Thursday, December 9, 2021

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Lukas Podolski is due to start his pre-season preparations at London Colney on Monday morning, however, according to reports in Turkey he could soon be loaned to Galatasaray.

The Süper Lig side, who finished second behind Fenerbahce last season, are believed to have turned their attention towards the 29-year-old World Cup winner after an approach for Joel Campbell was rebuffed.

Galatasaray did try and lure the striker to Istanbul on a permanent basis two years ago only for Arsene Wenger to lure him to London from Cologne.

Publication AMK claim that Galatasaray have today sent a delegation to the Emirates to negotiate a deal. Quite why these things can’t be done with Skype, PayPal and a virtual high-five we don’t know…

Podolski has repeatedly been linked with a move away from Arsenal in the last year or so and still has two years left to run on his current contract. He number 9 scored 12 goals in 27 appearances last season.

The king of superfluous social media hashtagging has, if his Instagram account is to be believed, spent the summer hanging out with all of the world’s famous people in all of the world’s countries.


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I bloody hope note. Prince poldi may have weaknesses in his game, but no one can finish a chance like he can!


That’s the point though; apart from the occasional left foot thunderbolt I don’t think he’s shown enough of an all-round game or work rate to convince Arsene….

remember the invincibles

this reminds me of the ‘aside from Sanchez’ comment on arsecast earlier this week

Third Plebeian

It’s nothing of the kind. LA makes a fair point. His thunderbolts really are occasional, but 90% of the time, Podolski goes missing in games. That places a huge burden on the rest of the eleven. Wenger has said as much.

2014-2015 = the year we've been waiting for



Mixed about this… Seems a good guy to have around for morale and his stats are reasonable… Albeit only against weaker teams. Wenger looks to be trying to balance squad size… Someone’s got to make room for Campbell…


Reasonable? No. His stats are quite good actually.


Only against weaker teams? It wasn’t him scoring against Bayern in the knockout stage each of the last two years?

Injured Gooner South Africa

Poldi had very similar stats to Sergio, City offers that guy a new deal and we are looking to move Poldi out on loan? Please add some more poo to the poo-meter. Campbell could very easily play RW when Wali is injurred, and could easily play at the opposite end when Poldi’s form has dropped. Instead of having just both Sanogo and Giroud one the pitch, when we pushing for a few goals to win crucial games, we also now have the possibility of playing Poldi, Wali Campbell and Sanches in a 4-4-2, with either Sonogo or Girude, or various… Read more »


have some fucking respect and learn how to spell names of your Club’s players.


Don’t really think a loan would make sense for either of us, I think we’d definitely be better off either just keeping him as a super sub or outright selling him for a decent fee.


Exactly! He has two more years on his contract. Why not sell him now, if they want to get rid of his high wages then. This news doesn’t make sense at all.


His wages are pretty high though, 120K was it? I doubt clubs like Galatasaray could afford them.


Right.. The club that had Drogba and Sneijder on their payroll last year, how could they afford Podolski?! /sarcasm


#Report #Nonsense #Poo #Rating #1.5 #Arseblog #Blog #Arsenal #Poldi #Aha


Also, Blogs, what happened to the poo-rating?


I see the poo rating up there now. Very high and a bit of a contradiction when Arseblog’s other news story is all about Liam Brady saying social media is too distracting for players. Poldi is the biggest culprit on the team. His Twitterverse is everything to him.
He may be pissin off the management is all I am saying. I’d lower the poometer.


Poo rating?

sam gooner

If that happens i am gonna feel sad because podolski is the most happy footballer. That man is always smiling not to forget his willingness to get more Arsenal players for us


nah – Santi Cazorla is the happiest footballer!


what about santi

sam gooner

I meant to write German players for Arsenal

3 Billion Dollar Stan

I quite like Podolski, but Wenger clearly doesn’t trust him in this team.

Therefore, there is no point in keeping him at the club. He’s taking up a place in a limited squad and he has massive wages.

Best to move him on and use the wages and squad space on a player that Wenger wants to use.

the only sam is nelson

I think I saw a chart recently which detailed minutes per key contribution (ie goal or assist) and the only player with a better record than Podolski was Aguero – even though he can be hair-tearingly frustrating when he plays, running into blind alleys, dropping back at the wrong time, not backing up for his full back – he still makes vital contributions, and does so with greater regularity than anyone else we have. and he has that shot. BOOM!

and he seems a cheery bloke, too.

i’d love to see him stick around and help us win the title

Fireman Sam

You nailed it. He is no way perfect but for me he remains a key weapon in Arsenal’s arsenal – id like to give him more time and see how things go with our new squad.

