Monday, September 26, 2022

BBC report Arsenal in for Sanchez

According to the BBC’s David Ornstein, Arsenal are in talks to sign Barcelona’s Chilean striker Alexis Sanchez for a fee in the region of £25 million.

The 25-year-old, one of the stars of this summer’s World Cup, is free to leave the Camp Nou this summer as the Catalans look to make room in their squad for Liverpool’s Luis Suarez.

While a deal is far from done, it would appear (judging by the sheer proliferation of reports) that Sanchez favours a move to the Emirates rather than Anfield.

Arseblog News is speculating here but we suspect it’s because he’s heard Brendan Rodgers’ is the type of guy who hangs a picture of himself in his living room…tosser.

We’re loathed to get too excited just yet – every time we see the ‘Arsenal sign Higuain’ post residing in our draft folder we shed a tear – but that’s not to say we aren’t a little moist.

Wonder what article headline we’ll go for if he ever gets a red card for serious foul play…

It also looks as though Mathieu Debuchy is on his way to Arsenal with the player appearing to tell French media after yesterday’s World Cup exit that he’ll be leaving Newcastle for the Gunners. Knowing Arsene he’ll only sign-off on deals the moment the World Cup final finishes…


AA cautious, but hopeful, 4 on the poo-ometer


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Sanchez would basically be a dream signing. Imagine Sanchez – Ozil – Walcott across our attacking 3 with Giroud up top.


….with Ramsey just about everywhere in the pitch


The image of this sends me into raptures.

Arsene wenger transfer ghost

I dont know alexis


makes me cream my pants


I worry about a repeat scenario of the higuain deal. I think liverpool, with £75m from selling Suarez under their belts, will probably be more willing to pay over the odds, both in transfer fee and salary . And, regrettably, they’ll end up with the player like Napoli did.

I would be delighted if we signed this player, but I’m not sure we will, given the competition.

Andy Mack

How many players have they bought already whilst paying ‘over the odds’ for them?
They do need to add some depth as this is the 1st time they’ve been in the CL for a few years but 75m doesn’t go that far.

Sammy Nelsons Arse

I’m confident we can still see them off financially. They have the redevelopment of Anfield to pay for, already spent 40 million on Joe Averages and are about to spend another 20 on Lovren ! Assuming Suarez goes for 75 mil then big chance it’s already been spent.


I’m afraid I agree. Higuain was widely reported as a done deal, including by his dad, and he wanted to come and we’d offered reasonable money, etc., etc. With this one, practically all the cards are stacked against us. 1. Liverpool are already negotiating and both they and Barca are in a hurry. 2. Barca still owe us around 8m for Song or Hleb, for which unfortunate misjudgement on their part they doubtless bear us a grudge. Probably they’re so miffed that we keep reminding them of their mistake and their debt whenever we knock on their door they switch… Read more »


Liverpool have the money, but the reports are that he favours us. It seems are main cometition comes from Juventus, who are not the strongest financially. And can’t Barca use this deal to get rid of that debt?


I know the higuain thing was painful but Wenger always says it takes 3 parties to complete a transfer. I think Higuain was the one who opted for a higher pay check or Real wanted a higher fee. Either its known taht Arsene does not pay above what he considers the player is worth, So if it is true that sanchez prefers arsenal i think there is reason to be optimistic.


can people stop with juventus arent the strongest financially. they are the richest club in italy, own by one of the richest familly italy, if they need to spend 20/30M they will
and like us they have a brand new stadium who brink lot of money


The Higuain transfer is interesting because it shows the knock-on damage of financial doping. PSG could just offer any amount of money to Napoli to get Cavani, above and beyond what would have been spent by a club working in the real world. That pulse of cash (£50 mil?) drops into Napoli’s lap, allowing them to outbid Arsenal for Higuain — we have to look at value, where they are just spending a gift to buy a new striker. In the case of Barca, they already have one transfer ban hanging over them. Considering UEFA have started banning clubs for… Read more »

Third Plebeian

Remember that Sanchez has to want to go to Liverpool. He would never go there. It’s a grimy club with owners who publicly lie about contracts to force players to do things they don’t want. If I was a top player, I’d think twice before sharing smokes with John Henry.


juve in for him apparently. no idea what to believe


Sanchez up front and Santi on the left
much better dream


Walcott —- Ozil ——- Cazorla/Podolski

Policeman's Bangers 'N' Mash

Serious question, is he really a CF? I always thought he was a WF? I know very little about him … can someone give some info on this? Is he really the man to lead the line?


