Report: Wenger’s private meeting ‘seduced’ Sanchez


With the arrival of Alexis Sanchez at Arsenal now seemingly imminent, Sport, the Spanish daily, report that a private meeting in Brazil between the Arsenal manager and Chilean proved the decisive factor in the player’s future.

With offers from Liverpool, Juventus, AC Milan and others, the Barcelona forward had plenty of options, but after requesting a sit down with the player, the Arsenal manager worked his charms and convinced Sanchez that London, and the Emirates, would be the best place for him.

Sport say that Wenger gave the player the ‘love’ he needed, and assured him that he’d been following his progress since he was a young player, keeping tabs on him as he moved from South America to Udinese in Italy, and then on to Barcelona.

Having had a couple of days to reflect on the meeting, Sanchez told his agent, Fernando Felicevich, that his mind was made up and he wanted to join Arsenal. Having already laid some of the groundwork with Barcelona, Dick Law then put the rest of the deal in place knowing the player’s intentions and full agreement between the two clubs was made.

Yet it appears the manager’s personal touch is what swung things Arsenal’s way. It’s not the first time it’s happened either.

Mesut Ozil spoke about how a meeting with Wenger was what convinced him to join Arsenal last summer, and when Manchester United got Gary Neville to show a 17 year old Aaron Ramsey around their training ground, the Arsenal manager trumped that by flying the Welsh youngster and his family to Switzerland to personally convince him to join the club.

The final line of the Sport article says: The seductiveness of Frenchman is inexhaustible.

Whatever your views of him, it’s hard to argue with that.

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Saw a tweet on Twitter a few days ago. The lure of Arsene Wenger and the chance to work under him brings players in. It would be much harder signing players without him.


Nonsense! Clearly you’ve never seen Owen Coyle in full seduction mode.


I thank you for not using Sam Allardyce’s name in that comeback.

Black Hei

Honestly the right thing to do is to thumb down this comment until it explodes.

Seriously how dare you imprint that offensive image in our brains!


I heard somewhere that Allardyce seduces his players with a sexy dance and nipple tassles.


I saw a tweet on Twitter once too. It was awesome.


Did Mesut Ozil have similar comments about Wenger? Something to the effect of “the manager’s faith in me was a deciding factor in choosing to come play for Arsenal.”


So, in his spare time Wenger does work for French TV, goes to the place where every exciting player is right now, scout them and persuade them to join Arsenal. WENGER OUT!


Hopefully Wenger’s requesting a meeting with Khedira after yesterday’s awesome performance vs. Brazil

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Hopefully he already had Khedira signed and paid for before that game.

Bould's Eyeliner

Not to take anything away from Khedira’s talent but, Ozil, Rosicky, Wilshere, Chambo, Ramsey, can pretty much do the same if no one is marking them…


great post – the man has a life. also – not to be cynical or ruin the mood here, but hopefully this transfer window teaches people that arsene wenger isn’t crazy. I’m not saying I never have been frustrated with out transfer policy, but the whole WENGER OUT campaign is just ludicrous.



A great a club as Arsenal is, we have to accept that when it comes to competing with other big clubs for the top, top players, Arsene Wenger is the decisive factor. What we do without Le Professeur.


When Wenger retires (probably due to old age)… he will have a sit on the board and official club role as chief seducer I’m sure

Black Hei

I think he will go Hollywood to play James Bond’s dad.


or to play as Bond himself


Official Gunners Head Seducer is a fitting title for Le Prof when he eventually retires from managing (Hopefully it’ll be a long time until that happens though).


I don’t disagree but I’m also heartened by the fact that arsene is basically synonymous with arsenal

Bendtner's Ego

Blogs, your picture captions are damn creepy sometimes.


What ever do you mean ? I love it, rawr 😉


I love that silver tongued lothario


I have nothing to add really, other than to say that that picture of The Frenchman is due to be my phone lock screen background for a long time.

A very long time.


Hopefully it reminds fans that asking for Wenger to leave makes it that much harder to get the big names in eg. I doubt Martinez would have had the pull-factor that Wenger still clearly does.

Zorro in the box

It’s not Wenger’s name that does it, it’s his style and relationship management. Wenger was an unknown to most in European football but still brought in a host of French and African stars.

Think the likes of Martinez and probably Rodgers have the same ability. It’s man-management right there..


