Wenger rules out Campbell departure


With some uncertainty until now over Arsene Wenger’s plans for Joel Campbell, the Arsenal manager appears to have confirmed the Costa Rican will be part of the squad for the upcoming season.

Campbell caught the eye with some impressive touches, an assist and a fine volleyed goal as the Gunners spanked Benfica 5-1 today, and afterwards the manager was asked if there had been any offers for the forward and if he’d be willing to let him go.

“No. There is no reason to let him go. I want to keep him.”

He expanded on the reasons why, saying, “Campbell has done very well. I like the way he plays, he’s good on the ball, creative and collectively as well he has a good balance between individual skill and collective attitude – that’s not easy to find.”

The manager also had words of praise for four goal striker Yaya Sanogo.

“Sanogo came last year on a free and we worked very hard for six months with him and from January onwards he was slowly getting better.

“Now that we have worked very hard with him, we want him to stay here. If you look at his goal scoring record before he got injured, it is quite frightening.

“For a while when he came back last season, he could not score. You could see when he scored the first goal today, suddenly they came raining. I especially liked the third goal he scored, it was really the goal of a striker of quality. He has a big future here, or course, he is 21.

“He has something of Adebayor. He is strong, a strong body, similar strengths, but as well technical skill.”

With Lukas Podolski, Olivier Giroud and Theo Walcott yet to make a pre-season appearance, it does look as if the team has as much depth up front as it has in a long time, so hopefully Wenger’s obvious faith in the two young youngsters will be rewarded.

If there is a downside it appears Sanogo tweaked a hamstring this afternoon, but as yet we have no word on how bad it might be.

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Good. At this point, I want him to get a chance on principle as much as belief in his skill. Hope he does well.

Bob Truelove

This pleases me.


Make it so!


Hopefully Sanogo, with his checkered injury history, doesn’t turn into the next Diaby in that way.

A to the HA

Please no jinxing ……….. 😐


Because it implies that Diaby, a first-team player no less, is player of the past. ‘Turn into the next Diaby’ is rather derogatory don’t you think?


Its obvious how much talent has gone to waste so far with Diabys unfortunate injury history. It would be one of footballs best stories if he still succeeds at a hight level but no player deserves his history.


Except Terry.


I don’t think that most red thumbers are really vilifying Derryl. At least for me, it was more in reaction to the spirit of the comment, which is, “I fucking hope not”. We’ve certainly had many injury horrors in our past, some have managed to recover well and ended up contributing heavily to our success (Ramsey, Rosicky, van Persie) but others were less fortunate (Eduardo obviously, Diaby). But choosing Diaby as a reference; the man who has suffered an absolute nightmare of a career in terms of injuries, felt a bit out of place. Associating Sanogo to this kind of… Read more »


acid* not poison. I haven’t played Dungeons and Dragons since I decided to have a life and I now see that if faced with a troll in real life, I would be likely to die from of my own ignorance. Oh, the humanity…


Arseblog almost had a comment hidden on his own blog.

So close, yet so far.


I’m afraid that’s the sad state of affairs in your comment section Arseblog. Even your own comment nearly got hidden as someone’s pointed out. It seems everybody around here is thumb-down happy with any comment voicing out concerns which may hold weight but isn’t what they want to hear. And the worst part is those people doesn’t even reply why they thumb down. Things like John Terry is a cunt instantly gets up vote, or things that’s supposed to make you feel good as an Arsenal fan, but anything other than that I’m afraid gets down voted shamelessly. I for… Read more »


*gasp*, it’s happening already!


Apart from the problems and pain it’ll cause the the poor lad himself, I don’t think I could stand the constant drone of “he was going to be a postman… POSTMAN” from some corners of the Arsenal web if Sanogo has too many injury troubles.

Unyoke the Ox

I just hope he DOESN’T become the next Adebayor.

Also, that Bellerin looked very good.


I would hope with Giroud, Alexis, Walcott and (maybe?) Campbell available to play the No. 9 spot — Poldi can’t count as he’s been crap in that role — Sanogo can take his time to develop (and heal, if necessary).


Wenger has faith in the lad and that is enough for me. I am sure he will come good and score shed loads of goals for us.


Young youngsters are the best kind of youngster.

Mr Eko!

Finally gets his chance..
Hope he does well.#LANS


At first I kind of cringed at the mere mention of Adebayor, but then Wenger gave a bitchslap à la Gerrard when he said “but as well technical skill.” Hot damn I love that man!

Czech the technique

Good, he’s still young but he has a lot of potential, I think its good to have players like him in and around the squad, keeps everybody on their toes.

