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Walcott gives injury update, hails Sanchez capture

Theo Walcott says the recovery from his knee injury is going very well and the England man has taken time to laud the signing of Alexis Sanchez.

Speaking to the official site, Walcott spoke about how his rehab for the cruciate knee injury, picked up against Sp*rs in the FA Cup was going.

“The knee is going really well,” he said. “I am doing some good stuff with the physios and fitness coaches and we have worked really hard throughout the summer.

“Things are looking really good and I have worked very hard for the last five months now. The most important thing is getting the strength back and it has pretty much nearly healed – it is just about building up that stability and strength again.

“It is coming along nicely and I am really pleased.”

Although no firm date has been put on his comeback, it’s believed he could play in late September/early October, providing he doesn’t suffer any setbacks.

Theo also hailed the signing of Alexis Sanchez, saying that opposition defences will be scared of the dual threat the two will pose when they finally play together.

“With me and him on the flanks, a lot of teams won’t be looking forward to playing Arsenal this year!”, he said.

“There’s a great buzz around the club at the moment. He is a marquee signing and something that the club has pushed on to: first you had Ozil and now it’s Sanchez. Who knows where it is going to stop?”

We here at Arseblog News don’t know the exact answer to that question, but it’ll be somewhere. That’s just how it goes.

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Khedira done, Reus next. Blimey


but we’ve missed out on M’Vila again. Wenger out.


Can’t believe we’ve overlooked Sebastian Frey AGAIN for the goalkeeper position. #wengerout

Julio Baptista's humble alter ego

and Chris Samba. That Mertesacker is too slow and Koscielny can’t defend for nuts. Wenger Out

remember the invincibles

lets get Almunia back at last #Wengerout


Sanchez and Khedira out as well, while we’re at it


Seduce me, Arsene

Still languishing on Gourcuff, we were supposed to have that wrapped up. #wengerout


But what about Kalou?! Wenger cant miss Kalou again?!


Dont forget Joe Cole and Samba 😉
oh and what Shane long?

Springbank 1965

Remember 2010 when rather-too-many people were clamouring for Wenger to sign Joe Cole on a free. The Metro even reported we’d done a three-year deal – quoting (Harry) Redknapp that it was a great piece of business.

But instead he went to Liverpool where Gerrard announced that Cole was as good, if not better, than Messi.

Oh, how time flies. Yet some things stay the same.


There’s a sort of hint that the Germans think Khedira is done. I’m ashamed to say I’ve just wasted half an hour watching live coverage on Deutsche Welle of the celebrations at the Brandenburg Tor. First four players called on to the platform: Merte, Poldi, Oezil and Khedira, all arm in arm.

Nice also to hear ‘Top-Trainer Wenger’ being praised by the German commentary, almost as though he’d personally won the World Cup.

the only sam is nelson

BBC reporting that the deal’s floundered on Khedira’s wage demands. Old habits dying hard or hard-nosed common sense? hmmmmmm

either way we’re looking good for 14/15

Anonymous Physicist

I’d say common sense, if reports are true that he asked for 20K per week more than what Oxil and Sanchez are getting. (I’m not saying those reports are true, just saying what I would think if they are) Paying Khedira more than Ozil and Sanchez would be unreasonable in terms of their respective stature, potentially bad for morale, and cause every other player’s agent to cue in front of the management’s office tomorrow morning, all asking for a contract renewal with a similar increase (not to mention what future signings will ask for). And while that may be hyperbole,… Read more »


Yes, a few sites are reporting the wage demands – all just picking it up from the ultra reliable goal dot com? – but Khedira personally can’t have been making any demands at all in the last few days. Too busy with the world cup and partying on the plane. I suppose it could be the agent, but I’d take all reports that the deal is off with a big pinch of salt for the moment.

Remy does look to be off due to wage demands. Good, imo, it give Campbell a chance.

Podolski Sklep

Mmmmm, Öxil…

The strength and pace of the Ox

The effortlessness and finesse of Özil

Does anyone know a mad geneticist so we can make it happen?

