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Ospina: Clyne’s strike was ‘superb’

David Ospina admits he was disappointed that Arsenal were beaten by Southampton on his debut but accepts that Nathaniel Clyne’s 35-yard winner was a ‘superb’ strike.

The Colombian international stepped out in Gunners’ ‘colours’ – well a ravishing lime green number – for the first time last night but could do little to prevent Arsene Wenger’s mix-and-match squad from exiting the Capital One Cup at the first time of asking.

Speaking to after the game, the 25-year-old also touched on how he’s adapting to the pace of the English game and how he’s trying to improve the way he communicates with teammates.

“I’m really happy to make my debut and play my first game with Arsenal. Unfortunately we didn’t win and the result went against us but I just want to keep working. I’m really tranquil because I did my best.

“The second [Southampton goal] was superb and Clyne is a really skilful player. There were a lot of people in the box and when I saw the ball, it moved and I didn’t have time to react.

“We would liked to have kept going in the cup. It was one of our aims and the result was not very good for us. Everyone was sad afterwards because we want to win more titles for Arsenal but I will keep working.

“I felt really happy when I went onto the pitch because people were supporting me a lot. I’m learning all the time. The style in England is different because they play really quickly and with a lot of aerial balls.

“Little by little, I’m learning English too. I’m taking classes and some of my team-mates speak French. There is a mix of languages spoken so little by little, I understand them better.”

Unperturbed by playing in a second defeat inside seven days, Hector Bellerin chose to focus on the positives of being included in the first team squad again after last week’s defeat in Dortmund.

“I think we deserved a bit more but these things happen in these kind of competitions where you’ve just got one game and you’ve got to do your best.

“It was an inexperienced back-line but I think we did well. We need to keep playing and get this experience because otherwise you never start. It’s always a pleasure to play with these players and overall it’s a great experience for us.

“Everything’s happened really fast and I’m happy for the chances that I’m being given. I’m working hard every week and getting my rewards makes me feel really happy.

“You just need to keep working hard and try and get in the starting XI. I’m young but that’s what I’m waiting for and working for.”

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naija gooner

We have to move ahead.

The Only Olivier is Giroud

One forgets that these are human beings, not data bits (or whatever the appropriate IT term is) like in FIFA and such where they just get bought and it’s all sunshine and roses. Get in, David, or as they say in Francais…. well, I don’t speak French so let me just say “Allez les Gunners!” If they don’t say in French my point is just made again. Aaanyway.


They’re not statistics is more relatable I think.


Really quite pleased and excited with the future of our back line. Chambers, Bellerin and Hayden all looked solid, and it was nice to see Arsene’s Coq after so long


A Coq in the back is worth two in the bush… … …

Özil Gummidge

I was wrong then. If it swerved that makes a difference.


I was at the game and behind the goal when that shot went in. The pace and swerve was unreal. Keeper had no chance. Have to say that after one competitive game people are ready to sell Joel Campbell, ok he didn’t have a great game but give the guy a season at least! As for Poldlski watching his body language I would say he seems out of love with football in general. Maybe he would be of better use working for the Arsenal social media department. Last night was a game we could of won so I am a… Read more »

Lightening Pace

I was sitting in the same area up top and I agree it truly was an unstoppable shot. Fair play to him. However what stood out for me was that all 11 Arsenal players were in the box. This gives the keeper problems, as he mentions in the quote, and gifts a huge amount of time to the bloke that the ball spills out to, the same bloke who, at the time, made me feel like I’d taken a low blow as he had all the time in the world to smash that ball into the net. In retrospect I… Read more »


Still think Wilshere should have closed Clyne down.

but take nothing away from that strike. Whiff!
Ospinas facial expression after it went in was reminiscent of a man who had seen a ghost or John terrys face, Epic!

Petit's Handbag

It reminded me of Henry’s versus United at Highbury in 2004…hopefully Ospina proves to be no Roy Carroll

remember the invincibles

poor Bellerin. Played two lost two.


He’s played very well though


I like what I see from Bellerin. One of the things he still needs to improve upon is positional awareness. His positioning in the play leading up to their penalty was suspect to say the least. It easily allowed Mane to side step him and throughout the game I kept thinking “he needs to be there” and not offer Mane time on the ball.


