Sunday, July 3, 2022


Having noticed the other day that another Arsenal site was using the exact same design as us here at Arseblog News, I felt it was time to shake things up a bit.

Obviously, as we’re not using bespoke designs and modifying existing templates etc, we could hardly ask them to change, but maybe it’s for the best that we can make the look and feel of the site a bit more fresh.

As always with these things, there are bound to be some issues/snags, so please feel free to let us know in the comments on this post if you spot anything that looks out of place.

On top of the normal video category, we have added a new video page, which you might like – showing all the latest goings on with thanks to our chum Arsenalist.

We also have our ads in place which we’ve tried to keep as unobtrusive as possible. We’re never going to bombard you with pop-ups, pop-unders or auto-playing video like so many other sites, but the advertising is what allows us to keep bringing you this seven day a week service of news, match reports, blogs, columnists, podcasts and so much more.

I know that AdBlock is something many people use and I can only ask you to consider white-listing Arseblog as every bit of support helps us keep doing what we do.

Anyway, let me know if you spot anything weird, feedback very welcome (and I’ll try my best to get things sorted out as quickly as possible).

Remember, if you comment and want your own avatar, you can go to to sort that out.


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Scott Rogers

Like a new site!

Gooners & Roses


Le Jim

Great new design, and well done on the ads – I don’t see the lady who is actually a foot haunting me anymore.

Az Ahmed

There are a couple of issues I have noticed having used the mobile site: 1. There is no reply button on the mobile version of the site. 2. When typing using autocorrect and I want to delete a word which was autocorrected incorrectly, it starts repeating the word instead of deleting it, so if was to type ‘Arteta’ and autocorrect turns it into ‘Articulate’ I try to delete the ‘-iculate’ part but rather than deleting it will just start repeating. Is that just me or is that a problem with the set up of the site? 3. There are no… Read more »

Rambling Pete

Looks good to me and I’d like to thank you for all the hard work that goes into keeping us up to date with the goings on at the club. It’s not like the old days when you were hard pressed to find a scrap of information in the corner of a newspaper. I remember being on holidays in Mallorca for the 1980 FA Cup final against West Ham. The only thing streaming then was my urine from all the cheap Spanish lager so it was hard to find out what had happened. I searched for a bar that might… Read more »


What was the other site?


Classic Pete. Are you ever boring?


Rambling Pete is back!!!


Hooray! Welcome back!


With the previous iteration the slideshow of news articles showed we were on article 3 of 5, for example… Can that be implemented again?

Cracking job otherwise, cheers


Hero, no worries if not!


Nice re-design. Don’t worry, you’ve been white-listed a long time ago 🙂 Anything for a good cause!

Juan Cornetto

It seems as if someone thumbs you down after every comment, maybe they are from that other Arsenal site that uses your design?


ok, that was me now. or not? HAHAHAHAHA

Chairman Meow

looks like the metro now ha


Minimalist. Just the way we all like it! Im sure its jolly responsive as well. 😀


Thanks Arseblog for a great new design. And it’s still free… I believe in GOD and I know HE’ll repay you for all the hardwork.


Consuming large amounts of rum and managing to find something to write about every day counts as a superpower already, right?


Mobile version is super glitchy blogs!


Any way of allowing users on the mobile app to comment on the articles yet?

They're building a Bendtner

or even view existing comments?


You should consider paying someone with a neckbeard and ponytail to implement dat shit. Those guys can do anything.

Awesome new design and I’ve whitelisted (Should have done that ages ago but never really thought about it. So thanks for reminding me.)


Wish Wenger also considers not being one-dimensional in big matches and start shaking-up the tactics a bit.

Mark Hughes

That is an amazing jump from a new website design to what the manager does. I’d love to know what the middle ground must look like….


Spurs fans, mostly


I like it! Thanks for this website where I share my feelings! I couldnt do it anywhere else, this feeling of belonging to our football club and sharing it is priceless!
Also comments are in a bigger prints now which is very good to avoid the typos!!!
come on you GUNNERS!!!!!,


keep up the great work, looks good.


Scrolling seems way too fast! Not a huge thing but a worthy small change so I can taste the words real slow like and savor them better.

Mark Hughes

The scrolling speed is set by either your own computer or your fingers (if using a touchscreen). Try changing it in the settings.


If you click the link you get a 404, but I’m guessing that’s just a link error rather than anything wrong with design.

el bahja

Nice work blog!!! Is a pity I can’t put my Avatar

Mark Hughes

My avatar seems to be working. Look at me!


There is only one AM.

