Arteta’s agent denies move talk


The agent of Mikel Arteta has denied suggestions that the Spaniard could leave Arsenal this summer.

The former Everton man had been rather spuriously linked with a move to Athletic Bilbao to replace Ander Herrera who has just signed for Manchester United, but the rumours have been emphatically put to bed.

Inaki Ibanez told El Mundo that it was ‘false’ to report that Arsenal were waiting on a €3m offer from the Basque club. Sky Sports appear to have found quotes where he says, “This is totally false. Mikel has no interest in leaving Arsenal.”

We’ve been unable to source those particular quotes beyond the use of the word ‘false’, but it would be a big surprise if the manager was willing to let his midfield lieutenant leave the club.

Although he just has 12 months left on his current deal, and there are no plans at the times by the club to offer him an extension, Arteta remains an influential figure on and off the pitch, as well as being a player whom Wenger trusts implicitly.

It’s well documented that Arsenal are open to an addition in this area of the midfield, which may affect things down the line, but it would be a surprise to us if Arteta wasn’t in red and white next season.

We’re giving this a solid 9 on the poo-ometer.


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He seems to be front centre in all of the teasers for the new Puma kit as well. Probably would not be chosen for that role if the club were trying to sell him.

Arteta's hair

Obviously we would use this beautiful man as front figure anyway.


Makes no sense to let him go for a small fee.

Let him guide some of the younger players for another year whilst also playing in some of the less frantic paced games.


Seems quite apt for a story rating to be ‘solid’ on the Poo-ometer

Scott P

It’s unfortunate that most of the stories this summer will be more liquid than solid. I think the football media may have some digestive issues.


I’d be grateful for ANY serious news about Arsenal transfers (coming in that is). The Chavs are doing business, Manure is flashing the folding and the Mugsmashers are flogging their piranha. Please lets have some positive news and lets not degenerate into the usual nail-biting climax every transfer deadline day has borught fo rthe last few years.


Haters be like


These are chocolate ice creams with eyes and a mouth! You can’t fool me…

I hope Arteta sees his career out with us before possibly moving into a scouting role. Or opening a hair salon.

Bould's Eyeliner

Arteta would certainly make a fine assistant manager

Black Hei

He will make an even better hair stylist.

Giroud Awakening

£3 MILLION?! £3 MILLION?! That perfectly honed lego hair is worth £10 million alone, not to mind his football!


We better not sell any midfielders this summer cause we refused to sign Cesc


He looked slow and ponderous last year and was caught on the ball at times last season, but I’m hoping that a nice long summer break will have done him good. He’s a great professional, would definitely not sell, yet.

Monkey Nuts

What are people’s views on Lallana going to Liverpool for 25 million?

Seems a lot of money for a 26 year old with limited Premier league experience but I suppose he is English which means in reality you could buy a foreign Lallana for about 2.5 million.

East Gooner

I am glad that our rivals are mostly wasting money on players not that good City – Sagna, Fernando(12m) Sagna is merely a depth signing. Fernando is a benchwarmer behind Toure and Fernandinho. If Toure is to leave Fernando is a downgrade on him so I am fine with this. Chelsea – Cesc(30m), Costa(32m) This on the other hand I am not fine with. With Courtois set to return they really look strong. But on the bright side Mourinho is a cunt and John Terry is a thunder cunt Liverpool – Can(6m), Lambert(8m), Lallana(25m) This is fucking hilarious. They spent… Read more »


They paid £8m for Lambert? Holy Fuck, surely not.

East Gooner

Well these are the guys who spent 35mil on Carroll, 20 mil on Downing on 26m. So for them spending 6-8m on Lambert is actually bargain. #StupidMugsmashers

East Gooner

*26mil on Henderson – Apologies for that.

Chris O

I largely agree. Chelsea and City remain the class of the league and we need to be able to compete with them. Liverpool isn’t making the right moves to take the next step and may actually be forced to sell Suarez, who they’ll never successfully replace in their lineup this year (think Tottenham and Bale last year). United’s biggest acquisition will probably be Van Gaal who worries me (in a complimentary way). We need to make some solid moves though. Right back is now both a thin and weak point for us, and if TV5 leaves we’re thin at center… Read more »


you make some good points, but one thing is for sure: chelsea and city are NOT class. they are the exact opposite. they are anti-class.


You are forgetting the fact that city, chelsea, liverpool all finished ahead of us last season and have added to the squad. They might not have added great quality but have certainly added depth. and United will be stronger next season under Van Gaal.


The figures I’ve seen reported are between £23m and £28m. Whatever the case, that does seem a bit steep, on the other hand, getting a foreign Lallana for £2.5m seems a bit of an exaggeration too. Although the prices in football seem to get madder every year. 9 goals and 6 assists in the league for an attacking midfielder in a mid-table team is not bad. Plus he does a decent shift defensively. At Liverpool he’s competing against Henderson, Allen, Coutinho, Sterling. Meh. A good addition to their squad, what with Champions League and all that, but yeah, probably over-paid… Read more »

Little Mozart

I would be very unhappy to see Arteta leave now. He is vital to the team as a leader and is the perfect candidate to take over as captain should our current one exit the club. As a defensive midfielder, Arteta has a real knack for cutting out passes, halting attacks and getting his hands dirty when necessary. From an attacking perspective he is always capable of picking out key passes and assists. As well as all this, his fitness is unparalleled by any other player his age.

