Monday, July 4, 2022

Arsenal fixtures changed for TV

The first raft of TV fixtures have been announced, and a number of Arsenal’s games have been rescheduled after Sky and BT Sport got their broadcasts worked out.

The following games have been affected:

Arsenal v Crystal Palace

Now: Saturday August 16th, 17.30 (Sky)

Everton v Arsenal

Now: August 23rd, 17.00 (Sky)

Leicester City v Arsenal

Now: Sunday August 31st, 16.00 (Sky)

Arsenal v Man City

Now: September 13th, 12.45 (BT)

Arsenal v Sp*rs

Now: September 27th, 17.30 (Sky)

Chelsea v Arsenal

Now: October 5th, 14.05 (Sky)

Swansea v Arsenal

Now: November 9th, 16.00 (Sky)

Arsenal v Man Utd

Now: November 22nd, 17.30 (Sky)

West Brom v Arsenal

Now: November 29th, 12.45 (BT) – This match may move to 30 November, 12pm, depending upon the possible participation of Arsenal in the UEFA Europa League the preceding Thursday

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Don’t see any yet on the LFC Sports channel?


Hey guys, I’m looking to go to the Crystal palace game ( First time seeing Arsenal ) and I live in Ireland. Honestly I have no clue how to go about getting tickets or getting to the stadium. I’m a red member on the site. I’m just looking for help regarding what would be the best route of travel, what airport would be the easiest to travel from if I was arriving on the day ( Luton or Heathrow ) of the match and also the likelihood of actually getting the tickets. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

TK Snackz

You can get the tube straight to Emirates from Heathrow or you can fly to Stanstead get train to Tottenham Hale and switch for the tube there (several stops).


Why don’t The Arsenal have their own airport yet?
Wenger get it fixed


Am curious to know what’s so offensive about this request it gets a thumbs-down!

Have the suicidal BT pulled their ad already? Yesterday it was flashing annoyingly on every page you opened; today seems to have vanished completely.


After their latest advert I’ll be doing my best not to give BT sport any of my money the cheeky piss taking bastards.

Thierry Bergkamp

If the team didn’t embarrass themselves, they wouldn’t have the piss taken out of them

Unyoke The Ox

But why not the Palace/’Pool or Chelsea/’Pool games? Instead they use a game that had no impact on where the league title ended up.

Just saying.

Arsene Knows

That’s not the point. BT advertised a match THEY showed. They didn’t show Palace v Liverpool or Liverpool v Chelsea — Sky did.

They happened to show Liverpool v Arsenal. So what is wrong with them advertising it?


Not only that, it was pure LFC biased. I mean what was the Sturrige dance class about?? Doesn’t mater anyway, I really disliked BT sports last season (Owen anyone?) and this has more than made the decision for me to cancel.


But as much as they are bastards, from next year (2015/16) they have exclusive Champions League rights so we are kinda stuck with them….

Don Cazorleone

I didn’t realise they had made two adverts! I only just saw the chelsea one. What the fuck are bt sports actually trying to do!
the first one was annoying but I suppose i could understand why, but to make a second one…
fuck bt sports, fuck robbie fucking savage, and michael fucking owen. fuck liverpool and their dickswinging media contingent. fuck maureen and his filthy fucking owner.

cannot wait for this season


Friends dont let friends watch btsport

Ramsey's spirit

any indication if these changes will cause a death run when compared to pre-existing schedule?


The death run ran away when we signed Alexis


F*ck btsport


It is spelled FUCK! Living elsewhere, we are under the thumb of a select few ex-players who priortise Manure, Scousers, Chavski … regrettably, they would rather show Stoke v. Sunderland than the Arse.

Finish the rant by saying Stoke are a bunch of utter scumbags and, of course, John George Terry is a cunt.

The only Olivier is Giroud

Arsenal in the Europa League? Hahaaa who do they think we are? Chelski or Sp*rs?


First year for a long time I’ve thought that absolutely no one will fancy drawing us in the CL qualifier.

We do need some cover in central defence, though. Doesn’t bear thinking about if Merte/Kos are for some reason unfit for those qualifying ties.

Very dumb move by BT, I suspect. Why alienate the entire fan base of one of the best-supported clubs? And it’s not just our noses they’re getting up. All the people who hate Liverpool and Chelsea will be a bit put off them as well.

Bould's Eyeliner

It’s the CL Qualifier, not the actual league – we’ve always been favorites as we haven’t not qualified pretty much ever since Wenger.


