Monday, July 4, 2022

Khedira agent talks. Poo-ometer updated

Sami Khedira’s agent has played down suggestions that the German international is on the verge of joining Arsenal by revealing the player has yet to be contacted by any suitors.

The 27-year-old midfielder has been heavily linked with a move to the Emirates in the last week with speculation in the British press fuelled by bold claims in Spanish publications Sport and Marca that the Gunners have already agreed a fee with Real Madrid.

Taking a step back from the exciting prospect of another World Cup winner sporting the red and white, the way this rumour continues to twist and turn is increasingly suspicious. Here’s our attempt at a timeline of events since last weekend…

Sunday 13th July – Khedira wins the World Cup; misses the final after getting injured in the warm-up.

Monday 14th July – Catalan paper Sport declares Khedira to Arsenal, on a 4-year-deal, is pretty much done. We report the report…everybody does the same.

Tuesday 15th July – Stories emerge overnight, via Twitter, that Khedira’s wage demands could scupper Arsenal move. Mourinho/Chelsea link emerges…not a new link. Podolski pours fuel on the fire by shouting ‘Arsenal’ when Khedira is asked where he’ll play his football next year when interviewed at Germany’s homecoming parade.

Wednesday 16th July – Mundo Deportivo report it’s between Arsenal and Chelsea for Khedira. Toni Kroos, deemed to be Khedira’s replacement at the Bernabeu, officially signs for Madrid.

…which leads us to today and the quotes from his agent, Jorg Neubauer.

“We are not in talks with Arsenal. I don’t think a fee can have been agreed, otherwise I would have been told.

“When a club have an interest I am sure they will call me and we will speak about things. The same goes for Chelsea.”

As a further twist, El Confidencial today claim that Khedira has apologised to Madrid for saying he wants out and is eager to re-enter negotiations about a contract extension. His current deal ends next summer. They also claim, this ‘apology’ might have come too late and that Madrid are set on selling him.

All in all, the whole thing is as clear as mud…which leads us to one thing. An updated poo-ometer rating. This rumour is close to peak poo.



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Daft Aider

Well that clears things up nicely…………..

Bolarinwa Mayowa

Not only Ivan, Khedira too can do things that will surprise you, glad i’m not the only one here, seems blogs too’s a lil’ bit confused.


My reaction to all this speculation is like that of a needy boyfriend. When the deal was reported as good as done, I was questioning if he is the type of player we really need. Now it looks like he could not join I’m, in this metaphor, standing outside his bedroom window screaming ‘I love you Sami, just give us one more chance!!!’. The things transfer windows do to us hey?!

Gary Baldy

A bit like this perhaps, @ Greek Tragedy ?

” But soft ! What light through yonder transfer window breaks ? ”


Seduce me, Arsene

It is the lark.


Mart Poom is not impressed with this one


Who needs Khedira when you have Diaby?


A fit Diaby is better than Khedira at his best. I’m sure there will be those who will disagree with me, and I hope rather than just thumbing me down they’ll write some reasons why they disagree and we can have a proper debate. But in my opinion, when Diaby has been fully fit he’s as good a CDM as anyone in the world. He used to be the first name on the France teamsheet before he got crocked. He’s been in continuous training for something like six months now, and I’ll bet he has an absolute stormer of a… Read more »

Seduce me, Arsene

I cannot recall those times…nor the taste of food…nor the sound of water.


No need to go into detail on Diaby’s qualities. A fit Diaby could easily slot into our overly competitive midfield. TOUCH WOOD he can stay fit and enjoy the upcoming season.


That’s alot of poo


So the eight poos mean the agents statements are poos or the whole Khedira-to-Arsenal situation is nothing but a big poo? :/


Means everything is poo. Poo-fest


I had the same question. Mind clarifying, Blogs?

Momo (@MuhamLAD)

The more poo, the more full of shit it is.

This saga is starting to look a lot like Higuain last summer.


Much ado about nothing perhaps? After the high that is Sanchez we started to believe in all the poo the media is stirring when all the while its Khedira’s camp doing all along to get a new contract on the table.


Much apoo about nothing?


all the glitters is not poo..



ramsey's spirit

much ado about poo

Mach iii


Paul S

I’m not sure which part the poo-ometer reading is measuring? Is the whole situation just 80% turd-based?

