Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Wenger rules out Podolski departure

Arsene Wenger today seems to have ruled out the possibility of Lukas Podolski leaving the club.

The German international seemed to be on his way out, with reports suggesting he’d agreed a deal with Wolfsburg, and that arrangements between the clubs were almost complete.

However, in the wake of Olivier Giroud’s injury, the manager seems to have changed his mind, telling today’s press conference, “Podolski is in the squad tomorrow and will stay with us.”

Whether that’s for the duration of the season remains to be seen, but in the very short-term it seems sensible given the task at hand tomorrow night.

The Frenchman refused to be drawn on Giroud’s injury, saying an announcement would be made tomorrow, but admitted it has the potential to be long-term and called the situation ‘sad’.

Whether Podolski staying with the squad also affects potential transfers is something we’ll have to wait and see. For tomorrow there’s nothing we can do in the market anyway, so let’s hope the former Cologne man’s desire to impress and make his mark results in a goalscoring return to action.

Yaya Sanogo was in training today but he was also in training ahead of the Everton game and didn’t feature then, so tomorrow’s line-up is still unclear.

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I hope this doesn’t mean we’re not looking for a striker.

Podolski up front does not work, it has been tried already. Sanchez/Walcott can only play up front in certain games. So we’re left with Sanogo?

Anonymous Physicist

Amazing how people already know exactly what Sanchez can and can’t do after just 2.5 games. If only I had your keen footballing insight.


Managers hate him! Find out how this one weird trick can make you a football expert.


One of the only comments that has legitimately made me blow more air out of my nose than usual. Thumbs up from me! 🙂


trouble is that players like costa hit the ground running but ours seem to want “time to settle ” not saying our players arent good enough but we haven’t got the time in the prem to “bed” players in e.g Ozil ( we are still waiting )

Anonymous Physicist

Ozil was incredible in his first few games for us actually, he just faded a bit towards the second half of the season. He was still statistically one of the most productive midfielders in de premier league though. He just tends to look like he isn’t trying, but I think that’s mostly a style thing.

Also, did anyone say Chambers?

Anonymous Physicist

*the premier league, obviously


Sanogo got big potential and will step up. He just needs a goal in a competitive game to boost his confidence, then the floodgates will open. If he gets a run in the team of starting games with Alexis Ozil Rambo & Cazorla/Poldi/Ox/Wilshere/Theo when he’s back I really dont think it will be more than 2-3 full games before he gets a couple goals.


Can anyone tell me how many games has Podolski played through the middle for Arsenal? Because I can’t think of more than 2 off the top of my head…

Third Plebeian

Wenger’s words are worrying. You just know what he’s going to do. He’s going to change his mind about Podolski leaving and claim that he is the internal solution to our problem. If that’s what he does (and I’m quite certain it is), then he’s effectively told us we’re not going for the title this season. I love Giroud and what he brings to the team, but we need an upgrade on him, not a patch of a player who has never really won the trust of the manager, and often goes missing in games.


I for 1 wish that podolski finds a way to fit the philosophy of our team.


Me too as he can be so effective, but he seems to be a bit 1 dimensional.


I’m repeating myself (and others)…

Podolski seems to be such an accurate shooter and great poacher. Why not let him poach?
Here’s another fantasy idea?

Awesome Polish Guy
Awesome Makeshift Back Four
Alexis Ramsey Cazorla
Ozil or Sanogo (yes they are different kinds of players)

A mish-mash-mosh of a 4-1-3-1-1 thingee setup

Would it leave us too exposed against the Turks?
Wouldn’t it give us plenty of firepower and creativity?
Wouldn’t we barrage and pummel them back to Istanbul?

Yes, I do live in a fantasy world, mates.


Yes, I know Rambo is out for Besiktas…my idea is for the rest of the games 🙂

Jack can play there tonight and rule the midfield!!!


Third Plebeian

He hasn’t done so in three years. I’m not holding my breath that somehow he has a complete change of personal philosophy.

Dan Gunn

not bad considering he has only been with Arsenal for 2 years…

Third Plebeian

Ooooh, good faktknowing to you. Meh. Point stands. Podolski is not changing. Wenger has declared his disappointment in him, was obviously keen to get rid of him this summer, and the whole thing stinks. Can’t believe this will be our solution.

