Friday, June 9, 2023

Wilshere adds to injury worries

Jack Wilshere’s fitness is in question after he became the fourth player this season to ‘turn an ankle’, in the 2-0 defeat to Borussia Dortmund.

The incident happened late on when the midfielder was challenged from behind and he immediately put his hand in the air to signal he was in trouble.

Despite the fact he could no longer run, he stayed on the pitch until the final whistle.

Afterwards, Arsene Wenger said, “Jack Wilshere has turned his ankle, it’s difficult to say how bad it is because I am a bit cautious.

“Normally it’s not very bad but because of his history I’m a bit cautious.”

Given his ankle issues in the past that caution is understandable, but with the game dead, and only a few minutes to go, why did he stay on?

The manager didn’t have much to say post-game about Arsenal’s performance, or lack thereof, but congratulated the home side for the way they played.

“Congratulations to Dortmund, they were the better team. We had a disappointing performance and the victory is normal. Still the paradox of the night is we had very good chances to to score first that didn’t go for us and went for them.”

Wenger wasn’t too keen on pinning the blame on Danny Welbeck’s misses though, saying, “He will finish, I don’t think we have to make a problem with that. He had a very lively first half and he couldn’t finish from his two or three good chances in the first half.

“We have to be patient.”

Of course we all know the real reason it went wrong – that miserable looking blue kit.

Ok, it was because we played like shit, but still, the kit is awful.

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Every game 🙁


One injury per game. That’s the rule.


Everyone will be fit by Christmas but we will be out of all the cups so it will not matter


Well at least we pay someone however many millions a year so we have someone to point the finger at now.
Hands up who thought we were going to get a result tonight, now that would have really been an achievement.
One thing you can guarantee, we will be lack lustre / off the pace / basically shite away from home in Europe.
Broken fucking records etc.
It’s getting boring Arsene

Formerly Known As El Capitano

Without using any big words, or holding back anything …. last nights performance was absolutely f**cking sh*t. Just scrolling down through the comments I do think we do need to put things in perspective though, I think its still premature to start calling for Arsene’s head already. We’re still in The Champions League, we’ve got 5 games to sort our sh*t out, I know last night was horrific viewing for everyone involved, and I know we’re hardly firing on all cylinders at the moment.. not to mention the mounting injury list (which is terrifying) but its early doors, hopefully Arsene… Read more »

a r senal

so now Rosicky will finally get on the field? is there anything wrong with bringing on Ozil at the 60 minute mark. feels like pride is preventing Arsene from dropping him to the bench.


Rosicky would be a huge upgrade on Ozil and Ramsey on current form.


I actually really like this kit, ashamed it clashed with the refs though.


We were in blue and it was shit, terrible kit terrible performance


I am a fan of Wenger but i think its time he moved on, yes we won the F.A cup but his tactics dont work. Two years ago if someone said Ramsey would be playing great we would have Ozil and Sanchez and i suppose you could say welbeck, we would have said yes please, but lately Wenger is making good and great players worse by sticking to his tiki taka pass all around the box crap, its not working yet we do it every game and always seem to get done on the counter attack. With the invincibles we… Read more »


a shame*


what an eye sore


When it rains it pours..


… and when it doesn’t rain we’re shit.

It’s a European away day thing, we never learn.


Well if Wilshere is injured, maybe we’ll go back to playing the system from last season. Probably just wishful thinking.

Mate Kiddleton

You mean the system last season which was working extremely well for us, kept us at the top of the league for most of the year, gave us one of our best defensive records in recent times and won us an FA Cup?

Yes, I seem to recall that system…


no giroud, no system unfortunately. sanogo got a bit about him, but neither he nor even welbeck now can hold the ball up like giroud did. something needs to give.. we should go back to the two holding midfielders (flam & arteta) playing in front of the back four so theres some cover for when the fullbacks push forward cus atm we keep getting done on the counter.


Don’t get me started on Arteta started to look way out of his depth at times to the close of last season and now beginning of this one. i thought this was the biggest problem area but how Arsene overlooked it i don’t know, instead he has gone to make him captain ( not that i think he shouldn’t be) but we all know Arsene doesn’t drop captains until its too fucking late see Verm.


The old system coming back to the squad?