He is certainly most natural in a wider role. At Barca obviously everything is so fluid but he would have to play a much more disciplined role in the PL and wouldn’t be able to drop in and out so naturally. Also he would have to do more defensive work in the PL. I can’t help but think that there is some link in this to the murmurs of unrest from Camp Santi. I don’t think we want to sell Santi at all, but I think that Sanchez is a slightly more aggressive player in attack and has a better… Read more »

Patricio Barrales

No, he’s definitely a WF, I think that should be his place in Arsenal (and in PL), anyways he’s fast and also very good assisting (top assistant in Chile national team).

Walcott – Özil – Sanchez

I’m chilean, sorry about my english (if there’s any mistake).

Arsene's Wengerboys



Yes… destroying fucking Chelsea! That’s all I really want this year, two wins against Chelsea.

Black Hei

I want you to take a dump on JM head for each goal we score.

And a bonus dump on Cesc’s head after the match. Just 1 dump since we don’t hate him that much.


Oh my god is that picture from Rodgers’ living room real? Doesn’t surprise me in the slightest, this guy really thinks he’s awesome doesn’t he? Let’s see how he does without the best striker on the planet in his team next year.


Not just Rodgers either, routinely seeing scousers already declaring him to be a better manager than Wenger.


Yeah I get that a lot, dunno why, maybe they know something we don’t

Andy Mack

They’re mugsmashers, so they think they know everything.
Unfortunately they’re just like spuddies (but with a better history), where they think a good run = best team in the world.

OG Mike

Apparently lining up a new formation every few games makes Rodgers better. Honestly I can’t follow mugsmasher logic


I thought Rodgers’ tactical skill, as shown at the first Emirates game last season was impressive 😉


Yep. Back a few years, exactly the same scousers were proclaiming Gerard Houllier better than Wenger and Ferguson. Fantasists.


While its funny that he hangs it, it was won at an auction held when he was at Swansea for disabled fans.


One good deed maketh a saint not..

He has however time and time again proven himself to be a cunt, one that considers ignorance an opinion.

Loath him more than most managers.

Gunner From Another Mother

Really? I feel like you’re being somewhat harsh. I don’t mean to jump to his defense or anything, but I feel there are many managers who are much more loathsome and ignorant. Just my opinion

Andy Mack

But he still has the ego to hang it in his home!


I think it’s wrong to auction off disabled fans.

Third Plebeian

Wonder what article headline we’ll go for if he ever gets a red card for serious foul play…


Dirty Sanchez.

I can’t believe I’m the first to say it in this comment thread.

Maybe it didn’t need to be said?

Chris O

That pic always reminds me of this scene from Airplane!

Yoyo Sanogoals

Hopefully we don’t fuck this one up, he’s the perfect player who can play with or without Giroud as a striker. He’s world class. I hope we don’t fuck this one up, he’d really help Ozil out with his movement.
Would you lot be happy if he signed Sanchez, Debuchy, Schneiderlin, and a goalie?


Debuchy, Sanchez, and a central midfielder.

Backup GK and another striker would be just bonus.

What I like about our rumored signings so far – Arsene has seen the players actually play few games (vs. relying on scouting reports, and maybe videos, etc).

Let’s wrap up these signings before another club comes in and makes it difficult for us


Arsene strikes me as the kind of person that would actually watch whole games to get to know the player, rather than just videos. Watching live from a stadium is just a bonus since he can also see their movement without the ball, their reactions, etc.

Double canister

Arsene and Ivan were over at a couple of Barca games themselves last season.


