Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Ox: We had to tell Alexis to take it easy

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain has revealed that Alexis Sanchez is so pumped up for the North London derby that staff at the training ground have had to tell him to take it easy.

Revealing that Arsene Wenger’s entire squad looks extra-motivated ahead of Saturday evening’s neighbourly joust, the England midfielder confirmed (with a wry smile) that the Chilean was forced to undertake a second post-match recovery session despite asking to partake in full training.

“Alexis and Jack played 90 minutes the other day and they’re usually on second-day recovery,” Chamberlain told Arsenal Player.

“But today Alexis really wanted to train and people had to tell him to take it easy.

“That just sums up how much everyone wants to be around the squad and training, and I think he knew we had a massive game coming up this weekend and, as a new boy, it’s good that he does know that.

“Obviously everyone else that’s been here and been involved in a north London derby knows how big it is, so that just proves the intensity goes up in training and everyone just wants to be around and pushing for a start.”

We’re not sure if Lukas Podolski was chomping at the bit as much as Sanchez, but the German being every bit a caricature of himself didn’t waste the day. He managed to snap a selfie with the ex-Barcelona man as they ‘chilled out’ in an ice bath. If you think our pun is bad, check out Poldi’s. 

Sanchez’s free-kick against Southampton was his fourth goal in Arsenal colours since arriving from Barcelona in the summer; a quietly impressive total that bodes well for the rest of the season.

It remains to be seen whether he’s handed a starting berth against Spurs given he sat on the bench as his teammates dismantled Aston Villa last weekend.


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Alexis the animal! Quietly scored 4 goals for us and its only September, glad he’s a gooner!

Bolarinwa Mayowa


das pauly bear

Maybe some members of the squad need to copy alexis and not tell him to relax. Every game should be a must win at all costs


Well, and that’s exactly when injuries come up!
Recovery is important. Even at the lower league team i am playing in we don’t train for a day and everybody tires to get his muscles to 100% again.

Bould's Eyeliner

Right there’s really no point in training like a madman 48 hours after a match where you work as hard as alexis does. While the sentiment is appreciated, a player will only end up with the ‘three week’ infinite hamstring strain.


Alexis has better fucking start. I don’t know what I’d do if he doesn’t but… But… But… He had better fucking start, is all I’m saying !!!1

AS17 is for A.Sanchez not

you know I was thinking the same thing mate (about Alexis) but now I wish he doesn’t start to see what it is you really would do!


Would also be fuckin great to have him as a sub, so no matter what, support the team and support Wenger, cos he knows best!


Alexis Sanchez. What a fucking player he is! I expected him to be this good eventually, but the fact that he has settled into the team and the league so incredibly quickly is quite remarkable. What I love more than his obvious footballing talent is his sensational work rate, he never stops running, I can’t wait to see him harass those mediocre Spuds defenders on Saturday.


Yep took him about 2 games to ‘settle in’ and then he became unplayable. I remember watching Besiktas return leg and he had a quiet first half until he scored in the 45′ and his second half was immense. Since that confidence boost of scoring his first goal whilst getting to know his teammates he has been absolutely quality, hope he keeps it up


How about you learn something from him, instead of just telling him to take it easy. The man’s played 100 games in the last two seasons, doing what he’s been doing.

Some individuals in the club might learn from his work ethic.


It’s about restitution, which I can imagine feels quite boring to a professional footballer, but is a necessity either way. Obviously nobody is going to tell him to take it easy in games. Relax.


Way to turn a 100% positive piece into a whinge. Why do you choose to view this with such a negative lens?

Read the article again – all Ox said was that Alexis wanted to train instead of doing recovery and they told him to take it easy and do his recovery. They’re not just being lazy.

He also made it pretty clear that the squad were all completely motivated and have stepped up the intensity in training. Just try to fucking enjoy it mate.






No Alex, the rest of you need to up your fucking work rate to match his!

That’s what champions are made of.

Gunner From Another Mother

Feeling as pumped as Sanchez for this match. Also Poldi’s pun is top notch! 10/10


Cant wait til saturday. Dont you just know were gonna all be up for this.I love derby days. Im blooding my 7yr old on saturday which makes it xtra special. COYG

Ritt Momney

The rest of the team should learn from him. He always goes for the win, but if the squad doesn’t pick up the pace like him, Alexis’ efforts are worthless, giving us results like the last one against Southampton. COME ON YOU GUNNERS!!!


AFC > spuds!!! 5-2 again lads and Alexis well done to him best great signing!!!


6-0 for sure..

A lame adebayor *CUNT* and a absolute shite Soldado are not likely to score against THE arsenal. COYG!

Tazmanian Jesus

Alexis needs to play this one…he will peel those Spuds good!


Feels like we’ve finally replaced Arshavin with this guy..


Alexis Sanchez is miles ahead of that little lazy chubby Russian bloke!

Dr Funke

Sanchez is a better player, yes, but please don’t make fun of Arshavin, that little man made my heart warm. For all those many moments of strolling around the pitch, there were the 4 goals against Liverpool, and who can forget, that goal against Barcelona. Call me sometime, Andrea – let’s chill.

Dr Funke

Haha Andrea – I typed Andrei I swear!

patrick igwoje

Every game should be a must win, alexis is showing the character, unlike other team mates who relax and never care if they will lose the game, carry on alexis, show them the way.