Toure Motors

Fingers crossed for relatively good news on the hfb

Gutbukket Deffrolla

It’s true then? Giroud’s skeleton has done the motorway pile-up thing and he’s fractured bones all the way up to his collar bone.


YEEEeeEEEEEEEEeES!!!! Pardon me but I’m so damn happy! Love Poldi to death! Best news of the week.



Third Plebeian

We all love him. The question isn’t whether we love him. The question is whether he’s good enough for a team with title aspirations or even an upgrade on Giroud for the centre forward position. In my opinion he is not. He’s a semi-reliable wide forward.


A semi reliable wide forward who scored 12 in 27.
Well, I will have more of that please


Yeah, except that goals per game conversion rates don’t necessarily extrapolate to more games, and even if they did you would quite literally need more of that.

Wikipedia says Giroud has 41 goals in 102 appearances for us, and Podolski has 28 in 69. Similar scoring rates, sure, but without Giroud, Podolski has to maintain his own scoring rate AND compensate for Giroud’s scoring rate.


Let me elaborate: the mathematical fact is that the remaining fit players need to make up the numbers. Glass half full or empty, this is always the case. That responsibility may partially fall on all the players or perhaps some more than others (e.g., Alexis, Podolski). Either way, we’ll need the players that typically played with Giroud (e.g., Podolski) to contribute more efficiently (more goals per game), and the players that are expected to play instead of Giroud (e.g., Sanogo) to contribute the remainder.


I don’t think this would rule out a striker signing at all, mainly because Poldi rarely plays as a striker for us anyway. And with the injury to Giroud, it would be stupid to sell a player with so much goalscoring potential, buy we should still try to find another big man up front. Cavani would be dream signing, keyword being “dream”.


Like your user name. “Well, a Big Mac’s a Big Mac, but they call it le Big-Mac. ”

On another point, Cavani would be the greatest real life wet dream in history. Come on Arsene! It’s time to spash the fucking cash!!


Was it necessary to make two articles for two sentences of quotes, Blogs? All those clicks must be nice 😀


Just brilliant. Bring that hammer of a left peg of yours on Wednesday poldi and send us to the group stages.



Podolski is a great and efficient wide forward (no one can argue his goals per minutes). Is there no way we can increase those minutes? Maybe with a little help from the Shad? A specific fitness program? Dangle a proverbial carrot in from of his nose?

Rohith J

Come on Poldi! Prove your doubters wrong!

Daft Aider

Happy Podolski isn’t off anywhere, Wenger isn’t that stubborn that he’d let us go several months of the season with a striker so raw he’d be on the bench at Leeds, I hope anyway


I believe Wenger only sees Podolski as an option on the wing where he is seemingly not short of options this season. Ideally, this should have no bearing on us signing up the extra striker the team clearly requires.

But then, it will be a surprise if we signed a striker. Hope Alexis and the other available options come good.


Will be very happy if Poldi stays at Arsenal. We definitely need a proven goalscorer With Giroud injured and Sanchez yet to find his feet.

Let’s just hope Wenger will find a way to get the best out of Podolski. Still think he deserves a couple of more chances up front – perhaps together With Sanchez and Walcott?


It aint easy being a gooner

raron aamsey



Diego Costa

we could have anyone from that list so i don’t buy the “we can’t find any really good strikers, since everyone else can’t find”

Falcao is the only one left
and then there’s always Remy, who however failed his medical in Liverpool


Zero of these players are available


Phew! – that’s for podolski not leaving, but still massively gutted about giroud. If wenger has faith in this team to score goals in his absence, then he best sign a top class DM or cover at CB.


