Saturday, March 25, 2023

Chelsea 2-0 Arsenal: player ratings

Not altogether unexpectedly, Arsenal failed to beat Chelsea at Stamford Bridge today, going down 2-0 to goals from Hazard and Costa. Here are our player ratings.

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A Yank

Think that second bonus rating of 1/10 is a little high.

Remember the invincibles

So much of this lcaidaisical attitude stems from our possession at the back. When the two centre halfs pass the ball to each other repeatedly until their pressed into giving it to the goalkeeper, who will in turn keep it until he’s pressed and then kick it to an opposition player or out of play, it’s no wonder we struggle in big games. Teams have us worked out. We don’t posses a threat when Mertesacker and Koscielny are busy passing it to each other. We’re a threat when welbeck is running onto passes, when wilshere is driving forward, when Ozil… Read more »

Toby C

As long as we rely on a possession based game (and keep giving the ball away) we’ll always come second best to a team like Chelski (cunts) who can soak up pressure and attack with pace 🙁


This. Possesion game is outdated i think, whats good about having the ball but only passing side to side and backwards? maybe if u get points by playing the ball horizontal, but we all know the goal is vertically on the field. I dont think our problem has to be with the players, we can have messi, zlatan, Ronaldo, you name it, and still we will find the team playing side passes because the system of possesion only allow this, and it can be seen against top teams (and please dont count the likes of galatasaray because they’re s**t). The… Read more »

A Yank

Save for their dismantling of us in the CL, Dortmund is in ever worse shape than we are. They have 7 points from 7 games and sit 13th of 18th in the Bundesliga.


Arsen’s Invisibles. This is it.


-invincibles, Invinsibles is what we’re seeing now


@ A Yank

No really far away from our 10 points in 7 games are they? at least they’ve been fighting for both champions league and league (tho league is harder cuz bayern keep getting their players). What have we done in the last years? get out of CL in round of 16, fight for 4th spot and lose against the big teams time after time. All i’m saying is we need to change the way we play football, possesion football is costing us specially against top teams.


chelsea buy players who can play in the positions they buy them for . we get 9 central midfielders , then try to fit them in positions they don’t want to play ! we then sell our only central defender backup , and send an England right back out on loan ! then Wenger stands looking bemused when it all goes tits up ! and even I am sick of banging on about Ozil , the guy simply cannot operate unless hes played central . EITHER PLAY HIM IN HIS TRUE POSITION OR DON’T PLAY HIM AT ALL !!!!! I`m… Read more »


and to play Ozil all the game was nothing short of total incompetence !!! no wonder Carzorla was shaking his head when he was bought off !!!


I agree with you.. Ozil’s position is that central position. Thats what we paid £42.5 million pounds for. Whats the point in spending that kind of money on a player then playing him out of position? I don’t think the problem is the players because as most have proven they can deliver trophies. The problem is Wenger and his egotistical mission to prove everyone wrong. I have said it many many times before that Arsenal are in DESPERATE need of a new direction. The team (which is full of exceptionally talent players) and the fans are stuck in a rut.… Read more »

Gunner From Another Mother

Hell, with Ozil moved wide we’d have room for Fabregas in midfield…but we didn’t buy him because Ozil already plays in that position…yet he’s not even being played in that position…I feel like I’m taking crazy pills.


if a team of denilson/sylvester/santos/chamakh/eboue plays this bad I can understand
but this team looks so talented on paper.. and we just can’t fucking score goals..


I think we played well and tried hard. Sometimes we need to accept that opposition is better than us on that day. Chelsea is in good form now. They will also face some difficulties (Players losing form, Injuries to key players,etc..), over the course of season. Let us be patient.


There is a difference between not being good enough on the day and only winning 4 games against them in the last 28 face offs. That is just piss-poor and unacceptable. If you want to win titles you have to show the opposition that we are capable of doing it and haven’t been able to impose ourselves on the best teams in the world consistently for too long a time to be a threat anymore. We are stuck in an endless loop, deja’ vu every season. It gets a bit tedious.


Better than us on any day.

