Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Flamini offers support to Sanogo

Mathieu Flamini has urged Arsenal supporters to be patient with Yaya Sanogo claiming his young compatriot needs regular game time to make his mark at the club.

The 21-year-old striker led the line for the Gunners for the second time this season at Leicester but again failed to break his goalscoring duck despite several good chances.

Frustrated by their side’s inability to find a winner in the 1-1 draw certain sections of the Gunners travelling support vented their annoyance in Sanogo’s direction when he was substituted in favour of Lukas Podolski with 13 minutes remaining.

“He’s a young player and will perform game after game. It’s important for him to play and he will become stronger and stronger,” Flamini told the Evening Standard at the King Power Stadium.

“Yaya is a young player with a lot of qualities and game after game he will get stronger and better. If he’s part of this team it’s because he’s full of quality.

“Is he affected mentally by having not scored yet? I don’t think so. He’s a young player, he needs to play. I don’t think it’s a problem.”

Unlike Flamini, Arsene Wenger is concerned by a drop in Sanogo’s self-belief as his protégé toils in front of goal. Supportive to the last he stressed his belief that the former-Auxerre player will overcome the issue.

“He fought very hard today, you can say he didn’t score yes and is it in his mind? Of course because he is a striker and he scored many goals as a young player.

“You have been 21 and you have certainly played football. If you play up front and you don’t score it’s very quickly a problem. I don’t think that problem will last very long and at the moment when you have a chance to play for Arsenal Football Club as a centre forward and you don’t score, it’s a problem for you.”

Given the lack of transfer action this afternoon it’s obvious Sanogo will definitely get more chances to prove his worth in the absence of Olivier Giroud. He’s rawer than steak tartare but it’s not his fault he’s been chucked in the deep end and told to lead the line at one of the biggest clubs in the world.

Arseblog News doesn’t think it’s going out on a limb by suggesting he’s more likely to react positively to a bit of support than abuse, so that’s the least we can offer him while he finds his feet…*

*Yaya, your feet are the two moving things in the bright Adidas boots, you’ll see them attached to your legs.

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london is red

no transfers it seems for arsenal . Hmmm


And then we pop up with late bids to unsettle some ambitious clubs who went about their dealings nice, clean and early, why would they want to sell on deadline day and put themselves under stupid pressure by trying to find a replacement before the window shuts?
This is madness! Where is the ambition we all talked so much about? Like the african man would say.. (DON’T USE YOUR OWN TO SPOIL MY OWN)
Surprise me arsene,
surprise me arsenal,
surprise the barclays premier league, we need a marquee signing to lift the spirits!


Sanogo will come good and lets not forget he came on at 2-1 down in the FA Cup final and changed the game. Pushed Hulls CBs back and caused them all sorts of problems. Won the corner for the equaliser, gave an assist for Gibbs who smashed it over the bar. Give him a run of games, he will score goals. It amazes me how short sighted people are and after 1-2 games, people have learned nothing from getting on Ramseys back.

Man Manny

In all honesty I believe you. I just hope we give him our full support. He only plays because the manager picks him. He has done no wrong. I think the fans will have much to say in his finding his scoring touch.


Personally I blame the scapegoats…..its definitely their fault


Forget the “support/don’t support Sanogo” argument for a second……can people please stop comparing the Ramsey situation with this one!! The Ramsey one was a young player that showed world class potential in the EPL & CL, got his leg snapped, then had moronic sections of “fans” booing him on return. The Sanogo situation is nothing like that bc YaYa did not show even half the promise Ramsey showed before the injury to warrant a “grace period” of patience. Make no mistake tho, it’s Wengers fault he’s playing, not his. MOST fans are showing venom towards Wenger not Yaya, where in… Read more »


Makes it even worse and it wasnt moronic sections, it was alot of fans, he was getting jeered heavily at the stadium. Not comparing Sanogo to Ramsey I’m saying don’t get on a players back and that scenario was an example. It definately wont help. Too many people talking like they are a manager or experts. Arsene is the expert, we our supporters, it is our job to support, it really isnt all that difficult

Formerly Known As El Capitano

I feel so bad for him.
The guy is so clearly out of his depth.
He needs a season long loan somewhere else, and its not like he has been training with a word class striker that he can learn from him in training.
That Dutch skunk had the likes of Bergkamp, Henry to learn off at their training sessions…

Yaya, has.. Yaya.. to learn off.

