Monday, November 28, 2022

Koscielny could miss Palace with Achilles problem

Having been taken off at half-time in today’s Community Shield win over Man City, Laurent Koscielny’s removal was due to an Achilles tendon problem, according to Arsene Wenger.

The Frenchman is now a doubt for the opening day of the season which leaves the Arsenal manager very short of options.

Per Mertesacker is due back at the club tomorrow, but is unlikely to be considered due to his truncated pre-season, which leaves just youngster Calum Chambers.

Thomas Vermaelen has been sold to Barcelona and the Arsenal manager said after the game against Man City that the quality of Chambers performance made him believe he could be the number 3 central defender.

“He can challenge both centre backs and that’s what you want. You cannot play with two centre backs the whole season; that means he will play.

“Chambers is among the best three and if I can find another one I will do it. But to find another one of that quality will not be easy because Vermaelen left us and had the choice between two massive clubs. That means these clubs have looked everywhere as well and that means it’s not easy to find.”

As for his intentions in filling the defensive gap, Wenger hinted he was looking for a player who could play in a number of positions, perhaps even in midfield.

“Maybe a guy who can play in two or three different positions would be a better asset for us.”

Fingers crossed we get things moving this week, and that Koscielny’s injury isn’t as bad as feared.

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Carvalho? Martinez? Whoever he gets I’m sure it will be the right man, we’ve had a fantastic summer so far and Chambers looks so assured and confident playing in this team.

AS17 is for A.Sanchez not

they say Wenger gambled on Chambers but if thats how he gambles then ill surely take him to a casino once he retires!!!!


We need you back soon Bosscielny!


I’m free – for £52k per week and a batmobile


Can u play CB?


Somebody who can play at CB and DM? Alex Song wants out of Barcelona – what are we waiting for?


This would actually make a hell of a lot of sense, he’s still only 25. Ideally he’d be a squad player and we’d sign a marquee for the Arteta role as well of course.




Alex Song? Bitch, please!


And turns 27 in a month.

9 o'clock

someone who can defend?

Daft Aider

But that rules out Alex Song! (hides)


Someone who isn’t crap to become available. So, you know, not Song.


Are you insane?

Does either job poorly and was a disruptive influence in the squad when he was pushing for his Barca move. Why give him a way back so he can be caught out of position when shielding the back four whilst he goes looking for his 1 in 20 Hollywood pass?

Fuck him.

There are better options out there.

Tomás Rosicky

this problem should have been sorted last season realllllllllly


Sounds like the doors been shut on Miquel then if he’s not even given a mention here.


He had the achilles problem at the world cup. That makes this a bit more worrying as it’s a longstanding issue. And Wenger, I don’t want to slight you after a terrific performance, but why not buy before selling?!! Knowing as you did that Per will take a bit of time to get back.

Paul S

As far as I’m aware Vermaelen is currently injured and would have missed the start of the season anyway, so it makes no difference to us selling him now.


Right. But know teams know we’re in desperate need and will play hardball at least for a while. Hope Wenger has something up is sleeve. He does look more confidant and relaxed these days.


if only Wenger had your cunning…


worst fears are now coming to reality. could you imagine champs league qualifier chambers and ? wenger react now!


Forsythe thrown right into the battle


Let’s Forscythe.

Wenger's Coat Zipper

F**K the injury gods! F**K them!


FFS Shad sort it out mayte! Disclaimer: This is a joke

Thierry Bergkamp

The day’s been going so well

Soqed Hozi

I hear Carvalho can play cb..


You realise that Carvalho has barely played any first team football at the top level and will cost at least 35-40m? It’s not going to happen. Just stop.

Malaysian Gooner

I thought the days of us counting pennies were over.

I think, like Chambers, we’re better off signing him for 25-30m now (they want 30m euros up front) rather than wait until every club in Europe is queuing up for his signature.

You don’t need to be playing for years to be able to perform. Just look at Pogba, United reserves to 50m star of Juventus in 12 months. If they’re good enough, they’re worth the money.


The day after Vermaelen leaves because of a lack of first-team opportunities, a first-team opportunity arrives. #BANTER

Giroud Awakening



I actually think Monreal has been doing very well in the CB position, which obviously is far from ideal considering it would leave us light in LB. Hayden looked stable as well.

It might not be the end of the world is all I’m saying.

Policeman's Bangers 'N' Mash

Achilles. Fuck.

remember the invincibles

yup. he might be out longer than we think. this is what got Jack if I’m not wrong.


You’re wrong.


Chambers looked incredibly impressive today, and Kos’s injury didn’t seem to bad at all so I’m not to worried about it. But Wenger’s answer to getting a forth Center Back is awesome. Are we going to finally sign that CDM that can also play at CB (I hope so).

WIlliam Carvalho? Axel Witsel? Luis Gustavo? Illaramendi?????


Not sure I’d feel too confident with Witsel, Gustavo or Illaramendi playing centre back to be honest. Would take Carvalho though, based purely on hearsay and extensive youtube scouting 🙂

Considering Arteta has just been named captain, i’m not sure we’ll be getting that big name cdm though. Can’t see us benching another captain this season. Then again, only a fool or a madman would try and predict Wenger


And isn’t Illamarendi an attacking midfielder anyway?


On a side note – My god, how good has Gibbs been in the last 2 seasons? Much better Defensively than Baines and Shaw, while also good going forward. Academy player, English and a Gooner! Such an asset at left back.

Hugh Jarse

Feel sorry for Gibbs, just when he thought he’d mastered defending in training against Theo, Wenger goes and buys Alexis.


Luis Gustavo would be amazing. Fantastic long-term signing


Dodgy mustache though.


A man without a mustache is like a woman with one


He used to use my dentist but now has to use the clubs. Yes they even have a dentist.

