Saturday, November 27, 2021

Wenger: Draw was fair, Ramsey red wasn’t

Arsene Wenger believes his side deserved to escape Istanbul with a 0-0 draw following a tough game with Besiktas that the Gunners had to see out with only ten men.

Faced with physical opponents and an awful pitch Arsenal never looked at their fluid best and when Aaron Ramsey was dismissed for two second half yellow cards with ten minutes remaining their unbeaten record in Champions League qualifiers looked under threat.

“It was a difficult match played at a high pace,” Wenger said after the game.

“Besiktas played with 100 per cent pace and did fought for every single ball. We needed a great level of concentration. We are still a bit short physically with some situations, but overall it was a game played for 90 minutes at great pace.

“We always want to win but look, Besiktas could have won the game, and we could have won the game as well. Maybe a draw is a fair result because both teams had chances to win the game.

“We know Besiktas are a good team. We know the game will be certainly tight again, but we play at home. The task is clear for us, we want to win the game.”

Ramsey’s first red card for the Gunners means he’s set to miss the return leg next Wednesday although there are suggestions the club could appeal with Wenger angry at the decision.

“I think neither the first or the second yellow card was deserved. When you see some of the fouls made tonight and we go home with Ramsey red carded, it’s a bit unbelievable.”

Wenger’s annoyance wasn’t restricted to the action on the pitch as he confirmed he’d had to dodge missiles being thrown at him from the terraces.

“As I left the pitch a bottle or something was thrown at me. I reported the incident to UEFA.”

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Joel Campbell's gurn.

Had it been the other-way round we’d all be incensed if their player didn’t get booked for what appeared to be a free-kick of that nature.

It happens, accept it and move on. Of more concern is Arteta, personally.


That is what makes it worse. Jack suffered a similar foul around a minute later without the Turkish player being carded.

I thought both cards were soft, but could accept them if every foul of that kind had drawn a yellow. That just didn’t happen.


To be honest with everyone, ramsey left the ref with few options he tried to pull the guys shirt(even if he wasn’t really successful) no doubt and he kind of stopped their counter, he did a stupid thing and deserved a second yellow – but if the ref didn’t give a booking for that pull back(exactly what ramsey did) on wilshere on the left hand side of the pitch after ramsey was sent of then questions should be asked on why he booked ramsey for an identical foul if not even lesser- but I must say this, ramsey had an… Read more »


Is it just me or a co-incidence that we are having injury worries on places we should definately strengthen? Defender – we need another cb cover and koscielny is having a little problem also gibbs is out! CDM – We need a new DM an I hope the injury to arteta will force wenger to act quickly, also diaby is out! CF – Giroud isn’t good enough but i think the return of theo will soften that to an extent plus campbell have not been giving the chance yet. Sanogoal is injured! So I think we need -Monalos -William calv… Read more »


Accept it we must…

The referee was shocking and he got decisions wrong all game long. The atmosphere seemed a bit too much for him.

A win at the Emirates and we are through. Not too bad a result


Certainly a game we could easily have lost and we are now faced with the return leg which we have to win. On a true pitch on which we can play our football we will outclass them and go through with no dramas I feel. I’m in the minority I know but for us to go on and win the Premier League and go a long way in the knock out competitions we need to sign a world class striker and they are out there. I am a fan of Giroud and what he brings to the team but he… Read more »

Big Dave

I could only watch the match in the background last night (due to selfish uninvited guests), I swear there was a moment where players were just kneeing each other in the bollocks? Looked like a rugby match at times.


No that was a traditional folk dance as practiced by the cloggies. Just part of the cultural exchange in CL games

Belfast Gooner

Couldnt agree more. If Cavani is availabe we should break the bank. If not go for Bony or a proven Premier league goalscorer. I have been saying this for a few weeks and keep getting told that we have plenty of options in that position but the way the system is set-up we need a tall striker to help with set-piece duties too. Sanogo needs a loan and Podolski, Walcott, Sanchez and Campbell can play there but they are not centre-forwards in the classic sense.


I don’t think we always NEED a big guy up front, the last two games have been against two physical and large teams but I wouldn’t be surprised to see Sanchez/Theo or even Campbell (if the injuries makes us depserate) as the central striker against teams like Southampton/Swansea/Spurs. Sanogo is inconsistent, but AW seems to have faith in him and he does the ‘big guy’ thing well; it would be nice to get someone tall, who was an upgrade on Giroud but I can only think of Cavani or Falcao (not super tall, but good in the air) so if… Read more »


I feel exactly the same. I just find it is slightly unfair on the guy considering this is his pre-season right now.

The anger and abuse is embarrassing. Giroud has done pretty well for Arsenal, maybe not enough, but he has fought hard for this team.