Thats the problem…

The manager cannot deliver its simple as that…

The evidence is there for you to see…


patient !!!!!! too many years patient !!!!!!!

The Ghost of Paul Robinson

Bellerin – Mert – Kos – Gibbs
Ox – Cazorla Sanchez

If I see any other set of players in any other formation against Hull I’m going to be fucking ropable.

Although I really wouldn’t mind Ospina getting the gloves because Szc could really use a kick up the arse at the moment.


Fucking Wenger should get ZERO/10 for thats exactly how many times he has beat Mourinho in what… oh yes EVER. His substitutions are fucking shit. He cant change a game. His subs come and simply resume the role of the player they are replacing!!! Retarded or what. Gets found out every time. Even Messi AND Ronaldo could not save Arsenal as he’d play Messi DM and stick Ronaldo RB. FUcking admit your mistake, bench Ozil till he grows some balls, and move on! Where the fuck is JOEL CAMPBELL? Havent we seen enough Rosicky cameos with 10 minutes to go… Read more »


Yes pls. Pls educate us about what’s Joel Campbell’s record against top teams.

Julian gooner

two words: man united

Al is Arsenal without Arsen

Totally agree with the Ozil part of your comment. Keeping Ozil in the starting XI is encouraging his lazybone attitude. Poldi does not perform and he is on the bench. Why the double standard ?

Al is Arsenal without Arsen

When will Arsene get his tactics right ?

The Ghost of Paul Robinson

In all honesty I feel like the attempted tactics almost came off. Wenger sent them out to be gritty and fight – they did that for the first 20 minutes. We had small chances on the break but didn’t come close to taking them. Everything went to shit when the team reverted to type and gave the win to Chelsea – We conceded that penalty about 15 seconds after giving them the ball from our freekick for the offside. It was ridiculous and it shows our repeated failings in onfield decisions. But I suppose you have to blame the coach… Read more »


And the first one of 10/10 is a little low…more like 20/10 😀

Third Plebeian

Nothing has changed.

We’re on course for another fourth-place trophy.


We’re on course for another *trademark-shit-yourself last ditch battle for 4th place* trophy, you mean.

A Yank

No, we’re not. We’re currently in eighth.


We need the poo-o-meter for these sort of games

Giroud Awakening

You trying to tell me Koscielny had a better game than Ozil? Koscielny cost us the game, Ozil did fine, got caught in possession a couple of times but was no worse than any of the other attackers. All this hate for Ozil is such lazy punditry, if you tried hard enough you could find faults in every players game, its just Ozil gets scrutinised like no other. No way does Ozil deserve a 3.


Wasn’t Koss fault, the guy in front of him should have taken the foul. As Chelsea did 1000 times, and got away with it.

Remember the invincibles

I agree. Koscielny was by far our worst player, Szcz coming in second. why was he in no mans lands for the second goal? Either come for it, or stay in your goal. Don’t go half way and stop. Szczeny could lose his place to Ospina, this time he may not win it back.
On Ozil, there’s no two ways about it, he was poor again. Don’t think any of the attacking players covered themselves in glory. Chelsea defended well.


I don’t blame Szczney for the second goal at all, if he comes out and clatters him it’s a red card and “he’s reckless”. If he stays on his line and Costa scores “he made it too easy”. What we needed was a man pressuring Cesc rarther than letting him make the perfect pass and out defenders to be stronger and closer to Costa.


I agree, Ozil had a couple of brain farts but wasn’t that bad. 2 – 0 flatters Chelsea, it was a very close match until that second goal. We should have had a penalty when that Catalan bloke handled the ball in the box. I thought we played some really nice football in places, but probably tried to Arsenal the ball into the net a bit too much. A disappointing result but i think people are blowing it all out of proportion. They created fuck all until they got that penalty and then resorted to there 19th century football. I’d… Read more »


Meh. I gave Kos and Ozil a 4 each. Not sure how much Kos could have done with the penalty. It’s easy for us to criticise, but he was left exposed. Still thought he could have stayed on his feet and followed Hazard’s run and try to get a block in. Also Kos and Mertesacker should never have allowed Costa to score that goal. Between them they should have sorted it out. Ozil was just having a very bad day at the office. It happens. Shezny I thought was decent. He made an incredible reflex save when Flamini nearly scored… Read more »


bad day at the office !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fucks sake mate the guy has had a bad day at the office for the last 30 games !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! apart from when he was played in his best position against Villa , then he showed us ( and Wenger what he can do )

German Gunner

Villa are shite and we got the run on them for 5 mins


I am not sure how can Koscielny be faulted, when Hazard is running at you inside the penalty area. It is near impossible to make the right tackle, and it is also impossible to accelerate to his speed and close him down after he bursts through our midfield.