Joel Campbell's gurn.

John Terry’s fault.


Well that goes without saying…


Well at the end of the day, he is in fact a cunt.


Sometimes I feel bad for John Terry, he fulfils a valuable role in sports. We need people like him so we can point our fuckin’ fingers and say, ‘That’s the bad guy.’

But then I remember he’s John Terry.

According to the laws of Quantum Mechanics, WENGA can be OUT & IN at the same time. So please STOP FIGHTING

Great news!The Leg Lady isn’t here to torment me anymore.

Best tag ever, kudos.

Lucky you. I got her again today. Along with the twelve foot tall man with the 22 inch waist who is apparently composed entirely of muscles.


Well, crap.

Then again, Wenger does like to use about a dozen different smoke screens before swooping in to grab someone, so we might be signing a quality player in 10 minutes for all we know.


Is it me just me that doesn’t like how podolski called out arsenal when khedira was talking the other day… Reminds me of that classless turd reina putting a barca shirt on cesc 4 years ago… Didn’t like that then and don’t see how this was any different – still hope this deal goes through and this is all his agent doing what agents do


Podolski shouts out ‘Arsenal’ to every question he overhears, which is why he’s banned from all the restaurants in the Greater London area.

Perry Groves

he’s just a part of an old Morecombe & Wise sketch.


Podolski screams “Arsenal” – Was he just spinning the rumour mill>? Or did he know Khedira as actually trying to negotiate a deal and he was encouraging him?

I think I would prefer Ozil be offering subtle encouragement from behind the scenes. Or Wenger can seduce him on a beach like he did with Sanchez.

Giroud's Mistress

There are a number of differences between what Podolski did and what Barcelona did: 1) Podolski shouted ‘Arsenal’ in the background. He didn’t hold Khedira down and force an Arsenal jersey on him. It was a lot more subtle. 2) Every Arsenal player hasn’t spent the last 2 months crying to the media about how Khedira doesn’t even want to be at Real Madrid and how he has ‘Arsenal DNA'(probably partially because he’s not from North London). 3) Khedira is in the last year of his contract, whereas Fabregas had at least 3 years remaining when he went to Barca.… Read more »


6) He probably was drunk

Dark Hei

The poos are deranged. Why are they so happy?

Merlin's Panini

because they came out of Podolski’s sunshine arse. Everything he does is happy, even his shit.


I’m still hopping


I hope you’re not too tired out by hopping?!…

Still, here’s to hoping for a truly world class DM soon.


Hop, faith, and charity, and the greatest of these is hop.

Edu's Braces

Successful transfers rarely play out like this. Im moving on in my head, Bender was always the better option 😉

Also, is it worth looking in to someone who could also provide CB cover? I know thats very champ manager but look at Barca, Buyern etc. Its a viable option.


God no

Daft Aider

and then we can bring back Eboue and Bendtner…………….

Dave Gooner

Why doesn’t someone wake Alex Song up and ask him…?

Jack Action

Buy? Barca offered to throw Song and a bag of training balls into the Sanchez deal for no added money, and Wenger elected to go with just the balls.

Merlin's Panini

If they don’t get rid of him this summer they might just thrown him in a bag and chuck him in the Besos river.

Edu's Braces

You got me, I miss his ability to jog like Pirlo with none of the passing ability and since he’s added the Ryu flying elbow, I think he’s ready for a return.

Desert Fox

I wouldnt be suprised to see us bring in a few squad type players of the Milner/Mascherano ilk

The only Olivier is Giroud

Sign a center-back and a new goalie, I say. Khedira would be a huge bonus but Blogs’ points raised in today’s blog raised a fair view good points. Remember we had the golden boot winner playing for us 3 seasons ago and only just ended ul getting third after a Sp*rs collapse and a Koscielny scrappy goal vs West Brom.


I think wenger is still confused between khedira and bender which hesitates to make a move. If one of them was only a German then he would have chosen very easily 😉


When choosing between a player that wants to jump ship because he doesn’t feel valued enough and seems to change his mind quite a lot and one that apparently is hard to lure away from his current club cause he seems to like it there and have some loyalty, I’d rather try to sign the second option.
The thing I love about the current Arsenal is that they have a lot of quality characters, the whole ‘not feeling valued’ for me smells too much of wanting more money, we alreday had our share of na$ri’s in the past..

