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Wilshere fires back at Redknapp over criticism

Jack Wilshere has hit back at Jamie Redknapp for the Sky pundit’s criticism of him after just one game of the season.

The former Liverpool and Sp*rs midfielder managed to jumble together enough words to make some vaguely coherent sentences after Arsenal’s opening day win over Crystal Palace.

“Jack Wilshere’s problem is Jack Wilshere,” burbled Redknapp. “He’s not performing. He’s got to take games by the scruff of the neck like two years ago. There are no excuses for this young lad any more.”

While nobody would argue that this is a big season for Wilshere, it was just one game and clearly a preconceived topic for the post-game ‘analysis’ (we use that word reluctantly because it suggests a modicum of intelligence and wit that Redknapp doesn’t have).

But speaking at an England press conference yesterday, Wilshere hit back, saying, “I listen to the people who I work closely with and, with all due respect, if anything Redknapp should have a little bit more, not ‘respect’ but ‘sympathy’.

“It’s easy for someone to go on television and say: ‘He should be doing this or that.’ But, if you look back, he was injured just as much as I was. Maybe more. And he was never injured at my age as well and it does take a lot of mental strength.

“So to hear people go on TV and say: ‘He’s got to get fitter,’ well, I don’t need that. I listen to people like the boss here, Gary Neville, people who talk a lot of sense and can help me with my game.

“It doesn’t ‘hurt’ me, hearing criticism from ex-players. It probably disappoints me a little bit more. I heard what Robbie Savage said and that was, if you like, the first ex-player to give me constructive criticism. I respected that.

“I’ll take criticism. I know that’s part and parcel of football. But when it’s just reckless and aggressive, I don’t listen.”

Wilshere does have to prove his worth this season, but he’s best off listening to people who can actually help him, and not a man who is to speaking in the correct tense what Sp*rs are to minding the gap.

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How poor a pundit do you have to be when Robbie Savage talks more sense than you


Who the fuck is Jamie Redknapp? Honestly!?


Imagine some bloke… him.


Some “football player” who only got to see King Thierry’s backside in this clip:

Sheffield Goon

“Redknapp” = “cock”

Whichever one you’re talking about.

Formerly Known As El Capitano

Redknapp is an absolute chump. Jacks biggest problem in Redknapp’s eye’s, is that he doesn’t play for Liverpool. For example: If hypothetically Jack played for ‘Liverpool,’ and he single handedly cost his team the league title by losing concentration, and he slipped over at a crucial moment in a title deciding match, which in turn, would allow an opposing striker to sneak in, nick the ball, and score a last minute winner. Or he has a disastrous World Cup campaign, in which his dodgy, sloppy last minute defensive header from something as mundane in a football match as a goal… Read more »


fact file: Harry Redknapp’s son. Was conceived through a wound down car window on ODD ovulation deadline day. He then listened to that mans shite for 18 years before leaving home to join Liverpool where he played less regularly than diaby. Married a pop star who sang shite songs at him and shited on to him on a daily basis that she wasn’t victoria beck. He then was injured so much that even Darren Anderson had managed to get fit so he joined sp*rs to make their injury quota… Sp*rs which is of course, a university of shite. Then he… Read more »


Yeahhh, that’s what I thought!


I’m not surprised Redknapp jr has trouble with his tenses. With a dad who changes his story to fit any situation (“I don’t even know how to work a computah! I ‘aven’t got a computah! Well of course I’ve got a computah”)he has learnt to keep his options open.


Maybe ‘arry had his dog teach Jamie English in the dog’s spare time from managing ‘arry’s accounts?


Jack: The perfect mix of intelligence and aggression

Daft Aider

Jamie: The perfect mix of stupidity and money


I have to say, these are incredibly intelligent comments from Jack. I was afraid he was becoming an idiotic party boy — what with hanging out with a cretin like Joe Hart and the like. But this allayed my fears.


Jamie “look at my crotch, LOOK AT IT” Redknapp

2he0 Walcott

Redknapp is the type of person I like to call ‘oxygen thief’


I thought with the praise Gary Neville was getting for his punditry the TV bosses understood that we are fed up with inane unintelligent commentating. Sadly it seems it’s jobs for the boys rather than jobs based on merit. Jamie Redknapp and Andy Townshend, wtf!


Bad pundits gets a lot of reaction on social media = happy and fat bosses are happy. And fat.


