Monday, June 5, 2023

Confirmed: Debuchy signs for Arsenal

Arsenal have completed their second transfer deal of the summer by recruiting Newcastle United’s Mathieu Debuchy for a fee in the region of £10 million.

A direct replacement for the recently departed Bacary Sagna – he even has a wife called Ludivine (!) – 28-year-old Debuchy arrives at the Emirates following 18 months on Tyneside and having consolidated his credentials as France’s first choice right-back at the 2014 World Cup.

Prior to his £5.5 million move to Newcastle, Debuchy spent a decade on the books at Lille winning the 2010/11 Ligue 1 title and Coupe de France alongside the likes of Eden Hazard, Yohan Cabaye and ex-Gunner Gervinho.

Reflecting on his move to N5, Debuchy said he was excited about joining the reigning FA Cup holders.

“I’m very proud to be joining a great club like Arsenal and to wear its colours, it’s one of the biggest clubs in the whole world.

“I’m looking forward to working with Arsène Wenger and to helping the team build on last season’s FA Cup success. Playing again in the Champions League is a big excitement for me and I will do my best to help Arsenal compete for trophies.

Arsene Wenger also praised his newest acquisition saying, “We are delighted to welcome Mathieu Debuchy to Arsenal Football Club. He has shown he can perform at the highest level with his club sides and also for France.

“He is a quality defender who has good Premier League experience and I’m confident he will fit in very well with us.”

Arseblog News welcomes Mathieu to the club and looks forward to seeing him bomb down the right flank in the number 2 shirt.

The shirt number hasn’t been confirmed but that’s what we’re looking forward to. Plus the number is free and it’s the right back’s number, so it makes all the sense.

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Francis Jeffers' Sous Chef

Hi Matt hope you’re well

jack jack jack

Confirmed as our no 2 if you check the “shirt details” section

Dick Law has really exceeded himself thus far. Good stuff.


Done and dusted, unto the next one COYG!!!!!!




When the crowd say bo?



*Hi fives another 2-step fan*

good assassin

He works just like a trebuchet.


Not bad, not bad …

Podolski Sklep

Can’t wait for his Debut-chy

(Not as much as Alexis though)


Welcome Home Debuchy
Hey!!! John Terry is still a CUNT

teddy salad

How many biscuit?

Stuart Steele

“Maat Debuchy pan di right hand saide”

A Yank in King Arsene's West Stand

Perfect perfect perfect

Stuart Steele (@Stuart_Ten)

Athank you!

Merlin's Panini

You’ve been saving that haven’t you? 🙂

Good work.

Stuart Steele (@Stuart_Ten)

Oh god yeah ha. Cheers.

offbeat madoda

I’ll smoke to that 😉

Flamini's Phlegm

Excellent. I petition this be made his official song.

Stuart Steele (*Stuart_Ten)

I’d be honoured! Ha.


Game Over. You win.

some smart american

I thought we should have signed him when Newcastle did. But he’s here now!


Not too sure that would have made much sense in 2013 considering we had an in form Sagna who was in his prime and would not have got a game.


Also Newcastle has trained him for us nicely. Had to kick some of the crazy out his game.

Garyneville Shagshismum

Stong tackel Maat Debuchy


They were just waiting for a plane crash to announce it.


Not cool dude.


Absolutely agreed. Maybe he’s just some empty-headed kid.


As someone who works as cabin crew and has colleagues that are ex Malaysia Airlines crew that is genuinely a fucked up thing to say. What is wrong with you…have some fucking decency.

Chairman Meow

you dont have to fucking work on a plane to find it fucked up

Seduce me, Arsene



just awful


Unbelievable. Shame on you.

Seduce me, Arsene
Silent Stan's Content Mustache

WTF? 295 people died. Have some respect.


Seriously, pal, that’s just about the worst comment I’ve ever read on here. You should be banned.

And what sociopathic fuck-up actually gave it a thumbs up?

