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Wenger casts doubt over Podolski role

Before Olivier Giroud was injured last weekend, Arsene Wenger was prepared to let Lukas Podolski leave the club, with reports that a three year with Wolfsburg had been agreed.

After the injury, the German was needed for insurance against Besiktas in midweek, but the manager’s latest comments cast further doubt over his future and give an insight into why he sanctioned his departure.

Speaking to the press yesterday, the Arsenal manager touched on Podolski’s qualities, saying, “He can score goals. He’s not a real centre forward, he’s a striker on the flank or behind the striker but he’s not the target man.

“He has a role to play but at the moment the experiences we had when he was a target man, he likes to come to the ball.

“He is not the guy who likes to go too much behind, he likes to come to the ball. He’s a very good link player. At the moment I see more Sanogo, Sanchez, players who are really good at going in behind. Not Podolski.”

Given the way Arsenal play it seems as if Wenger is suggesting he struggles to fit into that system, and has essentially ruled him out as a genuine option to replace Giroud up front.

Whether the former Cologne man stays or not remains to be seen. With reports from Portugal this morning saying that Joel Campbell’s agent in Lisbon trying to sort out a loan deal to Benfica, it’s likely he’ll remain to add depth to the squad, but who knows?

Wenger also hinted he might look for the classic internal solution to our striking issues, talking up the qualities of Chuba Akpom. The 18 year old scored a hat-trick at the Emirates this week, with the boss looking on, prompting him to say, “Every time you have an injured player, nobody asks do you give a chance to Akpom. No, it’s Buy a player!”

It’s probably worth pointing out that an anagram of Chuba Akpom is ‘Oh, am backup.’

*taps nose*

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It’s actually terrifying that he’s now talking up Akpom…


Honestly I’m not sure the difference between him and Sanogo is so big. Granted, it’s not a great solution, but if he thinks Sanogo can do a job then I’m not surprised he’s talking up Akpom.


Sanogo can do a job? Scoring goals? Please.


My impression is that Akpom looks much more comfortable with the ball at his feet than Sanogo does. Sanogo frankly look straight out clumsy at times with the ball. And Akpom seem to know how to score aswell, unlike Sanogo whom is struggling to find the back of the net.

But Sanogo got that physical presence in the box that Wenger likes.


Don’t worry Radamel’s on his way! (also Chuba is well good, plus he’s called CHUBA god damn it! You can’t help but love a Chuba)


Nope its justified!


I’ve always felt that the problem with Podolski’s game is that his link up play is subpar for an Arsenal forward. When he gets in behind, he’s very good. He does need another striker alongside him to succeed. That’s why his best position is on the left for us, because when we’ve got the ball he can basically act as a second, wide striker. But he’s not involved consistently enough, and goes missing. In a two striker formation he’d probably be good but he is a bit of a square peg in a round hole at Arsenal. But I did… Read more »


Arsene knows



He scouted him (you would hope) as the direct replacement for RVP and now he only realises he’s not the focal point.

Odd .


Actually, not as replacement to rvp but rvps goals. Giroud was bought the same window as direct position replacement, Poldi to play LW beside him and together replace the goals we lost when the skunk fucked off.

Riza Pauden

Have no problems w podolski or Campbell but if we could shift them out to make space and free up funds, then buy that world class forward with gnabry on the flanks then I’m down w that


I truly hope Sanchez can flourish in the striker role, because if not then we’ll have just Sanogo up front. I don’t think Arsene is buying another striker.


Interesting articles on Sport Witness: Falcao willing to half his wages and Arsenal still in for Sokortis.


Falcao is going to Real its all but confirmed. Lets hope that means Benzema becomes avaliable.. Wegner is an admirer and in another case Benzema goes to Psg and we end up getting Cavani. Could be possible.


Akpom is definitely one for the future – 2 or 3 years, before a regular starter – but is not the answer to spearhead an assault on the major honors we are competing for this year – Perhaps the Carling Cup? I’d like to see Podolski stay, and us adjust our way of playing to accommodate him – what is wrong with having two interchangeable systems. That being said, I’ve been pleased by the business we have done this summer. Sanchez looks to be settling in well, Debuchy sound enough. Chambers has been a revelation thus far. Lets see what… Read more »


Akpom in 2-3yrs but Sanogo is ready now?

I’d rather Sanogo gets the loan and Akpom gets the chance in the first team or better still, they both get loan experience and the top drawer striker that we so clearly need (last years farcial chase of Suarez confirms Wenger agrees), is brought in.


Pretty much, Sanogo has impressed me with his play every time I’ve seen him, aside from the Palace game, whereas Akpom has struggled to impose himself to the same extent. If all playing up front involved was scoring goals then Akpom would get the nod every time, but it isn’t, especially with the way we play a ‘battering ram’ up front.