Injured Gooner South Africa



Poldi has been linked with a move away from the club from about five seconds after he signed for us.


That must mean that Reus is a done deal. Yep. Absolutely.


Such a scenario would take this transfer window to a new height. But it also makes me wonder if there is anything to this Douglas Costa talk.

Ian Ure's Tallywhacker

I suppose this is the imaginary squad place that is needed by to be freed up for our imaginary purchase of Reus.


reading abt galatasaray just makes me wanna SCREAM I STILL LOVE YOU EBOUE!


I don’t think we’re gonna loan him.


So my Arsenal shirt name and numbers the past few years have been the following:

2010/11: Fabregas
2011/12: van Persie
2012/14: Podolski

I’m terrified of putting Ramsey on the back this season!


Please please don’t!


Funny thing is that, I cant think of any player whose name I could ask you to put on your shirt. We have indeed done a good job in getting rid of dross.

Parisian Weetabix

Just get Rosicky. He’s immortal.

Donut Maestro

Put your own name on the back of your shirt.


unless you’re 10, there is no real reason to put your own name on the back of an arsenal shirt. unless you just really want to look like a tosser… (kinda like getting your own name tattoed on you)

Policeman's Bangers 'N' Mash

What a polite way of telling someone to fuck off.


turkish guy here, AMK is not that great of a sports paper even when compared to the rest of the filth that is Turkish media. The name of the newspaper is short for “Amına Koyayım”, which literally means in Turkish “Fuck your pussy”. So, take the news with a pinch of salt. By the way, as a Beşiktaş fan, I have little doubt that we will get eliminated and Arsenal will go on to play CL football this season pretty easily. However, watch out for the atmosphere in İstanbul, it will be amazing, even though we won’t be in our… Read more »


Seems like it’s a quality publication so. Thanks for the info.


Sorry for the Spam! What do you mean there’s problem to commute? There’s a lot of traffic or something else.


Traffic is always a problem for İstanbul, but even without it, the stadium is far away from almost every major popular district, which makes it pretty difficult to go there with public transportation. I recommend taking a cab, which eliminates all the hassle that comes with the public transportation (changing countless heavily crowded vehicles) and should cost about 15 pounds from Taksim to the stadium.

However, keep in mind that I have no idea how the away fans are supposed to go there. Maybe the cops make sure that travelling fans follow a pre-designated route or something.


AMK…the official publication of John Terry.


No, it’s the “Daily Cunt”

j0hnire I would definitely miss this. He seems like a great guy to have around, also some of the goals he scores are great and he has a great cross. I doubt we could get a good price for him because of his wages and sending him out on loan would be a bit pointless, But if Campbell, Chambo and even Wilshere are to get many games this season Someone has to go. I will probably get slaughtered for saying this but seeing as Cazorla is 29, selling him for a tidy sum might be a good idea since we… Read more »

Parisian Weetabix

I would rate Cazorla as one of the players we simply HAVE to keep. Simply because watching him on the ball at his best is an education for footballers of all ages, and that is the kind of player we need to have at Arsenal. Besides counter-attacking football is not everything. 70% of our league games will be against teams who sit back and wait for us to attack them, at which point pace and counter-attacking become less effective, and the game becomes about subtlety and ingenuity. Santi can unlock those kinds of defenses as well as anyone else on… Read more »


This only means one thing…….REUS REUS REUS!!


Poldi stays!!! i don’t think there’s much more to be said. period!

The Night Elf

Sometimes a team needs a strong, positive, happy and motivating personality/character in the squad more than a complete package … he might not have the all-round game of the Sanchezs or Cazorlas to create movement and space in those corridors … but with the left foot power and accuracy when the opportunity presents itself (literally), coupled with his character in the team, I don’t think we should lose him .. it will be a blow if he’s loaned out me thinks

Cygan Is My Religion

Turkey, Russia, Australia and the Middle East are where overpaid, underperforming flops enjoy an early retirement. Podolski is not one of those players.

I for one would love to see him stay, but if he was to leave, he could do better than this, certainly in a stronger league, if not for a better team.

Merlin's Panini

He’s got an awful lot of competition now, Poldi. I actually hope he stays. It could be just what he needs to keep him on his toes. Could well draw the best out of him.


Poo rating added!


Why do turds suddenly appear, everytime, you are near?

Parisian Weetabix

’cause we need, all that we read, rated with poo.


What’s the point in strengthening our squad, to then let Poldi go?! This story better be worth every one of those poo’s. We’ll need him….Walcott isn’t back yet, Ozil is weeks away and we’re not even in Champs League properly yet. It would be madness to let him go!


