your username , especially the ‘Wenga’ spelling ,like a typical commentor

Toure Motors

Better be horseshit

Why is my name required

Is there some kind of witch hunt against Wenger to make people think he is selling everyone? Why is every Arsenal player linked out to other clubs? The media has an hidden agenda against Arsenal or what? They make Arsenal fans angry all the time.

Fuckin media, go focus on other clubs or something and don’t bullshite about our club Arsenal

North Bank Gooner

Hidden? Nah mate, the agenda is there for us all to see.

Ah well, today’s story, tomorrows cage liner for my parrot to shit on………


Because Arsenal DO sell their players to rivals – far too easily. CFC, LFC, MUFC, MCFC won’t sell unless it suits them, so any stories suggesting they will, are not as believable.


Sounds like he’s just being polite to me.


Nice… These rumours came out like 4 hours after the Fabregas news.


He wouldn’t dare!


Oh dear! I think he would when he saw most fans wanted him out to accomodate fabregas, personally if he leaves I wouldnt begrudge him, many arsenal fans dont appreciate him but athletico would see him as a god!

lightening pace



Well at least he won’t be able to say he wants to leave to win trophies because we already did that 😉


He would say he wants to leave to be loved and apprecited the same way you lot adore cesc to the extent majority would see him leave for cesc to come back

Money in the bank is money wasted

“Allowed to leave” If a player want’s out he has the power, at least at Arsenal, to force his way out. We don’t have the balls to do what Liverpool did. They set the example by refusing to sell Suarez on the cheap to arrogonat bastards like us (1£). But for that to happen you have to take a stand and I can’t see the current hierarchy at Arsenal doing that. We will sell. What about Cleverley in a swap for Verm!! That would be the biggest “fuck you” to supporters ever. Don’t buy Fabregas but get a litle goblin… Read more »


What!? We offered only 1£ for Suarez!? Amazing how people get dragged into media’s claims, there was a fucking 40m extra we offered there other than the 1£ for fuck’s sake. Just because 40m was the release clause (set by liverpool to fend off offers?) doesn’t mean its worthless.

I like to think that the only reason verm remains our captain is because we don’t want to loose any of our first team players by making them the captain. just kidding, we do need him.

Money in the bank is money wasted

So 40 million plus 1£ isn’t arrogant? Media claim…. Pool were wondering what we were smoking when we made that bid. It’s hardly a secret or media story.
By the way media seldom make up stories out of thin air. The agenst, the players and the clubs feed them all the information they need.


Ofcourse liverpool didn’t like the offer, they didn’t want to sell him and the media blew the situation up.Also, do we need to exceed the release clause to trigger it? Maybe a 40m offer would’ve been less controversial if not.


How is it arrogant. If I had my car for sale and I set a price of £1500. You aint gonna give me £2000 for the sake of it. 40mil was the price (so we thought) and thats why we bid what we did. I really dont the get the big deal


There was a 40m£ offer. THEN Suarez’ agent said it has to exceed 40m to trigger the clause. So they bid 40m +1£.
It was just one year ago, for heaven’s sake.
@Money in the bank: if you had done anything else in Arsenal’s place, I hope for your own sake you don’t work in business mate.

Dr Baptiste

“By the way media seldom make up stories out of thin air” this line instantly makes your other opinions rather ridiculous.


So if he has a release clause for more than 40 million… you know, like he actually did… then what do you think the bid should have been? Do you like giving money away for no reason?

Do you ring the council up and ask if you can pay double council-tax every now and again? I’m guessing not.


Nice to see that some people still have no clue as to how transfers work.


Those look like real happy poos.


Blogs its called a ‘Ghostie’


No, a ghostie is one that you can’t find when you stand up to check out your work


Tommy I thought that was called a maddie? Im just kidding……ffs I give up


Would’ve preferred we sold him and got Fabs to be honest, given his age.


Sell our two footed midfield maestro? I have seen him closed down by three opponents and still emerge with the ball at his feet. He runs the entire match from one end of the pitch to the other. In tackles he is tenacious – Capoue was carted off the pitch after a Santi tackle in our first match against Spurs. Cesc is no Santi replacement, not even close. In fact, the player most like Cesc is Ramsey but now Ramsey is just so much better. There was a time when Cesc could easily reintegrate in our squad but I’d rather… Read more »


God bless you! Best comment I’ve read here for sometime now!


Are you Santi’s mother or something?