Atletico Islington

Crazy how last season people were talking about our aging team. Just a few signings and promotions from the under 21s and we’re back to having arguably the most exciting young squad in the league.


our depth is 180 degrees from last year.

ST – giroud, sanogo (poldi, theo, alexis, campbell)
RW – theo, alexis, santi, campbell (ox, gnabry)
LW – alexis, santi, poldi, campbell (ox, gnabry)
AM – ozil, rosicky, wilshere, ox, santi (zelalem,)
CM – ramsey, wilshere, arteta (diaby, ox)
DM – arteta, flamini, (diaby, le coq)
RB – debuchy, chambers (bellerin)
LB – gibbs, monreal
CBs – per, kos, miquel, chambers
GK – sczc, ospina (martinez)


I didn’t like that you have already excluded Verminator from the list. As of today, he is still an Arsenal player. And if he leaves this transer window, I am sure Wenger will get another CB.


damn that’s a sexy read


You are putting Miguel ahead of Chambers? Not sure I see much in Ignasi other than a receding hair line and transfer to a Championship side.


Speaking of which, where was Diaby today? Any word?


Arsène had to name only 22 players in the squad and decided to rest him, he remarked there was no injury related issue.


Apparently injured and having a scan, but not confirmed.

North Bank Gooner

Sanogo is mustard, you only had to watch the last youth world cup. Glad to see him show everyone what he is about, go Yaya!!

Edu's Braces

Cant believe Wenger used the A word, im appalled and I will be writing to the bbc, mark my words


Sanogo tweaked a hamstring? Time for ol’ Shad to work his magic then.

poliver girolski

Dear injury gods,

Please don’t let Yaya’s injury be long term… I will sacrifice a small goat, 3 Man City players and John Terry in your name if you bless us with good fortune for the rest of the season.

Kind Regards
An Arsenal Fan.


Sorry… I had to down vote coz I didn’t wanna sacrifice the small goat!

wenger's coat zipper

Even the gods think John Terry is a cunt


Leave innocent small goat alone !!

Chaillah the Gunner

I can understand why you are offering three man city players,I can understand why you are offering Terry.
but why why why why why the poor goat?


Campbell was really impressive today. I really hope to see more of him this season.


You could see last season that he had a hunger for goals. He was trying endlessly but it just wasn’t happening. I went as far as saying to my mates that this kid has a future. Still big words to follow but I strongly maintain my views.


Oh and I meant that for Sanogo.

Al Gilmore

I agree. I could never understand the vitriol and trolling directed towards Sanogo who after all was young AND a free transfer. To me it speaks of people judging him on what he wasn’t ‘a big name with a massive transfer fee’ instead of looking at what he is – a good raw young talent. He shows flashes in nearly every game he played of being a player who could lead the line well, with pace, strength and trickery..of course what was missing was the finish. But he wouldn’t be the first striker in history to experience a crisis of… Read more »

Merlin's Panini

“He has something of Adebayor. He is strong, a strong body, similar strengths, but as well technical skill.”

Heh. Nice little dig at the end there.


Because Adebayor hasn’t got technical skill? LoL

Da Faq You Looking_keep Scrolling



I can see Wenger saving Giroud, Sanchez and Walcott for most of the EPL and CL games and giving more chances to Sanogo and Campbell in the FA cup and Capital One Cup (shouldn’t be a priority).


I can’t believe how excited I am about the new season and how incredible our squad is now. It wasn’t that long ago that inwas starting to wonder if Arsene had passed his prime. How wrong I was. COYG!!


The question is who will be sent out on loan? Campbell or Sanogo?


Did you read the article?

Now that we have worked very hard with him, we want him to stay here. – on Sanogo

No. There is no reason to let him go. I want to keep him. – on Campbell


But Mick Hucknall’s creepy little scouse brother Steve Mcmananaman’s bloated Botox face said he’s like Bambi on ice on that wonderful sports programme on BT that hired Gary McCalister and Michael
Owen so he must be poo! Gary McCalister doesn’t have a clue and he’s a bit weird.


He does look a little gangly at times, less so after his goal today, but it’s undersntadable after having a big injury when he was younger.


A bit of a hamstring…..for fuck sake can someone above leave us alone on the injury front for like 10 minutes?

In all honesty hope the lad is resdy to go in a couple weeks. Am glad to hear the boss back Campbell….I mean seriously folks if Sanogo and Campbell can contribute this year all of a sudden we are stocked in the attacking positions beyond belief. I think signing a big time defensive midfielder could be the difference between finishing somewhere in a CL spot and winning the whole damn thing.




Sanogo @ Campbell = wow. AW must be ecstatic. After this performance I doubt that we’ll sign a ST and Tbh I rather see these two making it big instead of a new signing. No pressure..lol

last man standing

I hope we retain both. Campbell cover for Alexis/Poldi on the left and Sanogo as backup upfront. Campbell looked Piresque in his awareness and vision. Good time to be a Gooner!