Davey G

Man was that sweet or what! I know people say it’s only a glorified preseason match, but man anytime Arsenal can go to Wembley and knock 3 past those butt munchers, well that’s a pretty sweet day too me, what ya say Gooners!



Highlight for me was when our fans did the Poznan. What a lovely piss take that was.


Carvalho seems like a good choice. Fingers crossed Wenger agrees and pulls it off again!

Dial square

FFS…..and so it begins.


I hope this doesn’t end up like vermaelen’s 2nd season when he missed 90%+ of the season with an achilles problem.


Schurrle is back playing for chelsea,schweinstiger and co are back at bayern. So I wonder what stopped wenger from bringing back our germans


Shad Forsythe, that’s what!!


We can get Daley Blind from ajax (the guy that turned RVP into the flying dutchman at the world cup ) he can play as a CB ,LB and DM


Samir nasri kiss my chuddies

Daft Aider

It’s not great but it’s not September yet, time enough for Ivan and Arsene to bring in another CB – and not a DM who can cover CB, a RB who can cover CB, a unicorn that can cover CB or Bendtner in a wig with drawn on stubble pretending he’s the TGCBTEL


If we bring in a unicorn that can play CB, then you have no right to question our scouting system…


We don’t need a unicorn, we need another Cback. This has always been the case.

On that note, the numpties in the press who bleated on about how City were missing 8 players and were playing an improvised back 4 should do well to note we were playing 4 wing backs at one point in defense.

Plus we have 3 Germans still out, and Walcott, and a missing Cback with vermaelen gone and if you may Diaby (who should count for fat Lamps). That’s 6 there.

Who has strength in depth again?


No one really needs a unicorn. I’m just saying if the opportunity presents itself, you don’t wanna be the guy who turns down that deal.


You don’t know what you are missing. Not that you lads can afford my wages of cosmic stardust and magic sunshine rays.

Black Hei

Who the hell turns down a unicorn?

It is like a super signing, if it is available, sign em! Not like we can pay for it’s wages of cosmic horse chow.


All those harping on with the DM mantra. 1) Arteta is going nowhere. he will be our first choice asset in ‘DM’ 2) Chambers covers DM as well as Flamini. That’s plenty for one position (and then there is Diaby) 3) We need a Cback. This has always been TOP priority. Chambers has done well but you can see how thin we are in this area and this has been evident since last season. My preference would be for us to grab someone like Hummels. Compete against United, they don’t have CL courtesy of our 4th spot pot. 25-30m minus… Read more »

Black Hei

Can’t agree on that part of a CB.

If we bring someone top class in, he will just suffer TV5 bench fate. Rather let it be someone who can work in different positions and thus get more game time.


I don’t see why Per or Podolski need as much time as Ozil to recuperate.

They did not feature as heavily as Ozil for Germany.

We should bring Per back into the fold of the team ASAP.

Anonymous Physicist

The point is that they were training, being moved around brazil, and preparing for matches right up to the final. Effectively, their season went on until the final of the world cup. Every professional athlete needs a couple of weeks per year where they’re not at full match readiness, but relaxing and getting a proper long rest. Arsenal chose to make that 4 weeks (where Bayern, to name an example, seems to have gone for 2-3), perhaps also guided by the fact that the PL doesn’t have a winter break. This week everyone is back from their break, but since… Read more »


Brought Kos back and how has that worked out for us?
Last thing we need is BOTH of our #1 CB’s crocked with something that might diminish them all season.


We should be pushing for Winston Reid.




-am I having a flashback of another conversation around here?
-And no, i still can’t finish typing it.

Entre Dans La

Flamini can play CB right? It is Crystal Palace FFS lets roll them over with our goal scoring


Samba.. you mean like the Brazilian dance right?


Stupid management from wenger really. I understand he is a good person and dont want to force vermaelen to stay. With him telling us now thats it not easy to find similar replacement then it raise a question y on earth u let him go before u get a replacement then? Now i can feel that we might not sign anyone and that will hurt us badly. He forgot that he suppose to put club first then pls ur player

Black Hei

On the flip side, a lot of footballers are willing to join us because they have heard how nice Wenger is, from his ex-players.


Now the panic committee are out again… Wenger just wants to give shad a try before the season commences, We could sign Agger & Dawson as backup and people will still feel our squad lacks depth. Let’s watch &pray #COYG


“On the flip side, a lot of footballers are willing to join us because they have heard how nice Wenger is, from his ex-players.”

not every manager will be like mourinho. All personalities are not the same. Some command respect thru fear, like ferguson, while others command it thru grace and humility. wenger is the latter. He seems like someone who is respected just bcos of who he is, in addition to his accomplishments. He’s more than just a coach to these players, which I don’t think can be said about many managers in the game.


We knew verm was leaving it was obvious and we are short at the back regardless of him going.
Piss poor management to be a week away from first game and no replacement.

Daft Aider

If it were September you may have a point, as it is it’s not perfect but it’s hardly the end of the world

Anonymous Physicist

I don’t get why people are saying we needed to get a top centre back whether or not Vermaelen was leaving. To me, that’s just nonsense. All we needed was a fourth choice center back, which either needs to be someone young and inexperienced, someone experienced who doesn’t mind playing much, or someone who can also play in other positions to get some extra game time, as fourth choice centre backs generally don’t get many games. The idea of having Mertesacker, Koscielny, Vermaelen, plus a fourth quality centre back in the prime of his career is ridiculous. That’s the kind… Read more »


To everyone who is saying that we shouldn’t have sold Vermaelen without bringing in another CB first, Vermaelen is injured anyway, Arsenal DNA and all.


i think we need to promote Miguel and balerin forget buying

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