Arteta: Captaincy is a privilege


Mikel Arteta says he’s honoured to have been made captain of Arsenal, and has pledged to do his best for his teammates throughout the season.

The Spaniard was appointed after Thomas Vermaelen’s departure to Barcelona, and after the Community Shield, he said, “Being captain of Arsenal Football Club is is a big honour, it’s obviously something that doesn’t happen every day.

“It’s a privilege, with a big responsibility, so I will try to stand up and do my best for my players.

“I been there before last season when Thomas was injured and not playing for a long time, so I am used to it. Now I just have to try do my best for my teammates, the manager and the club.”

The new skipper also spoke to the official website about the new signings made this summer, and believes we’ll see a different kind of attacking game from the Gunners this season.

“Attacking-wise this season, we’re going to be different and we’re going to have more of a surprise factor,” he said.

He touched on Alexis, saying, “He has the right attitude here – very humble. He’s going to do well – I think the fans are very excited and I think they are right because we’ve signed some player here.”

And also Costa Rican youngster Joel Campbell, who has obviously caught the eye in training.

“I’m very impressed with Joel. He’s got great feet, great technique, he’s very creative and he’s a young lad who is full of energy and is enthusiastic. He wants to stay here, he wants to make his stamp here and I think the boss is going to give him a chance.”

See what he had to say about David Ospina and Calum Chambers here.

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Pure class act. And hair.


Que pelo de lujo…


…and a well earned privilege at that.


its a privilege to have you as our captain.

The fool of a Took

That is a proper captain if I have ever seen one.
Calm, responsible, fighter, amazing hair and a natural leader.


Amazing hair.
A natural leader.

First things first 😉


Natural hair and amazing leader!
unlike Manchester United’s captain (Rooney)


In a comparison that involves hair on his head, (or leadership for that matter) Rooney will always loose out.

the only sam is nelson

I like Arteta a lot – always thought he was Everton’s most potent attacking threat from the middle, so it’s been really interesting to see him settle into a more considered role at the Arsenal and also slightly surprised to see how spiky he can get. Which is even better – with him and Wilshere and Kos I think we’ve a little bit of an edge that perhaps we lost when project youth came along and maybe got kicked around a little bit.

The only Olivier is Giroud

Such a classy player. I’m having “Arteta 8” printed on my Arsenal shirt. I was torn between him and Rosicky… Little Mozart would have to wait till I’ve saved up to buy the new away kit!


I have mine set on TR7 for the Home kit. Arteta for my Away kit. Those two already a legend to me


Buy Howedes.


No disrespect to the Verminator but Mikel already was our skipper last season.

He doesn’t get enough credit for his work as a lot of people are asking for a “midfield destroyer” but I think he’ll do a great job for us in the coming (and hopefully successful) seasons.

I don't comment here often

And the season before last I thought he was our best player. He’s got great passing, a terrific ability to win fouls out of nothing, and most of all the coolest head in the team. After Gibbs headed off the line against Hull in the FA Cup final and everybody was looking around wondering what the hell was happening Arteta really steadied the ship. When we bought him he was supposedly Cesc’s replacement, but he’s evolved into our best defensive midfield player since Gilberto Silva. Think about that. Great player and a great gunner.

Clock End Mike

Yes, Mikel’s reminded me of Gilberto more than a few times. Not often noticed, but always there doing his job. Mr Reliable. I miss Gilberto — a Gunner hero who left us before he should.

2014-2015 = the year we've been waiting for

Better hit the gym Mikel. Who knows how many trophies you’ll need to lift this year.


It’s like Eye of the Tiger meets I Need a Hero.


UEFA better redesign the CL trophy with some solid steel bars inside! Otherwise that fella might just crush it like tinfoil by accident ;-).




Nice pipes!


One of those tired criticisms of Arsenal from a few years ago was that we had no leaders on the pitch, and I guess looking back three or four years it was probably a fair comment (although Hansen, Shearer, Robson et al wore it pretty thin…). We certainly had some personalities on the pitch but after Fabregas left we were short of all-for-one-and-one-for-all type players. Completely different story now and I think Arteta is a great choice for captain and you can always hear his voice when you watch the games. More than that though we’ve got some other great… Read more »

Arteta's hair

I love Arteta and i think it’s fine that he is given the captaincy because of what he has done for this club and because of his status in the squad. However, it is a short term solution. Arteta is not getting younger, and he’s obviously not going to be playing regularly in many seasons to come. So in one (or two) season(s) when the captaincy again is up for grabs, I’d like to see us going for a more long term solution. I miss having a captain we can imagine leading our team for many years to come like… Read more »


I’ld give Rambo a couple of years before captain; 2-3. In the mean time, there is Arteta and BFG.
I would let Rambo focus on his game. And let him worry about that (not that he needs to atm). Let it continue to grow, and develop further. While that is happening, he will become even more skilled, and his natural leadership attributes will emerge (he was captain of wales a couple of years ago). We will have a captain who is on top of his game.

das pauly bear

Get on the weights amigeo the prem league trophy looks heavy.

And your gonna have to lift it over your head in a few months …


Good professional. Goes about his job calmly. Unfortunately his legs are going slowly. Nevertheless a key man and pivot for the team. Bring on Crystal Palace. I am confident we’ll smash them and lay down a marker. COYG!!


I think Per or Szczesny should have got it really, but no one knows his squad better than Arsene. Arteta has been an admirable player for us for 3 difficult seasons and an admirable personality but he is unfortunately somewhat on the decline I fear.