Needed to be said. I’ll leave now. =)

cheeky boy

kept us at the top of the league until we had to play notable opposition away from home. Our defence is porous at best, don´t kid yourself just cause we got a boi with a fab hairdo giving it large in the centre of da park. Arteta out of his depth, decent, but not good enough to win us titles.

jack jack jack

Also the old system that got us completely decimated by the big clubs away from home?

I don’t think playing a 4-2-3-1 or a 4-3-3 is the real problem. Maybe getting in a mobile, world-class defensive midfielder would help. Maybe we should be pressing like the best teams in the world do. We’re just not a great team at the moment and Arsene really has a lot to sort out. Been a disappointing start to the season.


I was going to say the same thing. Far from a “thank god he’s injured he’s shit!” because he’s clearly not. But if it gets us back to 4-2-3-1 it may be a blessing in disguise. This 4-1-4-1 experiment is has been an unmitigated disaster so far.

matty t.



why does everybody hate the kit? it looks like one of the best weve had for years and reminds me of the 1996 one which i also liked

Big Chief from Antarctica

Yeah, it reminds me also of the 02-kit. Blissful times, blissful times.


That ’96 away kit is one of my favourites of all time. it was fucking brilliant, I would wear it to a wedding/interview/court it’s so dapper.

this one looks terrible. I think it’s the lime green accents.

I’ve gotta say I really don’t like any of the new Puma designs, they all look like cheap market knock-offs


Go away Shad!! Although not directly your fault – youve bought us terrible fucking luck!!


Awful kit, awful performance. Also reminded me of the 8-2 drubbing, in which we wore a similarly weird blue diagonal thing. For Christ’s sake Wilshere, as the only player to emerge with any credit (maybe Alexis was okay too) – do *not* be injured.


Atleast the other two teams in the group drew their match. That’s the only positive I can take from tonight – that and the fact that Ramsey had the balls to come on twitter and apologise for the poor performance. Where are the others?


Diaby is the player we need in midfield!



Hank Scorpio

Put your house on Santi coming in for him…..and playing centrally while Ozil stays out wide.


Nah that’s ridiculous! Ozil has first to be found in order to even play wherever


Yep. This is exactly what will happen. And we’ll still play 4141 despite looking better using 4231.


Groundhog Day.


Is this a fucking joke? How the fuck can even Arsenal get this many injuries. It’s absurd. Preposturous even.


Hope Jack is OK. But maybe the silver lining is that Özil can play in the center and gain his form back.


Yeah and hopefully the counterattack won’t pass right through him as he sticks his leg out at a pathetic attempt to stop an attack.


Jesus it’s not looking great at the mo is it. Injuries piling up and we are bang out of form. The only consolation is bar tonight we’ve not been losing and that a lot of teams have gone to Germany and been beaten we won’t be the first or last. Let’s dust ourselves down and look ahead to villa because what we need now is more games to try and get out of this rut. It’ll pass. Keep faith.

Who needs Defenders

1) Gibbs vs Crystal Palace
2) Arteta vs Besiktas
3) Giroud vs Everton
4) No Injuries – but Debuchy Red Card vs Besiktas
5) Kos + Ozil vs Leicester
6) Aaron Ramsey for Wales during Interlull
7) Debuchy vs Man City
8) Wilshere vs Dortmund
9) Gunnersaurus vs Aston Villa??????


As long as it’s:

10) Vertonghen & Adebayor vs. Sp*rs

Then I call it all a wash.


No ill wishes on Gunnersaurus, but that’s probably the best case scenario for the squad..


i think you make a valid point about the blue kit, even if you were joking. why play with this kit when we have our beauty red and white to accommodate our players and especially Alexis (it looks great on him and seems like he is wearing it with comfort and feeling like a boss). also the ref’s shirt was similar to ours… was a shocker from the boys today. i don’t even mind if we had not clicked and produced a bad game but to be so complacent, so fragile mentally, and just purely shambolic is unacceptable, and IMO… Read more »

some smart american

At least he’s not considered defensive cover … right?


It’s alright guys the season is almost over…right? RIGHT?


The sad thing is that he effectively sat in front of the back four after Arteta came off. So yeah, in a way, he’s a deputy DM. And another one that’s hurt.


This is becoming a comic lawl


Dortmund rotated 4 players from their Saturday game. Arsenal just one enforced change (Keep in mind that we played the champions and they played a side fighting relegation).What is the use of “depth” if you go out with the same XI until another player of that XI is injured?
And Wenger’s justification is that they played an “easier side on Saturday”. Santi and Ox deserved a start. Fucking awful player management.