Bob's Mexican Cousin

Here’s hoping that they are smartphone misclicks


10 of them…


Such an INSENSITIVE comment


You’re banned, you stupid cunt.

And as much as it’s horrible, I want to leave that there so people can see what a cunt you are.


You should put his comment on his page when he logs in next time along with the ensuing thread.


Hmm some people. Sensitivity has vanished from their souls. Living like a vampire


You’ve all given him the attention he was angling for. Ignore the cunt

The Man Who Would Be Bling

Why did 19 people thumbs up this disgraceful shit?


I hope your mum bans you from the internet and you have to wank off to that picture of Tim Sherwood that you keep in you wallet you, utter disgusting cretin.


we fans have set our minds into trying to figure out who is Wengers next killer transfer while you on the other hand are trying to turn your head into an actual pooo meter

Black Hei

Lol, nice!

AS17 is for A.Sanchez not

welcome to arsenal mate. more coming. cant wait for the season to begin. We are the gunners. The cup holders


and also the club who signs the top players from clubs who sign the Top players of our so called rivals


Yes, helping Spanish clubs make other PL teams weaker… one club at a time.


1. Money Ain’t A Problem
{Feat. Ivan Gazidis}
2. These Hoes Ain’t Loyal
{Feat. RVP, Nasri & Adebayor}
3. Red Hot Chile Peppers
{Feat. Alexis Sanchez}
4. Trophyless Of Noisemaker
{Feat. Jose Mourinho}
5. No Champions League
{Feat. Man United}
6. No Space
{Feat. Fabregas}
7. Be Really Scared Of Arsenal
{Feat. Chelsea & Man United}
8. Forever In Our Shadow
{Feat. Tottenham}
9. Arsenal World Cup Champion
{Feat. Ozil, poldi & bfg}
10. London Is Red
{Feat. Arsenal}

cygan's shave

Really nice one. I would go for
“#2 – These Cunts Ain’t Loyal” instead of “These Hoes Ain’t Loyal”

Good work mate :3


how does 8: forever in our shadow sound?


8 is my pick.


When will it be available on itunes?

AS17 is for A.Sanchez not

mate you’ve just earn yourself some cool arse-credits. hats off to you. glad to have you on board this arse-ship. you deserve a back pat from the boss while we give you a standing ovation

Jo the gooner

Hahahah this is hilarious!

Kiddleton Fan

i like #10 – just dismisses everyone else….

Policeman's Bangers 'N' Mash


Now get Bender.

That is all.


Even if we did get Bender I would very much hope that that would not be all. We definitely would still need a Gk and most probably a CB as Debuchy can not play CB like Sagna could.


Bender would be good but I’m not ruling out Khedira just yet. Raphael Honigstein (German Guadian journalist, pretty reliable) said Khedira has definitely said that he wants to join us. Strongly agree about needing a central defender and a keeper. A solid defence, including the second choices, is vital, especially if we sign Khedira who’s more attacking than Bender (probably why Wenger prefers him). Good though Merte/Kos are, we shouldn’t forget how many Chelsea, City and Liverpool scored; nor the fact that even Hull managed two. I’m almost sorry that BT seem to have come to their senses and pulled… Read more »


I’m at a happy place where I’d be equally happy with both Khedira and Bender (although they’d probably have different tactical ramification, they’re both excellent players).

Once we sign a goalkeeper, we’ll basically have last season’s squad plus Sanchez!


I’m also not discounting the possibility of Khedira being a smokescreen for someone else. A mate and I were actually making a list of all the DMs in Europe to see just who that out-of-nowhere signing could be. We’ve already done it twice in the last year, Di Maria for Ozil, Balotelli/Remy for Sanchez (and Draxler for Kallstrom, heh).

I wonder if we’ll get someone like Javi Martinez, who can play in holding midfielder as well as defence (I’m not saying we’ll get Martinez). Wenger likes versatile players.



John Terry, John W Henry, Spurs, Michael Owen and Jose Murinho are c*ntest of c*nts

Bouldy's Tupee

You forgot Jamie Carragher. He’s a massive cunt!