“he’s not a hero… he’s a silent guardian, a watchful protector… a Dark Knight…”
Captain Arteta !!!
sounds like Captain America !! ! 🙂

sam gooner

Silent Guardian, Dark Knight that sounds like nothing but Batman. Off topic- RIP Rob Williams. Legend. Like Arteta will be

Gbenga Ogunbule

Before this day we all know he is the captain(Vermalean was just a puppet[no insult to him as he is a true gunner]). Hope they win more trophies together….


Arteta is a good player, a good leader but is he the answer to our defensive midfield problem?! The reason we lost against the big teams last year so comprehensively was because we lacked that dominant midfielder who could protect our defense so efficiently. Obviously Arteta wasn’t solely to blame, but his position is the one where were most vulnerable in. Against the very best teams, Arteta does not have the defensive game to protect our defense. He gets out battled, over run, he just doesn’t have the legs or strength to beat the likes of Yaya and Matic. It’s… Read more »

Anonymous Physicist

Including “that’s a fact!” or “FACT!” in your argument makes me 95% less willing to believe the rest of what you’re writing.


That’s fair enough, you’re entitled to your opinion and “that’s a fact”..


I’m still looking for Captain Arteta’s stats against Man City… He didn’t make a single successful pass nor did he attempt a single tackle… And that’s A FACT! Oh, he didn’t even play a single second… And, isn’t THAT A FACT?!


Though the media keep ramming this same argument down our throats, I actually don’t think it’s the case. The games against City, Chelsea and Liverpool saw a collectively awful performance, and while it’s easy to blame Arteta and talk of his lack of pace, the best defensive midfielders historically aren’t often lightening quick, intelligence is far more important. With a mobile, disciplined player like Ramsey next to him, arteta can sit back and assess the danger, and more often than not cut it out- his performance against Liverpool at home was one of the best I’ve seen a centre mid… Read more »

Anonymous Physicist

Try makes an excellent point, which deserves to be emphasized: Arteta didn’t play a single minute of the City away defeat last year.


We were too cavalier in those heavy defeats last season, pushing the wing backs on when they should’ve just held the fort for 5 to stabilise the game.

Any CDM would’ve struggled in those circumstances, nothing to do with Arteta’s ability.

I don’t expect we will witness it happening again this season, there’s more pride in the squad this year, they know they let themselves down in those few games last year.


Our attack last year focus on Giroud’s ability which is really really devastating in and around the box.. however, due to our injuries, teams can afford to push up, nullifying Giroud’s main strength and exposing his weakness.. Which is why Alexis is brought this year (it was the intention as well last year), but we failed to get vampirez I believe Ozil was brought not to feed Giroud, its more to feed the players around Giroud and in the few times they are available, the strategy works.. its after the new year that we lost all the guys feeding off… Read more »


I think that scapegoating Arteta for the big defeats is dangerous, because it misses the deeper problems we had at the time. Ignoring the City game (how could Arteta have been a factor there?), if you look at the other matches (even the Everton one), what stands out is the other missing players. Not having many or all of: Ramsey, Wilshere, Özil and Walcott available we lost the ability to dominate midfield that could have stemmed the tide, and the creativity that could have got us back into the game. I suppose you could argue Chelsea would still have scored… Read more »


Its a privilege to have Arteta as a captain.

sam gooner

If a DM does come in i wouldnt mind Arteta on the bench. Remember the last time we regularly benched our captai we won a trophy


El Capitan v2.0

I'm so ronery

Hurry up season ffs


I like Ramsey. but as a captain no. I believe a captain should be at a certain age and easily respected by his team mates.

I am south African. we had a player once in my team here Orlando pirates he was once regarded the most naturally talented player to come out the country since Lucas Radebe. he captained the team at 20, wa promptly brought by Sp^$$%s. scored a cracker on debut, and that was the last we heard of him. he is now a journey man.

I am not suggesting that Ramsey will follow suit. just saying


To Be fair Arsenals most succesful captain was appointed at age 21… For all you younglings out there that was “Mr Arsenal” Tony Adams


Damn! I forgotten about Old John Mabizela. A talent wasted

Bufty the imaginary lodger

Ebb and flow

I'm so ronery

Poldi for captain #aha


He’s a player I can see as a manager some day. Maybe being (official) captain is step #1. With BFG as “enforcer.” 🙂

Tibetan Gooner

“Pure class act. And hair” by dogeZA. Ha ha nice one


Everyone is sucking Arteta’s dick yet everyone wants him replaced in the team with a new defensive midfielder! Wenger has made the same mistake in giving the captaincy to a player who isn’t going to be first on the team sheet either this season or next. BFG should have got the armband.


IF we buy a CDM, then this will be the first time the club has appointed a captain and then benched him in my lifetime. TV5 was automatic first choice as Vice Captain, and was in the XI every week until the Bayern game in 2013.

Before That, RvP, Fabregas, Gallas, Henry, Vieria, and Adams were all 1st team regulars week in week out.

petey b

Perhaps there is a significant centre back signing around the corner that would put BFG’s ‘first on the timesheet’ status under threat.
For now I’m happy to say forget about the large hadron collider, and trust our own LHC Lego Headed Captain

Realistic Gooner

Funny how a few months ago everyone was saying #artetaout , but now everyone loves him. Exact same thing happened with Wenger


Great appointment. Class act on and off the pitch. Veterans experience….solid captains choice.