Thursday, December 7, 2023

Official: Arsenal sign Calum Chambers

Arsenal have confirmed the signing of defender Calum Chambers from Southampton.

The versatile defender, 19, joins for an up front fee of around £11m and is believed to have signed a five-year deal with the club. Add ons could see the price rise by another £5 million which given Chambers has only 18 Premier League games to his name is not an insignificant amount.

Initially it looks as though the England under-19 international will provide competition to fellow new boy Mathieu Debuchy on the right-hand side although Arsene Wenger has already hinted he could be deployed as a centre-back or even in midfield.

Speaking to the official site, the manager said of his latest acquisition, “We are very pleased that Calum has agreed to join us. The way he adapted to the Premier League last season with Southampton at a young age shows that he has tremendous quality.

“He has a lot of the attributes that we look for in a young player and I am sure that he will do well with us.”

Following in the footsteps of Theo Walcott and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, who both swapped the Saints for N5, Chambers said of his move, “I am so happy to be signing for Arsenal. They are a team I have much admired for their playing style, and a team who have been one of the top sides in Europe for many years.

“I’m looking forward to joining up with my new team-mates today and beginning preparation for the season ahead.”

Chambers takes the number 21 shirt and becomes the fourth signing of a busy summer, following the purchases of Alexis Sanchez, Mathieu Debuchy and keeper David Ospina.

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Get a DM (preferably one that can fill in at CB if Vermaelen leaves) and this will be the best transfer window ever.


This is already the best transfer window ever! 😛


Second that


We have three RBs at present. I’m not complaining (but I am) but I fail to see how this strengthens us THIS YEAR. Is Chambers that much better than Jenks? Don’t we need a CB more urgently? And if Chambers is our CB, is the idea to sell TV5 and have an unproven CB as our backup?

Don’t thumb down for the sake of thumbing down, please provide comments that explain your thoughts.


I think it is pretty clear that the squad is already stronger this year compared to last. There is also something to be said for looking beyond the next season, and think “Is this something that will strengthen us for the duration of this contract”? For me, the answer to that one is yes. As for wishing for let’s say a replacement for Vermaelen, I agree that it would be nice to see a signing of that calibre in that particular area. However, and this bears repeating, there has to be a club willing to buy, a club willing to… Read more »


Calum down, this is just beginning
Debuchy, ospina, and chambo are just to replace sagna, lukas and jenko (loan)

Unyoke The Ox

It’d take some doing to beat 97/98:

Overmars, Petit, Manninger, Grimandi (still doing a job for us), Boamorte and the Mighty Christoher Wreh (I kid, but he did score a few crucial goals) etc…

We all know what happened at the end of that season. It would be great if we did it again, now that we can actually splash the cash a bit.

Bob's Mexican Cousin

Our very own Dick Law has been everywhere this summer!

Gunner From Another Mother

Indeed! A great signing for us. It seems most players we’ve been heavily linked to have ended up signing on this summer. Maybe there’s something to these Khedira rumors after all!

Oh to be! Oh to be a goooooooner!

The man who would be bling

I think a player who is like Javi Martinez (tall, young, strong, athletic, good passer, can play in midfield or defence) but is not Javi Martinez (expensive, on long term contract with Bayern, massive wages, not for sale) would be perfect. Problem solved!



Bouldy's Tupee

We are a buying club and Real Madrid & Barca are our feeder Clubs!!!


ramsey's spirit

well there we go, center backs currently taken care of, right backs covered and strikers/ front 3 strengthened. i wonder if this now marks the end of the chase for a defensive player in the middle, or if the versatility is merely a nice bonus to our center back addition?

Bolarinwa Mayowa

Wouldn’t be suprised one bit if this guy becomes a Phillip Lahm


Why not? It is great that we have a versatile defender in the ranks now. We have players higher up the pitch who can play in multiple positions hardly though ever in defense. Bar Sagna and to a leaser extent Vermaelen.

I still feel Jenkinson should stay but then some serious gametime on loan can only help him.

You can’t ask someone to perform like a Starter whilst playing months apart, and its even harder for a defender I say. Just ask Vermaelen.


I would be surprised if he actually became Phillip Lamn


Four by the end of July! Who’d have thought it?


Actually thats two announced within 2 hours – which can only indicate that there are more on the way.

Which in turn make me wonder: how much fucking money could we have left in the coffers?!