The player who hadn’t faulted Hazard (possibly Cazorla) made the biggest error for the 1st goal. When our midfield is trying to run through their defense we always get doubled up and eventually Wilshere runs into his usual dead-ends. We should try to emulate that.


Basically, Cazorla was at fault for not fouling Hazard. Saying that, if Kos stayed on his feet and made the angle tight for Hazard on his weaker foot, Szczney would have had a much better chance with that instead of a penalty!


Flamini was our best player. There was a moment when he left Cesc for dead in the first half


Flamini was the one positive today. Good in the air, got stuck in, positionally disciplined, kept it simple. Think we need him in the XI if he can play like this.

Bolarinwa Mayowa

I’m a Nigerian so i may not realy understand how much our fellow gooners in the U.K dislike the spurs, but i don’t think it can be anything compared to how much we hate chelsea here in Nigeria, infact every football fans bar the chelsea’s, hate that Fc with passion


Really? I highly doubt it; almost all of West Africa predominantly supports Chelsea. Drogba is seen on huge Samsung advertisements. Your telling me the team with Mikel and had Mose is unpopular in Nigeria? And before someone asks, I’ve been to West Africa, and I can assure you entire countries were donned in blue when Drogba scored his penalty against Bayern.


No one seems to have noticed that Flamini is one of the main reasons we conceded the 2nd goal. He is a DM. If you watch the replay, he just lets Fabregas get the ball and just jogs along having a watch. Doesn’t press him, doesn’t make him pass it backwards.. lets him look up, pick out the pass and deliver it straight to Costa. A DM has to be better! it was basically 2v6 and Chelsea scored!!! Arghh as good as he was all game, it’s those slip ups that continually cost us games, and it’s the slip ups… Read more »

Irish gunner

I actually thought arsenal were ok today.. We weren’t bullied as before its just Chelsea defended well and frustrated us massively before sucker punching us with the second goal. Could easily have got a draw and the mood on here would be very different. Fine lines.


Bonus rating 11/10, Welbeck’s challenge on Cesc, something full of joy to watch.


Yeah, I also appreciated that very much.


Why? Because Cesc had the nerve to join another team after we passed on him because we have an inferior player in his position? I’m by no means part of the “Arsene Out” crew, but it was infuriating watching him and Ozil today.

There was a moment in the first half were Cesc absolutely stuffed Ozil. That about said it all for me: one has passion and bottle and is made for the premier league, and the other plays for us.


That’s complete bollocks. I can take criticism of our players, but bigging up opposition cunts within the same argument I have no time for. Plus, you are fucking biased (against our own player no less!). A quick check on reveals that they are scarily similar in terms of their all-time stats: The chelsea cunt: Starts 174 (31 as sub) Goals 59 Assists 75 Our Wizard: 194 (27) 41 90 No wonder then, AW was completely right to overlook the deserting, pathetic “home” boy, and spent the available money on Sanchez. Or would you rather have Hazard instead of him… Read more »


Oh do me a favour. He went on strike and treated us terribly for two summers, signs for that cunt Mourinho and keeps going on about how much he loves Arsenal and you lap it up. He was the first one celebrating with Hazard today and ran the length of the pitch to celebrate with Costa. Support the players we’ve got, Fabregas is dead to me.


I’m shocked that 8 people disagree with my above comment! Are you really that in love with one of Chelsea’s players?


What I would have appreciated more is a goal or two today. We always seem to be worried about our ex-players, even years after they left, look at Nasri and Adebayor. Let’s focus on our players next time, because wishing injuries to a player who once left for trophies/money/whatever is childish. The only player who should be hated with passion is our ex-captain with a heavy injury record.