Then again, the way Wenger talked Akpom up it might well be that we’re looking to do more of the slick style rather than fulcruming around a CF.


I agree with Crispy, send Sanogo out on loan to get some experience and confidence boosting where there isn’t as mich pressure and give Akpom a go in the first team

Me So Hornsey

Wenger is playing poker. With us. With the players. Even with the press. Even the most cunny trash talking websites haven’t got a clue what transfer story to make up at present. No ones got a scrooby what’s about to happen/not happen.


Because nothing is going to happen/not happen.



Adam Richards

Can nothing happen and not happen simultaneously?

Blaise Hayes



Yes, it’s called “superposition”.

Now waiting for some sports journo to read that and claim we need to buy someone who can play superposition…..


Chuba rhymes with tuba, an instrument with a large horn. Also can be used to score. ;D


I think you’re a bit off there chap, doesn’t rhyme at all with French horn. Should have gone with a type of diving 😉

sir ali

Akpom is quick amd strong. He has an eye for goal, so I would like to see him getting the chance to show his abilities.

I also have this feeling that we will add one more offensive player in the market, hopefully along with Rabiot or Carvallaho.

All singing all dancing crap of Arsenal

As long as we strengthen I have no problem if he plays poker or blackjack or bridge…I am a tad bit worried about ManU’s defensive reinforcements, we are dangerously short on the defenders


Poldi in a 442?

I don’t get it. Why does their defence going from shockingly bad to mildy competent affect our defensive depth?


“Rojo has managed to pick up 21 yellow cards and 4 red cards in 49 league games.”


No one knows what he’s doing in the market including him by the looks of it.
He’s winging it, there doesn’t seem to be a plan in place and he’s happy to gamble the season away with unproven players.
Podolski doesn’t fit, Campbell needs to play, but not with us.
Everyone knows where we need strengthening and the more Arsene gets pressed on it the more he seems to look the other way.

Gunning 4 EPL

Poldi is good but didn’t fit Arsenal formation, Sanogo yet to find his scoring boot where it matters, Giroud injured, Sanchez going frm strenght to strenght so IMO Wenger should sort the defence problems to avoid us shipping home dangerous goals…. I think the most important period is the second half of the season where we always tend to fade with time. Then Giroud should be back and hopefully fit and rest of the team should be in good shape… Then we can push for the title till MAY where we will be crown champion

Anonymous Physicist

Podolski is a great player, but he’s also the player I can most see leaving. Basically, if we want to sign more than one non homegrown player between now and Tuesday someone has to leave, as we only have one spot left. For me, the only reasonable candidates to leave are Podolski and Campbell, with the difference being that Campbell is one for the future who could turn out to be a great player, while with Podolski we know what we get, and he’s probably never going to be first choice either on the wing or as a striker. Telling… Read more »


I can’t tell if he rates Joel Campbell or Podolski higher. There is definitely a lot of hesitation when it comes to them both. I don’t think that he’d get rid of Diably simply because he highly, highly rates him (and justifiably so, in my opinion). A healthy and fit Diaby offers direct competition to the starting midfield no matter who else is fit. Also, who would buy him right now? He could get more for Podolski or Campbell in a position where we have a solid amount of cover and Wenger thinks we can do better, even internally. I… Read more »

tanned arse

Looking at our lack of natural wide players and now without a natural target/hold up man to go through, these players look to me to be more suited to playing a diamond in midfield with alexis and Walcott roaming up tops.

ronererier than ever

Someone said podolski is a square peg. If only he was, Wenger fucking loves them square pegs.


If we do need to offload one player to meet squad no requirements, it has to be Diaby. Deregister him or something as no-one will buy him. He will never be fit for longer than 5 mins.

Andy Mack

People on here wrote the same thing about Rosicky and the dutch skunk….

ronererier than ever

Sell podolski. He’s too nice a guy to let rot like arshavin, park chu young, Joel Campbell and many more that Wenger likes to do it to.


Definitely Akpom should gethis chance. But he’s not yet the striker we need to win silverware. Neither are Sanogo or Campbell.


I am just looking forward to seeing Ozil, Alexis and Ramsey in the same team!

Dream time COYG!

Merlin's Panini

He moans that we don’t tell him to play Akpom and tell him to buy, yet he doesn’t play him! So hard to work out what he’s thinking.
If he’s good enough I’m happy to see an internal solution. Akpom has looked very decent in preseason the last couple of seasons and in the U21s. He’s a hard worker and clearly has a lot of talent.