Man-management, me dear son, is not going to be associated with anyone from Anfield, i mean, mugsmashers

East Gooner

Yes, yes we know Rodgers has the ability to bring in Lambert, Can and Lallana for inflated prices. We also know how they compare to Sanchez and Ozil. I also hear that Martinez has worked his charms on Gareth Barry.
Yea I see your point – I think they have the same abilities as Wenger…

Zorro in the box

Let’s not be disingenuous here, Rodgers is a quality manager who brought the best out of sturridge and co and to a slip away from the Premier League. It’s something that distinguishes some sides from others – people want to play with Arsene, Rodgers, Martinez, Guardiola etc. They have pull because of their ability as coaches. That’s something that goes beyond the temporary pulling power of a club, and beyond the monetary power of clubs. Why, for example, would a player rather play for Martinez at Everton than Harry Redknapp at QPR even though the financial muscle suggests they could… Read more »


I don’t think we’ve seen any evidence at all that Rodgers has a pulling power of his own. Every player that club has bought since his hiring has either come from a club with a fraction of the prestige of Liverpool or has been languishing on the bench. He’s proven himself a worthy football strategist, but I have my doubts about his appeal to players given that: 1) he broke a promise to Luis Suarez that he’d let him leave in 2013 if they didn’t qualify for the Champions League (which they didn’t); 2) his appearance on “Being Liverpool” basically… Read more »

Zorro in the box

He does seem to have a certain David Brent quality but I suspect he’ll be one of those managers who does have that kind of appeal. And by all accounts he manages to make mediocrity sing – he can motivate his players.

One thing that Arsenal does certainly seem to do better than most other clubs is allow the manager free reign to put his personal touch on things – players are convinced by Wenger’s interactions because it’s indicative of what your coaching will be like at the club.

Finsbury Park Gooner

I do wonder where the Wenger Out brigade go to hide during times like these.


Firstly he hasn’t arrived yet. Remember Higuain last year ? He’d ‘arrived’ only to do so in a Napoli shirt at the Emirates Cup. Secondly, he – Wenger – is the Manager and he’s actually paid to do this sort of thing. About £8 million per annum, I understand. Nice work if you can get it. Thirdly, I could switch the point around. Where’s Wenger’s fan club when Nasri/Cole/Cliche/vanPersie/Fabregas leave ? Come to that they tend to be thin on the ground after visits to Old Trafford, Stamford Bridge and Eastlands – don’t they ! So let’s just wait and… Read more »


and then 3/ down-vote your reply


I think he has arrived, so the possibility of Benitez abducting him as he boards the plane for Heathrow (or Mourinho when he lands) seems to have been averted for once. Now for the charm offensive on Khedira. And for one or two central defenders. Given the unsporting behaviour of the Germans in refusing to return from Brazil and ruining the comp for the hosts, we’re not going to have Merte back before the CL qualifier. Possibly not Kos either. So unless we risk playing Vermaelen and a kid, the need is quite pressing. I agree with the rest of… Read more »


“Let’s see if they live up to the promise” – :oOo Did they make an promise to perform at an certain level?

I know you mean expectations, but honestly.. When both Skysports and BBC says it’s a deal about to happend then you should kinda trust them. As for those c*nts you mentioned above, they wanted to leave, so fuck em. if they don’t wanna be at this club then they could go and fuck emselves.


Or count the Winners Medals they have picked up since leaving, perhaps ?


How dare you speak common sense, Rob! I’m thumbing you down now!


I know ! They do get so wound up if anyone refuses to toe the party line. It’s like showing Team America World Police to a mixture of Hollywood Air Heads and North Korean apparatchiks.


So.. Are we allowed to get excited yet blogs??!


Thank you squire

*Wenger-style double fist pump

Black Hei

Is that pose part of his deal clinching repertoire?


Wenger has that sleazy seductive french charm.

Wenger: Come alexis, sit on ze bed.
Alexis: Oh, O…okay.
Wenger: You want my advice… I really zink you should sign for ze arsenal.
‘begins casually masaging alexis’ shoulders’

Seduction has happened.


A little too sleazy for me, but also a little too funny! My first genuine LOL moment of the day!


Ok, I do have something to add.

Arsene clearly douses himself in Sex Panther before every sit down, right? I can just envision Alexis sitting there, drinking in its pungency as green fairies wearing Arsenal’s alternate kit danced around his head.