Athletic Bilbao are in there, let’s hope we don’t get them or somebody from eastern Khazakstan

nairobi's numero uno gunner

September 13th….man city….early kick off….

Ramsey's spirit

man city scare me much less than chelsea for next season, especially if city lose toure

Gunner Rob

It’s at home, don’t panic


Not complaining about the Palace game. It means I can still be at little man’s birthday and go to the game after that’s done. RESULT


no need to mention Europa League, we aren’t those cunts down the lane


YAY! No BT Sport… Sky Sports woo – get to watch ’em all! <3

Hoosier Gunner

BT Sport, with the intolerable voice and infallible analytical mind that drives sane men and women crazy, in the form of Michael Owen, is out to screw us again with their rescheduling? Not surprised. Bring on the death run. Wenger’s got his wallet out this time.


All games here?

Presume Setanta in Ireland will pick up the stragglers too.

US Gooner

way to go putting the man city game as an early kickoff…sky really needs to fuck off


May as well take out the note about the possible Europa league fixture because that shit just won’t apply to us.

Let's Find Hleb!!!

August 23rd fixture is going to be perfect Birthday present as it will be my Birthday on the 24th of August..#.COYG#

Eric Blair

Does your wife read the message boards? Is this a very unsubtle hint? Would it be wise to let her know your secret Arseblog persona?


My birthday is 31 August and we’ve got Leicester City at what’s their place called now Filbert Street? Must be a banker

Arsene Knows

Why are people getting so worked up about BT Sport, sheezsh!!

Sky are the real devils.

Micky loves ya

Made an official complaint to BT so did a couple friends, please everyone make a complaint! Looking forward to their response now…


Thanks sky for ruining my birthday! Sp#*s at home anytime other then 5.30 as its my big 40! Bastards!! Can’t believe I’m missing the biggest game of the season.


Celebrate your birthday by watching the game and watching Arsenal win yet again?


Have an Arsenal match birthday bbq bash. That way you can watch the game with mates whilst kids and women can be jn garden. After 90mins you can then have a great night, constantly reminding your spud mate the score… know we all have one. Also that way you dont have to keep txting him. : )

Mikel Artekkers

This man is a problem solver. This country needs more people like him.

Dave Gooner

Fuckit, we’ll all come.


I’m not sure if it is intentional or not, but I see what you did with the ManC game.


Fuck BT Sport. I have cancelled my subscription. Who the fuck do they think they are taking the piss out of Arsenal? Part of the overall media “narrative” that we are flaky and weak. Looking forward to absolutely fucking smashing Liverpool this season and shutting their stupid mouths.


Holy Crap!

NLD 5:30pm Saturday. How did they get that one past the Rozzers/council?

Could prove….Interesting.


Already cancelled my subs to b fuckin t sport
I had to miss a number if games cos of their pissin around with the fixtures last season.
Must be run by mugmasher cunts


I’m actually going to be in London on the weekend of the 27th (I live in Switzerland) and really hope I manage to get tickets for the NLD somehow. That would definitely be a dream come true.


You’ll love it. I got to the NLD last year at the end of August, which crossed one major item off my bucket list. It was fucking amazing, chanting “we spent fuck all and it’s still one nil” at those hopeless Spud fans and their 107M pounds worth of crap. And then we signed Ozil the next day. My best Arsenal trip ever!


Cannot fucking wait for this one. I share a season ticket 50/50 with a mate and managed to bag the NLD this year! Whoo Hoo!


Arsenal in the Europa League!? Silly cunt.


Stop complaining. Without thier money the league and the players that play in it wouldn’t be the same. It is what it’s is. Ide rather have an early kick off with City if it means we can afford sanchez etc as apposed to bentner or Park.

Clock End Mike

6 out of Arsenal’s first 7 League fixtures rescheduled? Sky Sports obviously believe our games are going to be something special next season…

Still, I’d prefer they just ignored us so we could kick off at 3pm Saturday like the good old days.


On the other hand, those of us on the west Coast of North America love the late kick-offs because we no longer have to get up before we went to bed in order to watch a match.


Sorry off topic but check out Mertesacker dancing at the end haha. ..

Thin Gooner

Haha. There ought to be a gif of that!


Nice find mate. He looks a bit off his tits and deservedly so. Couldn’t be happier for our German contingent! COYGs!!


