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Leicester 1-1 Arsenal: by the numbers

Good minus Bad

24 – Shots Arsenal took against Leicester, Arsenal haven’t had 23+ shots since beating Cardiff 2-0. That game, if you remember, was rescued by Bendtner (in the 88th minute) and Walcott (90th)
13 – Arsenal shots which were blocked by Leicester. I have only been tracking that stat for 2 years and I can’t find a time when Arsenal had more than 12 shots blocked.  Arsenal had 12 shots blocked once before in the 3-1 win over West Ham and had 11 shots blocked twice in the season prior by West Ham (5-1 win for Arsenal) and Reading (4-1 win for Arsenal)
– Number of Leicester’s blocked shots which were shots from outside (or near) the 18 yard box. If you look at it from a “percent chance to score” perspective 12 of Leicester’s 13 shots were from low percentage scoring positions. They made just one block from a shot in the prime area¹
– Arsenal only took 3 shots in prime areas (scored one, missed one, one was blocked). This is what people mean when they say that “Arsenal didn’t create enough”

9 – Arsenal held Leicester City to just 9 shots. That is two more shots than Liverpool allowed Tottenham to get at White Hart Lane today
1 – Leicester only had one shot in a prime area, which they converted
1 – Szczesny had to make a blinder of a save to keep the score level

7 – Sanogo took seven shots, isn’t that good? Kinda? A little? I mean, he was actively trying to score, right? And one of his shots was saved and that save got…
1 – Alexis scored his first Premier League goal – if only it had come in a better match
– Number of Sanogo’s shots which were blocked (led all players)
4-3-2 –He was also dispossessed 4 times, had 3 turnovers, and 2 offsides
1 – And he made a tackle

101 – Ramsey led all players with 101 passes
46 – Ramsey led all players with 46 passes in the opposition final third
– Ramsey created 6 shots (i.e. key passes) for his teammates
6 – But all six of Ramsey’s key passes were for shots outside the 18 yard box²
3 – Number of shots Ramsey took
1 – Number of shots on goal by Ramsey

61 – Cazorla had 61 passes
33 – Cazorla had just 33 passes in the final third
4 – Cazorla created 4 shots (key passes) for his teammates
2 – Key passes were caviar passes (to Sanogo for the shot which led to the goal and to Ramsey for the header which went straight to Schmeichel
2 – His other 2 key passes were for shots in prime areas (another for Sanogo)
4 – Shots Cazorla took
3 – Shots by Cazorla from outside the 18 yard box
? – Which player was more influential in the game, Ramsey or Santi?

6 – Tackles won by Debuchy, led all players (of 6 attempted)
8 – Clearances made by Debuchy, led all players
11 – Aerial duels won by Debuchy, led all players (of 11 attempted)
– Aerial duels won by Debuchy in the opposition half
81 – Passing percentage by Debuchy, second worst on the team
1 – Assist to Leicester which came from one of the foraging runs down Debuchy’s side because Arsenal don’t seem to have a defensive midfielder who can cover for the fullbacks when they go forward, or maybe because Arsenal’s defense is often pushed all the way up into the opposition half, either way it’s fucking mental

18 – Minutes played by Lukas Podolski
5 – Touches by Lukas Podolski
4 – Passes completed by Lukas Podolski (of 4 attempted — yes, that’s right, he received the ball 5 times and made 4 passes)
0 – Other stats Podolski produced

1 – International break both Podolski and I are looking forward to
24 – Hours left for Wenger to buy a forward, a defensive midfielder, and a center half that Arsenal need 


¹The prime areas are the six yard box extending out to the penalty spot. This is where Arsenal scored over half of their goals last season and converted nearly 30% of their shots from.
²This is why I am now tracking “caviar” passes: basically because I don’t think that all key passes are equal.

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55,000,000 – Amount it would cost to secure Falcao and win the league.

Confused gunner

Alexis has significantly contributed to the shots blocked. Correct me if I am wrong but blogs once mentioned that he does not really take so many shots, hence his high shot to goal ratio. What happened?


Won’t sleep tonight thinking of transfer’s

Don Cazorleone

it’s like christmas eve


I am just hoping a big transfer DAY tomorrow! C’mon Arsene!!!!!


