Campbell working ‘twice as hard’ to win Wenger trust


Joel Campbell says he’s working hard to win the the trust of Arsene Wenger but accepts that he has to be patient at Arsenal given the wealth of attacking options available to the manager.

Despite interest from the likes of Benfica at the tail end of the transfer window, the boss resisted the chance to cash in on the attacker’s head-turning World Cup performances for Costa Rica instead handing him a first team squad place for the first time since his signing in 2011.

Reflecting on his first few ‘proper’ months at the Emirates Campbell stressed he’s staying positive despite only one start in the Capital One Cup and a brief Premier League cameo against Everton.

“For me it’s a positive just to be here,” he told homeland publication Al Dia*.

“I’m learning a lot, although obviously I’d like to play more…but hey, I know that I’m part of a team with players like me and I just have to keep fighting. I know that to play for this team is not easy and well, it’s a challenge that I’m working hard on.

“I have to be patient, remain calm and not get crazy. I’m on a great team with great players and I have to train hard to be prepared to do well.”

“I’m fine, I know from experience that in life that you have both good and bad moments, it’s normal. That’s part of life and learning. I’m happy to wait for my chance. I know I’ve got to keep working hard to earn my opportunity.”

A new face in a team full of players well schooled in Arsenal’s philosophy, Campbell noted that he has to work even harder than established stars to win over Wenger.

“Most of the team was here last year, the coach has a group and I have to fight twice as hard to earn his trust, but hey, it’s a process. Nothing has come easy to me and my family, it’s in the hand of God. This is no exception.

I’ve not spoken with Wenger, he’s a very cautious coach. I have to respect his decision, he’s the coach. I don’t want to rush my progress because I’m young and I know this will be a good step for me.”

A pretty sensible take on things from the 22-year-old, who like Tomas Rosicky yesterday, appears happy to wait for a chance to shine. Given the way our midfielders are dropping like flies he may not have to twiddle his thumbs much longer.


* Our Spanish isn’t great, so this is a rough translation. If anyone does have a read of the original and spots any glaring mistakes feel free to let us know in the comment section and we’ll amend.


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That kind of fighting, tenacious attitude is exactly what he needs in his position.
I hope he improves to provide genuine competition for the likes of Walcott and Ox.
Prove the boss wrong with your great play Campbell!


That’s exactly what I want to hear from a young player. You’ve got the talent it’s up to you work hard to make them most of that gift


our joel will soon start a fire…

Me So Hornsey

His pre-season was so promising but I fear wenger just doesn’t have faith in him enough to play him. Another reason why getting dumped out the League Cup so early is very frustrating. With our injury problems though, Wenger’s hand could well be forced anyway.

By the way, has anyone heard what the deal is with Gnabry?


Gnarby is back in training with Theo

Harish P

Wenger has shown faith in hard working players before. It wasn’t so long ago that Theo pushed himself into the fringes, but then made himself irreplaceable as he really stepped up in his performances and got his place back while getting a contract renewal in the process.

Mark Hughes

Theo only lost his place as he wasn’t signing a new contract and Arsene called his bluff.

Theo already had Arsene’s faith but he wasn’t going to just change things for a player that wasn’t committing his future to the team.


Saying the right things, hopefully has a positive impact on our season. We’re going to need it with our injuries..


What does he have to do to get a run of games, what is wrong with Wenger, will Campbell be another player Wenger ruins?


Maybe Wenger sees in training that he just isn’t ready for the 1st team yet hence the limited opportunities, when I saw him at the Emirates against Southampton I’d say he’s right & I think it’s fair that he’s down the pecking order and the likes of Podolski & Rosicky even Gnabry should be given their chance before Joel gets his


Will Campbell be another player Wenger turns into a star?

Yorkshire gunner

Campbell > Cavani (going by World Cup standards)

The Night Elf

Looks like the boy likes saying ‘But Hey’ … I know Chelsea beat us on Sunday, but hey, John Terry is a ____


Campbell can afford to be patient because he has real quality and it is only a matter of time. Only Sanchez is a better player the rest are ahead of him only because they have been in the system longer. By end of the season I suspect Arsenal will have Gnabry and Cambell on the wings.
Campbell be patient Your time is coming.

Harish P

I feel you’re right, but except by the end of the season they’ll be at the front AFTER Alexis and Walcott (with Ox as an inbetweener in the middle and out wide). I look forward to seeing Campbell earn his place.