Off Topic but can someone explain to me why and how man utd get 75m per season from adidas and 53m from Chevrolet and we get 30m from Puma and 30m from emirates. wasn’t the 30m per season some kind of record deal when it was made. Utd just blew the record for more than twice that amount.. I know we cant rival the oil money, but these commercial deals now seem to be like a handicap like the nike deal was for us 10 years ago. Its like after we do our deal of renewing with sponsors, other clubs… Read more »

Eric Blair

Relax. It’s performance related and over 10 years starting next season. Our is 5 years starting this season, meaning 4 years into their deal we’ll be able to negotiate a huge fucking Puma deal to blow theirs out of the water after we’ve just won a hattrick of Champions League titles.

El Blondo

I’m with all the folks who wrote fuck BT sports – as someone who works in advertising I can tell you that the most loaded advert & most likely to alienate a large section of the “target audience” TV spot ever aired on TV was written by a spotty mugsmasher – I hope all gooners cancel their subscriptions to the extent & the ad agency (‘AMV’ if curious) send their “creative team” back to the mail room where they belong! My subscription has been cancelled as of this afternoon. as if listening to that twat Owen wasn’t enough. Bye bye… Read more »


BTsports advert.
If they had shown another team, like spuds getting hammered by Pool at shite hart lane (don’t know if that was on BT, but my point is still the same), we’d all be laughing our asses off.
Like when Nike did their “quickest route to Europe” ad after we signed Sol. Remember that?

Besides, as someone put on Twitter….”Arsenal got Sanchez. Barca got Suarez. Liverpool got a shit advert”.

Me So Hornsey

Have you seen this ad then? Was seriously thinking if switching to BT but no fucking way now.

It’s actually quite bizarre. Even my mates who are rival supporters think it’s strangely and overtly anti-arsenal. Weird.


Any idea if the Boreham Wood game is being televised? In the USA?


I hate to say this but I’m with Ginola when it comes to BTsports. Bunch of [email protected]!


John Terry is a cunt


Any inside info as to when Palace match goes on sale to Silver Membership holders?

head like a fuckin orange

Fuck me, of course they had to put the match I’m going to (man city) as an early kick-off. Question: You usual match goers reckon the atmosphere’s gonna be dull because of the early timing or will the place be loud as we have a good team and it’s a big game??


I am not a fan of the late kickoffs. Being in Oz, the early kickoff at say 12:45 Sat arvo usually means a 10:45pm or 11:45pm kickoff here depending on daylight savings etc. Asia and Australia love early Arsenal games. !!!!!!

Arsene's Wengerboyz

Liverpool without Suarez, Brenda Rogers will get found out this season for sure.


Sorry for the off topic post…but what the hell is Jack doing with Hart
in one of the daily mail photos..I dont care what he does in his free time…
But I am gettimg the impression he is not a footballer with brains or it seems his impulses manage to overrule his brain…which is not something Arsene will appreciate…


I couldn’t give a Fuck about the advert. We got Sanchez when barca and Liverpool clearly wanted him to goto Merseyside. We got silverware last season, scousers didn’t. Jokes on them as far as I’m concerned. The bitter bastards.

Is it just me or are these games later than usual? Being from Australia these late kickoffs are painful


Hi guys,

Sorry to be a bit of a pest. I’m a Maltese Gunner looking to watch the Sp*rs game with my girlfriend on the 27th September. She is currently studying in London so I decided to make the most of it and use the opportunity to visit her and watch the game. Any idea when the tickets will be out please? Appreciate the help

jet gooner

Apologies if this isn’t appropriate on here but I watch all bt games on didn’t miss a game last year and are good feeds.

Angolan Girl Who Loves The Gunner

BT Sport are cunts. That advert is like a trophy for Liverfools & Chelshit fans. I hope that this coming season we crash Pastpool & Chelski so hard. #COYG


All piss taking and cheap shots at us come from jealousy. The history is ours and the rest are simply jealous. Last seasons cup win was just another cup in a long line of cups, defeats, wins, stadium builds, great players, great managers, titles won at our rivals home, lean periods and good times.

BT Sport? late to the party and it is a piss poor party. Please go ahead and align youselves with big mouth clubs. Michael Owen wears brown shoes with grey trousers.

Win lose or draw, still Arsenal.


we should see the BT advert as inspiration. At the end of the day neither chelsea nor liverless won fcuk all. They are just jealous of our achievements so what do they do, they did whatever any mug would do ,try to humiliate us by showing the liverless and chelsea game where we lost, big deal so what BT. we got sanchez ,liverless got who ?? , they claim they are a big club , which they won many trophy`s in the days when there weren´t many good challengers. Liver less would continue to dislike the mighty arsenal ,. so… Read more »

Merlin's Panini

Liverless? That’s not a good insult name. Stick with Liverpoo.

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