In case anyone wants to watch the clock tick down:

(Confession time: I whimpered when I saw it was only 20 hours 45 minutes… Pleeaaaase Arsene Pleeeease)

La Défense

0 – number of defeats Arsenal have endured this season.



sell Podolski,keep Cambell


i would be more than happy if we sign only of players in the CB or DM, and CF roles


i would be more than happy if we sign only two players in the CB or DM, and CF roles


Dara would be more than happy if we sign only two players in the CB or DM, and CF roles

El Fabuloso

Fuck that seven shot sanogo shit, I can only pinpoint the chance he shot straight at the keeper. When arsene talks about many strikers he gives me headache. Podolski could not be arsed today. Sanogo is just a no go at all. Send that chap to the championship. Campbell isn’t the solution upfront. We need a CB and ST urgently. DM’s luxury this time maybe January. And for f**k sake we need our 4-2-3-1 back. This 4-1-4-1 simply doesn’t work. Ramsey’s best as part of a double pivot. Ozil’s the best 10 in the world. He sucks as a winger,… Read more »


You are forgetting that Wenger is Yoga. He knows all. He is about to destroy Ozil’s career as he destroyed Arshavin’s. He thinks he can play a skilled player anywhere on the field regardless of other variables. It doesn’t really matter what formation we play if everyone knows your one tactic before the season even began. For some reason he also thinks the players he brings over from the French league are actually better than they are. Right now, I think Chuba will do better than Sanogo if we have to use the young players. Sanogo can run around and… Read more »


1. Akpom has only played 11 games at League One level, throwing him will not make much difference (although I like him too and hope he gets a chance in the COC).

2. If you think Wenger “ruins players careers” you clearly haven’t been watching Arsenal very long. It wasn’t him sending Arshavin’s tubby arse to the pie shop.

3. The fuck does “Wenger is Yoga” mean?


0 (ZERO) = number of actual players Arsene will bring in before 11 PM tomorrow. You could see it on his face at the post match interview with SKY SPORTS, he has no fucking intention to spend any more of the clubs money. Why should he, God knows we already have too many strikers/CFs.


Ye, we really are spoiled what strikers are concerned. So spoiled that Giroud had to play every single game even if he was only at 30, 50 or 70% fitness last season. So spoiled with strikers that With Giroud injured, our best option for replacing even a 30% fit Giroud, is a striker whith no balance who thinks the goal is anywhere between the corner sticks.

We are the envy of the world with our abundance of top striker quality.

Black Hei

Sarcasm dear Moxxi


It’s either the people who gave a thumbs down to this comment have no clue about sarcasm or simply just clueless.

La Défense

Rambo’s getting complacent. Some bench time would get him back into the right frame of mind.

FFS Rambo’s job isn’t scoring goals, ugh… He didn’t help out Flamini enough in protecting the back four today.


Yep, spot on, he’s trying to look like Beckham with his poncy new haircut!

what's my name??

Falcao? One can only dream but I dont see this happening, purely from the perspective of financial figures this transfer would involve (tranfer fee and wages). Would be chuffed to bits if I can be proved wrong 🙂

Don Cazorleone

The guardian (yeah i know) are reporting that Falcao costs £55m. Considering Ozil cost us what £42m? and we now are supposedly “free of the financial restraints” and able to “compete with the best in the world” and all those other lovely sentiments dished out to us by Wenger and Gazidis after getting a nice shiny new kit deal and increasing our ticket prices consistently. I don’t see why we can’t get this done. This is hardly a frivolous expense. like say, yet another attacking midfielder. No it is much needed, and in my eyes, worth it. Unless he doesn’t… Read more »


The bigger problem is his wages. Falcao is on absurd wages right now post-tax because there’s no tax in Monaco. To pay him what he earns now we’d have to be pay him something like 300k a week and I can’t see Arsene not only breaking the wage structure but paying him literally TWICE what any other player on the team makes.

Maybe Falcao is willing to take a 50% pay cut but I kinda doubt it.

Don Cazorleone

so apparantly falcao is going to utd

Malaysian gunner

Don’t worry. We have Sanogo and Campbell two deadly wc promising strikers. The problem is time is of the essence.A team challenging for honours must have established forwards. You add the FM’s emphasis on ball retention and passing frenzy and you have a recipe for the other side to score asap. It has been like since Ronaldo and Drogba used to score dozens of goals and still the fm insist on playing the same style. Teams know how the gunners play: passing frenzy and unwillingness to shoot until you see the whites of the gk’s eye. I believe that as… Read more »


We will never win the EPL as long as Wenger is in charge and he answers to no one. Kronke doesn’t really care as long as the balance sheet is looking good. All of his teams in the U.S. are middle of the road teams at their best but they are safe investments. Wenger thinks he’s smarter than everyone and the world will see that he is right in the end. Wenger is past it as far as tactics. The market place dictates the value of players but Wenger doesn’t agree ergo our inability to buy any super star. Last… Read more »


Without signing a striker CB and DM arsenal cannot win anything. It will be just another top 4 finish or below it. Anyways I am not positive and do not carry any hopes that wenger will sign any players for the key positions. Hope things get only better in the future. As long as arsenal remain undefeated is something we can be proud of.