Finsbury Park Gooner

All well and good, but WHAT ABOUT DEBUCHY..?!?!?!


Probably waiting on Newcastle to lock a replacement first.


think it will be confirmed when Newcastle sign Janmaat


And what about Sagna?


Dedicated right back who gave the best years of his career to Arsenal Football Club. Broke his leg twice for the cause. Never complained. A man who deserves to be remembered fondly.


sitting & enjoying watching zabaleta play?

Thierry Bergkamp

The thought of Reus in red and white/yellow/blue makes me leak.


Tell me more!!

Not about the leaking. But about Reus? Have we been linked recently??


Only linking with Reus I’ve seen has been Liverpool.



The Ox is a fox

any confirmation on Khedira deal or no deal?


Here’s what Poldi thinks when the speaker asks Khedira where he’ll be playing next season.



Helps to post the link too…


Cannot wait to see an injury-free first team out on the pitch. It’ll be a beautiful thing.

Shit, this could even be the year Diaby shows up. Optimism, I know.


… well that’s off now…


Is that just wishful thinking? There’s no confirmation is there?


Reply was clearly to ‘me’.

Block 98

I wonder what Blogs thinking abou Jack smoking? Big season for Jack, with Khadira and others his place in the first team under threat , he needs to get his s*** together.

AS17 is for A.Sanchez not

cant wait for next season. each minute is draining my life. cant wait for my gunners to take to the pitch. am excited. am ready. am Arse-d!!! if that’s even a word. by the way, I really realy hate Daily Mail. am in africa but I really want to burn that crap house down. I need directions…….

Arsene's Zip

I’ll supply the petrol mate.

AS17 is for A.Sanchez not

now thats why I love this club. Co-operation


Save some for BT Sport 😐

AS17 is for A.Sanchez not

No worries pal, I was kind of thinking about asking Arsene for Flamini since he had nothing to do since May to go have a chat with them while with a Bazooka. Then we send BFG just to make sure its done the right way. Start chating with Micheal Women first then that guy from mail Adrian Durham for his bloody stupid lousy opinion about Arsenal lads who won the world cup. THEY WON. they are Arsenal players. so what. Glad I dont have country men that foolish. My sympathies Brits. You should really consider sending them into exile. My… Read more »


Walcott/sanchez mmm!


This is what Ivan was referring to when he said we can do a deal like Ozil (to my mind dispite the financial difference Sanchez is at the same level) and more (more top top quality players)!

Hope one of our DM targets are successfully concluded – Khedria or Bender will be a significant addition to the team


16th August, cmoooon nanny dammit!!

Edu's Braces

Id happily go for a pint with Theo


well that was interesting on German TV – Mesut was next to Khedira and Khedira was asked if they will play together next season. Of course Khedira tried to change the topic, but Mesut was very excited and yelled something like “Aresenal, Jawohl”.


*Arsenal* big sorry..


Mesut doing a Reina there


That, actually was Podolski up to his jester antics. He was the one who shouted “Arsenal” when Khedira was asked where he was playing next season.


no he wasn’t – it was Mesut. I sure. But doesn’t matter anyway.


I sure also 😀


here we go… sounds like Podi to me!


Poldi contributing the best he can to the squad, I guess.


Yea, 15 goals in 27 appearances last year wasn’t much of a contribution to the squad, I guess.


Sorry, posted this as a reply to en earlier comment. To me it sounds like Poldi – shouting ARSENAL – JAWOHL! And then there is a second Jahwohl, Mesut maybe?

Little Mozart

Well have the fastest attack in the Prem when Theo’s back. How I’ve missed that man!


Getting a Theo Walcott shirt this year.

He was fantastic the last two years and is an integral part of our first eleven, especially with Özil looking to play those defence-splitting passes. Looking forward to his comeback.

How about on September 27 against Sp*rs with a brace and an assist?


here we go… sounds like Podi to me!