Wasn’t the world cup just arranged for Wenger to hold auditions?


wouldn’t be disappointed if we manage to get them. But if I’m allowed to dream, I’d rather see us buy Vidal instead of Schneidelin, a 4th CB would be good and if we’d buy a traditional striker as plan B to Giroud it wouldn’t be a bad thing too, in my opinion. But I know that’s very wishful thinking.


Well, firstly, Vidal is a box-to-box midfielder, and anyway Ramsey is better than him, and in a season or two Wilshere and Chambo will be too. Schneiderlin is a holding midfielder, a different type of player, and one we actually need.

Tomás Rosicky



I would love to see this guy in an Arsenal shirt


Fingers crossed. This is one Top quality signing am hoping it happens.


Rumors abound of Barcelona looking to make good on their remaining debt to us in this deal (they still owe us for Song and the percentage of the Cesc sale)- so he could come cheaper than the whole price may advertise.
I would love to be finished with FCB altogether, as they’re a completely classless bunch of cunts… evidenced by the pursuit of Suarez.

Wrighty's Gold Tooth

Who we also chased last year.. Steady on


Back then he had one bite less on his CV 😉


The debt they owed us on the deals was apparently paid off along with the 5m from the Fabregas deal in one lump sum according to


Sure, but Barca don’t expect to actually pay for the players they ‘buy’. I’m sure they’re thinking that if they postpone it indefinitely, inflation will take of the problem in time. I’m equally sure they’re thinking that they’ll be able get the Suarez ban reduced to something less inconvenient – one game, half a game, 15 minutes… Normal rules simply aren’t applied to Barca. I mean, they’ve got a supposed transfer ban and they’re spending 80m!


We need a fucking dm not another fanny winger. Needs to sign kediera

Chris O

He’d play striker (often together with Giroud) as often as winger for us, and we desperately need someone else up top with his sort of quality.


You’ve clearly never seen Khedira play. Apart from on Fifa.

He’s box to box, like Ramsey. Only nowhere near as talented on the ball as our Welshman. Would be a waste of cash.

People suggesting Vidal aswell, he is also box to box. Obviously a good player, but why would we pay 40M+ for him when we have Ramsey?

Third Plebeian

I might be the only one who would be very happy with Schneiderlin instead of Khedira…

I like Khedira and Vidal a lot, but…Ramsey.

Captain's Armband

I agree with you TP. Schneiderlin would fit in nicely, he’s underrated by many, but he’s an intelligent, disciplined footballer.

Or Axel Witsel. In fact, definitely Axel Witsel.


I’m being patient till I see him in an Arsenal shirt. Too many times I’ve been excited by close signings and it’s hit us right in the face.


Sounds sensible. The BBC article doesn’t actually say anything particularly encouraging or informative. In fact it’s so vague I could have written it myself. It’s not like negotiations are at an advanced stage; we’ve simply, at least according to several fairly reliable papers, made contact with Sanchez and put in a bid – as we quite often do and which usually comes to nothing. It’s Liverpool, not us, who are seriously negotiating and have had meetings with Barca. I’m pretty confident the Debuchy deal is done, but for this one to happen we’ve still a very, very long way to… Read more »


Signing Sanchez and Debuchy will replace Sagna and solve our attack problems. However, it would be great to replace Fabianski and maybe add a holding midfielder to the squad. If this news is true then I’d say Arsene has done a fantastic job. I usually try to distance myself from all these rumours until anything gets confirmed, but I still feel really excited right now. COYG


Sanchez>Giroud>Campbell>Sanogo. Not a bad forward line for the season. Lets do it Arsene


Sanogo surely on loan? Walcott/Podolski would be superior 4th/5th choice strikers, and if Sanogo is going to amount to anything he needs regular game time.


I really wonder what Mr.Wenger sees in Sanogo. Surely there is something that is yet to be revealed. I mean, he’s brave and all but there’s got to be something else that will surface with more game-time. I can see him replacing Giroud in the future in what will hopefully be an immense and diverse attacking force.


