Sunday, October 1, 2023

Flamini set for North London derby return

Last season, as Arsenal faced the old geographical enemy at the Emirates, Mathieu Flamini began his second spell at the club when he was introduced as a 43rd minute substitute for Jack Wilshere.

The midfielder gave things a lift by getting well and truly stuck into Sp*rs (including this almost-dodgy smashing of Danny Rose), and he’s set to return to the squad for the weekend’s game.

He’s been missing since the Man City game, but according to Arsene Wenger, “The only difference compared to Villa and Southampton is that Mathieu Flamini might be available again. He had a dead leg. I feel he should be back.”

That means injury worries over Per Mertesacker (glute) and Kieran Gibbs have eased (body), and the two defenders who were ok to be on the bench in midweek will start on Saturday.

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Looking forward to Rosicky coming on in the second half and getting his usual goal. COYG!


and also a *cunt*spurs own goal..that would be hilarious


we’ve done well against them recently – but i’d love an absolute rout this time.


On my score prediction game I went for another 5-2 ☺

Ant Lester

If it was 5-1 with 10 mins to go, and you were in goal, would you let them score?
Yes – thumbs up
No, you mug – thumbs down


I’d probably wait until stoppage time, but it would be hilarious.


Or if we’re 2 nil up in stoppage time you bring on Walcott in crutches.


That’d be the greatest ever trolling moment in PL-History, no doubt


He’d still be teaching those Spurs players a thing or 10 about pace.




What makes rambling Pete unique is that he appears when least expected. Hoping that will be soon

Boombastic Shaggy

I miss that rambler. #findramblingpete

Dave Gooner

Flamini always adds a touch of mustard to our performances. Always pleased to see his name on the team sheet.

Arsenal Wenger

This has been forgotten, so I thought it best to resurrect it.

Sp*rs are:



“Dodgy smashing” link fail?

Petit's Handbag

Coming from Ireland I never got why this is so feisty a derby….I mean we’re really good, winning leagues and playing in the champions league every season…..whereas Christian Gross managed them and there best player of all time is Ramon Vega???

Soqed Hozi

I think a lot of being under rate Flamini because he lacks the technical ability of most Arsenal players. He is one of my favourites however, because of his leadership, attitude and organisation when he plays. If we brought in that big DM I’d rather have Flamini on the bench than Arteta or Coq.


I dunno. I thought he was good last season, but he looks a little off the pace so far this season, his game has always been based on energy and pressing rather than nous so maybe he is now past the point of no return? I can see him getting pushed down the pecking order if we get Rabiot in January, certainly in the Summer when we’ll be looking for another holding midfielder. I was kinda hoping that Hayden may be used there a little more after a decent showing midweek, Flamini is good enough to kick a few spuds… Read more »


Apparently Diaby is gonna be the big DM we are all craving. And nothing would make me happier. Surprised Blogs hasn’t covered this story yet…

Anonymous Physicist

That would be amazing if it works out. Few things would make me happier than getting a big strong technically skilled DM and giving Diaby an extended run in the side in one go. Probably a pipe dream though.


From a purely playing point of view, I can understand switching his role after the injuries he’s had. Would definitely be massive to see him playing week-in, week-out again, love his spirit and I think he may make a good DM. But how does playing an injury-prone player in a DM position translate into him being protected from injuries?


I think the theory is that if he limits his majestic runs, waltzing up the pitch, then there would be less strain on his body; less beauty in the world but less strain, also.


I can see the logic in that. Was just a little perplexed considering a DM would have to get into some pretty gritty challenges as well as being physically fit to be effective. Hope he can make the step though, Diaby is Arsenal through and through

Trex d Gunner

Looking forward to some crunching tackles from the flamstarr. COYG

Big Chief from Antarctica

I don’t doubt the lads appreciate the NLD, heck, I genuinely believe they care about Arsenal and its traditions, but of the foreigners Flamini seems the most enthusiastic about it. When Wilshere came up with the Tottenham chant at the parade, Flamini jumped right along. I loved that.

Big Chief from Antarctica

Oh snap, I forgot about the sleeves.


Flamini is probably the most happiest one over our Puma deal. If you know what I mean!


I really don’t.


Chambers Mert Kos Gibbs
Arteta Wilshere
Sanchez Ozil Cazorla/OX

I think Ramsey needs a break or could come on as an impact sub.


cheeky boy

And here’s to you, Mathieu Flamini, Arsenal loves you more thank you will know…


Flamini enters the pitch and the ref blows his whistle… Yellow card!

Ant Lester

Wow, my first “Hidden due to low comment rating”. Thanks guys. I get it.
“We beat the scum five one” does have a better ring to it.

Man Manny

Any kind of win on Saturday will do for me. Not time to be arrogant or overconfident. 5pur2 are not in very good shape but no team should be taken for granted – ask Man U.
If there is one player that epitomises the attitude the boys need for this game, it is Flamini. But does he start? I think the boss will go for Arteta, Ramsey, Ozil midfield. We may also see Diaby again on the bench. If that happens, Flam may not even make the matchday squad; yet he is still a good guy to have around.

Arsenal Fan #2

I see what you did there.


Nothing like a derby to get the lads focused and playing as a team. Hope we smash the cunts! COYG


Dont care who plays as long as theyre right up for it. Dont care about score as long as we win.


Now then lads and lasses don’t feed the trolls, it only makes them feel wanted


Kieran Gibbs (body)

Our poor balsa wood man


What is a sp*urs? COYG!


Gibbs has a “body” problem? lol

@Ant, I’m one of the few who would consider letting them score. Another 5-2 would be hilarious. but actually na, 3-0 I’d prefer. Nice clean sheet.


Not as cultured an approach as Arteta but sometimes, you need a player to take the game by the scruff of the neck, that player is Flamini.

Some of the biggest battlers in the team are French. Sagna used to carry the flag for us. We now have Flamini, Koscielny to provide grit.

Was hoping to see Flamini against Southampton to see Diaby freed up further forward. Plenty of options in midfield currently.

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