Imagine how weird it must be for Podolski.
One moment you’ve been told that you’re not needed and can find a new club.
The next moment, your drafted in because of an injury and your deal scuppered, at the last moment.
Let’s hope he understands and puts in a shift.
Convincing the manager he has a long term future at the club.
A geninune goal threat and a joker that contributes.
I love Poldi and want him to stay 🙁


Actually, Ashley Cole was about to be sold when he got a chance and look what we won. Ofcourse, it is much more tougher these days but hopefully, Sanogo, Campbell, Sanchez, Theo, Akpom and Poldy will step up and work their ass off to make us Gooners proud. Atleast that is my hope. I wish the manager adapts his system to a more fluid, touch passing system which suits players like Alexis better. The players just need to work harder in training to “unlearn” this “pass to Giroud and wait for a cut back” mentality. This is the real test… Read more »


I’m going to trust Wenger’s faith in Sanogo. Yes, he looks terrible, but then so does Sanchez at the moment, and we know he’s a world class Goaleador.


Plus, am I the only one who thinks. If Giroud`s injury had a come a week earlier. We would have signed Balotelli? Or at least be in for him?


Good thing he stayed fit another week then!

New Yawk Gooner

Aside from what would most likely be a hefty price tag…I think probably Jackson Martinez would be the best candidate to replace Giroud. Tall, powerful, great hold up play, and can score golazos. Been wanting his signature since last summer…maybe now’s the time?

Me So Hornsey

So we’ve lost 4 players to injury only 3 competitive games into the season.

Surely we’re surpassing ourselves. It’s quite extraordinary.


In Shad we trust !!


Geez, Balotelli at 16 million would have been good cover. We have to sign a centre-forward or change formations and play 2 up front.

Not a great way to start the season, but not enough of an excuse to not qualify for CL.


I watched the press conference and AW was basically insulting to those fans who are worried about Giroud and lack of striker etc. We pay the most and deserve a more straightforward account of what’s going and the idea that Sonogoals is ready to play at this level is nonsense.

Bouldy's Tupee

I wish we can revert the team back to the original Wenger four four two and play Podolski/Alexis up front.
Podolski can link up great with other players. It worked great for me on FIFA 14!

3 Billion Dollar Stan

FIFA 14 you say? Quick! Somebody tell Wenger that he can get ideas from computer games! All that real-life management experience is nothing compared to FIFA.


Not at all happy with Giroud’s injury at all, but in a completely result-independent Arsenal lovin’, if Olly’s buggered ankle means that we get to keep Thor’s hammer of a left foot I will be mighty stoked. Whether Podolski fits our system or not, sometimes it’s just nice to have a good bunch of players representing our treasured Arsenal. Also if Wenger is still not happy about spening the $$dosh, I am more than willing to learn how to ice-skate in order to teach Yaya ‘Bambi on ice’ Sanogoals how to avoid slipping in those icy 6 yard boxes for… Read more »

Ozil = new Arshavin

Arnt Sanchez upfront, or Walcott upfront, or Campbell upfront, or even diaby upfront better options than Poldi upfront? Actually this system might work if Ozil can put the ball in the right spots for Poldi to take shots from left foot… However…..

…. With Ozil’s negative defensive work rate, I don’t think we can score more goals than what we will likely concede due to Ozil.


Podolski can play through the middle. He was banging them in for Cologne…there’s no reason why he can’t do that for Arsenal. This is his chance – I hope he takes it, because he loves Arsenal. It makes a difference in my opinion – look at Ian Wright and Henry…they were passionate about Arsenal and they scored loads of goals.


In case anyone was in any doubt, whatever business we do in the next 6 days, we won’t be getting a striker. Yesterday, AW was talking up our many striking options, today Podolski staying is the answer to Giroud’s injury. I think it’s because the last big check is set aside for a defensive midfielder. I’ve no beef with that, we have some great attacking footballers who will be given a chance to show their stuff now. We’ll miss the big man, more than most people here realize, but time for Alexis, Poldi, Campbell, Sanogo to show what they can… Read more »


I can’t make up my mind for Podolski about tomorrow. Even if he’s returning from injury he’s likely to be a goal threat (like West Ham away in December), and that’s a good quality to have. B ut playing him would, if Arsene sticks to his policy of not playing 2 proper wingers on either side, require Alexis to play up front and someone like Rosicky wide right. Now that Wilshere has to drop back in alongside Flamini, Ozil is almost certainly playing down the middle. Perhaps Santi coming on as an impact sub? There’s also the potential for Podolski… Read more »

Le' Cheupez

When called upon Poldi gave good shifts last season. Remember at the Allianz? Or the FA cup against the Scousers?