And Rosicky? Where the hell is TR7? I see pics of him at practise…..


Just one enforced change? I count three. Gibbs for Monreal, Bellerin (who played as well as any of the other passengers on the pitch), and Arteta for Flamini. It’s pretty clear we could have used a rotation for fresh legs in the attacking bunch though. Ramsey or Ozil for sure, and Alexis was good, but looked slightly slowed for the lack of rest and his passing was way off as a result.

Fabianski Loving

Our injury worries are nothing compared to what Jonas Gutierrez is going through – just a game at the end of the day!! GET WELL SOON!!

Oor Wullie

Özil into the middle vs Villa. Cazorla back in on the left and Rosicky in for Ramsey. Use the squad, we’re strong in the middle and can afford to do it. Alexis back to the right.


We sucked. Jack getting injured sucks. Those jerseys suck. It’s still early. All is not lost. We move on to the next game.

John Terry, however, will still not be given the respect to masticate the shit buoyantly riding the current in my toilet.

Alexander Partridge

I love the blue kit, it reminds me of the lightning bolt one of many moons ago (which I still have).

That said, I seem to be the odd one out so i’ll just assume i’ve got problems.


I bought the ‘lightening bolt’ kit for my kids and still fucking hate it. Yes you have problems 😉

Alexander Partridge

All those Dads out there who tell their sons they could have gone pro had they not suffered a knee/ankle injury are clearly pulling a fast one! Theres always room in the Arsenal squad for a decreped athelete.

Stuart Steele (@Stuart_Ten)

Wrote a super long comment. Deleted it.
Awful TEAM performance.

Dust yourselves down. Have a proper word with another. Thrash Villa.


This just get better and better…

Hank Scorpio

@ Renoog
This isn’t Groundhog Day. In Groundhog Day Bill Murray learnt his fecking lesson.


The players attitude and performance reflects how they are managed, coached and trained. They reflect the mental strengths and weaknesses of the Manager. Half our first team squad have been World Champions and League Champions at other clubs…..under Wenger they look shit.
Wenger out.

Truth hurts

This is what happens when players are tired. There is no other team that plays champions league(for Arsenal playoffs included), The domestically and a domestic cups that has such a thin squad. Giroud was going to happen playing alone all last season, World Cup and starting again this season. God forbid something happens to Sanchez but with his work rate I am scared. We need a DM. That is defensively minded someone like Fernandinho who does the dirty job of duels and eases the pressure on our midfield. There is only much Shad can do, this current squad has the… Read more »


Yet the one person who can really make a difference can’t see it, that’s the real concern. Bordering on negligence. Another awful European away day, that much never changes!

Truth hurts

This is what happens when players are tired. There is no other team in Europe that plays champions league(for Arsenal playoffs included), The domestic league and domestic cups that has such a thin squad. Giroud was inevitable,playing alone all last season, World Cup and starting again this season. God forbid something happens to Sanchez but with his work rate I am scared. We need a DM. That is defensively minded someone like Fernandinho who does the dirty job of duels and eases the pressure on our midfield. There is only much Shad can do, this squad has the skills and… Read more »


Fuck it, we’re getting relegated.

Wenger out. Sell Özil. We’re all going to die from global warming, Ebola, or ISIS anyway.

Let’s ride this ship all the way to the bottom. Yee haw!


No question we looked like hell today but I am still surprised by all the jumping on and off the bandwagon depending if we win or lose. It is a long season and we still have to believe in our team. Is everyone going to say we are not stronger than last year at least on paper. We have made good additions but we have to give it some time to jell. I know we haven’t looked as good as we should have as yet, but I think we need to be more patient. Believe or leave!

Man Manny

Sad one for Wilshere. Hope it is not long term. I think this can be his season. However, we have sufficient cover in that area so no need to panick just yet.


Abou Diaby? I mean, at least he went a full 90 a few days ago with the U21s. Couldn’t hurt to give him a run out.

Did I say “hurt?” Shit.


By the time the team “gel”….Chels and Citeh are out of reach…..another season down the toilet.


