Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Wilshere, Chambers and Flamini fit for Villa

Arsene Wenger has given the latest team news ahead of tomorrow’s trip to Aston Villa and there’s some good news in the injury darkness.

Worries over Jack Wilshere have proved unfounded as his ankle turn against Dortmund appears to have been minor and he’s in the squad. The boss said, “”It was his left ankle and it was only a kick. He is alright.”

Calum Chambers has recovered from tonsillitis while Mathieu Flamini, who was kept out of the Champions League game with a minor thigh problem, also returns.

However, and there’s always a however, the Mathieu Debuchy situation is still not clarified, as the manager said, “We’ll know about Debuchy tonight after his examination whether he’ll need surgery.

“If he doesn’t need surgery, it’ll be six weeks. If he does need surgery, it will be three months.”

Let’s keep fingers crossed it’s the former, but given it’s almost a week since the injury, we’re fearing the worst.

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Stuart Steele (@Stuart_Ten)

Don’t you mean the former, Blogs?

Glory Hunter

Flamini has to start against Villa.
Dont think Arteta can cope with 2 games in a week especially against a very athletic Villa team.
Arsene really has to freshen up the team, Ox definitely has to start.
Fingers crossed Debuchy doesn’t require surgery.


Im sorry bit i think flamini has been a bit of a liability the last few games. Cant Oxlade, Wilshere, Ramsey do the defensive bit? Thought rambo played better in the deeper role, breaking up play and then releasing it?


How about both? Some Flamteta steadying the defence? Why not? Then put Wilshere at no10. Worked in a few games last season.


It never looked to me to work well playing Flamini and Arteta together last season. Flamini ended up way too far forward far too often, leaving his best qualities behind.

On the other hand when Ramsey played more defensively he had a huge tackle and ball recovery rate. If he needs a rest Rosicky or Jack could do the job of more defensive box-to-box.

Regardless there has been too big of a hole between Arteta/Flamini and the other mids.


Who gets dropped for the Ox? Ozil?

AN Other

Fingers and toes crossed for Denuchy. The lad deserves a chance to show what he can do.


Fingers crossed for Debuchy too.


Don’t care who plays as long as we get 3pts. That said Ox and rosicky for me should get a game.


And Santi fucking Cazorla. Everyone seems to have forgotten about his quality. Interesting to hear so much talk about Ozil playing out of position when it’s also pretty clear Santi did his best work for us through the middle as well. Don’t forget about our little Spainard!


I’m sure not even the biggest optimist thinks that Debuchy will be back in six weeks. Oh well, let’s hope for the best, it would be wonderful if it turns out he’s not going to be out for several months.


Maybe we should rest Wilshere regardless? It would be a real blow to lose him for a long time, and he does get kicked a lot. A little kick here and a twist there and suddenly he’s out for months if he doesn’t get some rest.


It’d be good to rest one of Jack or Ramsey. Play Ozil through the middle for once. Bring in Ox, Rosicky or Cazorla on the left.


Thank fuck for chambers especially, Bellerin was clueless at DM Dortmund. Not yet ready


Can’t agree with that completly, he was not the worst player by a long shot. I think he can play the odd game / cup games and hold his own. Don’t start bashing the young kid yet.

Toby C

I didn’t even think he was that bad, certainly not compared to some of the other players. He also grew into the game a bit which was encouraging.

angel gooner

Wait a minute,he didn’t play at Dm or am i missing something??

Daft Aider

He was wearing DM boots?, pretty good then if he managed a game in them


You dont half talk some shit

Kosc' Other Pocket

We still can get something out of this season.. COYG

Daft Aider

you would certainly hope so a month into the season…….

Mach iii

Bellerin is fantastic! We will beat Villa!


So it’s probably surgery. This is Arsenal after all.


Time to drop Sz, and allow Ospina
Let’s give arteta, wilshere and ozil rest

2014-2015 = the year we've been waiting for

I agree about Ospina. Dortmund’s 2nd goal could have been avoided had Sczechny held his line. The distribution hasn’t been stellar either. Something tells me Ospina would give the back 4 more confidence and solidity.

The Only Olivier is Giroud

I’m so used to names mentioned in headlines are “injured”, I already started going “what the actual fucckety fuck…” before I realiseD dit was actually good news for a change!