Bellerin counts too much on his pace to bail him out. He lets runners go by him then catches up to them and wins the ball off them. It was very effective all game – except when Rosicky didn’t get the memo and gave away the penalty – but it’s a dangerous tactic. He needs to learn to defend more proactively. But he still had a good game overall, and that’s something taht can be learned.


Sometimes you just have to sit back, stop analyzing, and enjoy the show. That was an amazing shot, it’s as simple as that.

In fact, I would love for us to score a few of those in.. ohh, I don’t know, a few days perhaps? Yes, I believe I would enjoy that.


The freekick from Alexis was better for me! What a player


yes! alex the lion!


Saw the winning goal from the stands and when we saw the net bulging, only then did you realise what a wonderful shot it was.

No shame in going out to that at all.

Trex d Gunner

Good debut David. I’m disappointed we lost, but it lessens the number of games we play. Unto the scums, normally I’ll be like let’s tear them a new one, but their entire cavity must be filled with holes (dripping with what they are made of~ sh*t) from previous beat downs we’ve given them. So let’s pound em to oblivion.


lets put this behind ….. as we have to prepare to spank the cunt*spurs on sat’day


Abou Diaby, a professional hospital patient who has had his career blighted by appearances for Arsenal.

Lightening Pace

Not even remotely funny. Disrespectful to a very awesome human being.
Come on, support the guy, he’s had a rough ride since being butchered by a mackem thundercunt.
He had a better game than one or two fitter players out there because he gave a shit, the shirt means something to him. You’ve got to love that.


I’d like to thumb that up at least five times.


you may think i tried to kill the man from what i wrote. jeez, was making a lil joke nothing disrespectful.


I bet you also make jokes about concentration camps and ebola. “Nothing disrespectful”? Now there’s a joke.


There’s really something not right with your head if you think that is funny.


If you watched the whole game it’s fair to say Arsenal didn’t deserve anything from the game. Rosicky, Podolski, and Campbell had pretty poor games. We created very little going forward and Southampton could have easily scored more. I was very impressed with the COQ. Not sure why he doesn’t get a sniff of that DM role ahead of Flamini to give Arteta a break. Also, Hayden looks like a real good prospect. It would have been nice to loan him out somewhere for more experience, but we lack depth at D and need to keep him. I think he… Read more »


Yea give podolski a job in social media – hopefully he won’t mind the 4m a year pay cut


Disappointing from the benchwarmers but the young guns showed promise. Now lets move onwards and upwards and SMASH THE SCUM!!!


Cazorla instead of Rosicky and Ox instead of Podolski and we would have won that game easy. Also, why does Wenger always take so long to make substitutions when things are obviously going badly? Feel bad for the youngsters who all played well and would have been able to get some valuable gametime if we had moved on.

The Fax Man

That’s gotta be the biggest frustration as a gooner, when things aren’t going for us, Arsene leaves it way too late for the subs to make any impact on the game.
In Arsene we trust- must know something we don’t!!!
Oh well!!, let’s spank the spuds as retaliation for this defeat.


Disappointed for Chube as he merited a start and had to watch poldolski grin his way to another fat pay cheque for most of the game. Also i still think we are short in options for leading striker and getting a match would of presented another option. He will probably get loaned out in January. I hope its to a PL club as he deserves a shot at top flight football and the opportunity to show Wenger what he can do.


Surely spuds best if any hope of a trophy the COC!! Must play “best” 11 ? COME ON FOREST and e.t. and pens.

Lightening Pace

I don’t think they remember what a trophy looks like!
But yeah, spot on about e.t. and pens and with a days extra rest on top for our boys we should have no excuses putting 7 past them!!

palace gunner

It is good to see players being played ospina did well that second goal was fast strike, a little cup game if certain players are put in most matches they will improve, i hear pers and gibbs will feature v spurs coyg.


Forest score


Am I the only one thinking we haven’t had such a bad game as most people are saying. Rosicky made a poor decision in the penalty scene and Podolski was pretty poor for the complete 90 mins. But overall this team has never played in that combination and a lot of players haven’t had much gametime in the past weeks/months so you couldn’t expect them to click straight away. Thought we were pretty solid at the back (conceded from an absolute unnecessary pen and a screamer) bossed the midfield for big parts of the game but didn’t create much. But… Read more »

Özil's Eyes on Arsene's Hot Thighs

The shot reminds me of Henry vs Roy Carroll at Highbury. 1-1

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