Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Atletico say they don’t want Cazorla

After a summer of speculation, Atletico Madrid say they’re not interested in signing Santi Cazorla.

The newly crowned Spanish champions have been looking to boost their squad, and the Spanish international has been one of the names frequently mentioned.

However, their president, Enrique Cerezo, told Radio Marca, “Many names have been mentioned, but none of those players, neither Cazorla, Callejon, Torres nor Chicharito  are on our agenda.”

Cazorla himself reiterated his desire to stay in London recently, saying, “I’m very happy at Arsenal, I’ve got two more years here on my contract. Arsenal is great for me.

“I’m happy to be here at the moment and focus on that.”

The last month of the transfer window usually sees things hot up, and while it would be a surprise to Arseblog News to see something happen with Santi, we all know by now you can’t ever rule anything about 100%.


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Good news! We need our Spanish Santa to deliver us many gifts and trophies this season!


This pleases me. Santi would be a huge loss.

Diawara, Kaba

I thought he got a lot of undeserved flak last season, top player and always gives it his all.


People seem to have forgotten just how good he is (and just how good he was in 2012-13), in the pre-Ramsey/Ozil days. Phenomenal player, probably the best close control in the team. Like Ozil, he thrives on runners in front of him (Walcott stayed fit in 2012/13, Santi thrived. Gervinho was an outlet too, as was Poldi).


I think he seemed jaded at times. He’s had to carry a lot of creative responsibility for us (and played loads of games) add that to the insane travelling for friendlies with Spain and their constant involvement in summer tournaments and you’ve got a recipe for underperformance. He should be well rested and come back strong next season (if he does’t leave).


True, and he was also carrying an ankle problem most of last season. Looking forward to Santi back on top form- with us!


Name one player who does not receive unjustified flak from our fans. Our fan base is probably the most fickle of all. Be it santi, giroud, ramsey, wilshere, poldi, sagna, sanogo, walcott or ozil, we don’t give concessions to anyone.

glory hunter

You missed out on Diaby, Monreal, Gibbs, Arteta, Flamini, Kos, Verm, Mert etc
I think the Ox is the only player(who’s been at Arsenal for over 2 seasons) not to have ever been on the end of prolonged criticism from our fans.


I love Santi and his two-footed magic, and I want him to stay at the Arsenal for as long as possible. Always brings a smile to my face, that little magician.

Naija Pikin!

Hope he stays… Before the new players settle in the squad, we’ll need the likes of Santi to keep us going..


I’m confused, Santi’s staying (which is a good thing) and we sign this quintero kid? Why didn’t we just take Cesc back then?

Hope this doesn’t meen no DM is coming in.

Third Plebeian

The Quintero rumour is delicious. Maybe even true. I don’t think it precludes a DM.


Quintero is younger and cheaper so there’s space for him to grow without somehow having to shoehorn him into the side. Also, the rivals for Fabregas’ position are a lot younger (Ramsey, Wilshere, Ox, Zelalem) whereas Quintero would probably take over from Santi/Poldi/Rosicky on that side so it’s a more natural progression.

Mind you, this is all predicated upon the assumption that we’re in for him at all. For all you know, it’s the big rumour meltdown that is indicative of a signing…except that the signing is someone else entirely and hidden behind the big smokescreen.

Gooner '75


Anoop goon

Oooooohhh santi carzooooooolaaaaa

Little Mozart

Santi still has a role to play for us. We definitely can’t lose him yet.


Fucking liars. Who wouldn’t want Caz?…..

AN Other

Santi stay with us mate. This time next yr we will be champions.

Franny Jeffers

Quintero a very exciting prospect if we get him, would be a real shame to lose santi or poldi in doing so though..

Petit's Handbag

Everyone has a favourite player, one that they just adore and would defend before their own family in a argument.
Santi’s mine, ridiculously talented

Davey Jones

He was never going nowhere, just journos and agents stirring shit up.


Ooooh Saaaantiiiiii Cazorlaaaaaaaa!