Le Prof

Now that I think of it, Giroud’s never had a top striker to learn from either. He was the best striker at Montpellier for the two years just before joining us, and he was playing Ligue 2 football at Tours before that. I guess the best striker he’s ever played with is Benzema for France.




I want the transfer window to close now! Arsene thinks we’ve got enough striker to even make the top four? Lets see how it goes! I’ll be “all eyes”


I agree he needs gametime to find his feet, but gametime does not neccesarily have to be For us. Why should we compromise our season playing a kid miles away from premier league level up top? I doubt Sanchez or Özil came to Arsenal to help us farm and develop youngsters.

I dont know any top club in the world that does this. Playing a rookie in the first 11 who is nowhere near the quality of his team mate’s just so he can develop.


I think Arsene has been watching too many late night re-runs of the karate kid and Rocky “the kid can do it I tell ya” sorry but in real life the poor guy gets abuse and the Prof is at fault here. He should have tried Joel with Sanchez.


Sanogo needs game time out on loan to a decent club, where he can improve without all the pressure. I can’t believe this hasn’t happened yet. He won’t find his feet playing upfront with the first team in the PL. That’s huge pressure on a young player who has yet to score. I’ve stopped blaming him because it’s not his fault, and fans should realise that.


I like Sanogo and wish him well. But sometimes I wonder if we shouldn’t call up Chuba Akpom and give him some game time in the first team like we did with Gnabry last year.


I don’t see how replacing one guy with very little first team experience with another guy with very little first team experience helps. Although I’m willing to learn….


Even if campbell is not good enough(thats from (an) arsene’s point of view) give him the chance to prove you’re right?

Andy Mack

Campbell isn’t a CF. Like Theo did at first (and a few others), he’d probably disappear in the CF role if he started there (same with Akpom due to size & experience) But to bring him (or Akpom) on after 60 after YS has pushed/pulled and run the CBs around, could work.


Well, I guess I believe in bringing up our own youth players through the ranks and giving them chances rather than panic-buying talent which isn’t good enough.

Like I said, Gnabry last season worked pretty well and Akpom has certainly impressed me (but not AW) in the U21 and preseason.


Has Yaya Sanogo come through the ranks?


Actually no, not at our club…….But whatever secret scandal our youth strikers were involved in has surely made Arsene skyrocket Sanogo to the top of the list bc that’s the only reason I can see him in the position he’s in. He’s 21 already and even accounting for his major injury, he’s never shown a glimmer of being a top talent. If he was 17-18 and played the way he does it would be one thing, but to be 21 & like that is just not good enough for Arsenal FC. Not his fault tho, only 1 man picks the… Read more »




*** bangs head repeatedly against wall ***


We’r not angry at you Yaya. More angry with the mangager who puts you on the starting lineup although he seems way out of his depth at the moment.


On the one hand theres the opinion of Wenger, a guy who’s known for getting it right in terms of spotting attacking potential (Henry, Ramsey). On the other hand, theres your opinion….


Sorry Blogs, we are busy following the Transfer DD Live blog.


Didn’t Sanogo get some acclaim for performing well at the Euro Under-21 that France won, with the likes of Pogba and Kondogbia? I’m sure there is talent in the lad.

Don Cazorleone

maybe so, but I’m not sure how that helps us at the moment. The whole point of having a bit of depth in your squad is to cover aspects like this.

this is just abysmal


Yes, and look where they are now. Pogba is shaping up to be one of the best midfielders in the game while Sanogo can’t make a pass without stopping his run first. Is it so hard to concede that Arsene’s got this one wrong? I mean, it’s happened before.


For some perspective on that comment………Denilson captained & starred for EVERY Brazilian National Team up until the senior squad


I’m getting a bit sick of the Sanogo bashing to be honest. Fine, he might not be the most suitable candidate to lead a team of Arsenal’s stature at this particular moment in time, but he’s an Arsenal player nevertheless and should be supported accordingly. I would have thought the boo boys would’ve learned from past errors, Ramsey being a case in point.

