Video: Arsenal player interviews/reaction to Community Shield win


Via the FA, a series of interviews with Arsenal players reacting the 3-0 win over Man City in the Community Shield.

Mikel Arteta

Olivier Giroud

Aaron Ramsey

Calum Chambers

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two official games. two titles. 100% titles winning team.

Joel Campbell's Gurn

Chambers is on a fast-stream to fan favourite-dom. Everyone near me at the stadium was singing his praises. Needs to cut out those tired passes, but what a talent. Wenger knows!

The only Olivier is Giroud

Olivier Giroud is so dreamy, oh my fuck.


Chambers composure and ability on the ball reminds me of another wonderkind,varane

Joel Campbell's gurn.

Kinda reminds me of Cahill


Ok…I fancy pretty much all this squad, well most anyway. What a good looking group we have and a talented one at that too

Lost vermaelen but gained debuchy, chambers and sanchez. Not surprised puma wanted to join with us. 🙂

Brian Mendoza

Love Ramsey to bits, but damn he’s boring in an interview hahaha


That’s because he’s All Business, mate!

Olivier's Love Child

My first XI for the team would probably look like this:

Debuchy – Koscielny – Mertesacker – Gibbs

Ramsey – Arteta

Walcott – Ozil – Sanchez


When everyone is fit, we have such a wealth of talent on the pitch and on the bench; who do you leave out in that front line?! As has been oft said though, a CB signing would balance the books just nicely.


We’re good, but I don’t think we’re good enough to play without a goalkeeper just yet.


Ak i the only one that’s abit dissaointed that none of our germann trio have returned to trainning? i mean wheres the hunger?
even the mighty messi and other w.c winners have returned.
espexially ppldi… he barely touched a ball at w.c yet he is still “on holiday?”



Per played 53 full (!) matches with us and another 8 with the national team, those are some crazy numbers, he needs a good rest if we want him to be fit the whole season. Mesut ran his socks off on the world cup and needs to be rested, personally I don’t want him to cut tired figures a la messi for the whole year.
As for Poldi, I reckon he’s busy taking selfies with penguins on Madagascar or something, but he will be back and hungry all right.


Am I alone in thinking our Germans absence might have something to do with our new fitness coach? Having worked with die Mannschaft I doubt anyone would be better placed inside the club (or out for that matter) making the call on how much rest our Germans needed.

I for one find that encouraging that the club listens. Bringing them back too early and having them out injured in Nov-Dec does not make much sense to me.


that’s very educative of you prolly right. but as a fan you
can understand where I’m coming from. I’m excited for the new season ahead so was hoping at least one of them (cough poldi) return early…

but he is prolly sorting out his aha t-shirts…or his transfer to galatasary ! j k

ps they have returned at the time i posted this. yeaaaaaah coyg


“We bring them back (World Cup Winning trio) early , and loose them by october or give them some deserving rest to be 100% ready” – Arsene Wenger


Chambers sure is CALuM…….I’ll get my coat….


Interview only shows his head and you can tell Ramsey is fit as fuck. I am so ready for this season.


God damn it Aaron Ramsey is gorgeous!