Zorro in the box

Interesting that Theo seems himself playing “on the flanks” as opposed to being down the middle.

Watching him in that game against Sp*rs though, he was looking lethal in the central role…


Off Topic : Am dissappointed with Wilshere to be frank…not bcoz he ws seen smoking or partying…Does he know it is one of THE most important seasons for him but he seems to take it lightly..nt that he had a hectic worldcup to have so much rest

Having said that i still believe in him…And am sure he will become a player what we always thought he would be

PS: Check my name;)


Jack has said four of five times in the last few months, that he can no longer be considered a promising young player anymore, that it’s time for him to deliver. I’m fairly sure he knows whats needed and I’ve no problem with a player having a holiday. He’ll have one month off this year, all work and no play makes Jack… get my drift.


…makes Jack what???…MAKES JACK WHATTTTTTTT?????????????????????



Seduce me, Arsene

Clearly you don’t know Jack like I do.


Im having to deal with these Wilshere haters on my site. And although I see where their coming from I just want to smack then In the chops. I too get frustrated with him keep running with and losing the ball. And sometimes its like he tries to hard. But I love him still. Just needs a word in his ear from the senior lads. To keep it simple and to learn the right moment and areas of the pitch to do his quick burst past the opposition. And to stop going down hold his ankle : / I cant… Read more »


While all these new signings sound great, I guess the biggest hurdle towards Arsenal’s success in previous seasons was the injury list. There was a time when we had as many as 8 or 9 potential first team players out. So while we celebrate the new signings, lets also hope that our medical team is less busy the coming season. What’s frustrating is that most injuries end up becoming long-term injuries. Rosicky, Sagna, Walcott, Wilshere, Ramsey and Diaby have all missed out on a huge chunk of action due to long-term injuries in the past. So I hope Wenger can… Read more »


If it’s true we’re getting the US fitness coach who’s been in charge of the German national team, then our injury problems could be approaching an end. If it’s true – still a big if – this is a more important signing than Sanchez and Khedira put together. Trouble is, I’ve not seen any mention of it since June, though I suppose we wouldn’t have because he’ll have been entirely wrapped up in the German job… Anyone able to confirm that he’s coming after he’s had a well-deserved holiday?


Arsenal will thrash many teams…perfect id and attacking


We will have fastest attack in premier league ths year with walcott and akexis. And whats ths ‘#Wengerout’ comments??? You plastic glory hunter fans should be banned.he knw’s which player to sign. In wenger we trust.






Mö10, if you visit your local library you will find a big book there with lots of words in it, called a dictionary. Please look up “sarcasm”.

Bouldy's Tupee

Alexis is a bit right footed similar to Theo. Is Wenger going to play Theo on the left? Is Arsenal going to have inverted wingers on each side that cut thru the middle? This season is going to be amazing! Cannot wait! COYG!!!!


Pretty convinced that Sanchez will start on the right till Walcott is back, then he’ll move inside to give Giroud a rest.


Grande Per Mertesacker!


There’s nothing that man can’t do



King 14enry

Watch this with ‘Beat it – MJ’ playing in the background, Per’s rhythm is on point


Hey Blogs, off topic but what do you think about putting up an Arsecast post on the news site so we have a place to bullshit about the podcast?

Just a thought, cheers!


Yes, but commenting on the arses has always seemed liked walking into someone’s living room I’ve never met heh, it’s fine no worries.


Wenger hasn’t locked in the Debuchy signing as there is still a chance we might get Hatem Trabelsi at right back instead.

Clearly Arsene is holding out for the better player…

Save 75 cents

Putting the off field benefits aside I would rather have Schneiderlin…

Özil's Eyes on Arsene's Hot Thighs

Why is no one talking about the BT Sport ad?


Talking of BT Sport, Michael Owen has predicted that Arsenal won’t make the Top 4 this season. He may be a crap commentator, but you can’t say that he doesn’t provide great comedy.