Tommy Gunner

So what you are saying is you appreciated seeing an ex-Gooner, our former captain, nearly get his leg broken by an awful challenge from Welbeck? I think you need to grow up mate. The problem with a lot of my fellow Arsenal fans is their attitude seems to be ‘woe is me’ whenever one of our guys is on the end of a bad challenge, yet when it’s a member of the opposition on the receiving end it’s to be applauded. I think Blogs is also be guilty of this sometimes as well (I’m not saying he is today, I… Read more »


Nearly getting his leg broken. Hahahahaha, barely clipped the bottom of his foot you melt.

Tommy Gunner

Only because Fabregas saw the challenge coming and lifted his planted foot. If his foot was still planted who knows what might have happened. I’m not saying the challenge was any worse than either of the two Sanchez tackles this week, but nor was it by any means better, and some people need to realise that it isn’t only opposition players who make bad fouls. And I do not like the mentality where you joke about physical injury on our old captain merely because you disapprove of the club he now plays for.

Andy Mack

You need to see the tackle again. He didn’t go near the ‘standing foot’. If the two-faced Spaniard had lifted his right foot off the ball there wouldn’t have been any contact with him at all!
Or maybe you’re confused with Cahills tackle on Sanchez which took out the standing foot.


Poor koscielny too many times he seems to take on teams single handedly but for once he actually has a poor game and those retards in the press will slaughter him


He’s still the boss!!!


Terrible subs today by wenger – no wonder cazorla was frustrated.

And quite honestly was a bit disappointed that he felt the need to push an opposition manager. Not the usual classy style…


Not just any opposition manager though was it. I still wouldn’t have called Wenger classless if he took a baseball bat to that smug odious turd of a man.


Injuries are hurting us but it’s no excuse. We need to be more decisive in the final third.


Injuries are absolutely no excuse. The reason we lost today was because Chelsea out-play us man for man in every single position on the field, and looking at the stats over results, seems like the manager does too.
May sound negative but watching us today felt exactly the same as every single game vs the top 4 sides over the past 5 years. You could see the nervousness amongst the players in the tunnel beforehand and it showed again.

Players going to have to start performing soon or we are in for another unenjoyable 4th place scrap.


Do you still *love* Fabregas after his celebration today?
No class.

Tomás Rosicky

hes a professional. its his job. look at his interview for class. played with an attitude as if to say ‘why couldnt you take me back after that performance’. hes arsenal underneath it all believe it or not


Look for his interviews for class? I look at his actions not the b.s he puts out for PR. Talk is cheap.
Had he been a ‘true Gooner underneath’ – he wouldn’t have forced the move the way he did, and he certainly wouldn’t be celebrating the way he did.
Many many other ‘professional’ players before him chose to not celebrate against their old teams. He has no class and his DNA keeps changing like he’s a mutant.


Grow up, you dunce.


+1 for Wellbecks tackle on Cesc


And if he had been sent off like he should have been, you would be saying the exact opposite, “Utter shite, Henry my arse, flattered to decieve, would give him a negative rating if I could…” blah blah blah blah blah.


Does Cahill get a +1 for his tackle on Sanchez?

Tough times

Wenger had ruined a world class player in ozil.
Predictavle subs, predicable game play. Awful.


Ozil can hold on to the ball too long in the tackle just as good as Wilshire can. The latter showed glimpses of motivation from watching Hazard, but failed in the end delivery. Credit to Chelsea, two moments of class the difference.


That’s exactly it. 2 moments of class and they took full advantage. If Chelsea had Jack’s chance just after the penalty, they would have taken it.


I think some of those ratings are slightly too harsh. I thought we were mostly okay, but two moments of quality from them and untidy reactions from us won them the match. They’re clearly a stronger team (of horrendous cunts) than us with more cohesive first XI and we weren’t good enough, especially going forward.