I want to like that comment twice!


haha, there you go…

the fonz

Even if he does leave he” still be fondly remembered for that brilliant free kick in the final!


I really like him,that’s why I have his name on one of me shirts but I’d of happily swapped him for Fabregas,great feet and occasional good shots but think he too often lacks end product i.e shot on target/killer pass


Duh! Fabregas is a chelsea player! Appreciate what you have and not what you had! Besides any gurantee fabregas would have re produced his past form in an arsenal shirt??? Cazorla will leave and you will narg about him being better than who we will buy


Cazorla is certainly a better shooter than fabreagas isn’t he? Probably twice if you add the “weaker” leg to the equation.



This “i’d rather have cesc” thing is the new “but what about sagna” isn’t it?
Just as idiotic and out of place.

Face it, Cesc will be hugging john terry and mourinho in a blue shirt soon enough. You ain’t having him back, but you could always go and join him perhaps?


There were rumours last year about Cazorla to Atletico. Maybe this year acceptable offers for both club and player come in. Hope not though.


Wish he’d take a page out of Ramsey’s book and dismiss the rumour.


don’t want him to go, but if he does leave. how about bringing in Rues?


Because Reus doesn’t want to move? He’s never wanted to move. Draxler, though at a slightly less successful club than Reus, doesn’t want to move either and said so for the second time in an interview this week.

One of the difficulties of Wenger’s recent transfer policy (in addition to offering too little money) is that in favouring Spanish and German players he’s having problems persuading them to leave their home leagues. Germans and Spaniards, unelss they’re at failing or impoverished clubs simply aren’t as interested in coming to us as French players are.


Let’s be honest. Contracts mean nothing these days if a player wanted to leave he will engineer a move it’s as simple as that.
The astounding part would be if arsenal allowed it to happen having given up on the chance to sign cesc.
The straw that would surely break any camels back.


Yes, letting Cesc go to Chelsea was unbelievably daft especially when you remember how we brought in a bedridden Swede when injuries, as usual, struck the midfield. We should move fast for Griezmann before someone else offers double what Wenger is willing to pay. Also for Balotelli. Normally top-class Italians don’t want to move from home any more than top-class Germans or Spanish do, but there are special circumstances in Balotelli’s case, and we should strike while we can. I’d love to see him and Campbell together. Never a dull moment, especially for the fire service. Pity Wenger will be… Read more »

rj gooner

Just read the paper and apparently we are interested in Tom Cleverly! Excuse me a minute whilst i mop up this huge amount of piss,

where do they get these bullshit stories from?

GaGa LuLu

At this rate, there’s a huge possibility, we’d end up with only diaby in midfield. (And cleverboy or wutever his name is.
Diaby passes to cleverly, cleverly executes a deft one two with himself, nutmegs john terry, is one on one with chech, turns back and hoofs the ball to szny. This is exactly what’s goin to happen next season. U read it first here.


I read it here first, but I’ll be fucked if I understood more than about 3 words of it.


Terrible news, if he is really loyal.he would have said. ‘I’m happy at arsenal and I have no plans to leave’


Sure, but unfortunately in an interview last season he was already making noises about needing to reconsider his future and about wanting success (which I imagine means serious success, the league and the Champions League, as opposed to a domestic cup). It wouldn’t be remotely surprising if he was tempted by Atletico. That doesn’t mean we have to sell him, obviously, let alone for the pennies they can afford, but it’s not good for the morale of the squad to keep players who’d rather be somewhere else. Suarez, who’ll play his heart out wherever he is, is a bit of… Read more »


He also said he’d consider his future at the END of his new contract, in 2 years time. He wants to retire in Spain, which is fair enough. As for these latest quotes, they were originally made verbally in Spanish, so I’ll wait for some clarification. Its just all too “perfect” that all this shit is popping up (Nacho’s potential move included) right after the Fabgregas move. Its one thing for the media to stir shit up, its another for fans to start frothing at the mouth and willingly fall for it time and time again. Course it might be… Read more »


Right, so if the papers are to believed, our midfield transfer business currently looks like this:
1. Turn down Fabregas.
2. Sell Cazorla.
3. Buy Cleverly.

The Emirates would implode if this actually happened, so I’m going to assume it’s not true.


He’s over-rated in my opinion. To many invisible games


Try turning on the TV then.


