Wednesday, December 1, 2021

World Cup winners return to Arsenal

Arsenal’s three World Cup winning Germans have returned to the club today after their extended break.

Per Mertesacker, now vice-captain, Mesut Ozil and Lukas Podolski are back with a flurry of Instagram pictures and some hard work to do. Although there were suggestions Mertesacker might be used for the opening day of the season, Arsene Wenger ruled that out last week.

However, they’ll find an old friend waiting for them in London in the shape of Shad Forsythe who has individually tailored a training programme for each player so they can get up to speed as quickly as possible without jeopardising their long-term fitness.

Indeed, it’s something Arsene Wenger touched on last week, saying, “You have the choice – you get them back very quickly and you lose them in October, or you give them a needed rest to build them up again.”

So, welcome back to the lads and hopefully we see them on the pitch sooner rather than later.


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Welcome back lads…… u have a new addition to the cabinet….. yeah dont be shocked. Thats how we roll now boys. …


Make that four new which case I have to ask.Where is ospina???? is his injury that bad????


Spotted Ospina in the Tunnel after the game. All suited and booted and with no apparent injury.

Merlin's Panini

I don’t think it would be wise to keep players in a cabinet, Vito. They might suffocate.
It would probably be a better place to keep something like, I don’t know, a trophy?


True that.already grabbed my coat.They don’t show a brother love if he makes a mistake here on arseblog.perhaps thats why I love all things arsenal.if I had posted that comment on a chelsea blog they would have been thumbing that comment up.Dumb idiots!!!

New guy

I’m still waiting for the media to remind us that it’s been one day since Arsenal last won a trophy.


And this is the second time it’s happened this year, will we ever learn?



Lloyd Townsend


A Yank in King Arsene's West Stand

I think I might love Per a bit too much. Excited to see the Great Mertescielny back together (fitness pending).


Is there such a thing as loving BGG too much?


See, I even misspelled BFG. Got all misty eyed thinking about the awesomeness that is BFG.


Imagine how well we’ll play when you add Oezil, Mertersacker to yesterday’s team, and a Thor’s hammer of a left foot on the side!
Vorsprung durch Technik


BFG will be making a push this season to get in Arseblog’s top 3 thing he loves!!


They’re like new signings!


Lets hope theses guys are straight on their a game. Lets get off to a flyer this season boys.COYG!


#aha #germangunners #WeAreGonnaWinFuckingEverything #LouisVanGaalLooksWeird


Lets win a double again!


Why so pessimistic? Let’s be greedy… it’s a long time since we’ve been at the silverware table… so let’s grab all we f###ing can while we’re there!!!


Per <3


hmmmm waiting for only a new defender striker n midfielder

Hugh Jarse

Will Per, Poldi and Ozil do?


I want us to beat Chelski Scum this season – twice.
Want to shove Mourinho’s words up his bumhole.


A truly beautiful image. Keats, Shelley, Byron, where art thou?


Naa.. win 5 times.
twice in league.
once in fa cup (with our 2nd XI)
once in league cup (with our kindergarten kids)
once in later stage of CL.


6 Times: win both Champions league legs.

I salivate at the prospect.

Arsenal Wenger

I’ve been an Arsenal fan for around 5-6 seasons now, and I’ve had to put up with smug Utd, Chelsea ‘fan’ friends who don’t seem to let a day pass without mentioning Arsenal. This season, I want big wins just to rub it in their faces.


Man united fans have been smug for a lot longer than that im afraid! funnily though, chelsea fans have only ever piped up since that dodgy russian swapped them for his McDonald’s cheeseburger and a bit of that fluff you get when you wash your trousers with a tissue still in the pocket.
luckily we wont have to put up with liverpool fans this season as they’re going nowhere.

Thierry Bergkamp

Can’t wait to see Mesut pinging Inch perfect passes for Alexis, Aaron, Theo and the rest to get on to.

sam gooner

If Hummels does come(which i am pretty much sure wont) I will faint. Then cry ARSENAL then have a hard time deciding whose name should be on the back of my jersey. By the way Arteta becoming captain means he is staying. Which means if we were to buy a DM then flamini will have to go


Neither have to go, as it will be a younger guy who will take over from them next season and Chambers may well be needed more at CB if we insist on not buying another one.

OG Mike

Also, Flamini can do a job at the full back positions, which leaves us less vulnerable when/if Chambers deputizes for Mertesacker while he gets fit

Rob Smith

Having missed the match, does it means the 3 of them also missed the community shield medal similar to the one Ramsey posted? I hope not!


I’m sure they can wipe away their tears with world cup medals


Welcome back fellas. Now get back to shape quickly. We have big games coming up…


Rob, they won’t get a medal as they weren’t part of the squad.
Not that it really matters, I’m sure they’re perfectly happy with their World Cup Winners ones.


They would trade them in for a Community Shield medal in a heartbeat.

Gutted for the three of them but at least they are putting a brave face on it.

suker 4 punishment

Perdolzil ! its a drug

Sure it is. It cures a range of diseases from Arsenal induced heart attack to trophy draught. Might even cure Ebola…. Ok I’ll get my raincoat


“Perdolzil is a hell of a drug” – Rick James

Man Manny

They are actually four: Per, Ozil, Poldi and a winning mentality which is like a new signing. When you add that to the feeling in camp (FA cup and community shield), then who knows what this team can achieve this season. Really excited and looking forward to a beautiful season. Make no misrake, our rivals are taking us seriously. For once, I believe we are well stocked to avoid the perennial feb to april slump.


Will be great to see this year’s team photo with the cup (and shield?) in front. Haven’t seen that in a while…


Living it.


feeling hot hot hot feeling hot hot hot WORLD CUP WINNERS YES WORLD CUP WINNERS ant there GOONERS………………………………………………………


Where is Diaby and what’s happening to him. I rate him so highly. I have seen him play only twice in preseason. Should I start getting worried? He has to be my favourite player in the current squad.


Injury number 47 I’m afraid.

Bould's Eyeliner

*furiously knocking wood*


The 3 kings of Orients are back! Now get to work slackers 😀


I wouldn’t be surprised if Mertesacker is fast-tracked for the first game. While Chambers and Monreal clearly showed they can be effective, a Pulis side against Arsenal are always going to pump it into the box and we need some proper aerial ability there rather than throwing Chambers into the deep end (his excellent performance against City notwithstanding). Perhaps Arsene will ask Debuchy to tuck in a little so that we’re a bit of a 3-at-the-back during certain phases of play. At the very least I can see Mertesacker being thrown on with, say, 20-30 minutes to go and us… Read more »


A Veryxerioz Gunner, I doubt anything could cure Eboue.

Oh, wait, sorry you said “Ebola” 😉

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