That. And the fact that people aren’t going to stop watching these idiot pundits anytime soon. For some reason, it seems that people love to get worked up over these moronic wastes of space.


In truth the broadcasters are still pretty much in a monopoly position, they can pick any pundit they want.

No matter how idiotic the punditry, it is going to be wrapped around the bit you actually want to see, like your juicy burger in a stale bun.

Sadly, even muting those bits doesn’t make them go away.


When Neville’s away, the pundits will…….suck the shit out of a dead donkey’s ass.

Sorry, I was never any good at rhyming.


Very well said Jack. Comparing anybody unfavourably to Robbie Savage has got to hurt.

Virginia Goon

Hahaha. In all honesty though Jack hasn’t been nearly as bad as people have been on about lately. Thought hew as superb at home against besiktas, and outside of a few miss passes in his direction in which he couldn’t get to and sulked, I can’t really slag him off much as of yet. I have faith in him, his talent and drive is there for all to see. If we had a proper DM I personally feel it would allow jack to flourish, song was no saint and occasional thought he was Brazilian and his name was Songinho. But… Read more »


Technically Sp*rs are quite good at minding the gap… But being good at being shit is like being good at being an actual shit. You’re still a shit.

All Singing All Dancing Crap of Arsenal

Whats up with the Redknapps ? Get sone brains


Redknapp and brains is unfortunately akin to Sanogo and PL goals


That’s not fair! I’ve heard that Louise is quite smart.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Sanogo can be cured of his little problem. That’s the real difference.

Springbank 1965

Oh, for goodness sake … if everyone made this much fuss about every comment made by idiots then we’d spend all our time responding to them.

As Wenger said recently … anyone can have an opinion. It’s the easiest thing in the world. And almost always opinions are underpinned by a complete lack of information.

Everyone knows Redknapp isn’t the brightest pundit out there nor is he the most impartial. Which means that in the grand scheme of things this doesn’t really amount to very much at all.


I’d imagine there is a huge difference between the general idea of all pundits being idiots, and one of those idiots being allowed to talk complete bollocks about you personally, and to a massive audience.

For the most part this isn’t about Redknapp being a fuckwit (thats a given), but about Jack being unwilling to take it lying down.


Redknapp really is a fucking annoying cunt.

How the fuck Sky think he is someone of some insight into the game is beyond me.


Jamie Redknapp’s problem is Jamie Redknapp.


Well said Jack, now go grab Redknapp by the scruff of his neck and tell him he’s the worse pundit ever.

Limp Bar

“…and not a man who is to speaking in the correct tense what Sp*rs are to minding the gap.”

Hahahahahahaha… Made me spit out a rather nice piece of Stilton. Yes that’s right, Stilton for breakfast.


Like redknapp was any good in his time as a player. Useless cunt.

Me So Hornsey

I honestly don’t think Jack is old enough to remember Jamie Redknapp being the chronic ‘sicknote’. The detail hes put in especially the bit about not being injured at his age, makes me suspect Gary Neville’s had a word in his ear and put Jack straight about the Redknob’s own career.

Bula Fiji

What a boring weekend without EPL action! I might as well get drunk and sober up next weekend.

AS17 is for A.Sanchez not

Me too buddy. lets set the alarm first. dont want to find myself past christmas and be told how we are still undefeated!


Jack is the most passionate and TRUE Gunner I’ll always respect that ..and Support him no matter what…..

this aint FIFA bitches

Yet he grew up supporting West Ham.

I think he is just passionate about playing football no matter who it is with.


Nah, from what I’ve read he just grew up in a household of Hammers (know that feeling), but was one of us from a very early age (didn’t hurt he was literally a gooner at age 9).


Jamie Redknapp should stick to being the unfunny one on League Of Their Own! Still if Jack can avoid injury it’s up to him to ram critical words down the throats of his detractors and then we’ll ALL be happy! #COYG

sanogo's missed kick

I’m loving the Wilsh’s maturity in the face of so much BS scrutiny, however, I hope he takes a leaf out of Rambo’s book and goes back to basics instead of forcing himself to do too much too quickly. I’d argue that’s been his main problem for the past few seasons, he’s kinda bought into his own hype a little and constantly looks to pull off the spectacular rather than keeping it simple. That being said when he does pull it off we do get goals like the one he scored against Norwich so I guess it can be worth… Read more »

Stewart Robson's therapist

I don’t know if it’s so much buying into his own hype as desperately trying to live up to it. I agree that he’s trying far too hard to pull off miracles


Probably no co-ioncidence that he was one of the best players on the pitch on wednesday, as he had to keep it simple and mantain discipline with the clowns he had around him (Henderson aside, who is actually pretty good, if limited), more of that with a little more zip in attack and he’s back in business.