Why not

ramsey had a shit game. sell him…………..





haha! 🙂


Ramsey’s situation is totally different. He arrived as a teenager and quite quickly showed he was good enough – with some lovely performances, as well as scoring in the Premier League, Champions League and FA Cup. Then he got assaulted by that bastard Shawcross, it took him a fair old time to fully recover from that injury, both physically and mentally. I never booed him once, as I could clearly remember the promise he showed before the injury. However, let’s face it Sanago is shit. If Arsenal have ambitions of competing with the Chavs and Citeh for the PL title,… Read more »




“Ramsey’s situation is totally different. He arrived as a teenager and quite quickly showed he was good enough”. Correct. And yet he was still jeered by large sections of the home support proving just how stupid it is to get on the back of your own players, particularly young ones.

I won’t accept that Sanogo is shit after he’s played so few games for us at such a young age.

Don Cazorleone

irrespective of how much ‘potential’ a player has. A team playing in four tournaments with a view to challenge for them can not enter a campaign with a 21 year old that has never scored in a competitive game leading their line.

This is not even slightly a dig at poor Yaya, it is a dig at the conscious decision by the boss to allow this to be our only option.


At what point did you accept Francis Jeffers was shit?
I can see parallels with the Sanago situation.

Andy Mack

At what point do you accept that you’re a poor judge of a player?

It’s far to early to make a judgement but I really agree that he shouldn’t be our no2 CF (and certainly not our only CF like now).


Francis Jeffers scored almost a goal per start for us, I’d be quite happy if Sanogo was that shit

Big L HoP

The Ramsay situation was a real embarrassment – the absolute idiocy of people willing to write off a young, talented yet troubled footballer was only superseded by the even more idiotic fans who actively booed at everything the he did. When Ramsay poached that goal against Stoke last year, he hushed their horribly orcish away fans but he might as well have carried the run on to the home end too. Sanogo might not become the level player Ramsay will [though I think he will be a top class striker given time, patience and support] but it doesn’t matter. We… Read more »


Get a grip Sanogo claims a ball out of the air even better than giroud he is faster and gets in great positions he just needs some support from the teams supposed supporters while he finds his goalscoring form. He has the potential to be fantastic he is just inexperienced. I for one hope he is our chosen striker while giroud is out. The boy is a nuisance for defenders. In summary get behind the team or go support a moneys no object excuse for a football clubs theres plenty to choose from.


Arsenal currently are a money no object team so they have no excuse


Actually, Sanogo’s situation is quite similar. He also had a lengthy injury and is undergoing a similar stage in recovery. He is showing the same signs that Ramsey was during that period: willing to work, popping up in the right areas, making attempts. For now, his attempts are mostly off target but I would not be surprised to see him bang them in for fun after a month or two.


I’m afraid I can’t see the similarities, Ramsey had clearly shown the potential as well as putting in good performances BEFORE he was assaulted (refuse to say he got injured when he was clearly assaulted). He then had to overcome this physically and more importantly mentally to allow himself to fulfill his potential. I’m yet to see anything from Yaya which suggests he’s ready to be in our first team or even on the bench. This is no fault of Yaya’s though and is fully down to the manager. Can’t seriously expect us to go into a season where we… Read more »


The thing is, we have not seen Yaya’s potential BEFORE the injury because he was not at Arsenal yet. He used to have a scoring rate of 1 goal in 2 games. This suggests that going 17 games without scoring is highly atypical for him. This dry period can probably be explained by a combination of factors: recovery from injury, adaptation period, nerves… All of which can be overcome by playing regularly. I trust Wenger’s experience and I have no doubt that Yaya will come good. But there is certainly an element of a gamble there now with Giroud injured.… Read more »


The biggest way Ramsey’s situation is different is that it’s in the past and when Ramsey was playing through his bad period he wasn’t the only midfielder in the team.

The team can’t afford to wait 2 months for its only striker to come good, even if he DOES come good in 2 months.


No – it wasn’t clear. I still remember the one time how furious wenger was at ramsey’s backpass (cant remember which game). He showed potential, as sanogo is, but he was far from the end product that he is now. Even at his best moments prior to the injury, i dont remember anyone predicting his rise to such an extent. Btw, “shit” = soldado. Sanogo while not scoring goals, is far far FAR better than “shit”. Is it good enough right now, maybe not? Does wenger, who sees him in training every day think he might turn a corner soon?… Read more »


I would like to remind everyone we have 6 defenders to cover 4 positions for an entire season


I would class that as negligent.


