Friday, January 27, 2023

Boreham Wood expecting strong Arsenal side

On Monday it was announced that Arsenal would be playing a pre-season friendly against Conference South outfit, Boreham Wood.

The official website said that ‘a number of senior players’ were expected to feature, and the non-league side are hopeful that Aaron Ramsey, Mikel Arteta, Mathieu Flamini, Kieran Gibbs, Wojciech Szczesny, Thomas Rosicky, Nacho Monreal, Carl Jenkinson and Yaya Sanogo could all figure.

The importance of the game to the club’s often traditional pre-season opponents was summed up by their chairman, Danny Hunter, who said, “Our relationship with Arsenal remains strong and the values and standards they set are a benchmark and still mean something.

“By bringing such a talented squad to us and agreeing to open our new West stand is great for our community programme and transforms the landscape of a club our size for the whole of next season. To put things into perspective, the gate receipts will enable us to re-invest further in our pitch, invest more in our infra-structure and invest in our academy transport system as that was showing a shortfall.

“As always running a football club at our level, is a balancing act and Arsenal`s actions, would in reality providing we get a sell-out equate to us getting to the FA Cup First Round proper next season and being the club chosen by the FA as the main TV game.

“That is honestly how big it could be and as such I am hugely grateful to Arsene Wenger, club secretary David Miles and everyone at Arsenal.”

Following the game on the 19th of July, the Gunners will travel to New York, arriving in the US on July 23rd and some players will be involved in fan events in the build-up to the friendly against the New York Red Bulls on Saturday 26th.

There’s also going to be an Arseblog event on Friday 25th at which we’ll have copies of the new book available and more (we’re thinking a night of interpretative dance but don’t hold us to that).

Full details on that to follow. Keep an eye on in the coming days.

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The only Olivier is Giroud

Stay classy, Arsenal.


Miguel Arteta, Kieron Gibbs. Am I missing something here?


Don’t tell anybody, but we’re doing some twin-signing behind the scenes… Actually on that note, what’s Jaydon Gibbs been up to?


I guess you (or anyone else) must be copying and pasting Wojciech Szczesny’s name every time you want to mention him in an article. Or you could just assume no one would ever notice if his name is misspelled 😉


BBC are reporting Joel Campbell will report to arsenal late July for preseason and compete for a first team place. I’m for it!


Off subject it seems dracula is on his way to Barca. Would be great news but I reckon Sanchez will be part of the deal and that would put me on a right downer.


being reported that sanchez doesn’t want to join them, would rpefer a move to us. makes no odds to barca so could still happen. would an amazing signing. you could put that guy anywhere alog the front three and he’d make magic happen.

Dave Gooner

I see Arsenal is quoted as having offered £22m for Sanchez. £22m!!

Get real Arsene and Ivan. A derisory £22m offer is not likely to send Alexis Sanchez the message that Arsenal Football Club really covets him. Offer £45 – 50m and he may well be wearing a cannon on the day we receive the Premiership trophy next spring. But £22m!!! Never going to happen.

Nothing says “we really want you” like an offer of about 50% of your value. Fuck’s sake lads, get with the programme. Offering 2007 prices for 2014 World Cup stars is plain fucking stupid…

ramsey's spirit

45-50 is massive overkill, 20-30 is about right, hes good but he isn’t 15mill above higuain level good, just because ppl like bale go for fucktard money dosn’t mean everyone else is worth more because of it

Dave Gooner

Lets just see what he goes for then. With Goofy the Racist going to Barca, it will be a sellers market for quality strikers. And AS is a quality striker make no mistake. I rate him way ahead of Higuain. Way ahead. Additionally, and not unimportantly, we will also keep him out of Liverpool’s team. Of course we can also always stick with Olivier Giroud, and keep all our transfer kitty nice and safe and earning interest in our bank. It will be bigger scrap for the top 4 than last year, be in no doubt. So spend the damn… Read more »


50 million for Alexis Sanchez? Huh? I am gonna be 100 percent honest with ya, Sanches is an good player and probably worth about 25-30m. But spending 50m on an player like that would definetly not be worth it in relation to what he’d add to the squad. Don’t get me wrong, he would be an great addition but spending that kind of money of him I sincerely hope will not happend.There are two players in particulary that would be an perfect fit for arsenal and would add something that we do not currently have in that attack and that… Read more »


Without having worked in football, none of us really know how these negotiations work, do we?

Do people start with a low offer the way some people buy property, for example?

That’s why I never react when these numbers get thrown around.


Just type “Arsenal Sanchez offer” into google news and you’ll see headlines saying we’ve bid 19.4m, 20m and 32m. Add in the 22m that you saw, and the conclusion I draw is that nobody has a fucking clue and these numbers are entirely made up.

Now unbunch your panties and put them out on the line so the piss can dry out.


So you think we should offer the biggest amount available right away? You sir, might be the worst negotiator I have ever heard of.


40 – 50m? If a house is being priced at 32m do you offer to pay 50m for it? No, you go low and begin to negotiate a price that suits both parties. Get real.


We should have gone for De Costa anyway despite what sanchez does but that’s another boat that’s sailed


I remain unimpressed by Costa

Woolwich Peripatetic

Yeah, you, Brazil and now Spain too!
Costa is a nightmare if he’s allowed to hang out with their centre backs whilst your opponent pushes up the field. Not sure he’s the guy you need when facing two banks of four who deny him the ball.


Do you think there might be a possibility we looked in to Costa, found out he would rather go to Chelski, (which probably means he’s a terrible person) and then quickly decided to look elsewhere? Or any other of the millions things that could stand in our way for us getting a player that’s sought after by every club?

F*ckig spoiled kids just think a transfer is like pointing at a shiny new thing they want ant then bitch until they get it. Getting me all upset on a thursday.


Difficult to know what will happen if Suarez does go to barca. Sanchez would have to want to go to Liverpool and it’s just as feasible for us to buy Sanchez that we buy him and that cash be used to fund their Suarez purchase, in similar way to the bale ozil transfer situation last summer. Hopefully arsene’s reputation for playing good football and developing talent will prove attractive. Liverpool without Suarez and the congested schedule that comes with champions league football could well be outside of the top four material.


Apparently we have made our first signing. No need to get carried away though, he’s only 16:


The World Cup has been fantastic for the last cpl of weeks, but dammit I need my Arsenal back, I’m starting to twitch like a two cent crack whore! Can’t wait to see the boys in red and white again!

the Ox is a fox

What can Arsenal do to a whore?

Thin Gooner

He comes from boreham wood, he aint no fucking good….


I went to Borehamwood last year, saw Dan Crowley, Wellington Silva in action.

Lovely little club.


I think that we should go for an unknown French-African player from the French second division.

That would make a change.




Can’t be. Koscielny isn’t fat.


There is time yet fg wouldn’t it be nice just for once for Arsene to really go for it. Say f
We have been 1 or 2 class players short so many times over the years.
With our rivals strengthening already we can’t let the talent of Ramsey and Ozil etc go to waste and wait more years without giving them the front line thier talent deserves. I won’t be holding my breath though.


Me, neither, Volders. I’ve got zero confidence in Wenger,


Apparently Debuchy thinks he’s coming to Arsenal:


Alexis Sanchez is looking forward to this game

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