Transfer Window Is Bollocks

I hate transfer window shenanigans, subterfuge and all that bollocks.


This could be a smokescreen but what is exactly is the poo-Meter rating here? I think we are definitely interested and Khedira’s agent and El Confidencial are the ones coming up with the poo. I can’t see him staying there, Kroos is his opponent now on both club and international level. Madrid are just being pricks and painting him as greedy.
I want Khedira over Bender.

Merlin's Panini

but wasn’t Khedira replaced by Kramer in the final? Kroos was already selected so they would have played together. I don’t think there is an issue there, at international level at least.


well, that rating adds some shite to the saga.


Bender is german???


No mate, he’s a cartoon character in Futurama.


…and he’s Mexican


..with a worrying predilection for booze and cigars. However his flaming burbs could set John Terry on fire. Now that would spice things up a bit!


What I meant by my previous comment is “Is the Poo-meter saying Arsenal’s interest in Khedira is completely poo? Or is it saying that his agent and the papers are the ones that are poo?”


Poo, of every variety known to man, as far as the eye can see, in every direction.


More poo than last season’s Higgy-poos.
Khedira probably wants a shiny new contract out of RM.
And when last did Wenger sign a proper DM? Vieira is the last world class one we had….

Daft Aider

Vieira was never really a DM, they was Petit and then Gilberto really

Daft Aider

“they were” even


Same way that Khedia isn’t a real DM either. Sure these guys play a deeped central role and have defensive abilities, but then you might start arguing that ramsey is a dm, or Pirlo, or Alonso…

Tom Watt

He didn’t make a single tackle during the World Cup.

The Man Who Would Be Bling

Um, Gilberto Silva? Vieira had too much attacking quality to be called a defensive midfielder and was too involved in the final third. Gilberto was a world class holding midfielder, maybe the best one we ever had.

The Man Who Would Be Bling

I should have said “too involved in the final third to be called a defensive midfielder”.


Reckon we will sign Khedira. Podolski says so


Shite. I don’t suppoose we’re getting him then. I do hope though that our transfer business isn’t de-turd by this. It’s encouraging that we’re looking to do business earlier though, compared to past years when our approach to transfers was down the toilet.


Wonderful, just wonderful!


Wow, 8 poos, that’s a whole pile. I´m afraid that I agree with Edu’s Braces on his point that successful transfers rarely play out like this.


Well this was a waste of time. Guess won’t be long before journos get back to their usually Kalou/Williams/Gourcuff linking stories as a transferwindows.


Haha, I actually read Kalou rumors today. I’m not kidding. Funniest rumor I’ve read in a long time, and possibly the only one that would get a whooping 10 poops.

Gooner Rob 81

Khedira situation is clear as mud but does anyone know what is happening with Debuchy? And also what Monreal doesn’t have a squad number on the official site?


Monreal’s number was given to Sanchez, so he’ll get a new one when they redo them later in the summer. Debuchy, if it happens, will most likely come after Newcastle sign a replacement.


Or, right now.


Monreal has been moved up to 18 now.


As clear as poo more like Mr Hound.

Siz C

And I thought the Sanchez transfer (thankfully wrong) was gonna be this years Higuain-style farce but it seems that award is going to Khedira

Al Gilmore

Kroos signing for Real does not make khedira’s move more or less likely in my book. If anything Kroos is direct opposition to Modric, not Khedira. If I can draw any conclusions from all of this is that Khedira (and his agent) are doing the old contract renegotiation routine – where he is linked with loads of clubs, which is supposed to make the player’s club think ‘Christ, we better extend his contract or we’ll lose him on a free’. But of course this can backfire when said agent finds out his player will not get a better contract elsewhere… Read more »

Gary Baldy

To be honest, if he is the type of man who doesn’t want to play in the same team as his best mate, Mesut, and is the type of person to ignore Podolski publicly shouting/encouraging him whilst on stage at an event in Germany, to sign for us . . . and potentially the BFG having a quiet word in his shell-like, not to mention their fitness coach . . . we have to ask ourselves one question . . .

. . . is he really the type of player we want in our team ?

some fat bloke

Those things don’t make him John Terry. Maybe his family doesn’t want to move to London. Maybe it’s all bollocks, we don’t know the ins and outs of how the man thinks.