He’ll need surgery. We all know it.

Momo (@MuhamLAD)

I’d like to see Chambers in the DM role at some point. Shame about the injury to Debuchy.

Finsbury Park Gooner

I’d like to see Chambers wrapped in cotton wool and stored in cryogenic stasis for the season instead, only to be taken out when Mert or the Kos pick up an injury.

Daft Aider

Or maybe just cloned……….

sanchezla sangat

AW need to rotate the players,dying to see ox,campbell ,rosicky to start..


My Team VS Villa

Bellerin Per Koss Gibbs
Alexis Wilshere Ozil Santi

Subs : Ospina Rozza Ox Poldi(With Both Shin Pads) Chambers Arteta


Has he explained why we are playing one of the best No 10’s in the world from the left wing at exactly the moment when we sign pacey runners that means he could flourish?


Any news on diaby blogs? Will be a welcome physical presence in our midfield, being the only one pushing 6foot and all.

Toby C

Wenger’s got to start picking players based on their form. Ox should start on the right. Ozil could do with a rest probably but if AW’s gonna persist with him he needs to play centrally behind the striker. Flamini should partner Arteta in central midfield and Ramsey and Wilshere should be left out sadly or replace Ozil in the middle. Oh, and the full-backs must not be told to bomb on so much! It’s clearly not working, how many times to do you have to see that before you change it!!! Scez – Gibbs-Mert-Kos-Chambers — Arteta-Flamini — Sacnchez-Ozil (or Wilshere)-Ox… Read more »

Toby C

Tbf Cazorla also deserves to play (behind the striker) he’s done nothing wrong and wouldn’t mind seeing Rosicky alongside Flamini. It’s the formation that’s the problem I think, not really which players are picked. Rotation is also important! If used properly our team could be really fresh and strong at the end of the season.

Finsbury Park Gooner


noun uk /rəʊˈteɪ.ʃən/ us /roʊ-/

› [U] movement in a circle around a fixed point: the speed of rotation
› [C] a complete circular movement around a fixed point: The Earth completes 366 rotations about its axis in every leap year.
› [C or U] the act by farmers of regularly changing which crops they grow in a field: crop rotation
› [U] the act of different people doing the same job at different times: the rotation of key positions such as that of chairman


flamini partnering Arteta is no different from what we have with Ramsey partnering wilshere. just a bit of defensive security but limited in attack.
I’d much prefer we resort to what worked in the past with either flamini or Arteta alongside either wilshere or Ramsey with either Ozil or Cazorla (and sometimes Rosicky) behind the stricker.

It wasn’t broke but the fix ain’t working.

Gunner Rob

Give Ozil the role behind Welbeck or rest him. He’s no use to us played on the wing.


Ozil does not need a rest…he needs to pay in the hole, the No 10 position….and he needs games in that position!!


And I dont mind a change in the Gk position either.
Two goals conceded in Dortmund & the 2nd versus ManCity are saveable goals. Go and watch them again.


We need a defensive midfield…if arteta/flamini/coquelin are playing they need support next to them like ramsey/wilshere/diaby/ox, if we want to play with only one DM then it has to be a big physical DM player…we don’t have one of those really..the only one I could imagine in a 4-1-4-1 would be Chambers or Hayden (not enough experience YET)


Hopefully he will give Fouronefourone some rest, too. He really deserves it.


despite what the majority think of him, I’d love to see Poldi on the left.
where’s our goal threat coming from? at least he scores and assists for fun compared to those played ahead of him. if he doesn’t defend enough, we have a few DM to chip in.
considering Welbeck is still close to getting that goal and the mystery of Ramsey scoring more from CM than where he’s deployed now in the advanced role.

A few proven goal scorers wouldn’t hurt


I dont care who plays tomorrow,all I want is Ozil at no.10. #COYG


My wishlist for this game. [1] 4-2-3-1. [2] Carzola on the wing. [3] a new goalscorer for the arsenal (campbell, welbek, sanogo).