If we have got of the order of 10 million, I’d say blow it on Ballotelli.

If more, I’d go for the kill and straight up on Falcao – hands on the best striker there is (bar Messi) currently.


from what i have read in various news articles, sanchez cost sometjing between 30 and 35 million pounds, debuchy soething between 8 and 12, ospina 3-4 and chambers 11-16. i think we got something beween 9-12 for vela and 5-6 for fabregas. so thats a net spend of anywhere between 39-49 million pounds. so i guess there is still money for 1 more at the bank, but unless vermaelen leaves or jenkinson goes out on loan, i think wenger will be statisfied with what he has got. as for the dm, i don’t see us signing one without getting rid… Read more »


On paper, that looks good— ramsey, wilshire; cazorla, ozil, sanchez; giroud.

I would only question Wilshere’s discipline in deciding when to sit, when to go, and most importantly, when to not take on the world and pass instead. He said he’s not a defensive midfielder.

Just being honest here, I have no axe to grind with Wilshere, only want to see him succeed and at present the signs are all a bit off.


58 minutes ago..

Arseblog damn it, if you have a time machine, there are some cup finals we have to fix man, don’t just use the machine to be cool by posting early.

da gooner

Do we call him Chambo, too?


Call him Chambo and call the Ox the Ox


I like how you call a spade a spade.


Paddy Power giving odds on Andre Marriner wrongfully sending off Chambers instead of Chamberlain this season…

Top gunner

What’s Sanchez’s nickname anyone


This is the most exciting signing of the summer for me for some reason, I think it was because there wasn’t a massive build up to it. Great that Arsene can still surprise a little.

Jo the gooner

Really curious what Wenger plans to do with Jenko 🙁


He’s going to Hull City.

remember the invincibles

on loan and hopefully he’ll come back to compete for his spot soon?


Like his versatility. Quality aside, our squad needed that. And from the little I’ve seen of him, he seems to have the quality too.
Just hope Jenko doesn’t go (permanently). Don’t think he will personally.


Likely that he will be loaned and it would be ideal if he returns and has the same competition with Debuchy as to that of Gibbs and Nacho early last season (mainly down to Gibbs’ injuries though.) Jenkinson’s passion for the club shouldn’t be taken lightly…

Bobby Scotch

It’s a nice transfer window this – I’m having a ruddy beer to celebrate!


Dream transfer window……

Vermaelen will leave , Jenkinson will prob leave to (hopefully on loan).

And Wenger may stil sign a DM a ST and another defender.


I don’t think you understand the concept of stability.


What on earth? 4 decent signings BEFORE August? I could definitely get used to this every year. Tip of the cap, Arsene.

Bobby Scotch

PS please give him the no.36 shirt


Don’t get it


Why thumb the poor guy down. It was a reference to the hip hop collective Wu Tang Clans legendary (in my humble opinion) album, Enter The Wu-Tang:36 Chambers.


Djangoon Unchained

I suggest you listen to the Wu-Tang Clan back catalogue and 70s/80s kung fu films (preferably starring Gordon Liu if you want to get Bobby Scotch’s reference).

Follow the above instructions and you too will hope that Chambers gets number 36.

For the idle bastards among you (I kid, I kid), see here:

Djangoon Unchained

Shame, just seen it’s 21.


….and what shall we calum? *getscoat


Exactly the signing I love best. A young, promising player who can then be molded in the Arsenal way.


I am really confused. 4 transfers in and it is not even August!


Impressed with transfer activity so far in the transfer window.

Only the smoke about Khedria/Bender/Schneiderlin still keeps me wishing for one more!


I am LOVING this transfer window!


Im looking forward for the united game when Chambers will run rampart down the righthand side and make the 30m£+ shaw look like the biggest robbery to have happend since torres.

Master Floda

Wasn’t Carroll just after Torres?


Let’s not forget the great idiot David Luiz.

The man who would be bling

Not to piss on your parade, but it’s not really a player’s fault if a club spends silly money on them. If somebody offers you £300,000 for your Smart car, take it and run.

gunnersaurus is my dad

BOOOOOOOM!!! Who’s next!!


Douglas Costa and Khedira are rumoured


Oh, and John Terry is still a cunt.