Yes, Alexis is a wonderfully skilled player, that I already knew, but it’s his work-rate that’s truly I’m truly astonished by. Would appear we have a really special player on our hands.

Yes, you can see the communication/reading of team mates’ runs and passes isn’t quite there yet but when that clicks…*nods sagely*


I love the NLD and hate the spuds!


After playing and scoring in El Classico, Alexis knows how important these matches against rivals are (Classicos not a derby, but still massive). Can’t wait to see him tear the Spuds apart, they’re not going to know what hit ’em.




Proving himself as a marquee signing. He’s made a good start to his arsenal career scoring some important goals. It’s a shame his c efforts are not being matched by the team. Scored to give us the lead vs Leceister, scored a magnificent goal to give us the lead vs mancity…. Our defense let them slip. Smh. Coyg!
I’m much more concerned about the lack of organization in our defense than the lack of numbers.

You sold Bale We signed Mesut Ozil Mesut Ozil Mesut Ozil

We shouldn’t be telling him to take it easy. If he is pumped for the spurs game, then good. The rest of the team who had midweek off should be inspired by this and work harder too.

We have to win.


not sure if you noticed during the game against Southampton how he was telling all players to “wake-up” and “press” with his hands – you can see he is trying to bring more energy to the team – this guy is an animal.

when he loses the ball you can see he get’s pissed off and it lights a fire in his stomach to win it back – he usually does to.

coyg! let’s get our usualy 5 goals against the shit.


“Show us the meaning of haste” Gandalf.


Look, I’m running as fast as I fucking can. OK?

Truth hurts

As much as I’m happy he wants to train and fire up his game, the rest is well needed.
Injuries happen more when players are tired.
Alexis we so badly need you to remain healthy please.

Who the F**k are Sp*rs?

Shame Poldi didn’t put as much effort into the game against the Saints as he does thinking of puns for his selfies. Can’t wait for the game on Saturday. COYG.


I am against caging animals. Free Alexis!


Without a doubt he can be our centrepiece for years to come…his work rate and attitude are infectious, this squad works for each other so well…he’ll have the team playing his way by January! CoYG!


Please stop shipping goals after alexis has given us the lead, ya? Thank you so much.


“It’s a bit Chile in here”, hahah, that actually cracked me up.

As for the game on Sunday, my only concern right now is where Wenger will use Ozil. I really don’t think it’s a coincidence that he went from being average to man of the match after changing position.

I think it was Alan Davies who said Ozil should come with a FIFA like warning: If you put this player out of position he’s a 65 instead of an 85 or some such thing.


One thing for sure, the whole squad/players must follow Alexis’ monstrous spirit, desire, work rate & determination. If the other players could play at the same level as his, no teams could beat us & we will be unstoppable. Hope the lads like Poldi, Arteta, Rosicky, etc would be dare to emulate that Alexis’ remarkable spirit & apply it consistently on the pitch. Let’s conquer the season with the best way & effort now. Up Gunners!


It is,was and always will be one of, if not THE best and biggest league games of the season. Cant wait.


alexis vs danny rose=top banter

Henry! Chance!! Goal!!!

Ox: Hey! You! New guy!
Sanchez: Me? What’s up?
Ox: take it easy, mate
Sanchez: why?
Ox: you’re making the rest of us look bad
Ozil: Yeah! Not cool!


Podolski is a waste of time… Take away his shitty tweets and ‘gags’ and you’re left with one lazy motherfucker…
I think we’re going to tear the spuds a new hole on Saturday…4-0.


Alexis is slowly but surely becoming a fan favourite!! The best thing is hes not trying to, e.g press conferences expressing love for arsenal hating spurs etc. Hes doing all the talking on the pitch!! Cant wait to see him against spurs!! COYG


Valid point mate


guys is a beast with great attitude

Wish we had more players of his quality in all positions!


This guy is a beast. wow. Soon after the world cup this monster took it to the alps for jogging sessions. All that while bendtner was knee deep in a hooker.

Red hot chilli!!!!


I hope we fucking crush em! I think a lot will hinge on us scoring the first goal – their heads could drop as they have been shit, but if they score first it could give them a real boost of confidence.
Alexis, Ramsey, and Welbeck for a 3-1 win.


Isnt Wenger just like Gandalf ? And Sanchez the lord of the wings? Lets destroy the Orcs ( maybe more suitable title for chelsea) lets go to war


Spuds being half orcs but need to be destroyed nevertheless

Saffa Gooner



You know the scary thing about alexis?? he has potential to be even better. This guy is truly world class. Super skilled with the work rate to back it up. I always dreamed of when this guy would play for us and what do you know…we sign him!!. Look i we had signed a dm and alexis, then letting cesc go to chelsea wouldn’t be a problem for me in the slightest.


Sorry Newshound, but Poldi’s pun was much better 😉

not a comedian

I luvs me some Alexis Sanchez!


Alexis Ozil Santi
Gibbs Mertescielny Chambers


“It’s a bit ‘Chile’ in here”.. That is absolute gold!


His goal against Citeh was just too good!


I’ve got a good feeling about this season 🙂 despite the mellow start *goosebumps* COYG !


What is a Sp*rs? Alexis is the man!


wish we had eleven alexis, in terms of work rate and skills, we will run away with the bpl by mid season.

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