Sunday, November 28, 2021

Arteta: X-Factor competition is key

Mikel Arteta believes competition for place this season will be beneficial to the Gunners as they look to improve in the Premier League.

Having more four signings, and added Joel Campbell to the squad, the skipper says that kind of environment pushes players to perform and will be beneficial to the team over the course of the new campaign.

Speaking the official site, he said, “When you’re playing and you look at the bench, and you see that we have options to change the game. You can write down two or three different teams and that’s what you need.

“You need competition, players to be on their toes and that’s what the manager is going to get this season. If we make the right decisions, I’m sure we will be there.”

And having arrived at the club when we were in an absolute mess, Arteta is encouraged by the improvement in the quality of players that have been signed, and also developed.

“I think we have moved forward since I’ve been here,” he said. “In the last three seasons, we’ve signed ‘X-factor’ players,” he said. “When Santi came, I think fans got really excited because he was giving us something really special.

“With Mesut it was something very special. Now we have Alexis – but you forget about Theo who missed six months last year and was superb when he was fit.

“Then there’s Oxlade-Chamberlain, Jack and Rambo, who was unbelievable last season. Suddenly you’re talking about six or seven really good players that can make a difference in a game and that’s what you want to win trophies.”

The Gunners begin their Premier League campaign on Saturday against Crystal Palace.

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dink arnold

I’m very glad to know Arteta’s captaining the team. It seems he has a very positive relationship with Wenger and loves being an integral part of the club. I also believe that he will retire with us and possibly end up working behind the scenes for a while; he seems to have the intelligence, respect, discipline and composure to work with young players.

I’m hoping this finally breaks the captain’s curse. I didn’t notice anyone pointing out that once again we’ve sold off our captain in this seemingly never ending trend.

Henry GoonerLegend

Well said skipper! Hopefully we get another CB to cover BFG and Bosscielny. If we sign a DM like Carvalho, I think I’ll explode. #COYG


“The Gunners begin their Premier League campaign on Saturday against Crystal Palace.”



Hell yeah, bring on the competition bitches!


We are all in very positive mood and now we need results on the pitch, starting on Saturday! COYG!

donkey trousers

So excited to get cracking! COYG!!!

Realistic Gooner

Looks like we’re going all out for 4th this season

Perry S.




The African Panther

Sp*d alert


Your statement contradicts your name. Prick


Exactly! We are going all out for the 4th league title since Wenger took over 😀

Realistic Gooner

It’s a joke. Ease up guys. As an Arsenal fan, I wouldn’t mind a 4th place finish, especially with so much new competition. A good run in the CL is the most important thing to me this season because we’ll be able to attract more top class players


Change your name to Pessimistic Gooner and all is forgiven.

Kanu's big toe

Finishing fourth means either Liverpool, Man U, or Sp*rs would finish above us. All horrific situations.


I love this man. Is he world class? No. Does it matter? No. Hair? Still perfect.

Perry S.

reminds of the track by The Rakes: The World Was a Mess But His Hair Was Perfect…


Guys I have a question, do players tend to lose a bit of their pace after an ACL injury? I was concerned regarding Theo..


That is an entirely legitimate concern. The boss talks of players below a certain age (~25) having a much higher success rate of making “full” recoveries from these things. There was a bit posted on arseblog news this summer about injury prevention and recovery also. I think that time is the only answer as far as theo is concerned. We all share your hopes and fears though, cause theo can make the difference in big games… ssk Messi. He is different to anyone else in the league bar maybe sterling.


I wouldn’t say you lose straight line sprint speed per se but you do lose something. It might be mental more than anything but sudden changes in direction are still pretty scary for me (2 years since my ACL tear). Agility is not quite the same either. I was never a thunderbolt by any means but I could run on to through passes before my injury and cut back with even blinking but now, if I chase something close to top speed I am still hesitant to throw all the weight on the bad leg. That’s probably the difference between… Read more »


He might just be the best player ever in the EPL to never get an international call up.


I really have no idea why Spain even with all their midfield couldn’t fit Arteta in just once of their meaningless friendlies for once.. They do give a try to different combinations of players to see who performs.

Zorro in the box

With Arteta’s nous and leadership, he seems like he’s got the potential to be a great manager. And wouldn’t it be ironic if he one day becomes the Spanish national manager?

I'm so ronery

Pity there’s no competition for CB


Per and Boss are first choice. If one of them drops their standards then Chambers steps in and steals their spot.

Add to that the fact that Wenger said he wants to sign as CB before the window closes and I don’t see a problem. (Apart from this weekend but hopefully Koscielny will be fit to partner Chambers).

Ginger gooner

*made* not more, 2nd para.

well said skip 😉


encouraging developments at AFC. at the end of the day, Calum Chambers is a reminder to me that Arsene Wenger is going to still strengthen – that signing came out of no where.

We need to keep the faith in the manager – I wouldn’t be shocked if we sign another world class star.

how good does it feel to see a big name in a headline and believe that “yes, we can sign him” instead of “wengers to cheap, will never happen”

optimism COYG! big win Saturday!


Can Saturday fucking hurry up and come now please? Without the World Cup this summer would have been very very long…

Any international tournaments going on in 2015? Confederations Cup? AFCON? Imma need my summer fix.


Don’t care what Arteta says, I’m not watching the X Factor.

Scott P

I’ve just been on the BBC website and their “chief football analyst” has Arsenal finishing outside of the top 4… Like, really? Better squad + haven’t been outside CL spots for 15 years = Worse performance, apparently


You’re talking about Mark Lawrenson the idiot, aren’t you?
I bet he has Liverpool finishing above everyone, too, even though Bloomberg put Liverpool finishing outside the top 4.
This season the top 6-7 could be a crapshoot, but the top 10/bottom 10 will be pretty easy to pick.