Kos the boss

He’s our best penalty taker by a mile too


BFG for captain over Arteta IMO


Yes, he’s also quite the character. And he will play considerably more I think as well.

Chris O

I sincerely hope that we add talent in the midfield such that Arteta can be used primarily as a late-game defensive sub and part-time starter (especially in cup matches) so as to preserve his legs. I love the guy but he clearly lost a step last year.

Biff Baxter

Can’t see us buying a DM unless Flams or Arteta goes to make room. That’s how Wenger views his squad: “How are all them cunts going to get games?x

9 o'clock

The club *are* looking for a new holder (I hesitate to call it a #6/DM because I doubt it, but at least a deep-lying playmaker). They were in the market last summer and are back in this summer. Flamini was never intended to be the answer: he wanted to come back, but the club put him on hold until their other target(s) fell through; he was/is short-term coverage for Arteta as well as #8/CM, RB, LB. The fact that he initially had such an impact while Arteta was out injured was a surprise to everyone, including himself no doubt. Anyway,… Read more »


How do you feel about Mario Suarez from Atletico Madrid? (not saying he’s the answer, just genuinely asking how an intelligent person feels about how he would do for Arsenal)

Red Ed

I for one would love love love us to sign an out and out defensive midfielder, Gary Medel ideally. I like Arteta, but I feel that he can look lightweight when we play against teams with a quity midfield. I think that a nasty bastard like Medel would put a fear factor into opponents which is presently conspicuous by its absence.

Does anyone think our hesitancy thus far in the transfer market is due to Arsene waiting until France get knocked out so that we can but Schneiderlin, Debuchy, and Remy ?


“Does anyone think our hesitancy thus far in the transfer market is due to…”

It’s the 2nd of July…..


Gary Medel? You’re having a laugh.


Even if we sign another midfielder theres still room for Arteta to make waves in games but not sure even
without injury he has the legs for every game would need to be rested to get the best but we dont always have the luxury of resting players because of our awful squad injuries


Hey guys, sry for hijacking this one, but does Arsenal have 110 million Euro in transfer budget, after the Vela-sale? :s

Atletico Islington

The transfer budget has been widely believed to be ‘more than enough’ for at least the past year or so, we don’t need to think of how much we have to spend in terms of outgoing players any more.


I think you misinterpret the question and the reason behind it. I simple want to know what kind of players we’ll be able to buy, set the mindset and expectation reasonable. ‘More than enough’ isn’t a exact number and not going to give any indication what kind of players Arsenal will be able to pursuit. If Mario B cost 32 million, Khedira 25M and Debuchy 12M I assume that Arsene may still, or at least has the option, to go for another world class player, with still 40M left. And if Cazorla wants out, and is sold to Aletico Madrid,… Read more »


Every year the board has claimed that Arsene has plenty of money to use in the transfer market should he so desire, but this year it seems like it might actually be true. There’s been no exact number given aside for whatever the awful UK press (who don’t understand the basic tenets of journalism, I think) has made up in order to draw clicks. What we do know is that we have a new kit deal, a new naming rights deal, and that the TV pie for the Premier League has grown by leaps and bounds all within the last… Read more »


The board has said we could afford to buy anyone but Messi, Ronaldo, Bale, etc.


Agents will say anything ^^, I for one would like him to stay, I don’t consider Schneiderlin to be an update

Ozil's dodgy hamstring

I would love to see him finish his career at Arsenal, then go on and coach at the club. He is such a class act, even if sometimes he isn’t quite the “top quality” we all expect in some games, as a professional, he is spot on, and shows the kind of commitment that midfielders need. And that hair….


Dear Wenger, here’s a good list of signing for you.

Yedlin/Bradley/Omar Rodriguez

Maybe Howard?


I think you mean Omar Gonalez, and as well as he played during the last two World Cup games, there was a reason that Geoff Cameron was preferred to him for the first two US games.


Arteta and Flamini are good for one more season ++

Next summer, we will have to look into Arteta’s succession.

We have enough distraction on the plate this summer with RB, CB, GK and Striker.


I agree, Santori. Plus, there aren’t that many good defensive (rather than box to box) midfielders out there. In the Premier League, other than Arteta, I can only think of Fernandinho, Matic, Schneiderlin, Leiva (maybe)….and, er….? We can lower our standards a bit and include Joe Allen, Ramires, Gareth Barry, Wanyama, Tiote,….you get my point. There are very few good defensive midfielders. Which is why I feel Arteta is so under-valued, he also has very good passing and he’s a leader. So he’s definitely good for another season or two, in my opinion.


I think Sami Khedira/Javi Martinez would be an perfect replacement and give us more strength but on the other hand I still believe Arteta is good enough to play for us.. 🙂 I’d really love to see Javi Martinez or Sami Khedira at arsenal I doubt it will happend though..


I would have bitten Bilbao’s hand off, they can only sign players from the Basque country and Arteta being from San Sebastien fits the bill for them.

Which will then force Wengers hand in signing Bender/Schneiderlin/Khedira . Arsenal will then sign a midfielder with more legs who can distribute almost as good as Mikel Arteta can but better at stopping counter-attacks and tracking runners.

But Wenger being ultimate poker player/negotiator keeps everyone outside of the club in the dark with regards to his intentions, can’t deny his genius but can be frustrating as a fan.


Not sure where best to post this but apparently we’ve made our first purchase of the summer – Highly rated youngster Ben Sheaf.

Here’s your sauce –