Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Chambers: This club is destined for great things

Calum Chambers has reflected on his debut after cruising through 90 minutes at centre-back as Arsenal ran out 5-1 victors over Benfica in the Emirates Cup.

Looking calm and decisive on the ball, the 19-year-old cut an impressive figure next to Nacho Monreal…not bad given he was cleaning Rickie Lambert’s boots just two-years ago.

Speaking to BT Sport after the game, Chambers was obviously over the moon about his whirlwind couple of weeks.

“It’s amazing. To play in front of such a big crowd and [with] the quality of players i’m playing with now it’s a great achievement.

“I enjoy [playing] centre-half, obviously I played right-back last season but if there’s an opening for me I’ll just try my best to grab that opportunity and take it.

“The quality of players we’ve got in this team is immense. To play with such amazing players is an honour. There’s always an option on.

“This club is destined for great things. It’s got a great history and I think we can do well this year in the league.”

Having handed debuts to Joel Campbell and Alexis Sanchez and seen Yaya Sanogo break his scoring duck, Arsene Wenger was similarly happy after a good day at the office.

“We had a great first half. It was very interesting and a good opportunity to see some of the younger players who have done well. Overall it’s always positive when you win. I like the way we played together.

“Sanogo scored four goals. We could see for a while that not scoring his first goal was on his mind. When he scored one, he scored four. It’s good for him to find that confidence because he has a great goal-scoring record.

“[Campbell’s goal] was a good one. He was available [for the ball], can pass people and is collective in the final third. I liked the way he played today.

“The new signings, always when they are a big name, are liked by the crowd. You could see with his [Alexis’] runs that he will be dangerous. He’s not fit yet but once he will be fit he will be a dangerous player.”

On the subject of transfers, the boss – as he did yesterday – hinted there could be more activity, particularly with numbers short in defence.

“Who is next? I don’t know. There could still be one signing. Just the one, maybe two maximum.

“No [it doesn’t depend on players leaving] but if a good opportunity comes up we might still do it. At the moment we’re not close to signing anybody. I’m very happy with the squad I have available at the moment. We might be short at the back maybe.”

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I’m more excited about his signing than all the others. What a deadly calm player, loved him at CB today. Perfect heir to Per.


I see what you did there. But he was very good today. Definitely a long term successor to Per 🙂


I shudder to think Chris Smalling or Phil Jones may have arrived instead…


Hate me all you want for saying this but Jones is actually a very decent prospect as well.


I don’t hate you.

He reminds me of a border collie or something, so eager and running about so much, if that could be harnessed he would be pretty damn good.


Phil Jones is a beast with a great attitude, I’d take him in a heartbeat. Not his fault he’s been played all over the back in a shambles of a defence.


Jones is dog wank.

Smalling is the better prospect, he’d better be part of any deal if Vermaelen goes to Man Shite


I’ll make a big prediction here, give it 3-4 years, Bellerin and Jenkinson will be having a big battle for 1st choice RB (Bellerin – how good was he today?) and Chambers and Julio Pleguzuelo (Young CB we got from barca) will have formed a Per/Kos relationship and be learning from those two getting ready to take over from them they’ll still only be 22 and 20 at the time. Isaac Hayden has big potential too although not as big as the other 2, but he could be battling them or DM for a spot. Add that into Ox(aged23), Campbell… Read more »

Al Gilmore

hit the nail on the head their mate. As fans we can be very short term in our thinking. We clamour for signings that make the difference NOW, this season. It’s all we care about (well, some of us anyway). I read a piece from a guy from She Wore a Yellow Ribbon and while it wasn’t full of Anti-Wenger vitriol (unlike most from She Wore..) it did still question if Wenger had wasted at least (the non Alexis) half of that 65mill he’s spent this season mainly because Debuchy + Ospina were ‘only’ replacing players and therefore Alexis was… Read more »


He looked calm and did well. Great job, one for the future. Arsene showing his genius mind with this choice yet again.


Good on you lad. Fantastic from The Arsenal today…really looking forward to tomorrow as we get that one on TV here in the US.

Seems like an absolutely great buy from Arsene this young man. I hope Campbell really kicks on as well…..

Come On You Reds.