Exactly and there lies the true problem


Reason why I cringe when some try to justify our lack of signings. Arsene knows! Arsene knew we needed cover once Vermaelen reason why he tried the swap for Smalling. Kos and Mert had a lot of games last season which includes the World Cup, it will be a big risk to expect them to go the whole season injury free. Me thinks Arsene probably sees Monreal as an option in central defence but with an injury prone Gibbs, this is also very risky.


Everyone knows he’s not good enough (yet). And yes its embarrassing for Arsenal to be envious of pretty much everyone else’s centre forward. But if it’s a no go today and we’re left with Sanogo tomorrow, it’ll be better for all of us if we get behind the gangly one and cheer the ball into the bet for him.


I am perfectly happy to be patient with him, but why are we, a club who want to challenge at the upper eschelons, sacrificing any hope of true competition by saying the careers of players such as Sanogo are more important than our victories. Arsenal fans support the club, not the players who kiss the badge and then fuck off to rivals, not managers, but the club. Everyone there should have the sole aim of the best interest of the club winning things. Saying the development of ‘raw talents’ like Yaya is more important than trophies is at best some… Read more »


I don’t think I have ever been this depressed about football without watching a game.


Ditto with me. Can’t believe what is unfolding. Wenger in Rome, Ivan probably in Hawaii, Dick Law must be in Texas (god knows where). Supporting Arsenal was difficult but I didn’t know it was this painful. Excruciating….Om Namo Shivaya!

Andy Mack

You’re not really dumb enough to believe that AW being in Rome would have any effect at all on a transfer…. Are you?


He can have all the time he needs….how about a three year loan for starters.
All this talk of Arsenal having a great summer transfer window is bollox….all our signings apart from Sanchez have been like for like for players leaving….and now Giroud out til Febuary (you know it!) we actually haven’t progressed our squad at all!
Debuchey isn’t fit to lace Sagnas boots and Chambers is still learning. We have regressed….Utd and Liverpool buying big means a huge struggle for fourth.
Why? …..why? ………..why?


Debuchy isn’t fit to lace Sagnas boots? Yet the French national manager pucks Debuchy ahead of Sagna.
Perhaps you should apply for the job as your knowledge and experience are clearly superior.


Like for like? We swapped Bendtner and Park for Sanchez and Campbell. That is an upgrade and an increase in numbers. Ospina and Debuchy are as good or better than Fabianski and Sagna. Chambers is inexperienced but he is a phenomenon – certainly no worse than Vermaelen at CB and better than Jenks at RB. Don’t make things out to be worse than they are.


Flamini himself needs support!


I think I speak for a lot of fans when I say that I simply can’t understand why Sanogo gets the nod ahead of Poldi, Campbell and Akpom. Afobe looked a lot more composed as a striker in the Capital One Cup match. Why is Sanogo playing in Arsenal whereas Afobe is playing in MK Dons? And why is Arsenal not signing a striker?!? This has been another frustrating transfer window after the initial excitement. I hope this doesn’t come back to bite us in our usual struggle for the 4th place scramble and we come a bit stronger with… Read more »


I wanna say something like ” yh we will bide our time whilst we watch players like falcao and remy move to our rivals”, but I do think he will come good. Its hard not to be frustrated though. Holding the team back by trying to blood a young forward is difficult, and could turn out to be a mistake. See lukaku at chelsea as an example. Tough choice but mourinho made a decision he couldnt lead the line and replaced him. And judging by costa early start, id lie if I said we shouldn’t be taking a similar approach.… Read more »

TR7 > CR7

Ok, you’ve had your fun now Arsène, you can stop pretending you’re not going to buy anyone now… Arsène? … *Sobs quietly while descending into madness*


I ain’t one of these glass half full people, but I really believe that once he gets the first goal, the rest will follow quickly.

Support from the fans (and not abuse) will no doubt help.

149 Just Done It

I am convinced he is a talent. Although this is Arsenal, and the fans have given, and given for 10 years and now the stadium is paid it’s time for Arsenal to give back to the fans that helped pay for it.