Ian Ure's Tallywhacker

So happy that people are happy. Lets all be happy and piss on John Terry.

AN Other

Sanogo is a great prospect but I am concerned about him being a injury prone. He did seem to limp off when substituted.

Campbell seems to be a good player too. I am glad Wenger decides to keep him. If he stays fit along with Sanogo that will give us maximum options available up front. Pace, power, skill, finishing ability, etc. Now add Sanchez, Walcott, Ramsey and Ozil in the mix then you will good basis of team that could go and win the league.

Costa Gooner

I can only add John Terry is a cunt


So, I haven’t had the time to backarse, but has anyone mentioned John Terry is a huge cunt yet?

Henry! Chance!! Goal!!!

One more signing, keep Vermaelen and we are ready! Depth everywhere on the pitch. Quality depth too, not just people making up the numbers. Arsene has done an excellent job building this team in the past 3 years

the Only One

I smell good time ahead…

the Only One

I smell good times ahead…

Tazmanian Jesus

Really liked Campbell today, really nice touches and moves…could have a huge future this one!
Sanogoal was also very good today, he’s quite the poacher.

Also, Shad….is his whole name Shadow? That would be sooooo cool!!


Nice performance by Campbell today. The one timer goal showed some real quality. He had a few wide shots but it’s sooooooo early still.
Plus he was using his head and linking up with Ramsey at every chance possible. That’ll make you look good on the field in front of the boss (us) any day of the week. I’m excited to watch this guy progress. I think he’s going to bang in some quality goals once he finds the arsenal chemistry.

Air Bergkamp

I saw the game today. Sanogo was immense, even if he does move like a pissed-up giraffe.


A pissed up giraffe who scored 4 goals..
I’d take it every single time!


Are we going to get player ratings?

Gooner Gooner Lamb Bhuna

Plus he’s a smiler. Its always easier for the fans to like smilers a la cazorla.


Sanogo, although still very raw, is a very exciting prospect. His goalscoring record before being injured was phenomenal – I hope he recaptures this form with Arsenal. I was delighted for him today. hell, the dude was close to quitting football and becoming a postman at one stage due to injuries.

Pak Gooner

Our depth is so exciting!! Quality literally in every corner.. Wow. We are definitely the ones to beat this season. COYG!!!!!


Incredible to see the mixture of starters and back up players work so well together and show the hunger of the team to perform.

AS17 is for A.Sanchez not A.song

no words. everything I had to say has been said and resaid. damn it. why are arseblogers so fast and so intelligent. I need to disguise as a f**king spurs fan and go to their shitload fan site and show them some intelligence


Two things of note in the game. One, Joel had a hand in a few of Sanogo’s goals. Two, Sanogo left the game after he signaled to be subbed and right after he slightly touched his hamstring. Let’s hope it’s nothing serious.

Hank Scorpio

If we can add 1-2 defensive players & rotate wellpto keep everyone fresh and minimize injuries this could be some season. Another thing to note – Sanchez seemingly loves the limelight. So aside from it being his 2nd season, I’m thinking the shift in spotlight might free up Ozil too.


I like everything he said abt sanogo apart from hes similar to adebayor.. Hopefully not as a human being coz then hed be an asshole


Really don’t understand all this sentiment before on Campbell needing to be sold. This is an exciting player who has come off the back of a great season with Olympiakos and an excellent world cup with a team that has punched above its weight. He has a good first touch, vision, pace, and holds the ball well back to goal despite a 5’10 frame. And at 22, he is on the verge of the age when Walcott, Ramsey, Fabregas and indeed Henry came good for us (as is Jack) Had we signed him this summer, I’d suspect there would have… Read more »




With alexis and giroud, and arguably theo, we now have the squad where we can not only afford youth an opportunity, we can do it without damaging our chances, and also in an environment where they have great senior players with great attitudes to learn from.


Aside from the good news on the attacking front, I was very pleased to see the play of Bellerin. He does something I have not seen from any Arsenal backs in a long time; when he sends a wing into the corner with a good ball, he makes a central run into the box. Did it against the Red Bulls as well. Great move! First he spead the defense, then he overloads the remaining defenders in the middle.

Nikhil Agarwal

Emirataes cup is going to live in India. Awesome 😀

Sir Mo' Goalz

On another note, anyone else a little concerned with Bellerin. I love the running up the line as much as the next guy, but if I had to point out a period where he was solid as a defender, I can’t pick one. He in all honesty, looked like a winger. Chambers better be ready for some solid playing time, but he definitely looks up to it