I could see Sanogo being like a Lukaku style forward who can play physical through the middle or a bit of pace for angled balls on the wing for, but I believe he needs to bulk up and get some game time so he can find his feet, definitely a loan candidate if we sign another striker.


His movement is good and he’s big, strong and quick. If he improves his technique and composure then he’ll be a player


Sanchez, Walcott and Remy in front of Ozil, oh my god true passes galore


I truly hope that the lessons from last year’s Higuain saga were learned.
Cough up whatever it is Barcelona want and get it done!

Andy Mack

What a dumb comment to make without knowing what FCB want!


They are probably not the strongest bargaining position since they need the money to pay £70mil and up on Suarez.

They sold Cesc for about £25 mil, Sanchez’s price tag can’t be that different.


All it takes is one stupid offer from city or psg. don’t be naive


Then, by that logic, we can never be hopeful of signing any top quality player ever.

All I’m saying is, that unlike the Higuain story last year, we should pay his club what he’s worth or maybe even slightly more. Haggling over a few extra millions just isn’t worth it in my opinion. And it gives time for teams like City or PSG to make up their minds and put out an offer.

The quicker we sort this out the better.

Andy Mack

OK, Pay what he’s worth, that we all agree with. Or a bit more fine, but if you let them know we’ll pay anything for him then they’re likely to price him at 50m and most of us think that could be spent better. So you always have to lowball the 1st offer. Probably because (according to the press) Higuain said he wanted to come to us, AFC didn’t see the point joining an auction when the player could have told RM that he was only moving to us, so they could ignore anything from Napoli. As it turned out,… Read more »


Actually I believe with Higuain, we had agreed a fee with Real Madrid who later changed their mind and added an extra 10 million to the price tag due to the Bale deal. Which in my opinion we were absolutely right not to pay. Look, we all want the Sanchez deal to go through and as soon as possible but we need to be clever about it too. If we act like we’re desperate, we’ll get milked…and not in a good way. Cesc was sold for 25 million because he wasn’t in great demand. If the demand for Sanchez increases,… Read more »

Black Hei

Arsenalfan: How much for that seabream? Yup that big one. Only one you got.

Fishguy: $20 sir.

Arsenalfan: Ok here is $22

Fishguy: Why are you giving me $22?

Arsenalfan: I am paying you “even slightly more”. You appreciate that right?

Fishguy: I now want $25

Arsenalfan: What? Ok, I am ambitious about whipping up a good dinner for the fans.

Fishguy: $30 bucks or I call the Russian lady and her entourage of chefs over.


God let this be true.


Mr Wenger make this come true. Don’t know what Bergkamp can do in this case..


After all the Higuain stuff last year, I’m not getting my hopes up until it’s official news.

Brendan Rodgers is truly a classless self-admiring slimeball. I bet he would suck himself off, if he could reach.


It’s really hard not to get excited about this!! Hope it all goes smoothly and we agree a deal quickly. Fingers crossed.


Fuck me he’d be a top signing if it comes off, when this World Cup started I didn’t want it to end.. For the sake of our dealings ill be glad to see the back of it


Would be a great signing. However it means headaches on the roster! (Which is a good thing)

Sanchez – ozil- walcott but where would cazorla play. Or would it be better to play :

Cazorla – Ozil – Walcott

Either way this is a good thing!!


Cazorla Ozil ox.
I think Walcott is likely to be he one that suffers from this. Just think, sign Sanchez and we can have someone who plays football in every spot on the park. Happy days are here again.

Andy Mack

It would depend upon the opposition. Some games you need a target man and some you don’t. Some you need ‘craft’ and for some ‘pace’ is more important. We need to have all the options covered.
Rumour is that TW will not be back until October or later.


What about Podolski? 🙁


This time last year we were smack bang in the middle of the “Arsenal sign Higuain.” debacle.
We’ve been linked with Sanchez for a couple of weeks now in Spanish media and Sport Witness have confirmed the veracity of those reports. He’s only 25 and is basically Suarez without the selfishness or biting. It would be the perfect signing.