That word there, “cohesive” is a word that we need to teach the players… Changing the formation/system in which we play isn’t actually the worst thing in the world. It shows a tactical awareness to try and adapt to a different team that most were berating Wenger over, his inability to change tactics. But it seems as if the players don’t actually know what to do wit the change of system as they lack so much cohesiveness at times it’s actually incredibly painful to watch at times. We get to the box and look toothless and don’t know what the… Read more »


Yes, the Ozil rating is ridiculous–he gets a 3, and Koscielny gets a 5, for conceding a penalty and almost seeing a second yellow?


I dont think we were outplayed to be honest.. just outfought and outmuscled..But not a lot of positives to be taken from that i guess…


As an aside our keeper really needs to work on his kicking! Leaving aside the one twos he does with opposition strikers it’s incredibly frustrating to see fabregas calmly bring down every one of his clearances!


10/10 – Wilshere for the foul mouthed rant at that fuckin pussy John Terry


Not to mention Welbz’s tackle at the end. We need to be a bit nastier like that. Give the fuckers some back.


Says a lot when Flamini was probably our best player. Wenger does not know how to win the tactical battle with Maureenio and likely never will unless he buys players similar in physique. Santi, Jack, Ozil, Ox and Alexis are all good players generally, but so much smaller in stature. We do not have a good mix of skillful and battler types. Flamini is no Matic.


And they said we don’t fabregas… Bollocks


Stick need in there


First goal came from a mismatch in midfield when Hazard got past Cazorla, I wonder if Hazard would have got past Vieira, Petit, or Gilberto that easily?

Andy Mack

They’re all quite old now, so the answer is ‘probably’.


What a stupid response, I think you know what I mean


i think he is saying you are living in the past. But I also can imagine you mean we should have a player like those we had in the past.


Lets put it this way then, would Hazard got past Fernando, Yaya Toure or Matic that easily just to make it up to date for you?

La Défense

Same team vs Galatasaray should have played.

Jack Wilshere will never be a world class player. He will be merely good. Same goes to Ramsey. The sooner one of the two gets sold, the better.


Tell me about it, that Ramsey guy is fucking useless! Scoring goals all the time and winning us the FA Cup, how dare he!

La Défense

Right. Everyone who scores in a cup final gets bestowed world class status. Sound logic.


I didn’t say he was world class. Regardless, I don’t know what more you want from him. He was our best player last season and didn’t even play today. As for Jack he’s shown glimpses of superlative quality this season (his goal against Man City, for example) and he is working his way towards consistency of fitness and performance, a bit like Aaron was before he started banging goals in for fun last season.


What pisses me the most is that Wenger seems unable to beat Cuntinho! …oh, and Cuntinho himself!


why do Silva, Coutinho etc can hold their own but Ozil always looks like a little kid constantly getting shoved off the ball? it’s not because he’s weak, he actually has decent body strength, it’s because of a lack of tenacity and an apathetic attitude from him. sick of seeing his body language on the pitch, regardless of if he’s playing good. he has got to toughen up.


You’re right, I saw a couple of games last season when Ozil, having been tackled or shoved, actually braced up and made sure the next physical challenge, he would handle the physicality first and then do what he wanted with the ball.
I won’t go on about body language, simply body energy—seems a little lethargic at times.


Fuck those substitutions. Cazorla looked the most likely to make something happen. He was disgusted at being taken off and understandably so.

Ozil was horrible, how he played the whole 90 minutes I’ll never know.


How can any of you fools claim Araenal played ok today? It was pathetic. Hazard walking around 4 people with ease and Sanchez can’t even control the ball. We have no players who can beat defenders one on one, our only distance shooter gets subbed off for no reason…You know what I’m done getting worked up. Wenger has officially killed my interest in this team. Enough wasted hours with boring, predictable football. Get Klopp in for fuck’s sake


Yes Klopp, that genius. That genius leading Dortmund to 13th in the Bundesliga now.


You’re behind the times. Rudi Garcia is the new Klopp. And Marcelo Bielsa is the old Klopp who’s just re-Klopped himself.


