Sunday, August 7, 2022

Wenger hints at Chambers midfield role

Arsene Wenger has hinted that new boy Calum Chambers could fill a defensive midfield role, despite playing most of his fledgling career at right back.

Speaking after the 1-0 defeat to Monaco in the Emirates Cup, the boss said, “He can play as well central midfield because he’s got good technique, good mobility and is a great distance runner.

“He was educated as a centre defensive midfielder. Then he played in the under-19 with England, he played central defender, he played for Southampton right back. I saw him first time against us as a right back and I liked him.

“At the end of the season he didn’t play too much at Southampton. But I made my mind up to buy him after I saw him against us.”

The Frenchman was also impressed by Chambers performances over the weekend, saying, “He’s one of the players over the two games who played very well.

“He’s 19 years old and he came here without talking, he plays two good games and is not phased by the quality of the games and the opponents at his first time at the Emirates at 19. He’s one of the satisfactions of the weekend.”

So, it’s so far, so good for the young man, and maybe he might be the one to fill the fabled DM role.

Time will tell.

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He looked very assured yesterday. I didn’t see today’s game, but sounds like he has a mature head on young shoulders. Looking like a good buy.


Chambers and Ramsey is midfield? Hope opposition midfielders eat their porridge before they play us…

The Ghost of Paul Robinson

Bangers and mash and brown sauce mate, this is fookin’ Engerland mate, ENGLERLAND.



Bellerin looks like he could be very good back up this season for Debuchy, if Arsene decides he wants to mould Chambers into a DM straight away.


Dont judge a player on one game v a team who couldnt be bothered


Judging him for games I saw him last year in the Championship on loan at Watford. He has improved alot defensively and positionally but is still very good on the ball.

A Yank In King Arsene's West Stand

“But I made my mind up to buy him after I saw him against us.”

Arsene Wenger’s magic
He wears a magic hat
When he saw Calum Chambers
He said “I’m having that.”

Gunner From Another Mother

Would very much please me to hear this ring around The Emirates on tv!


Chambo-Chambo combo!

Non flying dutchman

You said chambo twice

Master Bates

I think Chambo is better prospect than Chambo.

There I said it!


This kid is super talented, i would much prefer he builds a very good understanding with koscielny at the heart of the defence so as to replace the experience but slow metersacker against teams with faster attackers. Germany understood this perfectly and got the best out of our german!


BFG rocks mate and is our leader at the back!


Yes i know, but i bet your’re never confident when he comes up one v one against a fast and tricky striker like suarez!
We all love the big german but we all know speed is not his forte!! All I’m saying is – chambers can get this sorted out against the suarezes!!

Non flying dutchman

Mert owned Suarez in that league game in the emiratesn last season.

Did strike me that Falcao is probably better then any striker in the PL now that Suarez has left, and our makeshift defence didn’t do too shabby a job against him. Couldn’t help but feel that FK for them would not have come to anything had Meet been marshalling the back line.


Well it’s not often he ends up in tricky situations as he reads the game very well and has a great understanding with Kos. You know I find it fascinating that Hanson and Carragher are his biggest critics going on about his lack of pace as both of them were pretty fucking slow aswell. Yes he did end up dropping out of the starting line up in the world cup but let us be straight here Germany have a very impressive squad and won the bloody thing.


He mostly makes up for his lack of pace with exceptional anticipation and decision making. I don’t worry about him against exceptionally quick strikers anymore than I do any other CB… talented attackers can sometimes find space and score or at least threaten, but Mertesacker is as much or more likely to shut them down than faster CBs that lack his mental qualities, else he’d not be playing for Arsenal and Germany


You forgot the Merte-tackle!

Remember the invincibles

I’m all in for Hummels. What a defender!


Extremly calm. Looked like he had played at the emirates a tousand times before



Third Plebeian

Nah, I liked it better in your Irish accent.


I think this arsenal team is just a cavani-kindof striker and a lars bender away from being the perfect winning machine!


Cavani is little more than a refined poacher with high-work rate. He can’t dribble, he’s not a lot quicker than Giroud and he’s pointless more than 40 yards from goal.

Bender’s passing stats are atrocious. They’re both good video game players, but that’s largely it. Don’t suit our side.