I’m not concerned with who we play at ST. With the midfielders and wingers we have, we will create chances and score goals no doubt. More pressing need is a big CDM and a back up CB. Get them, and it’s a good window imo


Last season we needed a quality striker and he went with ‘potential’. This year looks like being the same with Sanogo, Campbell and now Akpom being mentioned, and ultimately it will cost us again in the Premier and Champions League. I think we’re just two players away from challenging on all fronts again so let’s get that holding midfielder and top class striker. We’ve got the money……spend it !


Surely we needed two quality strikers last season if we’re one away now?


How about putting wingers who like to go in behind in these wide forward positions, instead of playing Ozil there? Maybe then it wouldn’t be so much of a problem with Podolski coming deeper from central forward position.


You think mr Wenger will ever play two up front? like Walcott and Sanchez on a 4-4-2 would surely rain goals 🙂

Springbank 1965

We’re Arsenal FC. We used to have Wright, and Henry, and Bergkamp. We even had one or two (once good) wantaway others.

And now we’re talking up Sanogo, Campbell, and Akpom?


Hahaha,Sanogo who? He is definitely not the answer.i keep hearing people saying he has potential,I have seen young n better talented players coming to Arsenal who could not really make it here.if sanogo is our plan B,it’s either we lacked ambition or we have not learned our lessons.

Arsene's Apologist

It’s the kind of line regarding Akpom that says to the other teams we’re talking to: “Look, we aren’t going to be held hostage to pay absurd money like other more desperate folk (*cough* ManU *cough*).” Thing is, unlike fans and these others, Wenger will actually follow through. And others know it. It makes it tough to go shitter, which I still believe it’s better in the long run then tossing money left and right. Look what $hitty had to pay for Mangala!

Arsene's Apologist

*makes him a tough negotiator. Damn Siri…


Wenger sees Sanogo, Campbell and Akpom in training every day. We don’t. He’s the one most qualified to decide which one deserves a chance and who’s most likely to “break out” this season.

He’s not going to buy a forward just to buy a forward. That’s how you end up with deadwood on big contracts you can’t shift. Right now the only World Class forwards available are on nonsense wages only Chelsea or City can afford, so we make be stuck with what we have.

Luckily what we have is Sanchez, who could very well be the next Henry.


Alexis being the next Henry? No. Alexis is very good, and could potentially be fantastic, but Henry was the best player this league has ever seen. He was the complete player: – Almost as big and strong as Giroud. I know it’s hard to believe, due to his blinding speed and technique, but look it up. He’s 6ft2, Giroud is 6ft4. Alexis is 5ft7. He is massive, and there wasn’t a defender who could push him around. – Fastest player in the league at the time. Alexis is fast, but there are faster players. Including Henry. – Superb technique, easily… Read more »


What if Wenger refuse to replace the injured giroud


Last season we didn’t have squad depth in front. This season Giroud is injured so… suddenly we have too many strikers and must let go of Podolski or Campbell?! Logic…

Why do you ask my name? It is beyond understanding.

Merson on the bottle and blowing his savings down the bookies, Anelka forcing an accrimonious move, Jeffers a flop, Reyes homesick, Baptista not very good, Eduardo snapped in two, Park a complete nonentity and now Podolski – a strange misfit. The curse of Arsenal’s number nine shirt.

Gooner Mon

Couldn’t bother to read all the comments so I’m not sure someone mentioned this but Reus was pretty good for Dortmund yesterday… With Wenger here admitting Poldi doesn’t fit does that mean we’re allowed to dream about Reus?


not if he was playing yesterday


Remy has gone to chelsea. Times like these I lose a little faith and I’m in awe of the balls in arsene’s pants.


I was sure that Mourinho was going to grab Falcao on loan.


You can say what you like about Maureen but the bloke knows what he’s doing. Remy for the price is a great signing and if we don’t get a striker then it’s yet another one we will regret not getting.
Still have a bit of faith in that wenger will see the obvious and buy a striker if not then we won’t win the league simple as that. And the emirates will start to turn ugly again sooner rather than later.


Yep, they can afford to take punts on strikers who probably aren’t good enough, we can’t. It’s a shame.


Park, chamack, bentner maybe sonogo and wenger doesn’t seem to rate podolski although I think he’s better than sonogo and even Campbell is one he doesn’t seem to rate as it looks he’s about to sell him, so we seem to take the odd punt on forwards that are not good enough. The fact is I believe remy could do a great job for us and mourinho who I’m sure knows more about football than both of us seems to think so to. As did Rodgers and as did arsene at one point in the past. Unless we sign another… Read more »


News flash – what if Sanchez gets injured or pulls an Ozil and gets exhausted getting used to the premier league. It would be suicidal to not buy a proven striker to lead the line


Podolski is our most goal effective player, he scores more goals than anyone given the little time he gets every season, it surprises me that we are selling him.. And above all: it surprises me that we don’t play him more.