Job well done. This is all very weird isn’t it. Being proactive.
I wouldn’t be opposed to one mad late trolley dash.


Yeah, it would be nice to sign some random player on transfer deadline day, just for old time’s sake.


Especially if he turns out like Arteta, Mertesacker, or Ozil.


Another Eduardo signing. That was my favourite out-of-the-blue signing, even if it wasn’t on deadline day. Remember when Martin Tyler was shocked because Eduardo missed one of his chances?

Kos the boss

Eduardo is available you know….


Glad he’s here, although a small part of me pines for the attacking flair and defensive, eh, unpredictability (but that’s what football’s all about, right?) of Aurier.


Reckon Arsene’s probably called this right. A high probability of stability, and by the time Debuchy is Sagna’s age we should know if Jenks and Bellerin can eventually take over. I wouldn’t be surprised if the fee was well short of 10m either, Ashley will likely to have been keen for a younger gamble (Debuchy’s about to turn 29).


Very nice piece of work. Lose a rb but replace with a quality player. ..


Also wandering if we’ll do the obligatory free signing.


Wtf?!! That came outta nowhere!

Joel Campbell's gurn.

Crazy, right?

AS17 is for A.Sanchez not

A direct replacement for the recently
departed Bacary Sagna – he even has a
wife called Ludivine.
thank you mr blogs


In a week’s time we signed two players.I would like Bender to be next.


While any one of Khedira, Bender, or Schneiderlin would suit me nicely, I think a CB and either Ospina or Ochoa is the more urgent issue. We’ve only got one goalkeeper right now, and until Per gets back from his hols, we’ve only got two CBs.

Chaillah the Gunner

I don’t know if Wenger is intentionally trying to silence Fatgooner.


It’s been nice, hasn’t it?


To be honest, I’m just apathetic about this signing. So we lost the best right-back in the Premier League and replaced him with an average one – so what? Debuchy is a decent player, but he’s not gonna win us the title. So if you all wanna get excited by him then go ahead – but I’ll get really enthusiastic when we sign the second striker, defensive midfielder and centre-half, all whom we still need in order to be competitive this season. Debuchy is a solid replacement for Sagna, but that’s about it. The only really interesting thing about this… Read more »


Welcome back FG. You haven’t been missed.

Good Omens

We do indeed have very good ground staff, they put an incredible amount of work ”in the pitch”, though I can’t see Stan out there with a pitchfork to be honest.


Quite right. ON the pitch success is what matters. Apologies for my misspelling.

Robert Ochieng

Right backs don’t win you titles Fat Gooner, but they can ensure that you don’t lose them. Just ask Eboue!

Flamini's Phlegm

Speaking of defenders losing titles, you may speak to Gallas as well


In Carl Jenkinson and Hector Bellerin, we already have the cheap young players for that position. Signing an experienced right back like Debuchy to help those two develop seems perfectly prudent to me.

ramsey's spirit

look at the umbers, Sagna was the best, once. not so much post 2 leg breaks, good but just that, good, and so is Debuchy, the very act of replacing a good rb with a good rb and signing a quality striker ..(world class?) means we have strengthened. few more needed


We lost the second-best right back on the French national team and replaced him with the best one. Hard to see anything wrong with that. As for return on investment – we paid what, seven million quid for Sagna? And he left on a free. Therefore, by your logic, he was a bad investment and we should never have bought him. Nice try.


I agree it’s a solid replacement – but it’s worth noting that although Deschamps thinks Debuchy is better than Sagna for France, that doesn’t necessarily mean Debuchy is better than Sagna for Arsenal. He may not fit in as well bla bla bla etc. Time will tell.


I’m on to you fat gooner you are unmasked….you are really spoilt bastard from Viz and I claim my prize. Call me old fashioned but I blame John Terry (the cunt)


Not so fast, Highberry … FG might actually be John Terry! It would explain a lot.