Assuming you are right about benders passing stats – do we need a dm who can pass the ball like arteta? Or a dm who can stop our opponents from passing the ball like arteta in our final third? If the later is the case then you should check his tackling nd ball retaining stats! Cavani is a million times faster than giroud, he scores all kinds of goals on a consistent basis, he scores with his head, right foot, left foot, long range, free kicks, one v one against a defender with only the keeper to beat after that,… Read more »


On a more serious note- has giroud scored from outside of the 18yard box before?
Note: I’m not trying to downgrade him, just that I just thought of it now and i cant remember any so maybe someone might have a better retentive memory- please!

Non flying dutchman

I’m aware Cavarni was really good for Napoli, but I I never saw him play for them. Have only ever seen him play for PSG and Uruguay and with neither has he impressed.


@Previgo- Brighton if I’m not mistaken


vs. Vietnam on asia tour. Top corner


Cavani can absolutely dribble. He’s far more creative than being a simple poacher – see his brilliant cross for Suarez’s first goal against England. If you watched him at Napoli he was pretty much the perfect 9. He was the top scorer in Serie A two seasons ago and managed to bag a decent return for PSG despite being a second-choice striker playing out of position. He’s had a tough year but he’ll bounce back eventually.


I wonder how fans would feel about bedding him in as a DM as well as RB cover over this next season (while phasing Arteta out) in case a DM signing doesn’t work out. Too early to gauge his positional awareness at this point of course, but he’s well-built, mobile and he can play.

I’m not saying this is what should/will happen, I just want to know people’s take on it.


I guess I’ld be okay with it. But it would be a shame if we didn’t pay a bit more for a more accomplished/experienced option at that position(CDM).


Did you see Cavani play at the WC?
A £50millionTurd with long hair.
That’s what he is.


That was an out of form cavani just as Christiano ronaldo, did you watch giroud against nigeria? He was just a crafted art dressed in a france jersey! And we all know a giroud in red-hot form can not match a cavani in his best possible form, I’m certain defenders are more petrified of facing an out of form cavani than an inform giroud! Personally, I will take an out of form cavani over an out of form giroud- who wouldn’t?

Even falcao aint a bad buy…

The Ghost of Paul Robinson

Nailed it.


One of the top 3 strikers in the world.Off to Madrid ofcourse

Adam Chamberlain

This could be typical Wenger ‘smoke and mirrors’ to signal to Real Madrid that we ain’t too fussed over a DM position in hopes to stabilize price. Or…could be literal. You never know.


Chambers could be great in midfield Eventually! Yet I would rather Wenger sign someone with more experience in that position (Khedira or Carvalho who can also play great as a CB). Either way I have a feeling this is a bit of a negotiating ploy by Wenger to basically say I don’t really need to sign Khedira or Carvalho unless you (Their agents/teams) lower there demands. Also I assume if Wenger really thought of Chambers playing in that position now I would imagine we would have seen him play there during the Emirates Cup, at least for a little bit… Read more »


FFS just buy a world class DM instead of playing players not in their normal position.Once again we will blow the league by our penny pinching.We are one of the top 5 richest clubs in the world lets act like it


You’re right. Buy a proper striker and leave Thierry on the wing where he belongs dammit…

Fucking emotional, irrational creatures we gooners have turned into. It’s pre season folks, calm down!!! The boss knows what we need.

(Not specifically aimed at you Martin, sorry your comment bore the brunt of it. It’s just the shit you read on the internet after a result like today, and yesterday would do your nut in!)


Even after the boos has spent around £65 Mn in a single transfer window and around £102 Mn in two, you won’t stop accusing him of penny pinching. What do you want him to do to become happy, sell Emirates??


On the topic of DM’s who saw kondogbia today. Now that is the type of DM we should be looking at, he absolutely dominated.


Kondogbia is just one more player that we where reportedly in for last summer before Monaco signed him. Seriously this never ending hunt for a CDM though has gone on FOREVER!!!

Felipe Melo>>Xabi Alonso>>M Vila>> Jan Vertongen>>Etienne Capoue>>Lars Bender>>Sami Khedira (And so many other names I can’t remember).