Truth Hurts

get in the edit or delete button on the comment section already


Blogs you magnificent bastard, keep it up!


Whitelisted 🙂

The Accomadator

White listing – thanks for the suggestion. For sites I like and use regularly, I have no problem white listing you on the old Adblock….dont know why more of them dont just ask…x


Looks great! Only thing I spotted at first glance was the views for each article are all at ‘2,271’

Nationality ? a Gunner

Blogs, You still need to update the player profiles. And yes, kudos for both design and content.

kim kallstrom

Never realised about the ads, just turned off adblock for arseblog. Cheers lads, keep fighting the good fight.


like the new design! I just white-listed it too, thanks !

Oliver Schofield

Fab. Keep up the brilliant work. You are an indispensable part of being a Goooooner.


The update looks good, I really like the new layout. Glad to see our membership fees are going to a good cause! On a slightly related note, I do have one or two minor comments for the mobile site; I’ve noticed that articles ‘re-size’ themselves when I rotate my phone’s screen, and they don’t return to their normal size. Additionally, the ‘layered’ comments become very difficult to read on a mobile. After a few responses, all comments start to appear as one word per line. I can confirm that I will continue to sigh in mild exasperation until these items… Read more »

fresh prince


Can’t you have a forum?

Mark Hughes

You mean a place where people can post their thoughts and opinions based on Arsenal related news?


80% of the threads would be titled either “Wenger Out!” or feature the name of the poster’s favorite striker, averring that buying him would win Arsenal the title. Fun would be had by everyone but the moderators.

the Only One

great work man..


Great job, keep it up 😉

Harry Sunderland

nice layout but the scroll seems jumpy and isn’t as smooth

fresh prince

No a place wherewe can talk about stuff that doesn’t have an article

Mark Hughes

There is very little Arsenal news that doesn’t have an article here already (blogs even makes up filler) but why don’t you set up your own blog/forum and get people on that?

Also, I have seen discussions on here created from off-topic comments. You can always do that.

Mark Hughes

Considering there are times when news is made up (see Wenger’s thoughts on Danny Welbeck), there really isn’t much Arsenal related news that doesn’t appear here. Why not make your own blog/forum and get people on there too?

Alternatively, start an off-topic discussion on a news thread and see what happens.

As Charvakan says above, a forum would just be full of over-the-top titles based on how well we did and everyone’s attempt at being a scout based on Football Manager, FIFA, their Dad’s opinion, etc…


Looks like you’re just making work for yourself Blogs. Correct me if I’m wrong, but this new theme doesn’t seem to add anything more that the old one didn’t already have. Guess there must be some backend stuff going on that makes this new theme better somehow.


Testing avatar. 1-2.


Lol so you chose the most annoying character ever for ur avatar


Keep up the good work blogs! And as far as ads re concerned, you re a minimalist, trust me, this is coming from a Nigerian.

Burn Baby Burn

Blogs – Do you get paid for just displaying the ads, or do they need clicks for you to get $$?

Trex d Gunner

Super cool upgrade Blogs. Keep up the good work.

fresh prince

If I click on ads all day from your site can we split the cash?


Can we get an option to reply to a comment on the mobile site? I hate not being able to reply directly to a post. Otherwise, looks good.


new site and rambling pete is back! happy days.


Thanks for updating. News menu page on mobile (Windows phone) doesn’t show any article titles though, just accompanying picture and date. In a way, it doesn’t matter, as I read them all anyway, but it helps to remember which I’ve already read. Cheers.

Harish P

Blogs, do you get money just for ads appearing, or do we need to click for you to get your money’s worth?

Nandalal V P

Nice new design. But the headlines for the main news are not getting displayed properly. It looks like there is a bit of overwriting happening. Not sure if it is just my system.

Rizwan Ahmed

Great new design, much more compact and reader friendly. Just one suggestion though – please change the look and feel of the tab where you have Home, General, Players etc on the main news home page, it looks very amateurish and quite old and outdated fashioned


I do t have adblock, but i do make sure to click on the russian bride link a couple of times each time i visit. Purely for your revenue, or course.


Just noticed the Red highlighting with white text when you scroll over text. That is an awesome plus!


Mmm I can’t pinch/expand to zoom any more (on iphone). Need that to click the correct thumbs icon – otherwise with my fat fingers it’s 50/50 if I give an up or down vote!


PS somewhat bizarrely the only ad I always see on Arseblog mobile site is for “single Muslim” – some kind of dating site I presume !? Anyone else getting that? Not very well targeted by Google as I’m married and not Muslim. But maybe I should click it and be adventurous? :-()

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