Arsenal scouting network and the people who handle Arsenal transfers must be the love children of the lion from the Wizard of Oz and circus clowns: they can’t do anything right and they flee at the first sight of competition. I don’t know how Diego Costa went to Chelsea for 35 mil but he did and the AFC folks never gave him a look. We were in for Remy and as soon as Chelsea showed up we ran for the hills. The Greek defender who rumor said was taking a medical at AFC ended up at Roma and don’t even… Read more »

George Gunner

It’s virtually impossible for any team to win all the time.The problem is the gunners style
is not conducive to winning games. If a prize were given for best passing team ,Arsenal will be tops.
The gunners tactics suit teams which hit on the break like Pool,Chelsea and MC scoring dozens of goals
last season..
Wenger doesn’t believe in anti soccer. He wants pure soccer.
He is deluded and Arsenal will continue to pay the price for his arrogance or till he is sacked.

Gooner from Pretoria.

Sign him up said the welsh Jesus and so the boss made it happen on deadline day Genesis!!

Arsene's Apologist

I think the transfer window guff brings out the worst in the fans and online discussions. Yes, I hope we strengthen. Yes, I’m sure Wenger does too. But getting shit for not signing Remy on a 4 yr 90k deal? That’s an absurd buy that fucks us for years. The team was shit today. It happens, especially after so much travel early in the season. None of our performances have been great. Buying a player or two won’t help that. And if Leicester isn’t a good chance for Wenger to give Sanogo a run out then what is? Sanogo just… Read more »


that’s now.
we seemingly had the option to sign him up end of last season. and seeing as we were willing to let podolski go, it wouldn’t have affected our wages..

anyway, watching football is suppose to be fun! feeling sad that i’m waiting all week to witness such tripe! and seeing as i can’t control any of it anyway, makes it even more futile.
durign the game, my buddy suggested we could try heroin this year instead of watching football! fffffuuuuccckkk!


Thanks for the sober thoughts. The most important thing about strikers is getting in the right positions and sanogo did that, the goals will come. I also think he did well as a target for szcesny’s long balls and his link up play will improve.

Rambo's Thai retreat

Hallelujah! Finally some perspective


I’m just going to say it. Yaya Sanogo sucks.


let’s be a little more political…

Yaya Sanogo is not good enough to lead the line for Arsenal, right now.

Blaise Hayes



Have just figured out why Arsenes keeps persisting with Sanoo when everyone and their dog can he is not really that special. we know he is a man of principles and is afraid that people will start to question his “eye for talent”.

Could be right in the end but doing this at the expense of a teams success is unacceptable. put your project aside Arsene and get us a real goal getter! a proper one. i feel like we havent had one since 20 fucking 12!


Sanogo wasn’t that bad thumb down all u like he’s being thrown in the deep end before he could swim, he was delivering post not so long ago, but I agree he must stamp down now 🙂

Blaise Hayes

Please stop with the postman shit, he was never a postman. Sanogo has played about 500 minutes of football. There are a lot of really, really talented players who took longer than that to score their first goal in a new team/league. Even if we sign another striker we’ll still be seeing him a lot so let’s get behind him and help him get the goals he so clearly works very hard for.

Sorry for the rant but the postman thing really grinds my gears.


I mean step up

chamakh my pitch up

Wenger knows what he needs to do but I believe its going to be difficult for him to bring in the cb dm and cf that all fans are craving for. Any cb we buy will have to come in as 3rd choice (if they are better than Chambers) we can’t buy a top defender because they won’t be happy to sit out waiting for a chance if one of mertercielny gets injured. In terms of cf wenger has taken a gamble on sanago it hasn’t worked for him but if there is one thing you can say about sanogo… Read more »


And i will fucking say this Podolski isnt made for the premier league and as a striker. he is too timid and beautiful to scare defenders i mean have you seen diego costa? “dammit just score and leave mate”

Even though aguero is beautiful he does have that fierce and tenacious aspect about him which i believe is essential in the prem. Thats why no matter how often giroud miscues his chances he will always be shoe in ahead of poldi pretty much every single time.

Bye poldi

Blaise Hayes

Diego Costa is a cunt of the highest order. He soon will take his rightful place alongside his captain and manager.


