Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Podolski’s Everton absence increases speculation

Lukas Podolski has not travelled with the rest of the Arsenal squad to Everton today, increasing speculation about his future at the club.

While both Per Mertesacker and Mesut Ozil have made the trip, the former Cologne man has been left behind by Arsene Wenger, which will only raise further doubts about his Gunners career.

The German international has been linked with a move away this week with Bild suggesting Arsene Wenger has given the green light for his sale. Rumours about a move to Galatasaray were dismissed by the Turkish club, but fresh reports say Juventus could be interested, as our Wolfsburg in the Bundesliga.

Earlier in the week, Podolski’s agent admitted there was genuine interest from other clubs, saying, “There have always been enquiries. Now we have concrete interest from some teams.”

Having played the least of Arsenal’s three Germans during the World Cup in Brazil, his absence can’t really be put down to lack of fitness, and with Arsenal needing goals, his absence from today’s game makes it easy to put two and two together to make four.

Of course football has a funny way of making two and two make five, and there could be another reason for his omission today, but if you had to put money it, the chances are he’ll be on his way.

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Annoying thing is that whenever Arsenal get depth, it leaves the club, unlike Chelsea and City


Maybe that’s why City have the highest wage bill in world sport.


true, but its not like Arsenal are paying these guys a minimum wage


Kate Upton is amazing. Like drop dead gorgeous. Oh and sorry to hear about poldi btw……..amazing

Master Bates

Yeah I agree Kate upton is amazing , I think Poldi’s transfer will free up wage for us to get a top player also Chambo goes in the pecking order ……and her mammary grands are perfect


Whilst Miss Upton does have a have a nice face and a lovely pair of knockers, she has no waist and consequently her body is a slightly odd rectangular shape.

If you’re into underwear models, may I suggest Doutzen Kroes, a Dutch model with both a better looking face and a midriff that doesn’t make her look like a Weeble, whilst retaining a nice set of jugs for soap related funtime.

Anyway, on the topic of Podolski-related transfers…I got nothing.


Googled and yes she’s quite lovely too…..I would, but chances are she wouldn’t ha ha……ha. but whilst were on the subject may I suggest Gerogia Salpa? Insanely hot. Good luck today gunners


LMFAOOOOO, leave it to blog commenters to “pick apart” someone like Kate Upton. I’m sure you’re beating the ladies away with a stick bruh……………


…or, you know, joking perhaps.

Santi Claws

Trawling through Arsenal blogs now are we Malky?


I don’t know if it’s too significant personally. Someone from the offensive contingent has to miss out since we have so many and if he’s still not 100% it makes sense for it to be him.

There seem to be pretty decent links to him leaving, but my personal feeling is that he’ll stay.


I like your comments and think you are right in a lot of what you say. 🙂


Be a shame to lose Poldi. Love him to bits, especially his social media antics. Always find myself wishing he was more explosive in the pitch though.

r fahey

Agree, would miss Poldi’s selfies and general positive and happy attitude. Am sure the dressing room would be a much poorer place if he left.


Here’s what I would do:

I would Sack Venga.

Omo Eko!

I hope the only reason Arsene is willing to let him go is because he intends to sign a top goal scorer as his replacement. While Poldi doesn’t work hard enough for the team, his conversion rate is exceptional.
Personally I hope he stays, if only for one more season.


one out, one in. Do it wonga


not sure if Wonga has any influence on these things. Vagnorr makes all the calls.

And he should still be sacked.


Be a shame to lose Poldi. Love him to bits, especially his social media antics. Always find myself wishing he was more explosive in the pitch though


For reasons I do not understand, Jack seems to run (slowly) when he has the ball, and waits until the opposition player’s boot is within 5cms of his foot before releasing the ball, and inevitably, and much to his apparent anger, he gets clobbered as he does eventually release the ball.

Sad to see the regression of such a talent, and for what it is worth, Paul Scholes was correct in saying that Jack’s game has not progressed since he was a kid.

Cesc Fabregas

slightly off topic!!


do something about that name. the images it brings to mind are just too awful.


The new Eboue.


don’t remember eboue being named young player of a world cup tournament (wc2006).poldi looks like another bad management from the boss. ratio goal per minute played one of the highest in the league.if you compare the wild card given to giroud on and on for two seasons now, poldi must be thinking about greener pasture. i like giroud , i think he is a great asset for the team(power, physical presence up front , good link up play when fit, generous about his defensive duties) but poldi is another class , i feel the boss should have trusted him more… Read more »


Podolski has great stats because he’s a great finisher when given adequate supply. Beyond that, sadly, he’s quite limited, since he thrives on space to swing his left foot. There’s a reason that bigger clubs haven’t been in for him in recent years and aren’t now (Wolfsburg are desperate and Juventus are basically looking for a 4th striker for their 3-5-2).

He’s been very productive for us, was undoubtedly a massive factor in our excellent team spirit, but if (BIG if) he’s adequately replaced, either with Joel Campbell or from the market, it’s unlikely to hurt us much.


