Thursday, June 1, 2023

Wenger confirms Giroud contract news

Arsene Wenger has confirmed that Olivier Giroud has signed a new deal with the club.

Overnight reports said the Frenchman had extended his contract until 2018, and the manager, speaking the press ahead of tomorrow’s Champions League tie with Galatasaray backed those stories up.

“It is done. We will complete it,” he said. “We will announce it when it is completely finished.”

So now it’s just a matter of dotting the Is, crossing the Ts, styling the hair, waxing the bikini line, getting the eyebrows plucked, working that stubble into exactly the right shape, and giving it all a good spray of Sex Panther which works 60% of the time all of the time.

Zut Alors!

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4 more years of this bullshit, #FML

the only sam is nelson

perhaps you should listen to the voice of your child inside and choose the team of your dreams instead? although whether you’ll be happier with a team that lets in 5 against Leicester rather than 1 is anyone’s guess


The team of my dreams are arsenal, you do not have to be an rocket scientist to realise that Giroud is far from world class, and is far from what we really need to challenge the other clubs.

Rocket Scientist

You are wrong.

Formerly Known As El Capitano

Probably get a fair amount of thumbs down for this as well.. But I can safely say I’m not Girouds biggest fan, but ..he is a decent squad player to have. Before his injury he did nick us an equaliser away at Everton, so he does have his uses and definitely warrants a place in the squad. He is though, and I don’t think anyone can really argue this point, very wasteful in front of goal. He definitely needs to improve his finishing ability, he needs to be more clinical in front of goal before he can be classed as… Read more »

offbeat madoda

The rhetoric that arsenal need more upfront is really worn out. The problem lies with getting the system to click. That’s why we had such a good first half of last season; the squad were near-telepathic at points. The attacking side to our game doesnt need any new additions, it just needs to get its groove back, and with the addition on welbeck and sanchez the sexy passing game has been augmented with pace. When everyone is on the same page i expect the floodgates to open. That being said, there are definite defensive frailties, but these have pointed out… Read more »


People seem to have some kind of wilful amnesia over the reason we didn’t win the league last season. It certainly wasn’t down to Giroud failing us. I doubt Giroud is anyone’s first pick upfront, but his linkup play is fantastic and he allows us to play some great football with his hold up. He certainly shores us up at the back against set plays. He’s fucking likeable. He’s our cheeky Frenchman. We would’ve won the league last year if we’d had the Thierry of my childhood in the squad, but I reckon we would’ve done the same with Viera… Read more »


SP you need to have a quiet word with yourself mate. He’s scored 41 goals for us since he arrived. He got 17 in his first season, and then 22 last season. He already had 2 this season before the injury, which was in August. And that’s all just in the league. Improving year on year. And what the fuck is ‘world class’ anyway? I can’t stand that phrase, it’s just another tired and meaningless cliche these days. He’s in the France national team, but you say he’s not world class. So is world class top 5 in the world?… Read more »


You might want to read on a little bit 22 goals on 50 games and an average of 1 goal per 10 chances. World Class for me are strikers such as Costa, Falcao, RvP, Suarez, etc etc etc. Players that will be efficient at given opportunity. An arsenal forward should be able to create something by himself and not be relying on his teammate to create it for him. He can not dribble or run through defences, he is decent at headers and are a good player to have inside the goal area at corners etc.. Giroud is decent, granted..… Read more »


Out of all the “world class” strikers you named, only Costa has scored more goals that Giroud so far this season. Bitey McBite-Bite won’t play for another few weeks, Falcao still hasn’t scored (hahahahaha) and Backstabbing, Horse faced Dutch Skunk has the same number in all comps. 2. And that’s with 2 more games under his belt than Giroud.


SP, I found this stat from the Metro after his shocker against Besiktas, before we went to Everton. Giroud has 64 goals+assists in 80 starts, 101 appearances. He might not be the most clinical striker, but he makes a huge contribution to our all round game. I, for one, welcome “4 more years of this bullshit.”


People like you bore me. If you life is so shit that Giroud contract news causes you to ask someone to f*ck it then you may as well go F*ck it yourself #FYL


It is a saying, not mean’t literally. Giroud contract news is bad news for all fans as that will stop our development. We will not challenge with Giroud upfront, so prepare for even more failure, I want my team to win and beat the other top teams. Giroud disappears in the big games and just isn’t good enough. That is why this is horrible news. He just isn’t what we need to challenge.


To quote that scene in Fever Pitch: “You seem to have some kind of disease that turns people into miserable bastards.”


Oh no, our strikers aren’t good enough! Sell them all, buy Cavani and let him play 55 games on the trot instead.

That’d work great, I’m sure.