Al Gilmore

SZ Bell. Cham. Kos. Gibb Diaby/Flamini Ramsey. Wilshere Cazorla Sanchez. Welbeck Yes. A diamond. Yes. BFG dropped to get some speed into CB position – Villa play with one method – bang ball up to quick/strong runners. Allow sanchez and Welbeck up front but both/either can split and play from wide positions. Wilshere + Ramsey will have to watch wide players when not in possession but FB’s should not bomb on too much. Just push into midfield at most, not overlapping like wingers. Ozil dropped cos of poor form. To be honest Caz/TR7/Ox deserve a go at No 10. Ox… Read more »

Man Manny

Arsenal has a stronger squad than what the manager is making it appear. He can afford to rest seven players from the Dortmund game and still have a squad strong enough to beat Villa. How about Os, Calum, Mert, Kos, Monreal, Midfield of Flam, Ox, Rosicky, Campbel and Sanchez behind Welbeck. Bench: Scz, Bel, Gibbs, Ozil, Ramsey,Podolski and Arteta. Give Wilshere time to rest his ankle. This is a hypothetical selection meant to just highlight the fact that apart from the defence, this team is up there with the best in the epl when it comes to depth. Arsene has… Read more »

Man Manny

I could even afford to leave out Carzola. Not intentionally but that still helps to drice home the point am making.

Veryxerioz Gunner

My wishlist for the villa game….
1. Just win the game no matter who plays where
2. Gain 3 points even if aston villa by some miracle begin to play like Barca
3. Finish the match with no injuries


C’on wenger you should apply to work on a children’s tv programme

The Great fans & everyone knows that what we lacking ,

A defender
A deffencive midfielder
A world class striker

How can we win anything with
Only 2 fit central defenders

1, fit left back
1, fit right back

And with No natural Deffencive midfielder ?

You childish mr wenger honestly .

Wenger OUT


We have Arteta and Flamini Have you seen Carvalho play in recent defeats suffered by portugal? For that matter have Capoue, MVilla, Wanyama or Gustavo impressed since being linked to us? no point having a big bruising DM these days if they can’t pass, something Arteta does well for us (last game notwithstanding) Frankly this whole “We need a physical DM” issue is bollocks. We need a younger DM for sure but that could await next summer meanwhile we have people posting on about how fantastic Fernandhino’s presence was for City last weekend forgetting they leaked two goals against us.… Read more »


what about diaby??? maybe he’s the DM we are looking for!!!

Daft Aider

Maybe if he was a DM or something like one, sadly he’s not a DM and has never been one


Nor was Arteta yet he developed into a good covering DM for us.

Meanwhile all those bleating for a physical type should bear in mind where MVilla, Gustavo, Capoue and Wanyama have gone with their careers. Hyperbole.

Diaby before recent spate of injuries was showing signs of improved defensive awareness. This comes with maturity.

Nothing is static in life.

Players develop and mature.


The ox and one of rosicky/cazorla need to start against villa. Give ozil the day off, and perhaps jack the lad as well. Both can come off the bench as needed.


I’d give Ramsey a day off before I let jack off for a smoke somewhere.;)


Fingers crossed on Debuchy. He had a lukewarm reception from most Gunners when signed. I mentioned that likely Wenger would try to replace Sagna with a player already blooded in the PL. Either of Coleman (likely higher in price) or Debuchy would be good value for the job, particularly as Debuchy has been keeping Sagna out of the French squad for a while now. All other availability is good news for us, particularly Jack. We have a number of players we are not fully exploiting at the moment in Santi, Podolski, Ox and Campbell. Also Chambers can cover RB or… Read more »

Feeder Club No More

We have a very strong squad at the moment. We know Arsene Wenger can be very stubborn. Do not think he does not want the team he picks to not perform on the day. We are Arsenal not Sp*rs! COYG!


+can’t understand why Blogs doesn’t think Bellerin was part of overall plan. Granted we are extremely light at Cback (really one player short), Chambers good start at Cback and the purchase of Debudhy always meant the impressive Bellerin would get a nod into the first team this season at 19 (similar to Gibbs when he started for us at RB) That’s not unusual or in any ways derelict. Chambers simply provides added insurance at fullback. Plus there is an option to push Chambers into midfield, an area which will be looked at in a season’s time with aging assets requiring… Read more »


give Joel Campbell a chance
he got pace and he can shoot!

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