Harish P

The talents of Wenger takes us very far. Happy to see he kept his Arsenal cap on when mixing it up with the players.


A huge print of that photo of Arsene sprawled on the beach should be the crowning piece of the Arsenalisation of the stadium…!


The signings of Ozil and ‘Sanchez’ in a way confirm what Wenger has been saying all along. We will come to a stage where we will have the money to spend on marquee players which is now in 2014. For a long time his hands were tied with money not being available and he had to fight for the 4th spot just to keep his club afloat as one of the big PL teams. It is a staggering achievement, he could have always buggered off to the big money clubs and left us in the lurch. He didn’t. Instead, he… Read more »

Chris O

History is going to look a lot more kindly on Wenger than it will on his critics. Yes, he’s been well-paid, but he’s been worth far more than his salary to this club. The statue of him that will inevitably grace the entrance to the Emirates someday will be well-earned.

sanogo's misskick

I couldn’t agree more! Wenger’s influence on not just Arsenal but the sport in-general will become undeniable in the years following his eventual retirement. His tenure brought about improved fitness, training and professionalism in the Premiership. His focus on technique also led to an aesthetic overhaul not just domestically but arguably internationally as well (Barca’s dominance only came to the fore post the Invincibles… yes I said it we mastered 1 touch passing before the Catalans did). Also Wenger’s use of scouts has been co-opted by every major team in Europe! We Arsenal fans are blessed for having one of… Read more »

Andy Mack

To be fair, I think the club would have stumped up big big money for any player in the last 5+ years but ‘just the one’! and none of the top guys would want to be the only top class player (imagine the pressure), whereas now with the club finances, AW he can look to build in all areas. It’s not like we’ve had crap players during this time, but just missed that little something extra that some can supply.


@Ramesh @Chris O – Some incredible comments being made today !!! Everyone have their oatmeal this morning did they ??!!!!

Pesho Saulov

His hands must have really been tied back in 2009 when he couldn’t find 2.25 Mil for Mark Schwarzer and we had to stick with the utterly excellent Almunia…


Would that be the guy who had his move blocked by his manager and didn’t play for a few months after that due to how pissed off he was at Hughes?

Yeah, totally our fault.


I don’t think anyone said he has a flawless decision making record, but he gets it right so much more than he gets it wrong.

sanogo's misskick

With those legs and that voice how could Sanchez resist?


32yr old male here, I love Arsene and I think I might soon fall in love with a guy called Sanchez


Well, what did u all expect, u’ve seen him in a bikini


As an aside, I like how AW has gained a bit more weight while staying in Brazil. Towards, the end of last season he looked so skinny and frail (apart from his six-pack at FA Cup).


poooner, I’m off work with a bad back. Comments that funny aren’t doing me any favours!

Chris O

The last time Arsene Wenger flirted with danger, danger got needy.

He is The Most Interesting Man in the World!


Arsene isn’t a marketing gimmick.

He is The Market.


Good write up! So is Sanchez to Arsenal now a done deal?
Can we then please appeal to AW to use that charm at least two more times? We still need a keeper and someone around the midfield. At the very minimum.

Springbank 1965

I don’t think you need to worry.

(a) He’s as aware as anyone that the departures of Fabianski, Deyan Iliev (probable), and Viviano leaves us blatantly short. And (b) He’s also aware that Kim Kallstrom (his bizarre January necessity signing) has gone home too.

Quite what he’ll do though is anyone’s guess. But given last year’s problems, I think he’s had other priorities to attend to.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

I liked Kallstrom. He was obviously enjoying his time at Arsenal, and other players would have seen that. Great marketing ploy.


You guys mean Arsene wasn’t just playing volleyball and chatting up girls all day long? Think I saw pictures of him swimming and at a dinner too. He was doing his job too? Who knew!

Chris O

Yeah, turns out that attending major industry functions allows you to mingle with important people and facilitate business getting done.

They should come up with a name for that or something.


Wenger, what a sugar-coated man. Guys be very afraid. Wenger doesn’t like women much but be very afraid I repeat!!!

149 Just Done It

Stick that in your pipe and smoke it John w Henry. I can see Brendan Rogers and Rickie Lambert sat in a travel lodge with a happy meal talking about Anfield being the best place for him. How things can change in 12 short months. Bienvenido a Londres Alexis.