I think the problem is when we see an arsenal player shoot we just think “if that was podolski, it woulda went in”. Problem is podolski doesn’t get into great shooting positions without the other guys stretching and pulling the defence away from him. We all agree he can’t create his own chances and we agree he can’t play loan striker and we agree he doesn’t track back well on the wings and we agree that he goes missing in games. Why can’t we agree that maybe he should just be a squad player? Capital 1 cup player or leave.


17 – Games played for Arsenal without scoring. (I don’t need to tell you who).

Black Hei

How many assist did he notch up? They all count do they?


He is young , abit raw call ……..sir? no goal?


I’m not sold on Sonogo. If we don’t bring in another striker I hope we can try Gnabry and Akpomb having their respective turns pairing with Alexis. Some youngsters have had tremendous rookie seasons for the club so why not give them a chance? Would I prefer we make a move for Falcao or some other world class striker? Of course, but the truth is we already let the greatest striker that ever lived leave on a free this summer (I kid…sort of) and we are down the wire in the transfer window. It’s a big ask for one of… Read more »


By the numbers :

1) We need a Cback. Despite Calum’s gorwing strengths, we are still thin at the back

2) We need a Striker. We lack firepower. Sanogo is too green and Alexis forces us to play on the deck whereby we are nominally restricted in space.

3) We do not need a DM. It will distract us from the above two needs and frankly can await next summer

Black Hei

We need a DM. Flamini is not good enough. When the opposing team is sitting tight, the deep lying playmaker needs to start taking more risks. But with Flamini that’s not possible as he has no offence.

I think you can technically get away with Sanogo up front if you can play closer to goal. For that a more dominating presence is needed for the 4-2-3-1.


We created 24 shots at goal and only got 1 goal. Is now really the time to talk about getting a DM? Really?

Los Angeles Gooner

Sanogo isn’t ready. He’s making the jump from League 2. Why Wenger thinks the 1st team is the place for Sanogo to learn his craft is beyond me. # wake up Wenger

one dimensional

we needed a CB kos gets injured
we needed a DM arteta gets injured
we needed a SF giroud gets injured
At least nature has a hand in our transfers but sadly it gets ignored over and over again.

Blaise Hayes

Little harsh on Podolski. While he was on the field Ozil was on the sideline for a few minutes then Ox hurt something and limped around for the rest of the game. I think if those two weren’t hobbled for the last 15 minutes we might have stole the game at the end.

Puff puff

Sanogo promising???!!He has no good attributes;terrible first touch,atrocious shooting n passing,zero technical ability,can’t beat his man…I mean for a 22year old striker and missing such is just not good enough


Remember S4noGoal?


Wenger summed it up well. Man City lost and they have 4 great strikers. They have 3 DMs(fernandinho+ fernando + toure). They have 5 defenders that play wide. I think we have 6 defenders in total. Teams lose Teams draw. All we did wrong today is not gona be solved by buying players. We were 1 paced and we subbed carzola instead of ozil.

Don Cazorleone

so Wenger was, in a round about way, implying that it was his own tactics and set up that wasn’t up to scratch rather than the players we have.

Either way.


Chelsea beats Everton,we draw
Chelsea beats Leicester,we draw
we haven’t even played stoke but Wenger makes up a lame excuse with stoke beating man city…IT REALLY REALLY TAKES A TOUGH HEART TO BE AN ARSENAL FAN… Wenger is sometimes soooo annoying


The expectations of the fans will kill sanogo, the guy needs a loan move,and even in a lower league,he won’t be their main striker…. I feel sorry for the chap,cos he can’t admit he is not top quality yet… Even the likes of Negrado,dzeko,jovetic aren’t the main strikers at City… And that speaks Volumes of our different ambitions..

Arsenal Wenger

Let’s just hope Sanogo is a new version of the Ramsey story.

The Man from Laycock

“he most important thing about strikers is getting in the right positions and sanogo did that”

Surely the most important thing is scoring?


£55 million for Falcao and that hasn’t even factored in wages and the fact that he is turning 29 early next year should be indication enough that Arsenal are not in for him… Cavani maybe but not Falcao. Although I doubt we are in for Cavani either. If maybe Falcao goes to Real then I think we should try for Benzema… When people read these obviously made up transfer stories it strikes me as odd. You have to look at the whole entire picture. If Cavani does leave PSG who do they sign on place of Cavani? It’s not like… Read more »


What at all would a tired ozil do that a determined Campbell not do.. If I were the chap, I would revolt in the dressing room, 1-1 and u make ya substitute on the 75th aggression,no drive, pass around around around. I notice something in the Everton game,after giroud equalized,none of the player thought of it, to get the ball n restart but rather joined to celebrate, only mediocre teams set such low standards, and reflects totally in our team from the manager to our mascot

Clock End Mike

I love the way we all think we know better than Arsène Wenger.