But we see them in real matches Sanogo especially he hasn’t impress

Andy Mack

Maybe you don’t know what you’re looking at whereas AW does!

Merlin's Panini

So ‘Arry has snapped up Blogs’s favourite dolphin headed DM, and West Ham have got Song. It’s ex-Arsenal DM signing day today. Who’s next, Gilberto Silva to Burnley?

Tony Hall

We should have bought Costa, just scored again via another great assist from Fabregas, 2:0 up already at Everton in first five minutes.
Should have had Cesc back as well for that matter, not let him go to our arch rival.


We got a limited budget: why should we have spent £30m on Fabregas when we got Özil? To be honest: Özil is a lot better than most of you think, I think he had moments of brilliance against Besiktas. If anything: we should be happy we have Özil instead of Fabregas. We got Özil, Cazorla, Rosicky who can play in that position. I honestly rate Sanchez higher than Diego Costa as well, the only issue is that we are not adapting our game play after him. In the same way that Liverpool did for suarez, eg. long balls straight forward,… Read more »

Paul McOzil

My thoughts…

1. Falcao to Real
2. Benzema to Arsenal
3. Poldi out

All by close of Monday evening!


lmao, Benzema to arsenal? That is a dream mate, and a very good one. Real Madrid are not going to sell Benzema. If anything we’ll end up with Nikola Zigic (who wasn’t given an new contract by Birmingham City, and they are an “relegation” candidate in the championship.), atleast that’s what rumours has been about lately. Like I’d take Bendtner back all days a week above bringing in Zigic.


Really hope we keep Podolski. As pointed out he’s our most goal effective player, especially considering the actual game time he gets. Also not affraid to actually take a shot given the chance. Very worried tbh that Alexis will pick up a knock, & then we’ll be truely buggered. Last season we didn’t have squad depth in front. Sure we’ve gained one (& quality too)…but we’ve also now at least in the short term lost one. So really nothings changed. Show me that we have actually changed our ways when it comes to picking up injuries, & I’ll reconsider but… Read more »

Nostalgic one

You got to love Wenger ain’t you? We’re desperate for a striker and this idiot is trying to loan off Poldi and Campbell. We’re just to tight to ever challenge for the title again.


“this idiot”


‘We live in a society of opinions,’ Wenger said. ‘People are better informed these days. Many of them are better informed than I am. But all of these opinions don’t mean people are right.

‘Everyone is entitled to an opinion, but that doesn’t mean it’s right.

‘In fact, when opinions have been wrong in the past, people have never come out and say “sorry I was wrong” – the easiest thing is to have an opinion.’

Tony Hall

As much as it makes me feel ill I cannot see psst Chelsea for the title this year. They Just put six goals past an Everton team we were lucky to draw with and Costa got another two. Somebody enlighten me as to why Wenger didn’t go for him?

Tony Hall

Benzema has only just signed a new five year contract. He isn’t going anywhere.


Yes, the whole situation is rather strange. Falcao really does look as if he’s signing for them. How are they going to handle so many great strikers? Someone is going to get pissed off because they’re not playing enough. I suspect that someone might be Benzema, which means he might be available next summer after sitting on the bench for a year.

Next summer is not this summer though, so that doesn’t help us a lot.

Andy Mack

At the moment Benzema is their only CF.
Loads of AMFs and wingers but no other CFs.


Hello Arsene, why don’t you try a formation that allows podolski to come to the ball and strike it with his deadly foot then?

Hank Scorpio

Let’s try & rid ourself of our most effective goal threat and meanwhile keep Sanogoals. His only redeeming feature has to be the scientific evidence he provides that 2 males can procreate. It’s obvious that he’s the offspring of Carlton Cole & Emile Heskey.

Andy Mack

And when he scores a few goals (and gets the confidence that his wrongly disallowed goals would have given him) will you still be taking the p155?
And we don’t know if AW wants to get rid of Poldi.


Fuckin deadline day……


Am I the only one that thinks if you score a hat trick for the reserves or four in a preseason friendly, you deserve a chance in the first team?

Obviously, a hard bodied 30 goal a season, centre back chewing goal unit wouldn’t go amiss. But, not for silly money.

We’ve skimped by for so many years. I wouldn’t want to see mega bucks splashed out on a Remy.

If an improvement on Giroud was available, I think he would go for it.


No Falcao then maybe Cerci. He’s not quite the Colombian in creativity but adds pace and can play wide left in lieu of likely a Podolski departure. No Remy please. never been that great, hyped as a Henry successor simply bc to some simpletons, they seemingly resemble each other as black men which is rubbish really. Expect Wenger will keep an eye on what transpires with Falcao though likely Madrid will bite. Otherwise Cerci could be a reasonable addition for less money. if he features more than Podolski (and if he can function up top), it would be a decent… Read more »

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