I don’t understand Spanish, but the Spanish commentary on ESPN3 today was better than Stewart Robson’s ‘commentary’.

American Gooner

I don’t think this statement can be liked enough!


Don’t know which was more enjoyable, Arsenals performance or the lack of imbecilic punditry.

Seduce me, Arsene

Stuart ‘Bald Judas’ Robson


Sami Khedira & Smalling
But I’d be happy if we only get Khedira

Msian Gooner


Yann Le Pentrec

So people less happy with bad spelling than they are with guesses about incoming transfers.

Captain's Armband

I think the people were less happy about the mention of bringing in Smalling.


He made a couple brilliant tackles by reading passes, and once or twice broke up counters at the half line with strong (but fair) fouls. This kid could be a beast


This is just the beginning


Chambers looked solid and composed and very capable. I was excited enough just looking at our squad this year, but seeing them in action gave me wood. The present is ours and thr future is ours for the taking COYG


Future. Forever. Victorious!


Thought our youngsters were all fantastic.

My only concern, and I know this may seem strange, is the Puma tops. Every player’s undershirt looked like it was uncomfortable ruffled over the kit collar. I hope the boys are ok with the top. The tightness isn’t the issue; seems like the overly wide neckline may be. Same with the away top too.

As professionals, these things shouldn’t mean much, but it would bother the hell outta me.


I think its just the training vests at the moment with GPS inside, lets see at the start of the season.

As for players, Santi and Jack didn’t quite get into it today, I hope they start tomorrow I really want them to do well this year.


I question a lot with the Wenger signings , last year he only really brought in ozil as a marquee signing , I think thus year so far nearly all players are high calibre. Sanogo will be a decent sub and squad player , Giroud will be relied on less. Ramsey and Walnuts injuries cost us the league last time around , if we had had decent cover for both it may have been a different story , it looks like Wenger has been told SPEND and bring in big.I read somewhere before this year our total spendature on players… Read more »


Nobody TOLD Wenger to spend this summer. He hasn’t changed, his philosophy hasn’t changed, he is no less of a great manager than he was 10 years ago, what has changed is the resources! Arsene said a couple of days ago in his press conference he knew that period was going to happen when we had to pay short term debts off the stadium. I maintain that to get us through that with Champions League football every year when most years he had to make a profit in the transfer market to help us pay off the stadium and had… Read more »

Me So Hornsey

If we get a CB and a DM I’m putting a tenner down on us winning the Quintuple.
(Quadruple plus the the charity shield included).

Or maybe add the Emirates cup.

The Sextuple.

Hmmmm. Sexy.


just a tenner? you playing like the old arsine mate…

When I said bellerin was ready I got thumbed down…Glad we all witnessed his talent…


He looked calum.


Love you chambers.. wat a performance bro.

Sowed Hozi

Just one, maybe two. Perhaps three… It could be four…

Maurice Zarzar

I didn’t see the game today but can’t wait to see the highlights.Go Arsenal!


I like Damien Martinez as our third choice keeper, pretty solid IMHO and he got 2 great GK to learn a thing a two. Bellerin looks great going forward, not bad defending. Again he’ll learn loads of Debuchy and might even be given runs in CC. Chambers is superb, looks ready for the CB backup spot already. With two world class CB with different attributes to learn from, he’ll improve big time. Joel Campbell… oh my. Bring power and pace on the wings. I like what I see and I think he should be a decent squad player. Sanogo got… Read more »

lee gooner shagged john terrys racist dad

and john terry is still a cunt


Hear Hear!!

Who the fuck could thumb down such a truthful statement??

Stewart Robson's therapist

Someone in the media tagged him to be the new Tony Adams. Now let’s not carried away here – this is only a friendly, and Tony is just Tony, there will never be another – but Chambers’ maturity and presence on the pitch for a 19-year old is staggering.


Transcript from

on whether he has made an offer for Sami Khedira…

on enquiring for Khedira…
What is enquire for you?

on Khedira’s availablity…
I dont know. If I read the newspapers, he is available. 

Que wry smile ……..hes coming surely?! Fucking love you Arsene!

Anoop goon

Looks like we will need carvalho more than khedira ! Either one will do for me, actually I want them both 🙂


At CB, Chambers looks like a cross between Per and Kos. Meaning he can replace and/or place with either! And he’s only gonna get better!