As much as I love Podolski, what he did was a bit Reina-esque, so maybe Khedira thinks Poldi is annoying and disrespectful. Maybe he can’t stand the smell of the farts Poldi dropped on the team bus. Fuck knows.

Gary Baldy

Haha ! 😀

While your other points maybe hold some water, let’s get one thing very clear . . .

I never said he was John Terry.
As we all know, John Terry is an unkempt, nay, dishevelled, lady garden, to such a degree, he will never be mistaken for anyone else, nor anyone else for him !

Well, to matters more fragrant, I suppose we will just have to let Monsieur Wenger seduce him into the Arsenal fold !

North Bank Gooner

Lady Garden?????

No mate, he’s a Cunt

lee gooner shagged john terrys racist dad

You can always trust an agent! Why wouldn’t he want a quick deal? What could he get out of drawing a few more bidders to the table? Oh yeah more money for himself.


Maybe the whole transfer window should have a complete media and public screen put over it. I can’t handle it anymore, don’t get me wrong, Alexis Sanchez brilliant news. But imagine not knowing anything, we all got on with our summer then a squad photo is produced and you have to work out who’s gone and who the newbies are. For god sake I’m checking the news on my phone every five minutes, surely I must have something to do!

Kenyan Gooner

Whatever happened to Aurier and ballotelli


Both still alive and kicking.


Now Khedira wants to stay but Madrid have decided to sell him already, what next? I bet we’ll start negotiations with 10 mil


The huuuuge part everyone is ignoring is that the guy has been busy. Busy winning a world cup, busy celebrating that too. A move to a different club and country is not something you decide on the plane back home from Brazil. That sort of decision is more “which champagne do i drink from which air hostesses’ cleavage?”. Patience.


TVM into midfield, and John Terry is a cunt


Can’t decide whether to thumb this up or down … it’s half and half, really.

winterburn 87

Make it 10 poo, extra 2 for Owen n Carragher. Every gooners poo r better looking than John Terry’s face.

Jack Action

Isn’t this a move that would depend on Ha-mes Rodriguez jumping ship from Monaco? 12m for Kroos is small potatoes. 60m+ for Rodriguez means a sell-off to raise funds a la Bale. When/if that happens then we’ll see Morata to Juventus for 20m, Khedira to Arsenal/Chelsea for 20m, Illamarendi to someone for 20m, even Di Maria etc.


If it gets to 10 poos im taking u all out for some vegetarian tenpoora!


Such a high poo score is meaningful. We should look elsewhere and go for Bender or Scneiderlin. Do we want all this mystery? Do we want a player who doesn’t seem to be excited to join us? Look how enthusiastic Sanchez was. Buy a good player now and let Khedira go elsewhere (unless behind the scenes he has already agreed to join us).I don’t want to see us on August 31 chasing a DM at 5 mins to midnight.


Oh ok. Anyway, is Aurier still alive? Does he still favourite and retweet Arsenal related tweets?


This is off topic, but does anyone know when Özil, Per, and Podolski will return to Arsenal?


I think marathon poo man is running about through our transfer business again. He’s been slow this year.


Don’t forget to wipe, guys.


I’m still a fan of Gonalons, though how possible that is I don’t know given he signed a new contract last year (?). But as we all know the length of the contract means very little now (for example, suarez had only just signed a new deal).


There’s a testicular based joke in his name somewhere……….


What about that Southampton guy we were linked with


It may not change the clear as muddness of the situation, but Raphael Honigstein did say yesterday on 5live that his sources have told him the player is “keen” to move to arsenal. If true, it’s a nice start


I’m not that keen on Khedira… I’m thinking he could be due for a spell on the sickness bench with his knee issue he’s having. I would be happy with Schneider from Southampton in all honesty.

Henry! Chance!! Goal!!!

This is a complete mess. The story was never substantiated by the 3 parties involved – Arsenal, Madrid, and Khadira – but the media kept pushing the story. I know this stories leak all the time but this one felt fishy. All the media outlets kept referencing other media outlets, DM references AS, who referenced Marca, who referenced Bild, who referenced BBC, who referenced DM. Journalism is dead. Nobody is credible anymore. Nobody fact checks. Sad

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