Michael Owens’ predictions from last year:
– Arsenal won’t finish in the top four
– Arsenal will finish behind Tottenham
– Arsenal will finish behind Manchester United
– Liverpool will win the league
– Hull will win the FA Cup
– Arsenal won’t make any signings this summer

100% record so far. I would like very much for him to predict that I won’t win the lottery.


Does anyone have Yaya Toure in your minds? If we can call him and wish a happy birthday or send him a birthday card will be enough to sign him though

Highbury Clockhand

I would have no desire to see him play for Arsenal. We would have to sell the souls of the first team to gain the capitol just for his absurd wages, he is 31, and he gets mad if you don’t bake him cakes. I mean, I love cake. But I wouldn’t get mad at people for not baking them, that takes time, a good oven, some flour, sugar and a nice icing. You could ask you mother to bake it, but why put her to all that trouble just for some greedy footballer who she doesn’t even know? It’s… Read more »


This season is going to be huge, we can really compete and show our quality. I’d like Khedira but Bender and Schniderlin are great options too. P.s. If you want a monster wage, stay at Real Madrid. If you want to make a difference, play magic football, and join the most beautiful team in the EPL, come to arsenal.


If he wants a monster wage, he’ll go to Chelsea, Man City, or PSG. Obviously Khedira feeling “underappreciated” at Real Madrid is agent talk for “they’re not giving my client a large enough pay packet commensurate to what he brings to the team.”


Bendtner 😎

Kay Tyma

Joel Campbell in Joel Campbell In…..Yaya Sanogo out on loan Yaya Sanogo out on loan…bring the lad back he will offer something more than Sanogo…


Not his height and physicality.

Sanogo is Giroud’s immediate replacement if he continues to improve.

And we need the tall CF as a can opener particularly as we play mainly against teams that will sit deep against us.

Not sure where Campbell will feature for us. More likely on loan. Maybe Arsene may give him a chance but Sanogo bc of his physicality may be more useful.

Highbury Clockhand

I think a lopsided 4-2-3-1/4-4-2 hybrid will suit us well. Ramsey shuttling forward from deep, Arteta or possibly Khedira a little deeper, Walcott on the right, Sanchez either upfront or high up and narrow on the left when Giroud starts. I quite like Ozil wide as well. You will see more of Ozil’s ability with the pace of Walcott, who will rip Chelsea’s The-Two-Lads-Duo (Terry/Cahill) to shreds with Sanchez, to the point that Mourinho snatches an inhaler from an ill asthmatic child to puff on to calm his nerves, pulling at his cashmere scarf for more air, only to realise… Read more »


Well, we do need to transition much quicker to catch the other side before they can organize and sit deep. We were deprived of speed last season with Walcott, Chamberlain and Gnabry out for long stretches. Sanchez will add a bit of guile for us which we have lacked in recent times. I can’t see him leading the line like Giroud but he can play off him or come on late on and exploit space as the singular striker up top when legs get tired (that 70 minute mark) My concern would be if Giroud takes a knock and gets… Read more »


The other thing that was missing last season was Jack being able to provide us the drive centrally. he hasn’t been as stellar as Ramsey but in some ways for balance of the team, he is equally if not more crucial. The only other player who provides the sort of vertical threat with dribbling ability to beat a couple of men through the middle is Diaby. Ramsey is a different player. Whilst possessing some dribbling ability (He is improving) he is more a pass and move player. The addition of Jack (and Diaby) will give us yet more tools to… Read more »

Highbury Clockhand

One frustrating thing last season was that against even the highest defensive line, we rarely had players who sprint in behind defenses when Walcott isn’t playing, and that kind of pass is Ozil’s bread and butter. Podolski can do that to some degree, but simply having a burst of speed to exploit the space in behind, especially from the wide right role, is so important; really it’s part of the Arsenal style that the Invincibles perfected. Against deeper opposition, I think Giroud is valuable, because he brings the players behind him, Ramsey Ozil etc, into pockets that he leaves. I… Read more »


Jack is equally if not more crucial to the team than Ramsey? Are you serious? Did you see how we performed (with Jack in the team) after Ramsey went down? It wasn’t pretty. I get what you’re saying about his vertical runs but whats SEVERELY lacking is defensive output from him, and that is a crucial component of the B2B role. Dribbling ability Jack’s got in spades but what he doesn’t have is the judgement on when to dribble and when not to – dribbling into cul de sacs and losing possession is not helpful. I think he will continue… Read more »


News just in: John Terry is a cunt, in other news: Maureen is a double cunt!