(No, I don’t, actually.)


True, but most opinions around here are formed by what we see in interviews, sports shows, podcasts and so on. I know it’s common for Arsenal fans to call Neville, Scholes and so on all cunts, but they do know football, as does Ian Wright. If there’s one thing they all agree on it, it is the fact that Arsenal will not win the league without a very good striker up front. I’m not saying they know more about football overall than Wenger does, as that is certainly not the case, but Wenger is sometimes blinded by his faith in… Read more »

ronererier than ever

We need this and that yeah… But we need a new manager who isn’t tactically useless. I mean how does he take all these world class players and turn them into awful players is beyond me. Ozil is now friggin useless, really is, as is Podolski, Sanchez will be useless soon enough I can guarantee it. We play with no pace, he refuses to play with more than one quick player at any one time. We have frigging sanogo. All those people saying he has potential, where is it? He has an awful first touch, beyond awful finishing, the balance… Read more »

Funky Gooner

Mr 7AM,

Do you have the data on Ozil’s pass attemps, key passes, pass completion rate and caviar passes


At this stage and seeing as we have left it far to late again I would go for jordon rhodes his record is second to none. hes used to the bustle of English football be it not the premier league but then neither was giroud, sonogo or almost any other striker we have brought in in previous years.
At 24 he’s worth a punt even at around 15 million. We are desperate and I think this bloke could do a great job for us and surprise a lot of people.


We don’t need Falcao we have our postman to Deliver. Sorry he is no longer a postman hence he does not deliver.

We did not create enough-LOL


For f##k sake falcao wages are gonna be between 5-6 million

Now tell me we can’t Even afford that

Such a shambles


so Falcao has gone to MU…AW has not yet given Campbell a fair chance and of course we need another DM/CB. I am all for raising talents from within and giving chances to fresh faces, but its high time now that we dont do it at the expense of the title. I am another one who really really wants Sanogo to do very well and come through but I rather get another quality striker and win the league instead of another 3/4th scrap and AW saying I knew Sanogo is great striker all along and then he fucks off the… Read more »


If we do not sign any world class striker than we are looking for a 7th place 😛


If we don’t sign a CB and Mert/Kos/both get injured, we are not looking even at 3rd or 4th but at 7th or 8th…


Our problem right now is our disjointed performance. Our players are on different wavelengths and a new signing will not necessarily solve this inefficiency. All of them are guilty of making wrong or bad decisions.

I don’t like our formation at all. Wenger needs to fix that, whether that means he signs players or promotes some u21s. IMHO a striker is what we don’t need. A DM is and I don’t think we will sign one with Arteta as our captain.

Eye of the ÖZ

Seems like people are boarding the “OMFG WENGEROUT”train early this year aswell. I do agree that we need some additions to the squad, but the same people that hailed Wenger like a god after the FA-Cup final and begged him to sign a new contract are whining about his transfer policy. It shouldn’t come as any surprise that Arsene is reluctant to splash 55m£ for a striker (falcao) or agreeing to pay 100k£ a week for a backup (remy).While we have spend big money on Özil and Alexis I think some of us Gooners need a reality check.


haha, Wenger is not active at all today lads, might just as well turn of the web browser and do whatever 😛 Nothing is gonna happend, and Arsene Wenger taking an flight to Italy just confirms that 😛 There is no realistic “top signing” target for the day. :p Maybe Sokratis and Schneiderlin if lucky 😛


And loads of BBC journalists reports we are not going to sign anyone at all today 🙂 Wenger is just fucking unbelievable


Overspending is the only area in which Tottenham is above Arsenal.

How come tottenham fans digest the fact that we played with Bendtner, Chamakh, Park etc.. and managed to stay above them.

149 Just Done It

If we fail to sign anyone, I really don’t see how this squad can possibly compete for all the prizes on offer. It always seems like like 1 step forward, 2 steps back. Our defense is even weaker than it was last year???? And last year it was pure luck that kept us free from injury at the back. The modern game is about having every position filled twice. I don’t understand the logic of not signing for the sake of so and so might get offended. I guarantee Sonogo would improve much quicker if he had 2 or even… Read more »

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