“Sport Witness have confirmed….”.
For which read “unscrupulous clickwhoring site blindly repeats reports from other sites with no compunction whatsoever”. Blimey next thing you’ll be telling me it’s true because said it.


I’m probably the only one who isn’t super excited about this. I suspect a lot of Arsenal fans don’t actually watch Primera Division all that much. Don’t get me wrong – he’s a very good player, and he’ll likely fit our squad well, but for all intents and purposes he’s Theo Walcott with slightly better technique, but less speed. He has a lot of qualities, but not those of the “30 goals per season striker” that everyone seems to think that we need. In his last three seasons for Barcelona, he’s scored: 2011-2012: 12 2012-2013: 8 2013-2014: 19 That last… Read more »


What you haven’t included is the amount of games he’s played each season, and the fact that Messi and Neymar are preferred to him in the central role.


He plays pretty much every match, and his goal scoring record and ratio is rather similar to that of Walcott.

Walcott is a great player. Sanchez is a great player. They’re on the same level, which means that 25M is actually pretty cheap (we would certainly not sell Walcott for that price!). However, neither one is a world class striker, as there are very few of those.


He’s a much better footballer than theo.


Theo is a tad one-dimensional on occasion, which isn’t always effective. Alexis, on the other hand, is a better dribbler and has experience with teams that sit back and crowd the penalty box (on account of Barcelona being the ultimate victims of that strategy), meaning that a vital part of his education there has been to vary his game. If him and Theo can contribute approximately 30 goals between them, that’s a very good return.


I don’t watch the spanish league a whole lot, but to be fair to the lad, thats 19 goals in 34 matches, 27 he started, 7 subbed on and 14 subbed off He played 2382 minutes last season which = 26.5 matches in actual playing time (assuming each is exactly 90 mins long) He scored a goal every other game against the number of games he was played in and 0.7 goals a game for the actual number of minutes he was was on the park. (I’d love to take the credit as a footy oracle, alas I cannot and… Read more »


Yes, I know, which basically means that he pretty much plays every match. The 4 matches he didn’t play was a matter of injury if I recall correctly. Again: I’m not saying he’s not good. All I’m saying is that he’s not Suarez without the biting, which many people seem to believe. Nor is he Falcao or Cavani. I think it’s important to know what we’ll get. Anyone thinking Sanchez will be banging them in left and right from the moment he gets here will no doubt start whining already in October. I still remember vividly the whining about Ozil,… Read more »


But that’s a fairly broad spectrum. The fact is he has excellent control, can cross, pass and shoot accurately and can take players on with skills and a trick as well as using pace. As such he fits into the mould of wengerball – creating an attack with multiple focal points making it more difficult for opponents to control and negate.

Chris O

How would you have profiled Henry circa 1999 when we acquired him from Juve?


Thierry Henry was 21 years old then, very raw. Not quite comparable to a 25 year old who’s in his prime.

Beyond that, Henry was rather fragile when he came to Arsenal, but with a lot of potential physically. He’s a good 6ft2 (188cm) and as soon as he adjusted to the physical level he could give as good as he got.

Sanchez is a whooping 5ft7 (169 cm). He’s not exactly tiny, but his physical presence is simply nowhere near the likes of Henry or Giroud (6ft4, 192cm).

Our current setup requires someone who’s hard to push around.


Chris O,
I would have said he has potential. That is not the same as ” He has spent 8 years at this club training with world class players e.g. Henry, Bergkamp, Van Persie, Cazorla, Ozil and shows absolutely no signs of being a better football player than he was on the day in which he walked through the doors. If he was as good as his PR he would be playing for Real Madrid. I suggest Arsenal sign his PR man immediately.”


who really knows how sanchez will turn out in the premier league? thats the exciting part of it, to see such an excellent player as him in england. he is world class, without a doubt. some dont adapt so well to england, a lot do, so we will have to wait and see (assuming it happens).


It’s a good fucking job nobody expects Sanchez to score 30 goals then.