@SP Premise: Giroud is not a WC player, and should not lead the line in big games for the Arsenal. Your Solution: We don’t offer him a contract, sell him for maybe the same as we paid for him at the end of the window (minus fees) and end up looking for another striker in a thoroughly competetive market, when we really need to be pursing defenders and a DM in order to challenge for trophies. AW’s Solution: We keep Giroud on, along with his less-than-stellar but still very valuable goals and assists, as an option alongside Welbeck, Sanchez and… Read more »


Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner!



Thanks! 🙂


Giroud scores or assists a goal in approximately 2 out of every 3 games. That’s a fantastic record. No, it’s not Leo Messi or Ronaldo or Henry. But it compares favorably with most other top team strikers in England. I don’t understand the hate for the guy.


Can’t wait for the wenger era to be over. I’m tired of a culture of mediocrity.


He could be here for another 10 years if we are unlucky D:, as if keeping Giroud till 2018 wasn’t bad enough.

the only sam is nelson

that’ll be the culture of mediocrity that has seen the club through unparalleled success and growth? an era that’s delivered two doubles, the only unbeaten season since the nineteenth century (when houston was presumably a one-horse shit hole of a village, before oil was discovered), and arguably the most phenomenal achievement of the lot – delivering a new stadium on time and on budget without it getting the team relegated, on the contrary whilst a team compromised by lack of investment was coaxed into the CL season after season after season – something no other modern manager has even contemplated… Read more »


lol, unparalleled success? 3 epl titles and 0 Champions league in 18 years? The unbeaten run was remarkable! i agree…… While he has done well off the pitch (stadium delivery etc), he has been woeful results wise.
Why can’t we arsenal fans be objective? Constant qualification for champions league without making significant impact in the competition itself is not good enough for a ‘big’ club.(we went close in Paris 06).
As a COACH, he is not as good as he used to be.

the only sam is nelson

so from “culture of mediocrity” to “remarkable I agree” and “he has done well off the pitch” in one post? and then you talk about objectivity? as a coach, he has achieved a consistency of results whilst wearing a financial strait-jacket that I suggest would be beyond the abilities of just about any other active manager in the world game. Of course we can’t compare, because successful managers in the world game operate with the one thing denied AW these last 10 or so years – huge quantities of cash. so we have to compare AW to managers in a… Read more »


You don’t need cash to come up with the right formation, you don’t need cash to deprive one of the best no. 10s to play in the center, you don’t need cash to be constantly outwitted by big managers. You don’t need cash to have your fullbacks been caught out of their positions almost all the time. You don’t need cash to be unable to defend set pieces while incapable of scoring from them.

the only sam is nelson

You’d have to go back to Leeds in ’92 and before that Villa and Forest to credibly state “you don’t need cash” and even those clubs spent big by the standards of the day.

AW got Arsenal to the CL Final with Eboue and Flamini in the full back berths, so maybe he knows a thing or two about this football lark that you don’t?


In the grand scheme of things, getting to the final counts for nothing at the end of the day. It’ all about who won it! It’s like coming 4th.


I really hate to be one of these English gooners who has a go at international fans (many of whom are absolutely amazing), but had you actually been to games regularly over the last few decades, instead of jumping of the Arsenal bandwagon, you’d realise how much both Arsenal and English football has changed in the 18 years that Wenger has been in power. Powerhouses of yesteryear such as Liverpool and Leeds have slipped into mediocrity and crisis, while breaking into the upper echelons of football has required massive injections of dirty money sucked from very unpleasant oligarchs. The only… Read more »


Let me quote your comment “Yernited, relying on a formula of a vile but effective manager”. Key word “EFFECTIVE” lol. Your geographic location doesn’t make you more of a fan than someone else. Moyes and Fergie had basically thesame team in SAF’s final season and Moyes only season. But the “EFFECTIVE” manager won the EPL. The financial shackles could be used as an excuse for the last decade. But we no longer can use that as an excuse. Our wage bill is already higher than that of chelsea. I would stick to the club as i’ve always but i won’t… Read more »


Ferguson was a once in a generation, like Brian Clough, and that’s entirely the point: once he retired, the Evil Empire came tumbling down, and despite the money they’ve spent it doesn’t guarantee success. Wenger has, in managing a stadium move and the financial tsunami that was the oligarchs, proven that he is just as effective as Ferguson was, relatively speaking. Secondly, I most certainly wasn’t suggesting that geographic location makes you more of a fan, especially on a blog run by a gentleman from Dublin. My point was that if you only started following the club in the last… Read more »


@Exiledgooner, Hey, I know that you were just generalizing, but as a foreign and new Gooner (Nov’ ’12) I’m just delighted when we win, sad when we lose and frustrated with some of Wenger’s decisions and “pleased as punch” with others. I call it sports. Don’t know what the other folks are looking for or expecting.