Talking about yaya sonogo. Wenger have to push the lad on a loan,This is not the Season to give an average player a chance. We need someone like Campbell to show the stuff he is made of

NinMung Loves the BFG

Per is Per-fect

Chaillah the Gunner

I wouldn’t want you for a brother


“With me and him on the flanks, a lot of teams won’t be looking forward to playing Arsenal this year!”, he said.
Finally looks like he has realised he is not a striker.


Most are easily enamoured by the latest shiny new toy. Sanchez has played as a forward for Barcelona but they are a different beast in a more forgiving league to short statured strikers. For Chile, he plays at RW (and they aren’t a tall team even) I can see his merit as a second striker off of Giroud or Sanogo ina 4-4-1-1 but he will find it difficult to emulate Giroud’s role which for the most part we will need against 70% of teams who defend deep. Still the extra cunning and speed on the break for us will help… Read more »


“but he will find it difficult to emulate Giroud’s role which for the most part we will need against 70% of teams who defend deep.” How does Giroud especially help with attacking against teams that defend deep? Giroud is a fantastic player, but his main contribution in that regard has been to flick on passes for faster midfielders. While he’s very good at doing that, and Sanchez is obviously not going to have the same physical influence, the one thing that Sanchez can do that Giroud cannot is beat his defender by dribbling. I’m not anti-Giroud and I’m saying we… Read more »


Where does Carzola come in…
Wat about TR7?
This is wat I call ‘depth’

King 14enry

On somewhat of another note, Sanchez is on twitter: @Alexis_Sanchez
Thank god for google translate…


Theo + Sanchez??
If its a dream don’t wake me plsssss

Woolwich Peripatetic

While a DM would be nice (can be subbed on for the last thirty when we’re a goal up) I don’t think people really underestimate just how much of a loss Theo was to our defence. Arteta and Flamini suffered in the big games because the big teams could squeeze up the pitch without fear, putting those two under too much pressure in midfield. Walcott and Sanchez will make life a lot easier for either of those two.


DM is not a priority.

Arteta and Flamini (and the ocassional Diaby) are plenty.

I suppose if Khedira came in at the right price, Arteta would be moved on earlier but frankly we have other more pressing needs.

Cback for one is an issue.

We need someone who can rotate through meterscielny to give the two main Cbacks a break through the campaign. Vermaelen even if he stays has thus far not been able to do that.


Jamie Carragher pissed me off saying Walcott and the Ox will suffer because of Sanchez’ arrival and he should have signed for Liverpool. What about Sterling, Sturridge, Lallana? Bellend.


DM is not a priority. We need : 1)LB – Something has to be sorted. Debuchy or someone-else. Personally if Seamus Coleman was available for 15m, I’d take him instead. 2)CB – My issue with Vermaelen is he can’t seem to force himself into rotation with Meterscielny. Presumably as 4th choice Miquel may get a look in. 3)GK – Ospnia? Fine with me. Ochoa is apparently a free agent but a lot depends on player motivation. Anyone for second fiddle? 4)Striker- despite Sanchez, I remain unconvinced that we are sufficiently covered up top. Sanchez can and has played forward for… Read more »


A defensive midfielder is totally a priority, our rivals whom we got slaughtered by on occasions last year have strengthened and you think we should more or less keep the same formation at the back with the added addition of debuchy in replace of Sagna. A world class organised defensive midfield player could make all the difference. Agree we need another striker though and maybe if we don’t buy one then Campbell could be that player. We have the money and we have the majority of the players we need why wait another season and go a player short of… Read more »

Wenger's beach trainer

Most importantly, arsene refusing to admit publicly that John terry is a cunt. Surely, Wenger must go


Joel Campbell.