I certainly don’t, but I suspect others do. Pretty sure I’ve seen quite a few comments around here about how we needed a “world class striker”, and that’s the role I think a lot of people feel Sanchez is going to fill.


Surely Giroud played loads more games than him


We don’t BUY from barça, we SELL to them.

Am I the only one hoping for Greaseman instead of Alexis?


hopefully we can pick up axleman from the local car shop as well! getting excited!


haha well played


As an admitted sucker for transfer rumours and clickbait, it must be said that I don’t even begin to consider them anything close to truthful until I see them referenced on Arseblog news. With that in mind, I am feeling cautiously ecstatic, but a poo-ometer rating would go a long way towards settling my stomach. Never did I think the sight of poo, however friendly-looking, would have the potential to make my day!

Arsene Wenger in Football Manager 2014

Arseblog knows. You kept on mentioning Sanchez and now he’s in talks! Now keep mentioning Hammy Rodriguez in your news then maybe sooner or later Arsenal will be in talks with him also!

But in all seriousness, I do hope we sign both Debuchy and Sanchez along with a defensive midfielder and then surely we’ll have one hand on the premier league trophy. Come on Arsenal!


Can Sanchez play as a center-forward or will he play on the wing?


He can play both, but we would have to adjust our setup if we wanted him to play as a lone striker. He certainly doesn’t have the physical presence of Giroud, and we seem quite reliant on that right now.


I am not afraid of Liverpool hijacking our deal. The player favors Arsenal we can possibly get him for less than what Liverpool are willing to offer.

Tony Hall

Those not convinced Alexis scored 19 league goals in 34 appearances last season for Barca as well as 10 assists. I do not know how many were starts and how many were as a sub but those stats for Barca’s third/fourth choice striker are pretty health and as we have seen he is pretty nippy on his feet.


Woolwich Peripatetic

Debuchy, Sanchez and Khedira basically ticks all the boxes.

Tony Hall

If we could get Debuchy, Sanchez, a cb, a dm and a gk as well as keeping Joel and get Sanago out on loan I think that would be pretty damn good for a change for us lol


no loan

Angolan Girl Who Loves The Gunner

If we sign Alex Sanchez, it will be massive! And it will be fun to see the Liverfools fans reaction. They’ll be pissed! LOL! Forward Gunners! COYG!


I won’t get excited til I see him holding the gunners shirt standing next to Wenger……..


“Brendan Rodgers is truly a classless self-admiring slimeball. I bet he would suck himself off, if he could reach.”

I’m sorry, you wouldn’t? Be honest…


Juve apparently is his first choice


Let’s do this ASAP. Can’t wait to see the official confirmation on the Club’s website.

gooners n roses

** heavy breathing **


I think a lot of people are misinterpreting Sanchez’s role in the team. He’s supposed to add a new dimension to our attack as someone pacy, a good dribbler and a solid finisher with good work rate. At no point do we intend to make him the focal point of our team. If he produces in a similar vein to what he has been in La Liga, that’s more than good enough. He’s not supposed to score 30 a season on his own, but nor does he need to if he’ll be supplementing proven goalscorers in Walcott, Giroud and Podolski… Read more »


I agree, and he’s very suited for such a role. I just feel that we’re still dead in the water if Giroud gets an injury, as Sanogo is too raw and we don’t have anyone else that can fill that particular role.

Then again, perhaps Wenger intends to change our tactics a bit.


Fairly certain Alexis is a striking alternative for us, with Theo after him, perhaps. It’s a role he’s played before and I don’t think his lack of height is in itself a problem, particularly since his technique and low centre of gravity can help him create space in a manner different to how someone like Giroud would (Aguero and Suarez, for instance, are not particularly big but very tough and very wriggly). As the 2-0 against Tottenham proved, it’s not always necessary to play a big man up front. Gnaby and Theo were very effective dovetailing in that game. I’m… Read more »


I agree with you. And he scored 19 goals in la liga which isnt bad at all plus he can take free kicks and as you said a solid finisher and great work rate and versatility which is very important for us as we had ALOT of injuries last season to key players

Gunner in Ghana

All the same, John Terry is a cunt.