So you think Campbell is better than Walcott, Cazorla, The Ox, Podolski, and Rosicky? Alright then mate. Let’s not even get started on Campbell and Gnabry starting on the wings.

Delford Magaya

I encourage the young man to continue working hard, there is a reason why Arsene Wenger refused to send Campbell on loan again or to cash on him, he has observed something on the young talented boy and I am happy the young man has seen it all and he is calm. What he says is very true and I can see him being successful at Arsenal. I am happy for you Campbell, your chance will come and I know you can surprise Wenger as well. Keep working hard and follow instruction from your manager, that is what makes you… Read more »


Wenger looked always unsure about Campbell. I think Campbell can play a role in our team. I don’t remember his games for us and for Olympiakos so well but think he can improve esp. defensively. He has the talent but he has to improve and Wenger has to give him a chance. Not sure if Arsene will give him this chance.

Rambos mate

cant understand why he’s not given more of a run out sanogo has gone so many games with no goals I bet Campbell would of scored a few if he played instead

Chechen rebel

He looks like he can metamorphose into the fabled big game player (the cracking goal against skunk et al springs to mind)

Injured Gooner

Wealth of attacking talent? At the rate our players are getting injured, I’m sure Campbell will get his chance in due time.

I wouldn’t be surprised our injury problems stem from over zealous tackling during training by the reserves, a la Campbell and Rosicky…

I’m kidding of course.

Mark Hughes

Joel could do with having a half-season loan at another premier league club to gain some experience of the PL and also a bigger chance of first team football.

Maybe someone like Everton, who play a passing game (while he may also improve their fortunes).

Injurred Gooner

That’s utter bullshit, Campbell needs game time, the same way any player needs that game time. He’s not a shite player, he just needs a run of games. Besides, we actually need him at the club.

Gooner from Pretoria.

I like his attitude despite sections of the crowd not giving hhim the ideal welcome…still.positive…


With the likes of Alexis, Welbeck and Walcott ahead of him, it will be hard to find minutes to play for him.

I’d give him 30mn every now and then to help him getting used to the league and to ease Walcott’s return though.


“The coach has a group.” Yep, we know what you mean Campbell boy. But in this specific case, you gotta admit Sanchez*, Walcott, Ox are more suited (read talented) for “the group”. And then you have the best 10 in the world also in the wings. Tough luck dude.

*Pssst, I don’t think Alexis is in “the group” yet. I think he’s too smily for Professor frowny face.


The thing I like about Joel is that he seems to be a no bullshit kind of player. The kind of person who doesn’t let the occasion get the better of him. If we can get him to his best.

ray parlour better looking twin

Joel definitely showed his talent at the world cup but with what we have in the team alreasy he is still just a squad player at the monet for me. I think he is about a year behind the progress of ox and I can see both of them and gnabry in the team alot more in the next few years. On the note that Kos is not 100% we seriously need to question whats gonna happen with our defensive till January? I think Hayden may see a PL call up before we carve the turkey this year.


I rate Campbell higher than podolski. Campbell has better skill and ballin control . All podolski has is his powerful shot plus he doesn’t seem as hungry as he was when he first arrived. I think Wenger should really try and integrate Campbell in the team . Then again when I remember he plays Ozil on the wings I ask myself if the man still knows what he is doing


Go and watch Gary Neville analyse The Arsenal corners and then watch how West Ham and Crystal Palace score from corners.
Watch how The Arsenal deal with corners and watch the (usual) defensive scramble ensues from an attacking corner instead of watching our opponents lining up to restart play from the centre spot after the Arsenal goal.

You will despair. Wenger would do well to watch this video

Up The Arsenal!


Thanks for the YouTube link to the corner analysis. We are truly awful at corners. I would rather have a goal kick as we would have a better chance of building an attack and scoring.
I doubt AW asks the players to practice corners – not his style. Since the players from the previous management retired – Adams, Bould, Keown etc, we have been rubbish at corners.
Even the invincibles were poor at corners. In the unbeaten season we scored more goals from opposition corners than from our own!


well that’s the attitude you want to hear. Fighting for playing time instead of complaining about not getting it.

It’s a real shame we went out of the Carling Cup because I feel that might be his best chance for game time right now.

Can Campbell play defence? haha

Tony Hall

He may have to at this rate


But hey, I like this guy.