Wenger’s stature within the game and his awareness of players’ development makes him far more capable of attracting top players than the board are of attracting top managers. This is quite important.


It’s not the Board that attract ‘top Managers’ – it Arsenal Football Club and all that entails starting in 1886 by the way – not starting in 1996. Whether this Board, without Dein, has the remotest nous to call the next one right is a moot point. But after the Moyes debacle at OT it should be obvious that no Manager should pick his successor any more than any Manger should pick his own boss – in other words the CE. I’ve yet to read of an instance anywhere, where an incoming Manager said “I’ve come here because I love… Read more »


I bet there are managers who rejected a club because he doesn’t like the directors.


There is.

We interviewed Ferguson for the Manager’s job before GG. But he didn’t like us and opted for Utd.,

Strange. But true.


Considering how eloquent and engaging Wenger is even when answering the same moronic leading questions from journalists every week, I’d pay good money to be a fly on the wall while he’s trying to convince a player to choose Arsenal.


Alexis: “So, Mr. Wenger, …errm … do you really think my game is suited for English league? I would feel more comfortable moving back to Italy.” Arsene: “Well, do you remember that away match against Cagliary in the 2008 season when you had to switch to three different positions and once Di Natale got injured you had to play as the lone striker and scored that late goal. Well that is the kind of energy and attitude that succeeds in PL and I think you would be great. However we need to work on your headers a bit though, right?… Read more »

The only Olivier is Giroud

My face is about to melt off! Come on Alexis, sign da ting! (Are we still saying that?)


That explains his enormous wage as a manager,keep it up!

Andy Mack

I’m happy you think that’s sufficient, but he has a whole lot more in his locker that justifies it.

GaGa LuLu

This sanchez guy, is he any good??

Basil Andrews

Very disappointed with the blog for using that picture and caption.

Please remove it.


B/c amongst us readers of your fine blog, it increases the desire to play for Arsenal to intolerable levels, resulting in neural meltdown!


Because any sensible man wouldn’t be able to take more than a glancing look at it before quickly scrolling down to read your translation of the article.

It’s frankly embarrasing.

Although it’s far from the end of the world, so, whatever pleases your fancy.


Why?… This is probably my favorite wenger pic of all, I still can’t get the smile off my face.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Having once seen it, you cannot unsee it.

I prefer my censorship to come from my loving, and kindly Government.


What a coup!

I now forgive him completely for snubbing Fabregas as he clearly knew the internal politics at Barca meant that Sanchez would be available for a bargain price. (to be fair some speculated this was the case, not me as I was in full temper tantrum mode)

That goal against Madrid in the Classico :

That goal against Athletico on the last day of the season :

I’m greedy and want Khedira now ( Bender or Schneiderlin would do if he is unobtainable )

Henry! Chance!! Goal!!!

Now the question becomes – What are we going to do when Wenger leaves? Like it or not, that day is coming


This is probably the most exciting phase we Arsenal fans are entering in a decade. With Wenger at the helm; marquee players; players we have developed and nurtured; why do you even talk about life post Wenger now? Just sit back and enjoy the ride.


Like Ramesh said. Things are looking up. He just signed a new contract. We have 3 years til we have to worry about anything like that.


After the United debacle, unless its a huge name (Klopp, Pep etc), they should come in as an assistant for a season, and then take over, for a smooth transition.

But as Ramesh said, enjoy the ride. This is the time we have been waiting for these last few years.

Tony Hall

We just need that bald dutch twat, what is his name? Aah yes knobben is it to get sent off for one of his legendary swan dives and that would be the icing on the cake today


My thought: Steve Bould. I originally thought they were going to time Arsene’s retirement with Guardiola’s availability (I know some of you don’t like Pep, but he has been reported as saying it would be his first choice in the PL), but that no longer seems to be the case. And if it is true that it was Bould’s tactics that galvanized our defense this last year, that’s definitely a feather in his cap, and he’s probably the least disruptive choice.


Oh Arséne, you sexy beast!


Arsenal and Arsene – “Made For Each other” or may be “Made By Each Other”


Ok…that pic gonna be my wallpaper

2014-2015 = the year we've been waiting for

I used the audacious username “2013-2014 = 2003-2004” on Arseblog for most of last season however was forced to substitute it in early April after that humiliating 3-0 spanking at Goodison Park .