Well said Ghana!


It doesn’t matter if Liverpool want him as part of the deal. The player has the choice and if we offer the right money and he wants to come then deal done.
The only downside could be if we fanny about like with higuain. Let’s hope we offer the right price and get this done as the pool for quality strikers is getting smaller with other clubs snapping up the top talent already


When did players’ wishes count for anything? Suarez wanted to come to us, and Liverpool had given him a verbal agreement that he could, in addition to there being some sort of clause in his contract which Henry decided he could safely ignore, knowing that we wouldn’t waste the time and money on taking it to court. Clubs – well, some clubs – just do what they like, regardless of the law or what the player prefers.

Mind you, the agent’s preferences could be influential, but I haven’t a clue what they are in this case.

Scott P

I think it’s a little different in this case. With Suarez, the issue was whether or not he was going to be sold, and if he was, he was going to what Liverpool view as a direct rival.

In this case, it looks as though Barca are very willing to sell Sanchez and neither of the potential destinations are direct competition for FCB so they probably don’t really care where he goes.

Andy Mack

Suarez could have forced the issue but didn’t want to miss out on a ‘loyalty’ bonus by not offering a transfer request.


This seems to be something of a trope now, the notion that we could/should have taken Liverpool to court over the minimum fee release clause. This is nonsense. The contract is between Liverpool and Suarez – Arsenal, as a third party, had no standing to take any action.

Suarez knew of the clause and could have taken legal action against Liverpool to enforce it. He didn’t, and that I think says all you need to know about whether he had any genuine desire to join us last summer as opposed to using our interest to attract others.


The can’t force any player to sign a playing contract with a particular club unless he wants to. That’s a different issue – with Suarez the issue was that LFC did not want to sell or at least not for what we were prepared to pay. Because his contract was in the protected period, they were in a stronger position vis-a-vis the player.

And Clarke7 is right, as well.


We need to start acting in this transfer window. Let’s do something we used to do( get our new signings in ahead off pre season, giving the whole squad as much time as possible to get to know each other and play a few friendlies together.

And let’s do what other clubs do; offer the right money and get the ruddy deal done without any fuss.

Excellent signing if it happens, very impressed with his performance against Brazil when, heading aside, he looked the complete forward player.

Andy Mack

It may be happening (and may not!), but as everyone knows, nothing will be announced until after announcement of the 1st team Puma kit launch later this week.


Cautiously optimistic I shall remain 😀


As much as we hate it fact is LFC hold all the ace cards in the transfer of both players if they dont get the 80 million or money and part Ex then no one goes anywere

Andy Mack

and they have a player that can’t play for XX games. I’m not sure if he can even train with the squad, which means he’ll take some time to gain for when he does come back. And LFC don’t want the bad publicity that surrounds him now. Will it effect any of their sponsorship deals? They need to organise their finances carefully over the next few years to pay for their new stadium and having a player on their books that can’t actually play any games (including CL games!). You are right but are LFC stupid enough to want to… Read more »


I know what your saying miranda but in this case if the player wants to leave and the club wants to sell then the player will go to who he likes assuming the interested clubs involved meet the selling clubs valuation.
Liverpool don’t hold all the cards in this case the player does and if we assume the stories that he prefers a move to arsenal then providing we meet barcas price he will come to us. We just need to meet the price and hope he wants to live in Hampstead instead of Toxteth.


Hope you’re right, Voldemorte. Strangely, Liverpool fans on Twitter seem to agree with you. Never known them sound so pessimistic before. Do they know something we don’t?

Andy Mack

We have to meet the Barca price or the value LFC put on him (whichever the lesser).


We can offer more in terms of wages and we can throw the money we made on Vela at him. We need Sanchez. Please, Wenger. Top, top, top quality.