Give us more hope-bringing free kicks and you can stay forever Santi


There are very few players, that make you smile when they play. Cazorla is that type of player. A joy to watch. Has the vow factor and has those beautiful Messi-usque feet.
Plus one of the only few in our team that can shoot from distance and take a mean free kick.
And THAT Free kick!
I want my Santi to stay!


Well theres somwthing to be grateful for. We need his tempo in our game.




Well that’s convenient for both of us. Stay the fuck away fron our first team players please 🙂 those days are loong gone.

the only sam is nelson

Santi is like Brian Marwood on the wing on the wing but with lasers and machine guns and close control and all the things that in the 1980s were sheer fantasy. I would love it if he stays. But really, he symptomises how the Arsenal have changed under AW. If Santi goes then actually I think we’d be able to get excited about a new talent that Mourhino didn’t know about.

Whoops a daisy Martin Haysey and all that. Times change.


I’ll have a glass of what you’re having please.

Cheers !


…….and we don’t want him to go there. So all is right in the world of AFC.


“Santi Cazorla? I do not know this player…”
I just hope this isn’t a reverse Wenger and we in fact are keeping him. I love the little guy and we need to keep him this year.


Quintero as Santi replacement would be genius by Arsene tho..


It would, but I’d be much much happier with both.

Podolski's left foot

“It’s gonna be Santi Cazorla…not a bad strike WHAT A GOAL THAT WAS! Arsenal are back into the tie! And it’s Santi Cazorla with a wonderful free kick!”

Without Santi pegging an early goal back to reduce the deficit in the FA cup final, we may not have had the FA cup. Love the fat controller

Springbank 1965

Santi Cazorla has become such a fan favourite I can’t imagine anyone wanting to see him leave.

And this isn’t just sentimentality. We’ve seen what he brings to the squad. And we genuinely like what we see.

Henry! Chance!! Goal!!!

You watch, the media would not let this go. They’ll give it a rest for a week and they’ll start again with the Cazorla to Atletico rumor just before the window closes.

Yankee Gooner

Any truth to the new rumor that Santi is going to Atletico?

Thierry Bergkamp

The 2 footed magician is going nowhere


I commented on this ridiculous story, dreamed up by the Spanish press to try and get some ball rolling when it came out – Santi doesn’t want to go, we don’t want to sell him and they can’t afford him, otherwise it’s all true.


This is a fantastic non-story.

Santi doesn’t want to go; Atletico don’t want to buy him; and we don’t want to sell him.

And so the point of all this is?


To get clicks


to get the agent a raised profile (so that the other players they manage think ‘oohh, I’ve got a real ‘player’ as my agent’)?

They lose nothing – either it kicks up interest which gets them a move and money+prestige, or no move and they simply get prestige (‘everyone’s after our players’).

or whatever.

Black Hei

Well if that Quintero rumour is true (and it has quite an unusual amount of smoke coming from named sources), it means either we loan him back for next season or we see somebody going out.

Or we move Ox into the middle alongside Ramsey as a double pivot. Which means no DM.

Honestly I am mixed about this Quintero story. It has the potential to both horrify and excite.


So are we not to believe anything the metro says then… Who knew eh

Man Manny

Anytime Santi is with the ball, I am always excited and expectant. Great man to have in the team. Was afraid we were going to miss him. I expect a great season from him.


Fodder for the gullible who believe everything in the media. Many players are linked to Arsenal because we are a good bench mark to be pegged to. Does not mean most of them are even targets. Consider MVila, Gustavo, Wayama, Mitrogolou, Samba, all media announced antedotes to our slide from fourth spot that frannkly never happened and all of whom have not exactly covered their careers in glory since to suggest we should have even bothered. At the same time, this Santi rumour started because the media believed that we were in the market for another dwarf sized midfielder in… Read more »


We have 2 world cup strikers that leads their team apart from Giroud, if Sanogo isnt fit.. I bet my monthly bar expense AW moves Alexis or Joey to front.

Our real pressing need right now is getting that 3rd/4th backup CB that isnt Silvestre/Squillacci level that willing to accept their role.

Getting a DM that can play at CB is bonus right now.. depending on how the team build this season.. I doubt a destroyer type is really what we need.. thats just the bullshit that have been feed to us as fact.

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