Fatgooner IS John Terry!?

with the left and the right

“That doesn’t sound like the fiscal prudence with which we normally associate our glorious leader” so Wenger is miserly and he takes the heat then he starts spending money and he’s still taking heat! where the hell have you been the last few months? are you even an Arsenal fan? Could someone bother explaining to him why we’ve had to be fiscally prudent the last ten years and why this is no longer an issue? i’ve had enough of my fair share of debates with idiotic, shortsighted so-called fans about this and i’m quite sick of having to keep pointing… Read more »


Ludivine Debuchy… now just to find her Twitter page 😀

I’m sure her and Alexis’ lady will fill the GunnerWAG shaped hole in my life


Khedira’s is really hot though! C’mon wenger!!


Sanchez’ girlfriend Laia Grassi is a more than adequate replacement for the dearly departed Ludivine Sagna.


Hold the fucking phone. Are we gonna have all our business done before emirates cup? What will we watch on deadline day???


I hear they’re showing ‘Cool Runnings’ on E4…


Sanka, ye dead?

ramsey's spirit

good news, had a nap woke up and we signed him, also had 1 before i found out about sanchez, i promise you gooners, i shall nap more!

sanogo's miss kick

How long would you have to sleep for us to win the league or are your napping powers transfer specific?

ramsey's spirit

i fear they might be transfer specific, i’ll try high dose german beer fueled nap and see what i can accomplish


Perhaps Arseblog can organise some sort of mass napping, to see if that has any effect.

Although now that I think on it that would also just be known as “nighttime”, so perhaps not.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

It’s nighttime here, but I’m right here reading Arseblog. Sorry to let the team down.

Later on I might try the Schnapps and naps trick. If it works then Khedira should be ours in about 18 hours.


And if we want to use our napping power to win the league, let’s all just watch a Spurms vs. QPR match. That could put millions to sleep!


I ordered & paid “Together” on the day Sanchez was announced. It arrived today.

The rest of you lot – buy the book now! It has magical powers I tell you! If we still haven’t signed a CB on deadline I will most likely end up buying another copy….


Also, once you have ordered it, have a nap. You deserve it, and it seems to bring good transfer mojo to the Arsenal. It is also possible that ramsey’s spirit naps a lot.


Good signing in defence. Sanchez signing was excellent too, I still wake up and think about him and smile. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Long way to go. Need a midfield signing, a centre back, and probably another option up front before we can consider ourselves title challengers. We have to use our resources this time and not just settle for ‘one or two’ – if we do that, it will likely be 4th again with our rivals strengthening around us. If we can bring in one or two more big names on Sanchez level, then I think… Read more »


I like debuchy buchy, I like debuchy buchy, I like debuchy buchy, we like.. debuchy!

Welcome to the greatest club on earth Matt.

Nikhil Agarwal

Welcome Mat! Welcome to FA Cup holders 🙂


Now a centre back please so I can finally
take that *sigh* of relief.


“he even has a wife called Ludivine ”

Sooooo… what about his other wives? What are their names then?

James not Hames

But people (in the glow of winning the FA Cup I must add) said yes we won an (all of a sudden) minor trophy and that things wouldn’t be any different this summer…

Fucking amazing time to be a Gooner.


ManUre-supporting bloke in the pub I go to Friday afternoons told me two weeks ago “Arsenal are going nowhere. No-one wants to play for them and they won’t sign anybody this transfer window.” He didn’t show up last Friday after the Sanchez signing. Hopefully he’ll be there tomorrow so I can rub his face in Sanchez and now Debuchy. Be even better if we’ve signed a CB and a goalkeeper by tomorrow afternoon, too.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

You’ll never see him again. He’s emigrating. I’ll kick his arse for you when he gets off the plane.


Don’t forget to ask him whom ManU signed. Lallana on the scale of we paid for Sanchez?! Never mind, he’ll never show his face again.

Flamini's Phlegm

Think you guys meant Herrera?


We paid 42 million for Sanchez and Debuchy. ManUre paid 56 million for Lol-lana and Shaw.

Does anything more need to be said?