Andy Mack

AFC have to be careful with salaries as money can be a big problem in the dressing room.
Would Ramsey or Ozil or (insert name) get really pissed if he was being paid a third of the new guys salary? I’m sure some look a Ozil and think ‘yes he’s worth double my salary’ but maybe not treble.
So, yes we could pay him much more but would it be good for the team?


5′ 7″. Another small Arsenal player in the Premiership. Cazorla, Wilshere, Walcott, Rosicky, Arteta, Ozil all great players but not beasts. Sanchez is similar.

Will get excited once I see how he copes.


Would rather have a fit Walcott for the whole season.

And Ramsey as well for that matter.

Atletico Islington

He looked more than capable of staying on the ball in the World Cup, certainly wasn’t pushed around.

Andy Mack

You know Ozil is over 6ft, don’t you?

6″1 I think


5′ 11″ on Wikipedia. Worth checking before posting?


Iota stats show him as 183 cm. which I believe is about 6ft 1. I’m far aid quoting Wikipedia as a source is a bit like quoting Fox News as the font of all wisdom….


Let’s ignore all the other sources that say he is 5′ 11″ then!


183cm is just 6 foot, worth checking before posting?

6.00393701 feet (6 feet 3⁄64 inch).

Andy Mack

TransferMarkt says 1.83m which is a smidge over 6ft on my Stanley tape measure. Not a giant but a bit more than 5’7″.


Ignoring all the other sources that say he is 5′ 11″…

Anyway the point is that he isn’t a beast. We used to have Vieira, Gilberto, Henry, Bergkamp, Pires playing for us, bags of skill but also all tall and powerful, hence beasts.

Ozil is skilful, just not powerful (like Cazorla, Rosicky, Wilshere etc aren’t powerful).

We need more power!


If Sanchez was going to Liverpool he would have went as part of the transfer but from what I read which isn’t much he refused to leave stating if it were Arsenal he would have something to consider. Not so much he wants to join us just he would consider it. I think Greizmann is a better long term choice


I’ll believe that Sanchez is an Arsenal player when he runs out at Wembley next month in a red and white shirt. Don’t underestimate the ability of Arsene Wenger to completely fuck up this transfer: remember what happened with the Higuian deal last year. Le Prof has probably bid just 10 million quid for the Chilean because “this is my valuation of this player”.

By the way, I like the above picture of Sanchez: I’ve got a body just like that.


The picture is a Ronaldo impression, surprised they used it for Arseblog news.

As for Arsenal Transfers…
Chelsea -Fabregas and Costa
City -Fernandino
United -Herrera
Liverpool -Llanna, Can, Lambert

Arsenal -Typical

Get your shit together Wenger and sign some fucking players.

I would not be surprised if we were the premier league club who almost bought Balotelli before the WC, probably dodged a bullet there. He is not what we need but would be a good vanity purchase if we were one of those sugar daddy mega-rich clubs.


Yeah , wish we’d signed Lambert. I admire clubs that make a statement which amounts to “we intend to lump the ball up to the big fella…”.


Sanchez would be amazing but still think we need a real striker that demotes Giroud to ‘plan b’.


“Wonder what article headline we’ll go for if he ever gets a red card for serious foul play…”

Well we all know that people can get a little fecal around here, so let’s hope that never happens.


Let’s pen him in for an appointment for a suit fitting at Lanvin…just in case.


Are this guy not more like a winger than an actual striker? We need wingers as well ofc but, I mean, is he an actual striker? Like, is he used to play in this position? Or will we be using him as an winger? Because I thought Cazorla, Walcott, Chamberlain, Podolski has done an fairly decent job on the wings? What we need is another striker that can compete with Giroud, surely Sanchez is an awesome signing, but I hope we’ll get an “natural striker” as well..

Tony Hall

There is no reason why we cannot sign Alexis as a winger/striking back up as sign a world class striker.
For the record though who is the world class striker people think we should sign? And that does NOT mean Remy …


What’s wrong with Loïc Rémy? Some of the goals he scored last season for Newcastle was amazing. He’d score more goals than Giroud for arsenal I think ^^

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