Indrossi the dross.


We’ll see…


I still don’t want to belief he’s going to leave arsenal until its announced and that will be painful but if he’s leaving then wenger shld be looking for replacement


Can’t help but feel we’ve “Arshavin-ed” Lukas a bit since his arrival. he’s played less than maybe he ought to, and perhaps more notably, out of position. Given our lack of prominent alternatives over the past two years I’ve been surprised to not see Poldi given more of a chance up front. Would be a shame to see him go, but if we sell him for a decent fee and reinvest in an attacking playing who wenger would use more, I’d see the sense.


he hasn’t convinced on the few occasions he has played up front. and the germany nt don’t seem to know what to do with him either, turning him into in-house photographer/cheerleader. he can boot a ball though. hope he stays. or if he goes, that we sign someone up, but that’s doubtful. goodbye depth


If there isn’t an Instagram post within the next 6 hours he’s going…

Phil the Goon

My only hope is IF Podolski is on his way out, is that we have a striker lined up as a replacement. As much as I love Poldi & his admiration for the club, we have plenty of numbers on the wing & need someone prolific. Giroud is decent but I feel without a proven goal scorer we will fall short in the premiership. We were never far behind with the likes of Bergkamp & Henry. Just saying.

New Shuttle

Loius Van Butthead feeling the pressure at Old Toilet already: “Two weeks ago I was the king of Manchester. Now I am the devil. It is the football world.”
Ha ha ha

Still ronery

Noooooooooooooooooooooooo I hate football!


We’ve replaced him with Alexis who gives us pace that we were lacking and a much higher workrate.
Shame we haven’t managed to upgrade a few more.


It seems that AW has lost patience with Poldi. Pity, really. Poldi seems to have lost some sparkle, hunger and the writing was clearly on the wall last season with Arsenal and at the World Cup with Germany. Damn fine player, only needs to apply himself a bit more. Goodluck to him wherever he goes.


if wenger is planning on playing sanchez out wide this season then surely podolski is leaving. we will already have sanchez, theo,ox,cazorla and campbell fighting for 2 spots. if i was wenger, i would either keep podolski and play sanchez upfront, or sell podolski and buy a striker


Actually, Sanchez and Campbell can both play up front, as they have for their national team.


No no no no why sell one of the leagues best finishers


Poor work ethic, lack of pace and a habit of going badly missing in games.

Great finisher, great personality but doesn’t bring much else to the table.


and let’s not forget what a woeful tackler he is. still, i’d like him in the squad so that we can rotate some. has arsine not learned the lesson about depth and injuries?


He doesn’t lack pce at all, merely an inclination/lack of knowledge on how to use it.

Much the same way pundits have been talking about our lack of pace, when we have plenty of quick players, just a lack of penetrative running. You’d think people who analyse football for a job would be able to express it a little better but there you go.


He’s got to be the best impact sub we have. Don’t do it, Wenger! His left foot is atomic.


Clearly he’s off t’ Our Wolfsburg.


Going to be pissed off if this happens.

kumbukani kaunda

please if wenger born from mother and father should not sell Podolski’s if we wont our side stronger.


Wenger is going to sell Podolski’s father and mother??
Arsene Wenger, you cruel cruel man..


That sounded like an attempt at modern poetry


Do not want him to go, great left foot still a real good player and he’s a character, that may be most important, a guy like him cant help but make the locker room a happier place


I think we’re bit uncomfortably close to the foreign player quota limit and buying English isn’t an option with the inflation. So I think Poldi might just be sacrificed if we’re to make that big signing people have been rumbling on about. I agree with the folks here though. Brilliant impact sub, definitely the best finisher in the club and one of the best in the league. Always a boost to squad morale as well. I hope we find a way around this 🙁


I love Poldi, But if the boss replace him with Reus, then i will forgive him. 🙂


reus isn’t coming. he turned don an astronomical offer fro man u so he can walked for free at the end of the season. probably to bayern or spain.


Reus has a contract till 2017. It’s only the release clause that kicks in next year. He’s not going to get a Bosman next year.


I think he deserves another crack.

Obviously he’s not an out and out CF but I’d much rather keep him and let Sanogo go out on loan.


If we Sell poldi.
Cb- kos mert chambers miquel
LB- Gibbd monreal
Rb- debuchy chambers bellerin
cm/dm ramsey arteta flamini diaby
CAM- ozil wilshere cazorla rosicky
Lw- alexis and campbell
Rw- walcott chamberlain and alexis
St- giroud and sanogo….100 % need a striker and cb. A bonus would be a dm/cm. I cant see us winning league without a striker and cb. I bloody hope we do. Cmon arsenal

Four star German

Here in Germany there is no news on this. My friend at Wolfsburg said nooooo it’s not going to happen. Poldi will stay.


We should go all out for Marco Reus and Julian Draxler


indeed. i love santi but he can’t play every game.

mach iii

From a pure 11 men on the pitch perspective, we could go without Poldi. Though what he brings to the dressing room, he’s the loudest of the German contingent. He attracts other German players to our club – and how he approached FA Cup final, “We will win”.