Every transfer window we’re are after a CDM, I’m just hoping the commercial deals we’ve received will FINALLY push Wenger to buy a player in that CDM position, better late then never!


Meanwhile, Jenkinson has managed to injury him in his first appearance with West Ham. Maybe we ritualistically transferred our injury curse to his body before sending him across London?


Or even injure himself for that matter.

LosAngeles Gunner

I always thought he will do the same with vermaleon. But the boss knows better. If he does well as DM that will be awesome.


*Ponce de Vermaleon

Merlin's Panini

Chambers versatility kind of makes him the new Eboue or the new Grimandi, but less of a mentalist than those two.
Just what is his best position? I’m hugely intrigued to see where he ends up. His is a similar situation to that of Phil Jones except he doesn’t have a gormless moron face.


Arteta played ok today but still way to slow. Sad to see Monreal run from the attacking half, passes him, who was already midway in the defensive half and gets to the player just wide of the 18yd box.
Where is Diaby!!!!!!!


Maybe it’s an Irish/british thing, but “fledgling” typically has a negative connotation to it, no?


When I was 19, I was eating fast food, getting pissed, shagging any old tart and behaving like a fuckin twat….good on him. He speaks like a gentleman and plays football like a man. He’s a class act and I’m sure he’ll be a hero for a generation. Chambers will be Wengers legacy to us.

Four star German

Mertesacker should never be dropped


definitely him over Wilshere as a DM!


Puts more pressure on Wilshere

Springbank 1965

If only we could clone him.


What do you guys think about swapping vermaelen for song and cash??


The glaring weak links in the team right now are the slow players, notably arteta, cazorla, mertesacker, monreal and giroud especially when you play arteta and mertesacker at the same time in the middle or cazorla and monreal on the left flank, almost sure to concede goals with those combinations but le prof is quite stubborn on that front…


Mertesacker? Weak link? Really?

Dapper dan's feelin sad

Did not catch the game, how was Capt. Jacks performance?


Crap. Zalalem was way better.

AS17 is for A.Sanchez not

Really has a bright future. Fantastic upgrade from southampton. I think we should give some *gifts* to them for selling us great kids

gooners n roses

I know its only pre-season and some players just reporting in, but i thought a midfield trio of Ramsey-Jack-Arteta could still dominate the midfield. Not physically but possesion based e.g triangle, short and tidy pass.

Especially Jack, he is kinda all over the place yesterday, with his usual flailing arms when lose the ball / bad pass.

Probably the match sharpness that is lacking, but you would have expect a more tidy game between these three.

Or maybe i’m just being picky.


The role of a cdm could prove vital this year with the new defenders coming in and not sure Chambers has the experience needed yet to take on the roll.
Hope Arsene buys a top quality dfm to complete the team and give Chambers the time he deserves to learn and bed in.

Wenger's six pack

Might be time to push Jack forward a bit…… oh yeah and that Falcao could put in a shift for us……just allow yourself to imagine it for a minute…..

Sammy Nelsons Arse

Impressive showing from Chambers. I still hope we sign a DM and a Centre back though to allow him a nice blend of playing time and rest. He’s shown that he is not out of his depth but I hope we have the options to allow him to develop and not leave him exposed in big games. Remember Jenkinson at Old Trafford in the 8 – 2 ? It still grinds my gears that certain players were thrown to the wolves that day. Anyhow the past is the past certain lessons appear to have been learned and we can be… Read more »


This is what I’ve been thinking myself; Chambers could be our, if not now, future defensive midfielder. He’s a great talent, composed, fairly quick, versatile and has experience in playing the defensive midfielder role, as well as the positions he’s supposed to cover when one of the fullbacks or centrebacks joins the attack.

Still would prefer if we bought a proven player for the position.


I think this is our best team. And could fight for the title. Really looking forward to this year – .Schezny. Debuchy – Koscielny – Mertesacker – Gibbs . . Chambers. – Ramsey. . . Özil. . Sanchez. . Walcott. . . Giroud. Subs Ospina Ox chambo New Cb Chambers/new DM Cazorla Sanogo ….. Very strong team, very strong bench, strong squad. Very very excited for this season! And i think Sanogo will prove his worth this season. And in cup games, i would like to see him in the Viera roll, just to see what he is like there.… Read more »

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