He had a very quiet season apart from about 9 or 10 games. Consistency is needed. Too lightweight for the premier league


It’s your opinion and fair enough. But don’t forget that he was our player of the season last year when he had no injuries, so I don’t think you can call him “lightweight for the premier league”.


Was it by chance the 9-10 games he missed through injury?

Don’t forget he was our player of the season last year, so we know he’s not too light weight for the league and can do well here.

The fool of a Took

Holy mother of dog shite! Silly season has just started and my life is already falling apart, I really can´t handle it. * Sagna joins City * We pass on Fabregas and he fucks off to Chelsea * Vermaelen will probably leave * Santi is “unsure” about his future This was supposed to be “our” silly season with money in the bank and with a pretty much successful season behind us, this was the time to KEEP our best players and add strength and depth. Not seeing our former captain join the racist scum and our present captain join another… Read more »


And you would be a fool of a took if you believed everything that click whoring journos write. Yes Sagna has gone for his payday and Cesc is surplus to our current requirements but the rest is just tosh.

The fool of a Took

It might be “tosh”, but why does not Santi simply say, “I have a contract with AFC, period.”

All this “I will wait and see” bullshit is annoying beyond words. Do you wan´t to stay according to your freshly signed contract or do you want to fuck off, yes or no?!


This better not be true after the Fab miss.


ok, this is getting really worrying now


For the first time in a good while we’re in a position to not be just a selling club this window, by that I mean that *if* we do sell someone like Cazorla then we have the contractual business in place to get good money for them, and we don’t have to sell unless we’ve got our eye on a suitable replacement. Nevertheless, this story stinks and I’d much rather concentrate on the possibility of Ballotelli for £25million! Now that’s a story I don’t mind believing…

Black Hei

To be fair, Carzola to Atletico is not new. It made the papers last year as well. The only difference is that this year they have more $$ and they are current Spanish Champs.

Arsenal will have to be careful about this one.

It is very easy to drum up paper rhetoric to whip the Emirates crowd into a chorus of negativity even though some of the links might not be accurate.

E.g. we gave up Fabregas for Carzola. Hello, Carzola currently plays on the wings in a David Silva mode which is not the Fabregas role at all.


It is time to enjoy the World Cup. Worrying time will begin after the finals. In August things might get excruciating. Typical life of being an Arsenal fan 🙁

Springbank 1965

Not the first. Won’t be the last. He’ll still be with us next season.

Wenger's six pack

Blogs you’ll find the official term for that wonder of the modern world is “the ghost wipe.” Akin to our recent (but now extinct) trophy drought, you just wish it would come around more often…..Remarkably similar sense of satisfaction as well!


I really hope this rumours ain’t true..


I’d have no problem with him leaving, provided he was replaced immediately. Like him, don’t love him. Good player on his day, but didn’t hit many heights last season. The problem is we are terrible at replacing players. So i’d rather keep hold of him.

However, if say we had Alexis Sanchez (also linked with moves) lined up as a replacement…well that would be just fine.


Another 20 million in the bank


Ha ! Maybe he’s heard the rumour that we’re in the market for Tom Ceverley and Chris Smalling.

Still, not the kind of stuff that you want to hear from Santi.

Super top quality

This is what happens when you show no ambition. Players are unwilling to commit their future

lightening pace

Clearly we had no ambition to win the FA cup. Quick! give it back!


He signed a contract extension in March at the same time as Ramsey and Zelalem.


The only time he should be allowed to leave is when we have already signed marco reus as his replacement

Saffa Gooner

Cesc is surplus to requirements. Cesc Fabregas! I scarcely dared to dream that Arsenal would be in such a position (again) in my lifetime! And it’s true! Looking forward to watching the little maestro next season don his Arsenal Puma shirt.


We can’t become a better team if we keep letting our better players leave (whether he is pushing for an exit or not). I can understand why he may want to leave, the club is currently showing no ambition of improving and last season he and several other players were calling for world class signings. I think its up to wenger and the board to make him stay by spending right.
We don’t need to keep replacing, how about buying and strengthening the position!