I would be patient with him if he was our 3rd or 4th choice looking for a run out in the car light cup. Unfortunately he isn’t and seems to be 1st choice. We can’t have that but of course we will. Wenger reeling off our striking options with 2 of the 4 available having 0 premiership goals!!!


He seems petrified when the ball is at his feet in the box, which is an issue for a striker. Also he seems whenever he is running with the ball or onto a pass that he is about to fall over or stumble with the ball.

He needs to relax and work with a sports psychologist that turns his mind from fearful lad to striking predator. There is promise there…….

….Fingers crossed Walcott is back soon……

…..Or Wenger signs someone…..

tanned arse

Personally, I think he’s far closer to being a really productive player than others do. He knows how to make himself available with back to goal and makes the right runs when facing goal. He’s got quick feet and a good physique. The rest is just confidence and composure which go hand in hand. A small run of games may be all it takes

Leave the jokes to me

I think we need an upgrade on both Sanogo and flamini.

Jon Orme

I like Sanogo and agree he will improve with more games. The issue is that we can’t afford to give him those games if we want to compete for the premiership or champions league!

El Fabuloso

Arsene should have gone when the ovation was loudest. #FACup.
This deadline day’s just Arsene at his freaking frustrating best…
Sanogo shouldn’t be under this pressure, he should have been sent out on loan.
We’ve only added one player to the team (Sanchez), all others have just been replacements.
Sanchez should be standard for a club of our stature.
He Played well in the middle against besiktas but master tactician had to shunt him wide against leceister for his pet project.


Call me a basher, hater, plastic, whatever….but I honestly don’t see an ounce of talent from Yaya Sanogo. He is extremely awkward, whenever he gets the ball passed to him it’s almost as though it’s a complete surprise, this leads up to his poor poor touch. When he does finally get the ball under control, it takes all of two seconds and a nudge for the opponent to whip it off him, he tries to fight back (flailing around wildly) but ultimately looses out (cannot tackle for the life of him). Can he improve from this…maybe, only time will tell.… Read more »


Your a bit too critical of the lad but I do agree with your Campbell comment. I do however reject your podolski comment I see nothing in him at all even in his 15 minutes Saturday he was lazy and slow. At least Sanogo and Cmpbell have potential I think Podolskis is behind him

Arsenal passion12

Sanogo is awful! Joel Campbell has proven himself in WC, CL, and Greece. Campbell has pace, touch, strength, can take on defenders, and finish.


I wouldn’t call you a basher, hater or plastic. I agree with your points of view and I concur with your observations of Sanago.
In addition to your well made points, I would say that his team mates don’t trust him. I noticed that if there was more than one option then they opted against giving it to Sanago. This badly affected our attacking game yesterday.

Ramsey even headed back to the keeper rather than let Sanago waste it. If Alexis was standing there, Rambo would have headed across goal for sure.


Do you know what the most painful part is?
With all the “Wenger out” chants, fans still buy tickets & jerseys !


Where is Kim Kallstrom, now that we need him?

[Disclaimer: Yes, I realise that his loan spell has ended and he went back to Moscow.]

murray's whale ale

Did anyone see Per’s chest and volley against Leicester? I think he would make a better frontman than Yaya at the moment


Flamini is stupid,wenger is mad ,and the board member are fools for keeping sanogo with us.arsenal should not be a developmental club.any able player from the academy should be promoted or bring in the best frm outside.


The players and the fans should give this kid the support he deserves. It’s not his fault he is being picked when he clearly isn’t ready and it could get a lot worse for him just hope the reasonable arsenal fans don’t jump on his back for the failings of others.


Sanogo is a good lad but Wenger is honestly stupid to play him. You know the main problem with arsene wenger is that he is always so fucking stubborn. I’ve given up on this season: there is no way we will be able to compete with: Man City, chelsea, liverpool and Utd with this squad we do currently have.. I see missed opportunities all the way, for instance, why not Eto’o?

I am just mad right now, and I do like many others want Wenger out 😛


So no more business from us?? We might as well forget about 4th… Wenger must be some arrogant punk to think we can challenge for the title with this team…to think sanogo can lead the line…this mans’ arrogance is just too much…screw him


It’s the fans arrogance thats becoming the big problem


Sanogo has all the ingredients and people constantly criticising him will get in his head and create an even bigger issue. Get behind him cheer on his work ethic be supporters for christs sake. I think the problem really is the club milking too much money from fans it skews the true financial clout of the club.