Third Plebeian

Wow. Didn’t know David Bentley had come out of retirement to play right back.


You can tell it’s not Bentley because he doesn’t have his head up his own arse though


Confirmed as number 2. Now two more quality signings and a few squad fillers and we’re good to go.


So happy to be a gunner right now. COYG!!!


Welcome to the groove Monsieur Debuchy.


Welcome Debuchy, next khedira…..its going to be one hell of a season. COYG!!!


DOOM, really hate the guy. Hope Jenks can keep him out if the side :/


May the best man win – don’t mind which of them takes the slot, so long as they perform. Competition, that’s what it’s all about.


Also it’s all about the okey cokey, but that had less relevance to the situation.


Dunno why you’d hate him, he kept Sagna out of the French side.


I live in Newcastle and watch the games with friends all the time. He’s a selfish, reckless player. We can’t slate players like Shawcross on one hand then happily welcome someone with the same tendencies with the other. I’m not saying he’s as bad as him just to be clear, Lenny is a giant steamy shit of a player while Debuchy is something of a wet fart.

I know not everyone agrees and that’s cool with me but I just can’t stand the guy as a player no matter what badge he has on his chest.


Great news just keep them coming Arsenal!!!!


Yeah so Ludivine Debuchy isn’t as hot 🙁 at least we have Laia


According to the kit purchase site he’s wearing number 2.


De butcher….. cor!!


Giroud likes to smooch this guy – on the mouth – makes him worth it.


Any positive news on Ozil’s best mate? heard the Chaves are after him too. *pensive

Merlin's Panini

well I can’t say I saw that one coming… oh no, wait, I can. A decent signing. If he keeps Sagna out of the France team then that can’t be a bad thing. His hair is just as bad too so it’s a pretty nice swap. Now if we can get another centre back (or two if Vermaelen leaves) and a keeper then I think we’re pretty much good to go. If we sign another midfielder (Khedira/Bender/Schneiderlin) then that would be a lovely bonus but I’d really like the other positions dealt with first. Another striker would be the sugar… Read more »


You were right blogs No.2…


Step 1: Claim you have an inside source that 23 weeks ago told you he would be wearing No.2

Step 2: Brand yourself ITK


There goes my dream of an Eboue return…damn you life.


So, that’s the right side sorted. Now onto center…

Nationality?a gunner


Angolan Girl who Loves The Gunners!

Great signing. Giroud must be very happy right now, if you know what i mean. #frenchKiss! 😉 #COYG

Santi's Little Helper

It’s listed as Debuchy #2 in the Arsenal store 🙂

Master Bates

I love it when transfer stories have zero poos.


Anil. You’re a fucking scumbag, I won’t wish ill will on you, but that joke was insensitive and you should think before you write such stupid comments, . I hope bloggs bans you! I accidental thumbed that up! Disgusted!


Okay, we’re two for two on fantastic signings so far. Welcome to Arsenal, Matthieu, the greatest club in the world!

I can’t wait to see what the rest of this transfer window will bring.


Just got news that MAS-17 got shot down, all dead. As a Malaysian, we are still waiting for news of MH-370 which disappeared, and now this. Hugely sadden, I should be happy for Debuchy’s confirmation but this just took the happiness away. Condolences.


I am just posting here to ensure that the post below by Toure Motors does not come across as a sick joke.

There are things that are more important than 22 grown men chasing a round thing on a pitch of grass, I wish we could collectively remind ourselves of that more often.


I’m so sorry mate. Work with a lot of ex MH crew at Emirates, they are such quality people…was really happy about the Arsenal as well, but now just feel so gutted we’ve lost another 15 fellow crew and 280 innocent passengers in such a horrible way. Fuck 🙁


I don’t understand? Arsenal buying players in good time to start the new season giving them time to get? And not even players I’ve never heard of? Top world class players that play for their national teams. I’m worried that I’m asleep and this isn’t having. No fuss, no usual drama of who wants to leave and to where. Why couldn’t every season be like this. Someone pinch me!

Toure Motors


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