I don’t want Poldi to leave!


Then again, he was nowhere to be seen in the final..

Would still miss him though, as you said he seems to be great guy for team spririt, and he really does score when he wants. The perfect super-sub


wenger should only let poldi go if he has a GREAT player in mind that he wants to bring in

Momo (@MuhamLAD)

Such a shame if he goes. Vermaelen was called a model pro for not complaining about being benched, Poldi should receive the same treatment.

You could see how passionate he was, whether it was because he loved the club or he loved the attention (sorry I’m still a cynic due to some of our transfer windows pre-Ozil). Took time out to learn about our history & explore our heritage.

His personality & quality will be missed.

anthony arsenal

Will be a massive loss why does Wenger do this he’s a fantastic player


Losing Poldi, will be a great lose, but me think it will also create an avenue for Campbell and others to get integrated into the squad. …hope le prof will get a solid replacement anyways.


Really? Nothing to do with his injury during the world cup? I wouldn’t make much of his exclusion when Campbell oxlade Santi and Sanchez have got 3 weeks prep on the guy.

Rambling Pete

To me this only makes sense if the manager is thinking about making room for another signing. Podolski’s goals are a vital component of this team. He might not be the best all round player but he’s got end product. I like to think of his goals as my children. Some of them died at birth, others grew up to be politicians, and one of them became an astronaut who journeyed far beyond our galaxy to find a new planet for humans to inhabit after we’d destroyed the earth because of our rapacious greed and consumption of its natural resources.… Read more »


where have you been lol!

Gunner in Ghana

john terry is a cunt


Why thumbs down????????

Cesc Fabregas

it’s boring


Would have been much happier if it ws Giroud we plotting to sell


Hate to dust off an old chestnut, but if Poldi leaves I really might stab some cunts.


horrible imagery. horrible.


stab your own chestnuts and leave the cunts out of it.


Baddest left foot ever liveth. The one time shot, no nonsense Poldi! we knew at some point you’ll have to go, but please stay at least one more season. we like to see you shoot at sight, baddest soldier.

Cesc Fabregas



Id rather have Poldi up front than Sanogood!


Having lots of zippy players is great and all that, but it’s also a good thing to actually have clinical players in the squad. Someone who shoots instead of just passing all the time. We’re not exactly stocked with such players, so if one leaves, we simply have to bring in a new one. I honestly don’t know who that someone could be, especially this late in the window. Reus? Injured and very expensive. Falcao? 29 years old and still very expensive. Could be worth it though. Cavani? Since Zlatan is injured, I doubt PSG would be willing to sell.… Read more »


Great guy and we will miss his finishing. I think he is much more effective as a sub.

Arsenal Wenger

Rambling Pete is a. boss


Why don’t we keep Podolski and play him at centre-half? That solves the problem of replacing Vermaelen. And we’ve got Sanogo, so we don’t need to bring in a quality striker.


Good thing you’ve got an appetite as you’ll be eating plenty of humble pie come August 31st.


You are joking right??


I mean Slim – thumbs downer


A lot of angst on here but we need to be ruthless. I like Podolski, but would rate him overall as a 7/10 player. If we’re upgrading to an 8-9/10 player then let’s do it. So if the rumours about Kalou are true, then I’m all for this.


The Boss is here..


You are joking right??

Bacary's right leg

Pretty sure he was injured during the wc so probably to do with that


I don’t have a problem with a Podolski leaving if we bring in someone else that is better than Girioud and it will give Joel Campbell a chance.

Take away the occasional rocket shot… he is actually crap


I know I’m going to get many dislikes because Podolski has a cult of followers like Eboue.
However, I would drive him to the airport if it meant we are going to sign Marco Reus


Of course Reus is a better player. He’s also a £35M player, and since we’ve already bought Alexis, I very much doubt we’ll also get Reus. Buying two £35M wingers in one transfer window is simply not realistic.

ronererier than ever

I don’t think Wenger knows how to manage players who are already good when they come here. Podolski is not crap. Over 100 caps for Germany at 27 prove that.

Wenger just puts square pegs in round holes. That’s OK when you are young and you can adapt but not good for the likes of podolski, arshavin etc.

Anyway laters Poldi. Good luck. We’ll still be waiting for sanogo to score when you’re banging them in for your new team.


Confused as to why people thumbs down “John Terry is a cunt”


Now thumbs down but reply saying why you did the tumbs down please

Springbank 1965

(a) Tradition. (b) Old hat. (c) No longer funny. (d) Not the thumbs-up bandwagon it used to be …

But most importantly, until someone writes John Terry’s name in any context I’m blissfully oblivious to his existence. Once they do, life becomes just that little bit bleaker.


Very clear thank you 🙂


..are the other six “downers” in agreement with the reasons stated?

Or did you clear your cookies? 🙂


He is a cunt though…(sorry missed your point)…I’ll get me coat…


Shut up

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