Mental strength

I like this guy, he is an aggressive player in terms of his pressing, but also his technically sound, I don’t think we will sign a DM but if we don’t i wont be too dissapointed, because this guy has the qualities, not to mention the size and strength to play there, which I have a feeling he will in the odd games.


Too many new players #wengerout


About £55 million (plus add-ons) spent already. With no significant money coming back in, this is already higher than what Gunnerblog and Arseblog predicted in their arsecast. Looks to be a decent transfer window so far and we aren’t even into August!


What were their predictions anyway? Always think of that episode when a new signing is confirmed.


We’ve spent 66m with Add-Ons. Net Spend 50m BBC & SKY say Sanchez 35m, Debuchy 12m, then Ospina 3m & Chambers 11 rising to 16. Thats a total of 66m We got 9m for Vela, 1m Eisfeld, 2.5m Djourou & 3.5 for the Fabregas deal. Thats 16m So 50m spent net. I don’t think huge amounts more to be spent, perhaps 20-25m on a DM, if we find the right option and if Vermaelen does go (ideally we keep him) his fee will be used to replace him. So net spend this summer will either a) Stay at 50m or… Read more »


And for that achievement, one has to praise Arsene Wenger!


Im predicting a big career for this young fella. And I base that on absolutely nothing. I also second Chambers wearing no. 36.


The deals are coming fast and furious… Next!


This definitely showcases our new spending power. A few years ago, £16m would’ve been our record transfer fee, now it’s for players who probably won’t be guaranteed starters. If we spend like this every summer it won’t be long before we will be premier league champions again.


Like, about nine months from now?


Well done, Arsene!


a great pick up, but I still think there is room for Jenks and CC especially if the VERMinator is on his way out.

Wenger and the board have been coming through the last couple of years. Those finances are well and truly in order and the team is being improved almost daily.

I think we could still make room for Khedira, no?

Nationality ? a Gunner

This time last year the fee for this guy would have broken our transfer record 🙂
Good days ahead of us folks, good days

Naija Gunner

Loving every moment “sir Wenger” sir…


Get a DM…and i wont be able to hold on to my trouser anymore


All these signings are making me uncomfortable.
I fear we’ll sell our whole team on the deadline day.
Ala Southampton.

By The Eyes Özil

Christmas in July lads!

Harish P

We have two in the Chamber – good times.

matty t.

Deadline day is going to be soooo boring!

Thank God.

Diawara, Kaba

Great going Wenger and team.I’m sure, we’ll now focus on acquiring a top quality central midfield enforcer.

Good Arse

What about the Coq? Maybe AW has him in mind for DM (along with Flambo / Arteta). He played on Saturday and I noticed him put in a strong tackle or two.

Henry! Chance!! Goal!!!

I hope Jenko stays. I hope Chambers was brought in as a CB and Jenko keeps his place


Even more excited with the news that Robert Pores and Freddie Ljungberg is gonna play in my country! Hope the league will rescue football in India..


Sincere apologies for misspelling his name.. I swear it is the auto correct…

Bolarinwa Mayowa

Wouldn’t be suprised one bit if this guy becomes a Phillip Lahm

Top gunner

I think Arsenal need a tank of defensive midfielder who’ll scare pants off of the opposition. And that’s it title is comin.

Gooner '75

Wahaay another 1 for the future. Where is the experienced quality we need as cover for C.B if/when the verminator goes? Jenks good cover for R.B. wtf’s going on wenger?


What’s gonna happen to Jenko though? Never been so torn about what to feel about a new signing. Incredibly happy that all our business is getting done nice and early but would be really sad to see the Coporal leave us permanently…


Jenkinson will be loaned out for two seasons, gaining experience that will help him become our first choice RB once Debuchy leaves.

Chambers is a versatile player that will be providing cover in three positions so will get plenty of minutes himself.

gentle soul

This the best transfer of arsenal since all this years just the ending of july.. I think all we need now is a DF to complete all the signings in other to be the best team

Mr Eko!

Wow! Another shiny new sinning.. 😀
We want more please.. #OliverTwist

john the-kenyan-gunner

Wenger must be telling gunners to stop him lest he sign 10 more before july

john the-kenyan-gunner

mean before the end of it,may be its because of being too happy

Saffa Gooner

Well, all I can say is that whatever it is they’re smoking over at the Emirates, it’s working!

rohan lalani





I want to believe that Jenks is being moulded after Kos. I think they play in a similar way

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