No one seems to be talking about him.

Held up the ball brilliantly for Costa Rica, lovely touches and quick turn of pace.

Wenger will likely have a very close look pre-season again. if he thinks campbell is up for it, then he should likely take the2nd/3rd spot for CF alongside Giroud and Sanogo.

At 5’10, he has simply a better physique in this slot than Sanchez who is more likely outwide with Walcott, Chamberlain, Podolski and Ganbry (not to mention santi). More importantly he keeps the ball well with back to goal.


And lest you judge him by the last game he played, his legs were gone by that stage.

Well done Dick Law.

No Wanyama, Gustavo, Mvila or Mitrogolou.


I’d love to see Campbell getting a go on the right while Walcott is out – which could be October-November: it’s a nasty injury, one of the worst, so he’s bound to take a while to regain match fitness and to have lost a bit of his pace, at least for a while. Much prefer Campbell to the (possibly) greedy and conceited Remy who’s just been convicted of drink driving. Wilshere having an occasional cigarette on holiday doesn’t seem like the end of the world, whereas heavy drinking during the season, not to mention driving when drunk, isn’t something that… Read more »

Sam Gooner

I cant believe Arsenal might let go of Khedira because of extra 30000 pound wage, How isnt that a outrageous ? moreover Chelsea might get him


Not done and dusted.


As it possibly stands :

CF – Giroud, Sanogo, Campbell

RW – Sanchez, Walcott, Chamberlain (Gnabry, Santi)
LW – Podolski, Rosicky, (Santi, Chamberlain, Gnabry)

AM – Ozil, (Sanchez, Santi, Rosicky)
CM – Ramsey, Jack, (Rosicky, Chamberlain, Zelalem)
DM – Arteta, Flamini (Diaby)

RB – Debuchy, Jenkinson (Bellerin)
LB – Gibbs, Monreal (TV)
CB – Per, Koscielny, TV, Miquel

GK – Szsc, Ospina


Sans Khedira. If he does get bought, then the obvious player he will replace is the oft unavailable Diaby. DM is not a priority but this looks like an opportunity buy accelerating the eventual replacement of Arteta and Diaby. More concern at Cback where Vermaelen can’t seem to rotate through Meterscielny. We will need him to step up or may need another. We don’t want feet of clay. If Khedira is added, it may afford us enough energy to go 4-4-1-1 ( effectively having Sanchez off of one of the big men in Giroud or Sanogo, or even Campbell) Very… Read more »

Anonymous Physicist

Diaby is not a DM. If anything, he might be the most natural cover for Ramsey we have in the squad: an attacking oriented box-to-box midfielder with a good tackle but even better forward drive.

I totally understand your confusion though, it is darn hard to remember what he even looks like, let alone what he plays like.


That’s two world class signings to nil

Sam Gooner

We need Khedira, he is not only a good tackler, but also a good passer and just see his game against Brazil, he combined well with Ozil, if we are to prevent hidings like at Chelsea we need a good DM

Mate Kiddleton

Khedira is not a DM, more a box to box all round midfielder. Kinda like Diaby or Ramsey.

Tazmanian Jesus

Im on the toilet, and Im also currently still hailing the Sanchez capture.

Sam Gooner

You think we can may be get Sanchez to persuade his teammate Vidal to ditch Shithole United for us ?


What happened to the rumour that Källström might stay for another season? Not saying he’s a replacement for Khedira if that deal goes wrong but he’s a pretty solid midfielder who’d be on our books on the cheap.


Diaby isn’t a DM!! He’s never been one and never will be one! Why oh why do people think he can play there when that’s clearly not his position.

Wenger uses him as either a box to box but was often using him pushed up high or even off the striker. He ain’t a DM by a long shot

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