Arsenal Wenger

I don’t live in the UK, far from it (India, actually) so I can’t witness the sorry/mangled/confused face Redknapp will now respond to Jack.

If he understands what Jack said, that is.

Arsenal Wenger

Say, how are Koscielny and Özil coming along with regard to their injuries in that 1-1?


On an entirely different subject – very nice looking dog you have there, judging by the photo on this morning blog !


Jack has won more than Redcrop n there’s a long way to go yet,


I saw what Jamie Redknapp said and I agreed with it having been at the match. Can anyone who actually watched it point to anything Jamie Redknapp said that wasn’t true? Jack does need a good season! He also needs to stay on his feet and stop being pushed off the ball so much. Many many Gooners have said the same thing and that he is in danger of losing his place in the starting XI when everyone is fit. The fact he refuses to listen to criticism worries me. (I recall that the Robbie Savage article was defending him).… Read more »


That’s the point, Redknapp just made some vague criticism and said he needed to be better by just, being better? Or is it just not being Jack Wilshere as that is, apparently, the problem? Now, if he had said something like ‘Jack needs to improve his temprament, stop getting fustrated but keep it simple and then it will come, as we have all seen what he can do’. That would have been reasonable, providing reasons for his opinion, and possible solutions, along with being clear as to why he feels he should be doing better, not just ‘well, he is… Read more »

Four star German

I don’t understand who this Redknapp person is!


One thing I recently had to agree with Redknapp was when he said that “when it’s nice and tight, Jack is the best player in the Premier League”


Well said Jackie boy


Rednapp jnr never comes out with anything near inteligence or common sence like a few other X players, Carragher cant even understand him let alone make any sence, and Owen on BT complete wank machine,Phil Neville hiding in the shadows of Gary Neville who when i heard he was gonna be a pundit thought what a complete cock he”ll be “BUT” he has the best honest open and constructive analysis of any one or game


One of my favourite proverbs is:
“Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.”
Unfortunately for Redknapp, he spoke out.


Very well said indeed. He certainly talks a good game, does our Jack. I’m quite confident he’s going to have a great season too.



I was waiting for an arsenal player to stick up for himself, every week we have two ex liverpool players who just slag off arsenal and our players. At the end of the day Gary neville doesnt slag him off why? because he is with him at england squads, redknapp and carragher dont have a clue. I met mark wright ( ex liverpool defender) a few years back and asked him why he never got into punditry and he said basically on ” sports saturday” the commentators have to chose one team to criticise ( le tissier loves seeing arsenal… Read more »

AN Other

Wilshere will do well to ignore those people. Actually, should use that kind of criticism to egg himself on.

Gooner Wan Kenobi

Ah shit, you know Redknapp is only going to go full Metal Gear on Jack from now on. He’d have been better off just saying “fuck Jamie Redknapp” like I know he wanted to. These things, you either ignore completely or go all in. Not make some half assed booboo about how u don’t listen to something u very obviously listened to… Jack needs smarter PR people.


Can count on one hand how many “good” pundits there are. That’s maybe even pushing it actually… They talk utter crap most of the time, and it seriously feels like they have a vendetta against most Arsenal players and will suck the dick out of other teams especially Chelsea. Anything that comes out of Mourinho’s mouth to them is gold, especially those BT Sport idiots… They have probably the worst panel ever Grates my tits that some of these pundits never even won that many titles or they weren’t even such great players and then they will go in on… Read more »


True. The thing is, the hierarchy seems to be: If you cannot play any more –> be a Manager If you cannot be a manager –> work inside a club: teach (be a coach), or scout. If you cannot make it as/don’t want to be a coach –> work outside football (Such as Owen in horse-racing) If you cannot find a career outside football –> become a pundit. It is telling that the few pundits that anyone has any time for (Keown, Neville the elder), are acting as pundits as well as one of the higher tier jobs. The rest:… Read more »


Jamie Redknapp isn’t even capable of analysing his used toilet paper. He gets stuck in toilets for hours at a time, unable to tell if he has sufficiently wiped. He stays for so long that he needs to shit again, at which point he bursts into tears, at the prospect of a never ending cycle of shitting and wiping, before ‘Arry leads him out of the bathroom giving him a reassuring,
“Dont’t worry Jamie, you’re still a triffic lad, triffic.”