This season I ain’t gonna change my username, and the thought of visiting Goodison Park on only the 2nd fixture of the Premier League season doesn’t scare me one bit.

Policeman's Bangers 'N' Mash

Just woke up from surgery choking on my blood from my nose job. This makes my misery much more bearable. Thanks arseblog and hound and Wenger and all Gooners.

Merlin's Panini

well I hope you’re happy with it, whatever the reason for it. Don’t think I would bother if it meant choking on blood and my nose has been broken a couple of times!

nose job…damn 21st century society eugh


In all honesty though, the man is really fit for his age (I mean Wenger, not Sanchez…although Sanchez is pretty fit too, for any age).


Came here to say: although I do like your articles, and I really love your pictures.
It’s just…keep doing that actually; part of the charm of arseblog.


Could also say the same for Playboy…


Or, for this pic, PlayGIRL!

Man Manny

Hmm. What more can I say? I am sure going to enjoy next season. I remember when teams were real scared to come to highbury/emirates. I see it happening again. Happy days.


Stand back, I’m going to jizz


Also, will it be an exaggeration to say that if Sanchez does arrive, our starting lineup will be one that’s comparable to the Invincibles? In terms of talent, not steel.

Merlin's Panini

If Sanchez arrives so will I.


If James Bond (aka Wenger) can bring in Sanchez and the other requirements I can’t wait to see them – my God can you imagine the attacking prowess we will begin to show? Walcott ramsey Ozil Wilshiere, Plod – WOW – Just WOW


I hope all of those doughnuts that have given him so much stick over the years finally wake up and realise what we have in our manager. In a time when loyalty means nothing he has stayed with us when many would have left. He has kept us competitove with one hand tied by financial restrictions. He has always put the club first even wheb it would have been easier to just say we have no money he took to brunt of the criticism to save the name of Arsenal. The time has come like he said it would and… Read more »


For fuck’s sake just sign him! Let’s get this transfer done and then move on to the other five we need before the start of the season. Rumours are that we’re signing Loic Remy too – that’s a smart move. We need at least three quality strikers to work with. Let’s get all our business done early this time. Incredible World Cup game last night, wasn’t it? The chickens all came home to roost for an average Brazilian team which were spectacularly badly managed by ‘Big’ Phil Scolari. The media are all having a wank about Germany, saying how brilliant… Read more »

Springbank 1965

A World Cup final between Argentina and Germany “could go either way”?

“Messi COULD make all the difference”?

Not one for short-term neck-sticking-out, are we?

And lay off Ozil, OK. He’s one of ours.

moderately slim gooner

I’ve always wanted to know what its says in your profile pic with the asian kid…

Captain Obvious

“if Fred is the best striker in a nation of 200 million people then the Pope is a radical Jihadist Muslim.”

Made me spit coffee all over my desk!


“I’m tipping Argentina to get through tonight”

You have just vindicated my decision two days ago to bet on Netherlands to win this semi-final.


Oh, dear! Sorry you lost your money. Maybe you shouldn’t have been so pedantic (get it?).

I’ll give you another tip: Argentina will beat Germany in the final. The hype around our Teutonic friends is ridiculous: like I said yesterday, the Brazil side they thrashed were awful. But the Argies will be different kettle of piranha.

Back Messi and co to lift the trophy (it might take extra time and even penalties) and you can’t go wrong. A South American team always wins it on that continent.


He’s a reet charmer that Wenger fella.

Almunia Djourou Squillaci Santos Quartet.

#offtopic. Its about to get better. Van pussy and van girl and the real flying dutchman roben get knocked out of Brazil. Tonight.

Cesc Bane

‘I won’t believe Sanchez has signed until I
see him clutching a busted cruciate
ligament in the Charity Shield’ a hilarious tweet from one Bangz.

Let's Find Hleb!!!

where the ozil bashers at??


Waiting for the WOB wankers to come out and say that Sanchez is not the signing we need for this season and that Wenger has completely lost the plot.


Anyone who thinks Sanchez is not required…they don’t know shit about football!


Yeah, I remember seeing someone writing ‘but he’s just Walcott with better technique’ somewhere or other, I’m not entirely sure where to start with a statement like that but the ‘just’ is the thing that gets me.

AN Other

I bet Wenger could convince me to play even with my dodgy hamstrings.