We may not sign a striker and we could end up using Alexis or Theo as 1st choice, who knows.

The market is tough and Wenger went for Suarez and Huguain last year so who knows what may happen…

Belfast Gooner

Yeah, its not that Im down on Giroud, I think he give his all in every game and the unseen stuff at set-pieces defensively is immense. But for us to really kick on we either need a classic centre-forward like Cavani, Bony or a world class A.N. Other or use Sanchez or Walcott. If we go for the second option then we need a defeneive midfielder (like Vieira) who can take on Giroud’s responsibilites defensively.


“did fought for every single ball” – Indid!


We’ll show them the real arsenal at the emirates!!!! COYG


Anyone else absolutely HATE the fact that Wenger is not using Rosicky in order to give Wilshere a run in before Ozil joins? I mean. Rosicky couldve beeen so useful in a game like yesterday instead of just bringing him on to waste time.



People moan about Wilshere not having a run of games in his position, now he is getting it.

Blaise Hayes

I felt like Rosicky could have done really well in both games so far as a sub for Cazorla. He always seems to inject the team with energy and forward drive. I was very surprised not to see him come on in the second half.


I think everyone is over reacting a bit. That was not girouds worst game for arsenal. I thought he played well considering the state of the pitch and the lack of midfield players running beyond him. Whats more concerning for me is santi cazorla. He played poorly against crystal palace (possibly worst game ever for us) and didn’t show at all for the ball against besiktas. I think the return of Ozil has to be imminent.


Once upon a time there was a square peg and a round hole…It’s not Santi’s fault. He isn’t a winger. He will NEVER perform well if he’s not played in his natural central position as a CAM.

You can just see he hates being played wide. Drifts central on almost every move. This imbalances the whole attack. Wenger should address this. Cazorla is a magnificent player when playing n a position that allows him to utilize his natural strengths.


I don’t think the fact that he comes inside is because he hates playing wide. I think that’s how Wenger wants him to play. Having Cazorla cut inside and having Monreal/Gibbs run beyond him overloads the midfield, which gives Arsenal’s passing players an advantage. It’s not an unusual strategy – Eden Hazard plays in much the same way.

Whether or not the strategy is working for Arsenal right now is a different issue, but I don’t think there’s any doubt that his style of play is deliberate, rather than him shirking his duties.

Bad grammar and probably stoned

Actually, he’s alternated between winger and CAM his whole career. And it would be very weird for Wenger to “address” Cazorla drifting central since that’s how he usually want one of his wingers to play. Didn’t see Pires and Freddie staying out on the flanks for entire games did you?


Pires and Freddie had pace and stamina, something Cazorla doesn’t. In that respect he’s more like Arshavin, and he wasn’t a success on the winger either.


Santi has both of those imo, he’s just not completely up to speed yet, like most of the squad.

He did well for us there in his first season too.


Really? i think he has lots of qualities but speed and stamina aren’t two of them. To be honest i think it’s unreasonable to expect Cazorla at 5’5′ to have the same athleticism as 6’1 Pires. Pires also played in a 442 so his starting position was deeper than Cazorla’s who is playing as a very advanced winger in this system


The comparison with Arshavin was meant to be negative just they share similar shape and size not talent and application


No, you are wrong. Arsenal did not win 8 nill, and Giroud didn’t score 6 of those. Therefore, it’s clearly time for Arsenal fans everywhere to take to the interwebs and panic.

According to the laws of Quantum Mechanics, WENGA can be OUT & IN at the same time. So please STOP FIGHTING

Call me crazy but I believe Theo Walcott is the answer to our forward problems. The Ox and Joel Campbell should start on the wings and Theo up top. Giroud is great against teams from the bottom half. But in tight games you need fast players who can finish. We have that in Theo. I’m very worried that we are waiting on oir Champions League fait in order to sign more players. Khedira should be purchased Asap due to diaby’s injury record, Arteta’s age and Jack’s inconsistentcy. Centre half cover is a must and I’d love a top forward too.… Read more »


Surely we didnt buy Sanchez to put him on the bench. Chamberlain & Campbell can act as a replacement but Sanchez has to be a starter and rightly so.

Özil Gummidge

Arsene speaks in the interests of the team, but an appeal would be a waste of £600 odd quid.

Clock End Mike

Can you appeal against a yellow card when it results in a sending off? I thought you could only appeal a straight red…


You are correct. An appeal for wrongful dismissal cannot be made on a sending off for two bookings.


Agreed. It was ridiculous and soft, but can be justified based on intent which is all the regulations require.

Gooner from Pretoria.

