Friday, January 27, 2023

Wilshere in squad but Wenger cautious

Arsene Wenger has confirmed that Jack Wilshere is in contention to play against Galatasaray after taking part in full training today.

The England international was replaced by Alexis Sanchez in the second half against Sp*rs after taking a knock to his ankle which he struggled to shake off.

Given his history of ankle problems there had been a suggestion the 22-year-old might be rested tomorrow ahead of Sunday’s Premier League clash with Chelsea.

Should Wilshere come through both games unscathed he’ll likely be called up by Roy Hodgson for England’s game against San Marino on 9 October. Thankfully, he’ll have nine days off after that before the resumption of the Premier League.

“He is in the squad,” Wenger told his pre-game press conference. “Will I start him or not? I don’t know, we have to be cautious. I left Diaby out as he isn’t ready.”

As expected Aaron Ramsey and Mikel Arteta will both miss the game with hamstring and calf problems respectively.

Giving an update on the duo, Wenger relayed: “To be generous with time, 4 weeks [out for Ramsey]. If all goes well, three. Arteta is the same, maybe a bit quicker.”

In more positive news both Serge Gnabry and Theo Walcott will return to full training next week.

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Rest him and make sure he is fit to face that frightful club that is severely lacking in class and history at the weekend.


We should definitely rest Wilshere. Rosicky is a big game player. He should be good to go.


Rosicky is a big game player???…really?


About damn time Gnabry is back. I’m really disappointed that he wasn’t able to kick on this season (not his fault though). Does anyone know how long he’s been out for and what his injury was? Must have been 5-6 months


With the way Wilshere plays it is probably better to leave him out all together, as we all know he go straight in the 50/50 and probably do more damage even with us being up and he coming in with 15mins to go.

Sure Rosicky (if a goal is needed) or Coquelin (if to keep the lead/clean sheet) can suffice and rest Jack for the weekend. But knowing the Boss we will be 3 nil up and 20mins to go and he will still bring him on.



a couple of wins that we need now! shouldnt be difficult!


The important at this point is to win the game. I don’t really care about who plays so long as as we get our campaign on track by winning.


Why are only our players made of China? This new SOS phyisio that’s joined too – what’s he doing then? It’s so embarrassing. Back in the day how many inquiries would we have? Pires and Gio were out for a while but it was never this constant? What are we eating? Is it the new stupid boots that are being made but then no other clubs seems to suffer? Costa has a dodgy hammy and still plays and scores!? I’m really fed up with it now since we’ve moved to that stadium it’s just been the same old shit over… Read more »

red or dead

Cheers for that.

Big Dave

Bar the comment about the fans, I do share your sentiment, albeit in a far less vitriolic way. We have, for a long time, had inexplicable injuries. RVP, Wilshere and Vermaelen all had innocuous injuries that, out of nowhere, ended up being long term ones. We also have a reputation of being a team that’s too light and can be bullied by bigger teams. However, the issue has clearly been addressed by the club as they’ve brought in a new fitness team. Hopefully, this is the storm before the calm as the players are getting used to a new system… Read more »


So, somebody took China, broke it apart, and made it into a bunch of players. Ok.


Theo is back…..yeah good times ahead

Neil #2

Random question — when is Theo up for a contract extension?


Blimey I sound like those w*nkers over at SheWore don’t i. It’s true though…


4 weeks at worst and 3 weeks at best is alot better than my initial 3 weeks, might be 3 months but sshhh prediction…YESSS!


Not what he said at all, about “4 weeks at the worst”. He said “if generous 4 weeks, maybe even 3.”
Basically at 100% positivity, it’s 4 weeks. Maybe some miracle/extra delusion…3 weeks.”.

The standard is usually 6 weeks for this kind of injury (seems like grade 2). However… this is arsenal, so expect him to return….. for Christmas…..2015.


Not what he said – he said he’s being generous with return time, as in padding some extra time, i.e. 4 weeks. Otherwise if it all goes to plan 3. How do you know its a grade 2?

Jay Song

Hope Wenger starts Ox and Flamini in the centre and Carzola Ozil Sanchez ahead of them.
You shouldn’t take any risk with Wilshere’s ankle.

Ramsey injury news is much better than I feared for.

RoyKeane's Beard

Whe Walcott and Gnabry are fully back I hope Le boss starts playing Sánchez upfront in a two striker set-up,and start regularly giving Campbell game time.He might have some slight way to go but I love his quick decision-making.