Hate to be a pedant, but if he’s got “all the ingredients” mental toughness is one of them and fans criticising him ought not to be an issue. I would suggest that the anxiety around Sanogo stems from the fact that we’re the only team among the top 4 (top 5, top 6?) who are placing so much emphasis and reliance on a player who is clearly “a project”. A quick look at our rivals reveals teams who have league-ready players at the striker position (multiple players) who are able to come in and meaningfully contribute. Meanwhile, we’re trying to… Read more »


Need some beer

Tibetan Gooner

Why back him up…instead loan him and give him time to play!


What is Wenger doing? Why does he allow our rivals to strengthen around us? He has used the excuse before that we didn’t have the funds,now we do! Balotelli made it clear he wanted to come as well as Remy and he done nothing. We will be lucky to make the top 4 at this rate. Allowing falcao to slip by too,I have the fear…….am I alone here?


With Wenger in Rome and with no signs of any players coming in today and I hate to say it but looks like another 9 years with nothing new in the trophy cabinet. Well we have to look on the bright side there is now over 200 million of reserve cash in the bank waiting for a new manager to spend next year when Wenger is sacked for not making the top 4. Starting to wish we lost the FA cup final so Wenger would have walked away.


We may sign a center back, Sokratis Papastathopoulos. He is very good, he is quick he can play in other positions as well. I am not very sure if it is going to happen, but we need a player in that position.


While Sonogo may end up becoming a good player, he is not good enough right now to be leading the line at Arsenal. I am pretty sure NO other PL team would be starting with Sonogo. He may come good but we will drop precious points till then. What is the goal? Do we really want to challenge for the league or make it more challenging to finish 4th. I am having serious doubts about even finishing top 4 after signings made by Man U. This is lunacy, when the money is available and there are obvious gaps in the… Read more »

Policeman's Bangers 'N' Mash

“I am pretty sure NO other PL team would be starting with Sonogo”.


“He says we look jaded because we have 4 games in the last 2 weeks, if he brought in more players we would not be in this situation. Every year it is the same story, we are short of few players to make a serious challenge.”


Tibetan Gooner

Already pissing us off..

What “two replacement(center half and a striker) and a DM”?

Miserable gooner



Policeman's Bangers 'N' Mash


ronererier than ever


He’s an idiot, no strikers available?

He’s missed loads this year the stubborn twat. We pay his wages, useless tosser. I very much doubt we will be anywhere near 4th. Man city will spank us after the international break.

Frigging sanogo my arse.


Arsenal were very predictable at the weekend . Nearly everytime they went down the wing they cut back in. I think this because the players don’t have as much faith in sonogo. If giro us had been playing then all sorts of crosses would have went in . I know it’s up to all players to help score but it helps when the tip of the sword is sharp. If we don’t sign anyone and done win anything I think arsene will be in for a bit of a hard time


Man U replaced RVP and we are still trying not to 2 years down the road!!!
Wenger should go….look at Martinez and I hate to say it Rodgers….Clueless Arsene
He is way too comfortable doing nothing…Even Shane Long will improve this squad…

Arsenal passion12

Your comment is awaiting moderation.

Sanogo wouldn’t make the Leicester bench. Have there been inquiries for a loan? He is not equipped to compete at this level and everyone knows it but Arsene. Why did he wait until 70 minutes to sub. Always waits until it is too late.


Hate the fact some mugs boo one of our own who is clearly trying for the shirt. Its certainly not his fault,even if you feel he isn’t good enough. If you need to vent your anger,vent it at Wenger ,he is a big boy.


They’re not booing the effort, they’re booing the talent (or, in Sanogo’s case, lack thereof).

I hate to invoke the comparison, and say what you will about it’s accuracy, but I didn’t notice Diego Costa’s effort level on Saturday – I just noticed the two goals.

The league is results-based and while it’s nice that the kid is trying really hard, you can’t be surprised that fans are fed up with a lack of production and vent it his way instead of more rightfully directing at the Boss.

Rambo's Thai retreat

Any minute now I’m going to wake up in cold sweat. It was JUST BAD BAD DREAM…

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