But, I’m naïve, too.


And that’s marvelous-I’m not for one second indicting your passion or loyalty, just pointing out the things that Wenger has achieved that aren’t obvious if you merely look at trophies won to certain fickle fans (and you get them among the Emirates crowd too), but that might (and I stress the word ‘might’) not be so clear if you’re an overseas fan like our friend from Texas up there. I’m not defending everything Wenger does or has done, merely taking issue with the absurd statement that he’s overseen mediocrity. Like you say, it’s just sports. There’s more than an element… Read more »


You’re quite welcome to do one until that day comes, or even beyond that. Houston Goner.


Yo, stay classy my friend


sorry mate maybe that was a bit much. I do tend to get a bit worked up and possibly overreact when positive arseblog news stories get greeted with unnecessarily negative comments and calls for wenger to go. it’s like someone is always waiting to piss all over your bonfire down here in the comments.


lol, i’m not offended mate. We are all gunners, i’m all in for debates and disagreements without going personal. I’ll have to disagree with you again lol, I don’t think i can classify this as a positive news yet. Giroud is the best striker at the club and Arteta the best DM. That should be a concern itself. How many of our rivals would be willing to swap their players in those position with ours? If you were building a team and have the option to pick between a.CF: Giroud v Costa v Aguero/Dzeko b. DM: Arteta v Fenandinho v… Read more »

the only sam is nelson

there was a feature on Ian Allinson in the programme for the Spuds game. God alone knows what some of these jokers would have made of him. I get the impression they’d certainly not have been impressed at the running and effort he put in, mind.

And that’s before we get into the Lee Chapmans, Paul Marriners and George Woods or our glorious past…


Houstongooner and SP, you both seem convinced that Giroud is one of the poorer strikers in the PL. Would it be fair to say you would consider him in the bottom half of PL strikers? Okay. There are 20 teams in the PL. Please name the (at least) ten strikers who scored more PL goals than Giroud last season. Hint – it’s a trick question, there were only five. Giroud tied for sixth in PL scoring last year. Tied with one of those “world class” choices you mentioned elsewhere, Edin Dzeko. And only one goal behind one of those other… Read more »


Nice logic, but you know deep down that Giroud is average at best! You’ll struggle to find an elite team that would want giroud if he were to leave arsenal. The word mediocre may sound harsh but it is the ugly truth

Jay Song

Why so much negativity? Even calling for the Wenger’s head?? I am happy with the news. I actually think Giroud is a decent striker even though he is not a world class striker. He just suffered from lack of any competition and back up last season.

I also think that we have been missing him even though Welbeck was decent.

I know Spurs draw was disappointing but why blame Giroud? He was injured for god’s sake!!


Why so much negativity? maybe because this means that our only hope of challenging is that Welbeck will become something special. Otherwise we have another 4 years of bad striking options ahead of us. Decent is good enough for Swansea and Newcastle.. NOT arsenal


Alexis, Giroud, Welbeck, Walcott is better than decent


I am not saying that Alexis, welbeck or walcott are decent, they are really good players. I am simply saying that Giroud is decent, not more, not less.


no, you said that unless Welbeck becomes something special we have ‘4 years of bad striking options ahead of us’.


What’s with some people en negativity!! Geez!! Best news I have heard all day!! Good job Arsene


I’m pretty sure Sex Panther is legal in France


Well done! I’d like to see some 4-4-2 games with Giroud and Welbeck up top.

Dave Gooner

Yeah, so we can be treated to Giroud’s overrated ‘holding’ play? While he blasts chance after chance after chance miles wide, over, into oblivion. And then looks to the heavens with his tongue out, as though its Gods fault that he’s shit?

Giroud is a dud, has been since he arrived. 80k/week? A complete waste of money and a waste of a place on the team.


Yeah, that assist that won the FA cup was a real fuck-up. He wasn’t even facing the right way, or anything. What a dick, etc. etc.


lmaoooooooooooooo, your comment ain’t nothing but the absolute truth!!!! But most people on here hate to hear the truth.


laughing my ass off off off off off off off off off off off off off off? And for the record, I’m sure most people have no problems with the truth. What I could understand them having a problem with is unnecessary pessimism and undue criticism of our players. I’ll be the first to admit Giroud’s not the most clinical striker in the league. He does, however, bring a lot to our game defensively and offensively. He’s nice to have at set pieces at either end, and against packed defences like Tottenham threw up late on in the derby, he’s… Read more »


Giroud has averaged a goal or asisst in approximately 2 out of every 3 games he has played. That’s an excellent record for a striker.

If you only look at his goals he looks mediocre but he lays on far more assists than other strikers do. When you look at goals + assists he compares favorably with most of the other top strikers in England.

#YOLO Toure

Glad we’ve tied him down, he’s been a great servant for us so far and his work rate is top.