Raymond Lot

These injuries might be blessings in disguise. Hoping that at the turn of the year and especially the feb/mar period our guys will be all fit to go the wire. COYG

slim shady

Walcott. What a player we’ve missed there. Hope he kicks on to score a good 20 goals this season.

palace gunner

It will be a scrappy game as both teams need pts in group table if j10 plays if any injuries happen to him it could be fatal so av a sub ready incase also the set pieces need talent, we can win i still feel better if the 4-3-3 was played mid can be effective with gd moves coyg.

Kiddleton Fan

Among all the current Arsenal players, Sanchez is the only player I do not have fears about being injured, after going in to a tackle or being tackled

But, then, it could just be me…..

Man Manny

My heart leapt for joy at the last line. Our Theo is back! I’ve missed you boy.
Theo alone is worth about 15 points a season if not more.
I’m sure we would have had more points on board already with him around.
Gnabry too is welcome…more pace, more mazy runs into the box for sure.

Mach iii

If Wilshere’s foot was planted, I think he would’ve had a serious injury. He did well lifting his foot immediately which eluded the damage.

Anyway, It’s Chelsea coming up. Cesc against his old team where he could’ve become a legend.

He says he doesn’t care if Arsenal fans are upset with him for going to Chelsea.

I hope he is given a poor reception, and when he comes to the Emirates I hope he is booed really badly. What an utter cunt.


Why is he an utter c*nt. Cesc played with his heart on his sleeve week in week out and carried us. If anyone is to blame its barca with their relentless tapping up using media and players to do their dirty work. No one can argue that they wouldnt be tempted to join there boyhood club, who was winning everything they could managed by his childhood hero. He stayed respectful to us until the last second. Even dedicated his world cup win to the arsenal fans at the final whistle. If anyone is to blame its the club who let… Read more »


Why would anyone boo the boy?
He went to better clubs to win things.
Why should he stay with us to win one cup in 10 years?


I think WEnger haas to take his “COq” out .. It needs some showing and Preperation.


Playing Wilshere against Chels would be football suicide…but with Arteta and Rambo out…he picks himself, even half fit. He’s not good enough.
I’d rather have a midfield 4 of (left to right…) Cazorla, Ox, Flamini and Alexis with Ozil behind Welbeck. Apart from Arteta for Flamini, on current form, this is a line up with better balance than what we have with Ramsey and Wilshere.

Casual Gooner

Remember when Wilshere bossed Barcelona’s midfield?

If he plays the box to box role well on Sunday we’ll beat those Chavs!


Barca is a great deal smaller a team than Chelsea. Jacky bossed them because he could. It will be a lot harder to boss the heavier, taller more aggressive players the Chavs have. I’d still play em though. When he gets mad, he tackles harder. Yesssssssss. Eat cleat, John Terry.


Some Arsenal fans are even more deiuded than Wenger himself. Anyone who thinks this Arsenal crop can beat a Jose Morinho team is clearly bonkers! So what special attributes has this team got that will make hopelessly tactical no hoper like Wenger get hie FIRST ever victory against Morinho? You guy need to wake up, football is not about some hopeful thinking we all can see their squad compared to our hopelessly inadequate but now better paid squad, which is a scandal Morinho has at least THREE solid DMs we have the envy of the world in Arteta and Flaminni.… Read more »


I hope he doesn’t risk him at all, we don’t need any more injuries.
Apparently there is a stat floating around that we have suffered 745 injuries in the past 10 years. 14% more than any other club in the premier league!


This first improvement from Shad I hope to see is when Weaver says 3 – 4 weeks it’s just that and a series of set backs leading to 3 – 4 months.


It’s a huge week but you get the feeling that Jack is just a bad tackle away from being out long term. I think resting him this week will work out better in the future.


Hate to burst your bubble, but England also play Estonia (away) on October 12th, so Wilshere (and any other Arsenal player) would have only 6 days’ rest before the Hull game.


Cool. Now AW can continue to play Oz out of position.


gr8 m8 i r8 8/8


It doesn’t really work unless you tell us what the key is for your code.


I think we should get our coq in hard on cesc


Do you know what?

I am bored of all the “this and that” and the “we should have or should have not” and we “have or haven’t”………………I am just going to watch my team and hope for the best! COYG!


Man, I love this club, but Arsenal fans must surely be some of the whiniest little bitches on earth. Seriously, the levels of complaining and disparaging comments I read on here is quite depressing. Cheer up people. Sure, we’re not playing amazing, but we’re having shit luck with injuries and still haven’t lost a game in the Prem. Some things could be better, some things could be worse. Now take a deep breath and relax.


We love you Bobby we do…

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