Indeed. Trouble is, it’s getting like me with the house repairs. Every summer a little bit worse. Too much to do! Too expensive! If only I’d done the windows last summer, or the summer before, or the summer before that, things might be more manageable now. To get us out of the never-ending cycle of the best players leaving and not being replaced, of every year our squad-building being too little too late – if it’s not the keeper who’s the weak link, it’s the defence or the strikers – is going to take City-level spending for Wenger’s successor. And… Read more »


And what worries me the most was how deep he was in our assessment on falling away so abysmally from the top of the league. He felt rather disappointed in the club not having enough quality, which is true, but the way he put it was a bit unnerving. Anyway, good thing that his contract is totally in our hands. Don’t think we can afford to lose him nor can Wenger afford the barrage of attacks afterwards.


Wenger was given a new three-year contract after a seriously disappointing transfer window last summer and before the club knew how the season would go. He can afford all the attacks you want to throw at him. He has complete control over the entire the footballing side with no one (no director of football, no involved and knowledgeable owner) to demand the highest standards and hold him to account. What other manager could in all seriousness announce that no transfer business takes place before the World Cup? What other manager would be protected by the club who tell us that… Read more »


How about this? This is all a ploy by Wenger inspired from GOT to keep everyone guessing until the silver lining. Wenger knows

2014-2015 = the year we've been waiting for

Rather, I think this is a ploy by Santi to put pressure on Ivan and Arsene to get the chequebook out!


I’m sure that’s true. Kos has tried the same tactic. But it doesn’t mean that they’re not serious when they mutter, which both of them did last season, about wanting to be part of a really competitive squad. Will Wenger listen? Not he. Wenger runs Arsenal these days like it’s his personal fiefdom – which it is, I suppose – and he takes umbrage when his vassals don’t show him the required feudal loyalty and deference. This, I suspect, is what’s behind his rejection of Cesc. Nothing to do with practicality, which has never figured in Wenger’s calculations anyway: it’s… Read more »


Bad Santa

Arsenal 4eva

Wouldn’t be gutted if he left he’s not bad certainly not the greatest player to wear the shirt although I’ll be forever grateful for his wonder goal in the final. The big question is can we get in the quality of player who is going to be an improvement on what he has to offer?? Despite ozil last year I remain very doubtful that we can and until we do he must stay


This started with comments last season and if these quotes are true he should have his pay docked and be forced to apologise. Show some fucking respect.


So Wenger will sell everyone, then the Puma money comes in, he takes it all out and places it on Red on a roulette tables, cashes the profit and moves to Jupiter and lives happily ever after.

Wait, what?


Cue Antoine Greezman

Springbank 1965

What would be interesting in a fuck-right-off sort of way would be if we became a kind-of stock exchange for top players. Constantly getting fourth and winning the odd cup while buying and selling players (inserting buy-back codicils and sell-on addendums) all over the place. We could make an absolute packet to make up for the fact we aren’t as corrupt a Real Madrid or as oil-rich as PSG. Then, once we’d paid off all our red ink and accumulated a truly massive warpot, we’d buy a complete set of galacticos and be (even more) the coolest club in the… Read more »


I love Santi but he’s acting like a big asshole right now! Mind you, I’m not one of the “Santi out – Cesc in” people who can’t seem to understand that the guy that bought his own way out of the Emirates was never going to be coming back. But tbh I’m sick and tired of these talks every f*cking summer! If he wants out let him f*cj off! No one is irreplaceable!


Fuck our timing. Why couldn’t Cazorla say all this while Cesc was still available. I would take Cesc over Cazorla anyway.


He did say it, he said it mid-season, but no one was listening. Kos said it too and he’s still not being heard.

Transfer Window Is Bollocks

Why is the summer so fucking tortuous for Arsenal fans? Why does it have to be so? I dont want to support another club, never have, never will. I love Arsenal with every fibre of my being and love the way we handle things. All except transfers. I fucking loathe this time of year. Why cant we enjoy the thought of new exciting players coming and tired, useless ones, fucking off? Every other club seems to manage it with 10 times less stress.


Previgo,can you not read? I said “would of” and never mentioned wanting to get rid of him! And I’m right he lacks end product,doesn’t score many…does he?
I’m sure Fabregas would of got to his previous best as he I think he would of been happy to be back after three years with those twats! An I’m talking more about his ability to set people up rather than number of goals.


Frankly, it makes some sense if we’re looking at someone like Griezmann, especially with Santi approaching 30. That being said, I wouldn’t sell Santi – he’s written himself into the history books and looks like he still has plenty to offer.

Gunning for some pants

I’m just going to say that it seems silly to be saying that he’d love to have Cesc at Arsenal and then think about leaving, all in the same summer. Until I see some video I won’t believe anything AS says.

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