Wenger pleased with Arsenal attitude after tight win

Arsene Wenger

Arsene Wenger has praised Arsenal’s attitude following their a last-gasp opening day victory over Crystal Palace and promised his side will find their fluid passing game in the coming weeks.

Laurent Koscielny’s header cancelled out Brede Hangeland’s towering header just before half-time before Aaron Ramsey pounced inside the six-yard box to fire home an injury-time winner just as the game looked to be heading for a draw.

Pointing out that the Gunners were the only side to win at home today, Wenger underlined the positives while admitting that their is room for improvement:

“It was not the plan, the plan was to win the game, but because of the physicality and organisation level of Crystal Palace, it was very difficult for us. Why? Because we conceded a goal on the first corner they had. We lacked a bit of pace in the final third to change what we built up into dangerous situations.

“But it was enough to win the game and win the three points. You could see that for the first game of the season, nobody won at home, we were the only team that won at home. So that shows you that it’s difficult for everybody on the first day of the season.

“I believe that our attitude was right, on our fluency we can do better, but that will come. Let’s get everybody physically ready. Having said that, you could see that Crystal Palace played with the same organisation as last year, when they changed the situation from a relegation team to finishing 11th in the Premier League.”

Three of Arsenal’s new signings, Mathieu Debuchy, Calum Chambers and Alexis Sanchez played the entire game and while the Chilean international struggled at times to make an impact the boss reserved praise for his commitment to the cause.

“I am very happy with his attitude because he kept on fighting for 90 minutes, even if he is not completely ready physically. Tactically he needs to improve his understanding with his partners but he looked lively and dangerous until the end. I’m happy with his overall attitude and performance.”

Chambers performance in the centre of defence was also the subject of praise with Wenger confirming the 19-year-old had actually been signed as a back-up right-back.

“I must say, honestly, we bought him as a right back, but in my opinion he could play centre back. I tried it in pre-season and from game to game he becomes stronger. Today he had a remarkable performance.”

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we need that CDM if we are serious about winning the league

Arteta isn’t and will never be a CDM


He already is, but you’re entitled to your opinion.

He’ll still score the penalty that wins us the Champions League though.


do you think that he is on the level of a league title winning team?
i don’t


Maybe not, but he will still be the captain of the 2014-2015 premier league champions though. And that can only mean that he’s even beyond that level!

ramsey's spirit

Arteta is a CDM, there are 2 types of CDM, the playmaker type that arteta fulfills, and then there is the purely defensive bruiser style that Arteta certainly is not, nor is khedria or however its spelt, Bender is. the point in question isn’t the quality of Arteta, its the fact that an additional CDM signing of a different type, i.e Bender Et al gives us tactical diversity.


i agree but Khedira, being the playmaker type, can also defend much better than Arteta


He isnt. Some of the decisions he takes in defence are brainless. Caught in between time and time again. When we meet a team that can take advantage of it (Chelsea anyone?), we are screwed. We need a holding midfielder and he is nor has he ever been one.

Özil's Living

When Calum Chambers makes a clearance
The ball apologizes for the inconvenience
He is…The Most Interesting Man at the Emirates


And when he heads the ball, the grass beneath his feet pays attention… He is the most attractive man to all the emirates ladies too 🙂

Bouldy's Tupee

Calm yo titties TTT! Kheidira is coming to Arsenal after champions league.
Someone is coming that’s for sure!

In Wenger I trust.


that’s what i’m hoping for

Daniella 9

On the today’s evidence, Chambers is easily worth the 16 million. Even if we disregard the English premium.

Still, I’d expect stronger performances from our front line against middling sides like Palace, Stoke, and Man U.


Don’t forget the Spuds.


I wouldn’t class them as middling, they look set to scrap for relegation.

Bouldy's Tupee

Chambers definitely is Arsenal’s utility man. Plays in the midfield, CB, and RB. Gets better and better with more game time. Let’s hope he keeps fit.

Debuchy, I feel he’s little bit of an upgrade to Sagna. A bit quicker and better going forward and crossing the ball in.


I don’t think we do. We need the whole team to defend and they have improved. Our improved pace up front will take pressure off our defence. We do need a CD, if we get that covered off soon, with the players we have coming back to full fitness, we will be a force.



I'm so ronery

Where the player ratings. Think we should have ratings done on the poo o meter this season


Genius idea

Diawara, Kaba

Can we start a small petition to have the ratings on the poo meter.

Gooner from Pretoria.

Did Anyone notice Alexis Chest control..in Slow motion…was not that stoned

Gunner From Another Mother

Yes! He just kind of balanced the ball on his chest for a moment and it was awesome. I half expected him to start running away, carrying the ball on his chest

Springbank 1965

Top of the table. One down, thirty-seven to go.


Are we top of The league already.


One day, alphabetical order will pay off in spades for us. We have the geniuses behind the renaming of the club from Woolwich Arsenal to just “Arsenal, The” to thank.

Dial square

For all the stick he gets, we don’t half miss Giroud when he’s not playing.


He is massive for this team. I know this might sound crazy, but the more I think about it, the amount of strikers I would swap him for becomes smaller and smaller.


A great three points today. This team really believe they can win the league and I have to say I agree. Look how many times utd used to win at the death the bastards. They won a lot of leagues that way. I always have that feeling that arsenal are gonna score now especially when they are losing. I didn’t have that sicky feeling today like I had this time last year. And to think Walcott and ozil to come back. They did a poll on sky today to see who people would think would win the league. Arsenal came… Read more »


This is definitely true. There was a proper will to win even the first game, and the celebrations were akin to the Nicky Bendtner winner vs Cardiff when we were properly in the thick of the title race (and in front by a distance). I also don’t particularly mind us getting points slightly scrappily on occasion early in the season if it means that we begin to peak December and onwards. Easier said than done of course, but I’d be glad to see us pace ourselves rather than beginning brightly, then moving to a string of determined but close victories… Read more »


*melodramatic music*

That goal may have been a 2 yard tap in for Ramsey, but it was a 30 yard heatseeker for Determination.