Flamini – Wilshere
Alexis – Ozil – Ox

could work under the circumstances


I’m so appalled that we have become excessively reliant on giroud who’s average at best. If wenger won’t bring in a new striker, why can’t he try setting up the team in a way to bring out the best in the other attackers we have? What exactly do they work in trainings?


I’m sorry, but Sanchez and Walcott are wingers who can do a job up front. They are not strikers by trade. I hate this attitude of just making do. Where’s the killer instinct to go out and get what we actually need? I know they are a special case but City have Aguero, Jovetic, Dzeko and Negredo. A wealth of players who are specialists in their position. Where is our defensive midfielder and replacement for Vermaelen? Sanago would not get a place in any of our rivals squads. Can’t believe that I’m still writing about him and he’s still at… Read more »

Pires Flytrap

horse placenta anyone?


Get well soon giroud, you’re a quality striker!


Feed the Poldi, the goals will come.

ronererier than ever

Sanogo would be a hard push to get a game in a championship squad. I really hope he comes good but his touch and his finishing are atrocious.
As I’ve said a billion times Sanchez has played only a very small amount of games as a striker, same with Theo.
Podolski is quite good in the centre but he’s not a target man and arsenal have become reliant on a target man.
Arsenal are well known for playing beautiful football but how often have we seen this in the past couple of years?


Strange to say but we’re reliant on Giroud because we play longish balls. The midfield still is incredibly disjointed and so bringing a big body to ping the ball against becomes important. Swansea, Liverpool, and Everton do more with less in the midfield area so you really have to wonder what’s going on in training.


it’s rare that someone makes five or six points and I find myself agreeing with every one of them….that’s the case here though.


Podolski cant play thru the middle. We’ve tried it. I doesnt work. We need a new CF and if we dont sign one, there is a very real chance that we will lose ground to our rivals in the interim until Giroud’s return.

Delford Magaya

The funds should not panic to that level, let the coach do his job he knows better than us. Who is he going to listen to? Every writer will come up with his own views of how to coach the team, so leave the coach to do his duties he was employed to do that. Wenger is not a fool, he knows English soccoer so much.


I really like the formation we play but would be great to see podolski and sanchez play up front together tomorrow just trying a 442 whilst giroud is not available and see what happens…

Why do you ask my name? It is beyond understanding

#hooray #hesstaying #aha #upthegunners # redarmy #podolskiisquitegood #getin #lethalshot #hehasntgot100capsforgermanyfornothing #decentoptionfromthebench


It strikes me that a 4-4-1-1 with Poldi feeding Sanchez and fighting for rebounds at the edge of the box would be ideal, but then this isn’t Fifa…


Bring back Sanchez………. Sanchez Watt


Exactly, just that support for both players, both clinical finishers I’m sure

Mark christopher

I thought Colombia had a great World Cup therefore falcao would be a dream. Cavanni is a plus. Pace and pressuring high up is what we Iove to see therefore a Walcott and Sanchez partnering seems interesting


Falcao? Cavani? These guys would cost 50+. Not going to happen, considering we also need cover at the back.


So Wenger doesn’t appear to prefer Podolski on the wings for various reasons (workrate, tracking back, better options etc) and the failed experiment last year seems to suggest he isn’t going to be used up the centre either so it kind of begs the questions, where is he going to play? I mean, I like Podolski as much as the next guy but he doesn’t appear to fit into the system that Wenger wants to play.

mach iii

I told everyone so!




I am pleased Podolski is not going anywhere…I REALLY like him and I hope he really does a good job for us in the CL tomorrow night AND if he does, then I hope Arsene repays him by using him more in the future, as he has wrecked his chance of a transfer now for this whole year as he will be CL tied Lets hope the news on Giroud is not too bad…..we are due some good luck at Arsenal, Perhaps Theo will be back by the w/end , perhaps Akpom & Campbell will turn out to be super… Read more »

mach iii

Mourinho said he didn’t sign Drogba just for playing striker. He signed him for his personality because he likes to have certain personalities in the dressing room.

Come on you Poldi!

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