Perhaps just one of the reasons he has been dropped from MOTD this year. Although they have kept the IQ level (Idiot Quotient) up by having Savage and Shearer.


Nope, not Lawrenson. McNumpty. And I’m actually very pleased with his prediction, because for the past fifteen years he’s predicted we’ll finish outside the top four, and he’s been wrong EVERY SINGLE MOTHERFUCKING TIME. As far as I’m concerned, it’s business as usual, Arsenal in the CL. What absolutely slays me about his predictions, though, is the teams he’s picked to finish ahead of us. Liverpool? You having a laugh. Man Ure? Pull the other one. Those two teams’ll be battling it out for sixth spot with the Scum. Everton is better than both of them put together. I’m not… Read more »

Zorro in the box

This is what I really don’t get. Last season we were neck and neck with City and Chelsea until we faltered as the 3 major injuries hit (Theo, Ramsey and Ozil). Liverpool steamed in and took our place fighting for it but we were really comfortable of the 4th spot though Everton gave it a good stab. We were, by most pundits and fans’ estimations, a side that was punching above it’s weight if we were trying to get CL. Ozil tipped it for some but most saw us missing out – we not only got it more comfortably than… Read more »


The man literally does that every season, hes so blatantly biased in favour of United its unreal! The anti-Arsenal bias on news sites drives me mental sometimes.

German Shepherd

Trophies? What, FA Cup, COC? I’m weary of this vague trophy optimism every day. How about we just don’t get humiliated by our rivals this year, that would be better. Not losing by five or six to the cuntiest teams on the planet > 4th place and another FA Cup

Please Wenger…

JJ's Bender

I’d take the occasional hammering if it meant seeing Mikel and the boys lifting more of those lovely silvery things

Zorro in the box

Arsene’s limbs?


They say up front we’re lacking quality. I actually think Giroud is the perfect Arsenal striker (a bit more pace wouldn’t hurt) We finally got some runners on the wings that he can work with. Everyone knows he’s strong but slow. but now with Alexis on one side defenders are gonna be so stretched Giroud will have so much space for activities..and just imagine when Walcott comes back …it’s gonna be unreal COYG!


These activities?


I think we may emulate many strengths of the invincibles this season. It’s raining silverware & the league is about to start! Reasons to be cheerful.


Whatever mikel. Phil mcnulty clearly knows better. Liverpool will obviously finish in the top four (behind united!?) and therefore it makes perfect sense that after 17 seasons we will drop out of the champions league spots, despite having added some incredible players to our team and being very close last season. The BBC employs some really top notch journalists because he got at least one position in his predictions right for the 2013/14 season… Oh wait…

Soqed Hozi

I am seriously considering a big bet on an unbeaten season. So pumped. I’ll be there on opening day, can’t wait!


I bet my brother (Mugsmasher) a pint that we’d go undefeated this year. He gave me 20/1. Easiest 20 pints I ever made.

Özil Gummidge

Actually Phil Mcnulty who reckons we will finish 4th. I think he is one of those getting overexcited about Van Gaal’s first season. I reckon United for 5th, maybe 4th. I’m sure we will finish above them. We will see.

Flamini's Therapist

So being top of the league for longer than any other team, with a much weaker and injured squad last season, means we are going to do worse this season? Under the radar. Best way to become deserved Champions.

Alexis short shorts

Why are we even discussing other teams, it’s all about the arsenal, by the way i just read somewhere that Man U are involved in the second round of the carling cup, can you beleave it and some call them ‘our rivals’


Haterz be my motivation. They should stick these negative comments in the changing room for motivation.


Im simply put so fucking excited about this season. Were we to bring in any upgrade no matter which position in question, we’d be winning the title.


Certainly have plenty of cover in most positions with exception of Cback at the moment which remains thin.

1) CF – Giroud, Sanogo, Campbell, (Alexis)
2) RW – Alexis, Walcott, (Campbell, Chamberlain)
3) LW – Podolski, Chamberlain (Santi, Rosicky)
4) AM – Ozil, Santi, (Rosicky, Alexis)
5) CM – Ramsey, Jack, Rosicky (Diaby)
6) DM – Arteta, Flamini (Chambers Diaby)
7) RB – Debuchy, Bellerin, (Chambers)
8) LB – Gibbs, Monreal, (Flamini)
9) CB – Per, Koscielny, (?????), Chambers
10) GK – Szsc, Ospina, Martinez


And still in development – Gnabry, Zelalem, Akpom, Hayden, maybe Miquel


Arteta was excellent against City.

We don’t need a tall bruising CDM like Gustavo, Wanyama or Mvila.

I'm so ronery

Diaby lolz

Merlin's Panini

I was listening to the Arsecast Extra and have been thinking for a while about the final question: The Arsenal A Team to save you from a John Terry kidnapping. Here’s mine: B.A.: Diaby. He’s come the closest of anyone to actually killing John Terry, despite his glass frame. If it were a past player I would have gone for Bergkamp because he ain’t gettin’ on no aeroplane fool! Murdoch: Podolski. Loves doing crazy shit like flying helicopters. There’s no other choice in my mind. Face: Giroud. A hit with the ladies. A twinkle in his eye. The Handsome “Face”… Read more »


It is all a bit silent on the Diaby front, is he still healthy?


Love you, mr Lego-hair, aka the Arsenal’s Captain.

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