Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Javi Manquillo linked with Arsenal loan

Back in January we touched on reports from Spain which suggested that Arsenal were tracking a young Spanish right-back called Javi Manquillo.

He was touted as a transfer window signing, but it always seemed if our interest was real the summer was a more likely time for his arrival.

Amidst the joy of the Sanchez signing yesterday, further reports emerged from AS (written by Guillem Balagué) that the player is close to joining the Gunners on loan for the season in a deal which would also give Arsenal an option to make it permanent at the end should they so desire.

With Mathieu Debuchy’s signing done according to those who should know (but unlikely to be announced until next week), it raises questions over the futures of both Carl Jenkinson and Hector Bellerin.

It had been rumoured that Jenks could be part of the Debuchy deal, going on loan to Alain Pardieux’s side, but at this point it seems Newcastle prefer a cash only deal.

It wouldn’t be a surprise to see him go out on loan, at least, should this deal go through. In the meantime we’ll keep eyes on an arrival from Atletico.

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Bring me a broom in an arsenal shirt for RB i don’t care, Alexis Sanchez is here motherfuckerz.


Hmm…not the Javi I want

Master Bates

This is why we can’t Javi nice things


Doesn’t make much sense to me. Seeing as Bellerin is highly rated, I’d have thought it’d be him who’d come into the squad should Jenks go on loan. If we want more quality than that, then why loan someone so young, even if there’s a view to making it permanent? That suggests that there’s not much faith in Jenks or Bellerin but if that was the case then why not just buy someone younger than Debuchy? What WOULD make sense is if there’s a view to him being a left back, centre back or defensive midfielder. Never seen the guy… Read more »

Black Hei

Ok in other words this is just a smoke bomb or something. Like that Balltelli


Yeah basically it 100% confirms that we’re signing Javi MaTINEZ

Black Hei

Your optimism is commendable. Or must be that sanchez thing we are all currently smoking.


@black hei

It all makes sense now, the liverpool owner wanting some. Well, he can shove it where the sun don’t shine.


The backup right back spot can be strengthened in my opinion. Jenks plays HAM, but he does not have the quality to play for an extended period of time in a treble-winning team. He should be loaned out to a premier league team to prove himself this season. Bellerin has not shown he is anywhere near the first team. Sorry to sound so ruthless but i’d hate to see positive work damaged solely in the interest of sentimentality. It’s the same reason we did not sign Fabregas. For me I can not help but think Micah Richards would make a… Read more »


Your comment makes too much sense. Please remove it from this football website.


No poo?


Bit of a weird one, this. If it’s true AW must think either Jenks is not good enough and will sell him or thinks he needs a season long loan to improve. Hopefully it’ll be the latter, I want to see the Corporal marauding on the flanks in resplendent red and white one day!

Paul S

My pet theory for a while has been that Jenkinson is being groomed towards being a centre back, with the full back role being a temporary part of his football education.

Paul S

Hmm… On re-reading I think this comment was overly-ontological.

a s ernal

we can’t get rid of jenkinson


if he is good, bring him. If he plays better than Carl and Hector, so be it. That would be good for the club.
If we bought Messi and Jenko played better than him in his position then we would be in a better position than not buying messi because he’s better than Jenko


A very weird signing, if true! I want Jenko to be the No. 1 RB at Arsenal in 3 years time.


Makes sense. Jenkinson needs to be loaned out for more playing time to prove if he is Arsenal standard. Bellerin not ready to come in if we are pushing for the title. Sign this lad on loan with option to buy if he in fact proves to be better than Jenkinson over the next year.
Pretty clever from Wenger.


It may sound funny, but I really like Jenko. Maybe he’ll never be player like Sagna but I really like his commitment, work rate and hairstyle. I’d really like to see him stay, and Bellerin leaving – if that’s an option of course.

the farmer

Maybe he wants to loan out Jenks and Bellerin to guarantee them more football for 12 months can then make a more informed decision depending on progression. Otherwise it does seem a bit odd when you already have 3 players for one position.

the little boy in sanchez

wierd,getting an inexperienced RB on loan…wenger’s overdosed on whatever brazil is giving him,sign on though

Finsbury Park Gooner

If this were any other summer, I might be worried this was because the Debuchy deal had fallen through.

Thankfully this isn’t any other summer!


it might hv though…i hv the same feeling…y does it took so long? he wud done his medical since monday and hvnt been announce. Alexis done his yesterday and announce right after. I feel something might b wrong with this deal to go through


Don’t worry, Debuchy is on his way:


Why no Jenks as No2? Surely he has to go out on loan to a PL side if the Javi story is true!!!


Maybe Arsene has is becoming infatuated with this transfer malarkey. One right back? No no! I’ll take 2 please! Just in a third left back whilst your at it! Not that I’m complaining!


The London Bus culture has spread to our transfer strategy as well?

We wait (no one waits for a bus as eagerly as we did for Sanchez) for an RB signing since Sagna left and looks like we’ll get 2!

Doesn’t exactly fill me with joy (after all the 2nd bus is not of any use), as I thought we had others to provide back-up. But hey, what did I know when AW passed up on Cesc & bought Sanchez instead. So this might well be a backup for a different position!


ballbag with his usual nonsense


John Terry is a cunt.


Not a weird choice..

We replace Coq with Man-quillo, simples..

I am leaving..


The article in Spanish says that the Jenkinson to Newcastle would be a loan. Which would surely benefit him a lot, playing regularly there.

Biff Baxter

I don’t know who this other cunt is, but if he thinks he’s taking Jenks’ place he’s got another thing coming. Gooners stick together, mate.

Little Mozart

This interests me. I still see long-term potential from Jenks, but I’m not so sure about Bellerin.

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