I think AW mentioned two additional signings max? DM & CB. Per-fect.


Watching the game today, and not seeing the line-ups I didn’t realize until the end of the first half that Bellerin was playing RB and not Chambers. I kept praising him the whole time, until I finally did realize. For me, bellerin was a joy to watch! Such a threat, so graceful on the ball. I’m so happy and encouraged by what I saw today! Our time is finally here! -and chamber was great too! End!


I love Bellerin! He has some work to do on his defensive game, but his offensive game is already there for me. Still only 19 too, was very impressed with Chambers at CB too very, very solid player. So excited by some of these youngsters.


I just don’t know why but I see Chambers becoming the world best defender.


People are getting far too hyped up from a pre-season friendly against a very poor Benfica side.

Chambers looks promising, sure, but lets not pile any undue pressure on the lad.


Benfica did win the domestic treble and were in the final of the europa leauge so their team isnt bad and we didnt have our best players either i mean monreal was CB

Jacob Boe

I’m curious to see what the boss will do with Isaac Hayden now. Loan him out? or make him, potentially*, the fourth choice.

*barring the arrival of a like for like Verm replacement

Policeman's Bangers 'N' Mash

Let’s not get carried away with Chambers. When he inevitably has a bad game everyone will start caning him – let’s be patient. He made an exciting pre-season debut though, kind of insane for a 19 y/o. We were very good – some quality attacking – but Benefica were atrocious. Their defence was all over the place at times. Joel Campbell looks decent. I really hope he can do it in the big games (he did against Man U in the Champions League and also in the World Cup group stages). Also did anyone see that Cazorla / Sanchez interplay… Read more »

AS17 is for A.Sanchez not

frankly there’s nothing to it than everyone fighting for their number in the squad. the competition is surely gonna get the best out of everybody. everybody will have to perform well to not sit on the bench


This needs a few things still to fall into place. But if they do i think its worth a tenner on arsenal providing a full back four for England for the next world cup (assuming they qualify of course); gibbs, chambers, smalling/jones and jenkinson


Bellerin is another who will push for a RB berth.

Chambers will be auditioning for RB along with eventually maybe Cback (as a possible Koscielny replacement) and possibly DM too.

Versatility is key.

Media still unaware that we hold 6 British players in the squad, many of whom are potentially the core to England’s future, less you like to put stock in Liverpool players and we all know how the world cup panned out for England this summer with the Liverpool core.;)


Not a complaint but I don’t think he’ll sign any more. I don’t necessarily agree with the we need a DM brigade and if push came to shove he’ll throw Chambers in as CB cover. On another note took my 4 year old to his first game yesterday. When the crowd sang ‘stand up if you hate Tottenham’ he leapt to his feet (even before I did). Not sure he knows what hate is but I almost cried. He celebrated every goal like a red blooded GOONER, asked all the right questions, pointed out all his favourite players (lost his… Read more »


I think wegner did say they were short at the back and he was looking to bring in one there and MAYBE one more which i suspect would be a DM. He might go for an older CB to give cover when Vermaelen leaves but have the new Chambo as the long-term lets not forget hes only 19.
Glad to hear you had a good day 🙂


I have a feeling that you’re destined for great things Calum.


Really liked Chambers yesterday – at one point he was also calmly covering for Bellerin who’d been upfield/out of position, which is brilliant given his age. Slightly off topic – though the quotes are from BT Sport – but they’re playing the adverts on TV (us being badly beaten last season and mocked by twats) during the replay of this match! Its like they haven’t got any fucking sense – who the fuck do they think is watching??!!?! I live in Hackney, its an Arsenal area, and they’ve even got a huge fuck-off billboard with the same theme outside my… Read more »


Loved Chambers and i really think his long term position should be CB he is 6″1 and strong and composed on the ball. Bellerin oh my he is good as well i see him as a future 1st choice ahead of jenko if he gets his defending abit better and bulks up just a little bit. Today we get to see Alexis for 45 mins can’t wait but the best i think is going to come when alexis, theo and ozil play together all of ozil’s defence splitting passes will have someone to latch onto. Can’t wait for the start… Read more »

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