Ya if Theo was there I assume sanchez would have fulfilled the 2nd striker role along with the HFB but I would fancy an aggressive Falcao…

The only Olivier is Giroud

How dare those animals throw stuff at Wenger? Saw a video before the match from 7amKickoff where they show the atmosphere there and I was like “jeeez”. If they abuse visiting managers, though, that is just hooliganism. (For lack of a better word, “barbaric” seemed a bit out of place)


“Barbaric” is not out of place. Fans in Turkey are insane, even worse than in Greece. Arsenal even had a warning up on their website telling travelling supporters not to use public transit to get to the stadium.


Should’ve taken off Giroud and Cazorla and brought on Campbell and Chamberlain, respectively. Poor performance overall. Our best player in the last 3 games has been a 19 year old Centre Back with less than 30 professional performances under his belt. That’s not a good sign. Players are rusty, true, but we should at least be completing passes in the final third. Noticing how much we miss Ozil.


Ozil’s efficiency in final 3rd and class will be missed by any team.

When he got injured last season the goals dried up and we dropped points.


You know 2 mins after Rambo’s 2nd yellow, Wilshere had his shirt pulled in much the same way and only a free kick was awarded!! Home advantage or just double standards?

Black Hei

Ref is just scared of the baying crowd.


Spot on. The referee was badly intimidated and perhaps out of his depth, and had a poor match. One thing I noticed was that his movement and positioning were not always good, and he got in the way of play several times. This says to me that he’s probably not as experienced at that level as other referees. Nothing wrong with that – every referee in the CL had a first game at some point in time. But my issue with that is, if he was in fact taking charge of his first or second or third CL match, why… Read more »

Giroud Awakening

I’m starting to get real tired of Shad’s shit, with Arteta going off and all that. Not only that but since he has arrived I’ve had nothing but bad luck. I burned my finger today off the stove: The Shad effect. Got caught in a rain shower yesterday and got soaked: Shad again.


Arsene's Zip

At least a bird didn’t shit in your mouth in front of 80,000 people!

Gooner Smurf

Wenger out! Having led us to 16th consecutive cl group stage and going to play second leg at home, he is clearly out of his depth!

jet gooner

Having been booked for the first he was stupid to do it again even if the bloke dived.

We’ll turn them over at the Emirates no probs. Mert, Őzil and oilfields to score.

Arsene's Zip

Before Ramsey’s red card, Bilic had a go at the ref, the ref came over and kissed his arse, then all of a sudden he started handing out cards all over the shop.

He was letting the game flow, then just changed tack and started stopping the game at the slightest glance.

He was a pussy, not man enough to be refereeing a top level game.


If Ramsey continues like this Arsene will have to give “the talk” again.

Arsene: u have come along way young one but before you fly you must first learn how to flap your wings and its advisable you do it on the ground to avoid falling back to earth when you’re up there…

Wenger says such i have proof!


stop spamming, bro


Times like this call for perspective…….but im not in the mood to explain what that entails.


Isn’t that where you can draw things in the distance so it all looks right?

Arsene's Zip

Father Ted on the subject:


All in all I think we have Szcz to thank for keeping the scoreline that way. Dunno what campbell did to wenger, if Theo returns and lampost is still leading the attack, we can all forget about the title.


The 2nd yellow card is a joke!
Hope to see our boys smash them in the 2nd leg.

palace gunner

Coyg alot of us arsenal fc supporters know that card red was not right why? Because he was provoked and really was being pressed by the besiktas players as if they wanted him off coyg so tactics was the game now 2nd leg we need experienced, fit and good goalie to win that away goal is crucial


Campbell or Rosicky for Cazorla yesterday would have been a good sub. why did we not use subs until very late? Did Wenger not want to risk more injuries on that crappy pitch?

Win the home leg, simple as that!


But Arsene rarely brings on subs before 70 minutes of the game is up, even if desperately needed. That is one of my main frustrations with AW’s (foibles) tactics.

But onwards and upwards for the next leg, hopefully we will have some vital returnees, and yes Ozil is badly missed already. COYG!


We’ll win the 2nd leg. And by win I mean we’ll thrash them and send them back to middle east.

Truth hurts

After seeing what ManU is going through, pls Wenger seat tight!
You’re a great manager but please do something about out attack and our DM.


Anybody who even remotely thinks that Ramsey deserved either booking is a complete tosser,oops my bad,I mean a completely blind cunt .
Ref was Fukin useless ,we’ll played lads under difficult circumstances


To be honest, the way Besiktas came at us, I’m surprised they didn’t get any red cards!

What a shower of shit they are, followed closely by their crowd.

Can’t wait to whoop their arse next week.

Come on Arsenal!!!

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