Before I clicked on the comments I thought…”I bet dickheads are moaning about this”


good news. you can’t say he hasn’t earned it. 80 k a week going by the gossip isn’t bad and not a good thing again. In this market where a Wayne Rooney scores the same number of league goals and earns a 300k a week? That said I would have loved a situation where our best players improved and we payed them as such. people said Rosicky played for a contract, and Adebayor too and song too. maybe we need our players to “play ” for those damn contracts and know that it’s all win win. this socialist thing of… Read more »


Lol…sex panther. This is great news…We will all see a better Giroud now that we have a legit option up front with him in Danny. Truly missing his hold up play these days. Speedy recovery and come back soon


As I sit here and read Arseblog each day I have realised that I work about as much as Sex Panther does.

I think this is good news. Whether he should be first choice or not he’s an important member of our squad.

Man Manny

Not an eye-catching striker but by no means a dud either. A player who can score 22 goals after missing so many other glit edged chances should not be taken for granted. He can still get better now that a huge burden has been taken off his shoulders by Welbeck.
He is no more the only senior striker and the competition bodes well for Arsenal. Good move till next summer when we may consider a third…Oh! We already have Sanogo.


He would be a decent bench player when we need some presence in the penalty box. Welback and Sanchez cant provide that threat in the box. But it would be pretty if we start with him.

Thierry Bergkamp

I’m happy seeing Danny Welbeck start. That’s how bad Giroud is

John Wakaba

I also don’t understand what exactly people mean when they say world class striker! Is falcao one of them?

Big Mac



How can you even ask if falcao is world class?


15 corners and not one good chance against Tottenham. Not sure how more people don’t miss Giroud. His link-up play is great and he completely suits the system we are playing.

Also, his defensive clearings on set pieces are sorely missed.

Dave Gooner

His goals are sorely missed too, since he arrived.


And according to rumours we are looking to hand Arteta another year extension, looks like the Defensive Midfielder position will be an problem for the next two seasons after all :p


according to wenger: we also have flamini (liability) who can play there. Diaby too (LANS) lol

Yorkshire gunner

Lets be realistic here, Giroud isn’t costa/falcao standard, but equally, remember that united are paying 20mil+ for a loan player who’s spent the past 5 months out with a f*cked ligament, whilst costa is showing almost John showing levels of c*ntiness

Yorkshire gunner



Wenger has two seasons left after this one….our next manager will sell Giroud the day he takes over. Wenger will make sure his pet players get a nice little ‘drink’ after he’s gone.
I like Giroud, but we’ll never win the title with him…..or Wenger for that matter.


There were moments earlier this season where the attack looked a bit shapeless with Giroud’s absence. Welbeck is a well rounded and faster striker but Giroud can be an absolute rhino up front when he’s in the mood.

I’ll say it time and again, for the 12 or so million £s Arsenal paid for him, we’ve gotten a more than respectable return out of him in terms of assists and goals.


@Penis….but we’ll never win the league with him.


Why are at least 60% of people here so negative towards Giroud. Yes he isn’t scoring like C&STA but he is now one of an amazingly talented group of players who once click will be banging them in. And anyone who bashes Wenger with what happened last season and is currently undefeated in the league. Should consider themselves plastic and jog on elsewhere.


Wenger on Flamini: “His experience is vital to us. I took the opportunity to re-sign him and I’m pleased I did”


Kall Me When You're Sober

Careful, mate, you’re drifting into trolling territory here… Let’s stay on topic.


Something I don’t get, all this negativity and bashing of our club and players. I hear a lot of people say we’ve lowered our standards by signing players like Giroud, I fully agree some of the criticism is needed in regards to better Dm and all around cover for our team…but I ask if we truly have lowered our standards, then why are we all so unhappy with a squad that hasn’t lost yet….won a respectable trophy in the last campaign and can challenge on 3 fronts? I know injuries truly must be addressed and put behind us, but this… Read more »


Compare arsenals attacking options to the other top clubs in Europe and it’s not like our attackers dont have the quality but overall they lack some consistency. People are going to feel like most of our attackers are not world class because they have not been pivotal/central figures in winning their domestic league or the champions league.

fresh prince

I agree with the people complaining about everything. However do you really think we are challenging on 3 fronts?

Do you really think that we won’t get smashed on Sunday or do you just hope we won’t?


Until Giroud’s injury Arsene thought his striking options were strong enough.
Then he panick buys Welbeck, and then hands Giroud a new contract until he turns 32.
Neither Giroud or Welbeck are elite level strikers, even if they both offer something different.
It’s a good job we have plenty of goals throughout our wide forwards and midfielders.


Giroud will be a gunner until 2018. getting on his back won’t make him better. Go HFB Go.

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