So now I’ve calmed down a bit and put things into perspective. And by that I mean I remembered that Real Madrid got beaten 2-0 at Dortmund’s ground last year. And let us not mention the 4-1 thrashing 2 years ago. Dortmund also beat Bayern several times throughout a season. We’re upset because of the way we lost. But losing to Dortmund at their ground isn’t inconceivable. Doing it in the group stage is also better than the knock-out stage. The importance is to move on quickly and get used to winning again. (Man, I’m talking like Wenger now.) As… Read more »


I am already looking forward to life post wenger.


Consistently shite away from home in Europe. How we have qualified for so many years is a quite staggering achievement, I suppose a well done is due but is masking the problems, did anyone really think we weren’t going to get schooled tonight, again!
Love Wenger and what he has done for the club, but he just doesn’t seem to get it, square pegs and round holes all over again.
Another woeful European away day, have to feel for the travelling gooners, all too familiar I’m afraid.


So I’m curious. How did you feel after the Man City draw? At the beginning of that match what were you expecting?

One fucking match is all it takes to light a fire.

Don Cazorleone

If only it were one match


I feel like a broken record…We have quality all over the field and on the bench, players designed for specific roles being pushed into other positions they aren’t as good in, when great players for those positions are rotting away on the bench. Please stop playing Jack, rambo and ozil at the same time. I can’t wait for Theo to come back. I just feel like we will click again, him right, alexis left ozil mid. And rotate! Ox, campbell, podolski. Tr7…jack. rambo rotate them all and keep them healthy. Please for the love of God Arsene try a different… Read more »

bims lay

I agree with all that……however, regardless of formation, personnel, tactics…. bla bla bla…but also, the team has to collectively TURN UP TO PLAY!!!, in order to win!


I didn’t even mention santi…my apologies

All Singing All Dancing Crap of Arsenal

We needed more defenders. Every side has 8 senior defenders. We had only 6. Which means wenger expected kos and per to play every single game in CL and PL. Which is impossible. They are gonna be found at high intensity matches. We needed a defender who could straightaway come into the starting 11. Thus ensuring rotation and frsh legs. And Arteta and Flamini are not upto it. Trust me on this. You will see it on big games. Wenger is great manager but when it comes to transfer he is pretty much average. For example we expect a 4th… Read more »


Actually transfers are Wenger’s strong suit. It’s the opposite. tactically he can be suspect. He is carrying a bit of (unecessary) risk at Cback but there are 7 defenders – Per, Koscielny, Chambers, Gibbs, Monreal, Debuchy and Bellerin. if anything the youngster showed today he was no way near out of depth if a little inexperienced but far from the worse player on the pitch. If he can come through this baptism of fire and play in a poor team against the likes of Dortmund, he will do just fine. he is an upgrade to jenkinson who was one dimensional,… Read more »


can anyone shed some light on some issues?

1) why is welbeck registered as number 29 in the ucl
2) why couldnt we wear our red home jersey when there obviously would not be a clash of colors?

thanks in advance 🙂


this is what happens when you refuse to release the ball. Most of Wilshere’s injuries are a by product of him dallying on the balll and getting caught.
Do feel sorry for him though if its bad, but he dosent help himself. Just rotate the fucking ball, you dont always have to go on a mazy run.

Don Cazorleone

you do if none of them show for the ball


I was complaining about this the whole match. My apologies to those around me. Was probably a bit annoying. BVB smothered that midfield quite well though.


I honestly love the blue kit!


The lineup definitely needs some changes for Villa game. Yes…Im telling everyone lets move on. The Dortmund is game over…no pointing deliberating too much about it. The focus as Arsenal fans shld always be on the next game. Give your constructive ents & suggestions before the game. For me: Santi on the left, Alexis on the right, Ozil & Rosicky in the centre with teo DMs. Up front the new boy Danny does not have much competition for places there. Interesting point by commentator of Dortmund game….Danny boy needs 4-5 chances…before hitting the target (not scoring…just hitting the target)…cant disagree… Read more »


Oh crumbs not looking forward to the villa game – they are in form and arsenal is… well… I’m lost for words!!!

Wolf Gang

Whoever thinks that we are out of form needs a realityslap. How can we drop so much in performance over 3 days and blame it on form? This was about tactics and the fact that we werent able to come cope with their tactic. As simple as that


Jack’s style of play will always lead to injuries! I don’t know why Wenger doesn’t advice him to release the ball quickly and stop trying to dribble pass everyone!

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