Should u not be on the back of a horse charging up a beach doing a corneto advertisement or something u money grabbing bastard. Your da is a money grabbing bastard too but at least he talks sense . Sort it out Jamie u fuckin ameba


Sorry, I was with you right up to the point of Harry Rednapp talking sense.

Now if you had said his dog…….

fresh prince

Stop going about Barca 5 yrs ago or whenever it was please.

Nani had a good game against Real Madrid once.


Not at 19 yrs of age though

Simon Christie

The only good thing to come out of redknapps mouth was my d**k, oops sorry that’s was his fit misses. 😉


His dad’s a wheeler dealer and sons a look out the modern day del and Rodney lol except Jamie is his son lol COYG!!


Good for you Jack!
Spot on…

Al Gilmore

They say you get the politicians you deserve, but I think the same applies to the media and in particular, pundits. You only have to look at the opinions on here to realise that for so many of us, the ability to express an opinion that is not at one end of a spectrum (let’s say sh*t/great for instance) is dying. Do we not have the language any more? Or is more just that explaining ourselves properly is just a time-consuming hassle? And so this is why we get a media choc-full of extremists, their every word seemingly designed to… Read more »


The difference being that, as a fan, you have a sense of ownership which makes your criticisms based on emotion. It doesnt mean you wont get pissed off when someone talks shit about your boys.

if you are a parent, there are some stuff you can say to your kid that you cant possibly stand someone else saying to them.

The man who would be bling

I’m a huge critic of Wilshere. I find him frustrating, cocky and immature. But to hear someone as creditless as Jamie Redknapp use such vague complaints, ‘his problem is he needs to not be Jack Wilshere’. WTF does that mean anyway? Wilshere’s comeback was mature, grounded and make that tight-trouserd git look like the fool he is. May I also say that Mr. Redknapp’s manicured three day stubble, travel ads and the ability to make Robbie Savage and Jamie Carragher look like articulate scholars make me want to attack the television with an aggression that shocks my children.


Jack Wilshire is a top footballer who will get even better……Jamie Redknapp was a slightly above average top division player but a fucking awful pundit who likes the sound of his own voice too much, and will probably get even worse !


Redknapp is an idiot of course, but one thing is certain: this is a very very crucial season for jack. Wenger is doing everything possible to give him starts….ozil is being shifted to the left because of him and obviously wenger din’t buy a dm or bring cesc back because of him. I like wilshere; i feel he has better technique and close control than ramsey, more of a natural talent. Its up to him to make the critics eat their words and prove wenger is right to have such faith in him.


I was honestly surprised that there was such backlash of Wilshere smoking a cigarette in Vegas over the summer. Because in those same pictures, Joe Hart looks like he’s been doing massive amounts of cocaine.


Media keeps hiring these vacuous ex-Liverpool types who can’t stay above bias.

Should get a blog or web TV going rating the media’s performance after every game, poke some fun at them. some of the things they say are rather retarded.


This is the lowest form of criticism; it doesn’t mean anything because he’s only used some empty cliches. He hasn’t explicitly insulted him – at least that would show self-aware blatant disdain. He hasn’t actually referenced anything regarding Wilshere’s actual play – that could at least open some dialogue about improvement. Instead, he has just said “he’s his own problem” which you could say about anyone not performed at the level you want, and his advice is “take the game by the scruff of the neck.” What’s that even mean? Only that the things the player tried didn’t come off.… Read more »


Good for Jack!

It’s about time a player told a pundit to “do one”!


…however I will support Jamie if he let’s me have a go on his wife! 🙂


sense of humour transplant required for thumbs downers!


There is one thing that people overlook when it comes to wilshere. He knocked his girlfriend up at 18/19, so not only has he had injuries he’s also had to grow up very fast and adjust off the field too. That’d be hard enough life adjustment for anybody let alone a professional footballer. I’m pretty sure he has two kids now, at 22, ouch!
Hopefully his off field is more settled and less manic so he can focus on his footy.

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