In hindsight, oh dear. Times like this I wish I could delete comments.

not a comedian

Lol! Such brutal honesty!


Chambers looks more and more like a fantastic bargain every time I see him play. The guy looks so comfortable at CB, I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone that young look so comfortable. Sanchez had a decent game but is obviously, as Wenger says, needing some fitness and understanding. Day 1 and we are back on the top. Lets pray we will be there in 37 games time! COYG!!


We could see that the players still lack a bit of sharpness. Some of our passing was still a bit raw.
But few great news:
1 we won the games and are top of the league!!!
2 An other week of training and our player will be way better.
3 The World Champion are coming back soon.


The game was crying out for ozil. I can’t wait until he comes back. I’ve never understood the criticsm because whenever he plays he takes us up a level with his class.

Özil Gummidge

Touch of the Bobby Moores about the composure Chambers shows


Chambers is proving to be a great signing so far. In truth, everyone had a below par game besides Chamber and Debuchy, even Szczesny was flappyhandsking those corners, Cazorla had a poor game, and I honestly don’t know what to think about Wilshere, he’s running out of excuses. Bit overall we’re looking set for a solid season, let’s stay positive until results tell us otherwise


1) Welsh Jesus
2) Chambers signing = genius
3) So this Sanogo starting thing isn’t a joke? Giroud needs to be back from first whistle

Parisian Weetabix

Wilshere looked out of place in our 4-2-3-1. If Özil had played he would have stamped his authority on the game playing as the middle of the three. Wilshere’s game just isn’t suited to that. Even with Cazorla having a mare Arsene preferred to take of Jack and move Santi into the middle. Currently Jack Wilshere does not have the attributes to be a successful number 10. Which is why I think he should be played further back. The tenacity of Flamini and the passing ability of Arteta are already in his game. What’s lacking is tactical and positional discipline… Read more »

teddy salad

interestingly, just finished pirlo’s autobiography. jack needs to work on his free kicks, he could play till he’s 37 if he took a pirlo role. I’m not so sure if he can manage the defensive discipline.


I’m not saying you’re wrong, but I felt like Ramsey played the furthest forward of the midfield three.. I can’t find a heat map but “WhoScored” had Arsenal’s formation down as a 4-1-4-1 with Wilshere and Ramsey playing in front of Arteta in the center of defense. I guess my point is that I think Wenger sees Wilshere as more of a CM than a #10.. Disclaimer: this is just an educated opinion.

Parisian Weetabix

That’s kind of my point. Ramsey shouldn’t play as furthest forward of the midfield three because he’s primarily a box to box player, and while he can pull strings he can’t do it in the way that Cazorla and Ozil do. Partly because he loves to be everywhere rather than just focusing on attacking and creating. Ramsey’s engine alongside Arteta gives us enough defensive tenacity and nous for the midfield, meaning the third spot can be taken by a player given more to being attacking, creating and scoring. What we missed yesterday was a player with the authority to demand… Read more »

Parisian Weetabix

*Despite his evident rustiness Cazorla actually did try to do this to some effect, despite being played out wide. Alexis was also fairly creative from his wide position but was clearly adjusting to a new league. I thought it was actually very brave of Cazorla to keep asking for the ball when he knew he wasn’t at his best because he could see that the team needed a creative spark. To say Wilshere hid would be very harsh, but he showed an unwillingness to adapt his game for the team. He played to his own strengths when he was the… Read more »


Lets go our and sign another 60kilo player who’s 5ft 7, it’s the most obvious thing to do.
We keep getting dominated in the middle of the park.
Put your thumbs down all you like, but we need more pace, power and height right thought the squad
Draxler, Carvalho and Nastasic please


What we need is to play a quicker passing game and be more direct, to catch other teams on the break in midfield. We have enough pacy players to do it, and certainly enough players who knows how to pass a ball. Problem is they all want to be the passer, not the runner. Not Walcott though, and we really really really miss him.


Wenger (on a big signing) “It depends if the right player is available at the right pReus.”

Cliff Bastin

Make Chambers our 3rd choice CB + Call back Jenko = PROBLEM SOLVED


This is a stupid risky decision. Chambers is not experienced enough. We have conceded 3 times now from set pieces because this team lacks a bit of height with Santi, jack and Alexis. No Surprise we are rumoured for Manolas (A Cback at 6’3 and 23 yrs) + (for the future) a midfielder in Rabiot at 19 again with height. Makes sense. Cback is priority. Arteta is not a problem. he will eventually have to be replaced due to age but he is good for one more season and a young Dm coming in will have sufficient time to understudy.… Read more »

FT 3:16

Hector Bellerin is Debuchy’s competition. It’s going to be a very interesting season. Wait till Abou Diaby joins the fray.



Bellerin is night and day to Jenkinson who was one dimensional and predictable. He also whipped in crosses blind, where Bellerin and Debuchy put them in with intent.


I don’t half mind a striker still.

Sanogo is full of promise but needs a bit of development playing regularly.

Meanwhile, if there is a more senior player who can offer us options along with Campbell, it would be a good hedge for this season. A lot may depend on who is available for next to nothing end of window IMO.


The main issue with Wilshere isn’t his positioning, defending, passing or any of that. His problem is that he holds on to the ball too long. He loses possession, but more importantly, he invites late tackles on himself.


spot on!jack keeps the possession far too long.but lack someone said he could do a pirlo and that will save his place in the starting xi.


Not that I’m complaining, but wasn’t Ramsey offside?


Expat no he was well onside.