Love Poldi but he’s never gona be more than he is right now. I’d take a Reus, Draxler or even a Luis Gustavo over Poldi if given the option. Good luck to him though if he does leave.


Don’t see much sense in loaning him when we could use him as bait for #MarcoReus. Will miss his front punch in the aire whoo-paa! celebration and his cracking shots(av always suspected that keepers just pretend to go for his shots,but never actually try saving them!)


Unless… Reus is held until the release clause kicks in, a year from now; there is something to the Douglas Costa rumours; or AW just doesn’t like Poldi’s Twitterverse.

Petit's Handbag

Fuck off to Galatasary and anyone on here saying to get rid. #Poldi+Eboue#lol#dontwanttohappen


Thinking we would sign reus is just bananas…


The problem for Poldi if he sticks around this season is that he won’t really see much action. Think about if, whether the front three is Cazorla, Sanchez and Walcott, Cazorla, Giroud, Sanchez or Sanchez, Giroud, Walcott, it means Poldi is on the bench with one of those 4, plus Campbell and likely Ox. How in the world is he going to be happy with that? It’s probably best for everyone if he finds a new home…I appreciate his talent and what he’s done for us though!

Lord Sanogo

Best part of the article is the poometer.. Lmao

Four star German

Here in Germany it’s a nothing story. I also can add from my Koln friends that Poldi wants to extend his contract and finish his career in Arsenal

Henry! Chance!! Goal!!!

@YoungArse, PLEASE don’t put Ramsey’s name on your shirt. By the way, why didn’t you put Bendtner’s name on your shirt all these years? Why did you have to subject is to all that pain?


Just to add that John Terry is a cunt.



Why is “John Terry is a cunt” getting so many thumbs downs these days?
Is it JT himself giving the thumbs down and deleting his cookies?

Ginger Gooner

I think Podolski has been injured at unfortunate times – when there has been room in the squad he has either been injured or coming back from injury. His chances to shine against “lesser teams” has been limited, I think there is plenty of room for him in our squad – I mean who doesn’t want a world cup winning player in their team!?


Count the poos people.


I follow his Facebook page thingymajig, and he really is spending a lot of time with pretty much every celebrity on the face of the earth. Then again, he seems like a guy who makes friends very, very easily. How can anyone not like Poldi? He’s impossible to dislike I tell you.


Likely to leave next season.

Also likely departures, Rosicky, maybe even Santi.

Alexis replaces Santi, we will likely bring in more reinforcement for Rosicky.

Akpom is auditioning to replace Podolski as is Gnabry and Campbell. Plenty of options coming up.

Can’t understand why we would let Poldy off on loan though. We may still need him this season.


Santi signed a new contract less than a year ago, he’s not going anywhere ffs


If we are keeping Giroud
We can damn well keep poldi

Please don’t defend giroud

Parisian Weetabix

“Please don’t defend Giroud.” “Please don’t use logic to convince me that Giroud is a good footballer. Please don’t tire me with your statistics and observations. I have already formulated my opinion based on media hype and playing FIFA and I’m fed up of people ruining it for me with cold hard facts.” Seriously? I’m all for freedom of opinion, but if you refuse to allow people to attempt to counter your opinion you will end up being incredibly narrow-minded. Plus I’m sick to death of people accusing Giroud of being shit at football simply because he has a unique… Read more »


Well, He’s predictable, Strikers are unpredictable.


Glad to see plenty of poo. Poldi is going to deliver that left footed boom for the Arse for a few more years to come. We need the partymeister but to rock our bench. Plenty of good attacking options now Joel has finally come home.


I know we’ve tried him up front as the main striker before I think we should give him another go there. With Walcott, Sanchez and Ozil supplying him he would score a lot of goals.


Poldi will get plenty of game time this season and he is still a useful member of the squad.
LW might be the position he’s pencilled in for but I’d love to see him partnered with Sanchez up top, even if it is a dead rubber. I feel with Sanchez movement and work rate, poldi could have a big impact up there.
Up top alone he is not sufficient but with a parter? Who knows

Bufty the imaginary lodger

I like podolski but I don’t feel he’s a starter for us and don’t think he’ll be happy being restricted to 10 minute cameos each week. However getting rid would be a mistake, unless he was being moved on to allow someone in the same position to come in. (reus)


I call shenanigans on this one

Podolski's left foot

NOOOOO my name is at risk

Desert Fox

Its sound – they are talking about a loan, not amputation


We are assembling an Avengers squad and they think we will let go of the thor.
Poo poo poo

North Bank Gooner

#sheeps? #horse? #aha #definitelybull!

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