I am really not angry at players today, cause the individual quality of Hazard, Costa and fabregas won today. I am mad to Wenger. Why he said no to my boyhood hero Fabregas? Ok I am not from England and I am a little bit more objective but he is way better than Ramsey and Wilshere will ever be. He is better than Cazorla or Arteta or any other our midfielder. He is also better than Ozil. He is also good in the defensive area and he is a cunt. Sometimes we forget how good he was back those days… Read more »


And i would like to know what you don’t agree with me. We are here to exchange opinions 🙂


I don’t share your opinions, but I’m guessing you got thumbed down for saying “I am not from England and I am a little bit more objective”. That sort of honestly just doesn’t fly around here 😀


I wanted to say so i am a little bit more objective. I am not so hyped from English core. yes this was my bad I didn’t wanted to be mean or something 😀


Is it wrong that I’m happy we only got bet 2 0 ..


That cunt knows his onus…sad day indeed


I’d love to see how we play without Ozil in the side. Play Cazorla in the centre with the Ox and Alexis on the wings. I reckon we’ll look a much better side.


I can’t understand why people are saying Ozil was dire. He wasn’t. He did played a few intelligent passes, was sprinting and chasing balls that could be won. I think now people are just picking on him. I remember when Ramsey had the same treatment 2 seasons ago. When you are on supposedly bad form people notice your performance even more. He doesn’t deserve a 3. We weren’t out played. The game was fairly even. Chelsea made every effort to ruin our momentum with their fouls. Cahill and Welbeck should have been sent off. They just kept on attacking us… Read more »


Don’t really think people can call Wenger classless for pushing mourinho, it was classy enough not to have decked the twat an then watch steve bould pile into his gimp of an assistant. Ozil was pretty awful today, no hiding place against a world class team, and whilst I agree with the fact that a lot of the things he does are more subtle, games like today need players to stand up, be noticed, and produce. No player wants a bad game, no player wants to lose the gal, but if they do, they’ve got to rectify it and not… Read more »


Actually, I would have to disagree with that. Sanchez is discovering now that how fast EPL is. It was two mistakes from him that ultimately led to the two goals. Yes, he ran about all over the pitch but that doesn’t change the fact that he also was poor in his ball control. Same goes for Welbeck. Sometimes it is better to run less and be on the prowl near the penalty area. Maybe if Wilshere’s chance had called to Welbeck, he might have done better. However, for that to happen, he needs to be in the right areas. Costa… Read more »


Bonus rating 10/10: Flamini’s sly little elbow on that twat Costa, who looked even more of a twat in the immediate aftermath.


Looked entirely accidental to me.


No, it wasn’t accidental. He knew Costa was there and that’s why he had his arm in that position. Good on Flamini, if you ask me.


You blame ozil cause its the easy thing to do you. I’ve had enough of this shit!


HOW CAN YOU DEFEND ÖZIL’S PERFORMANCE TODAY, CHRIST. I fully understand the Özil defence party as he is a very certain type of player who can often play a good game without going noticed, but, today he was honestly abysmal. He seems to have a fear of shooting, he dribbled or miscontrolled the ball 3/4 times out of play today and I think it was a wonder for all fans how he stayed on over Cazorla. Again, I understand your support for the lad but there is no point defending a horrendous performance because you like a player, he played… Read more »


Im not saying ozil had a bad game but so did most of our players. What pisses me off is that ozil is the scapegoat when we don’t perform and gets soo much stick for little reason. Alexis was getting tackled nearly everytime he got the ball by ivanovic and losing posession but he barely got any criticism. I’ve said this before on this site, us fans need someone to blame when we lose but don’t let ozil be put through the same thing as gervinho.


Going to have to disagree here, Sanchez looked dangerous in the final third, his style of dribbling and attacking intent shows that. Also the fact that he puts in a shift every game and throws himself into tackles helps him. Ozil doesn’t throw himself around the pitch, he canters making 0 tackles today. Özil is not being used as a scapegoat (people recognise that other players had a bad game, check the ratings) it is just that özi played abysmally. Your Gervinho mention is pointless, he was not cut out for the physicality of the league and so could not… Read more »

fresh prince

@aryan, did you miss the times when he got bundled over by the merest nudge? I counted 5 times in the first half and 4 times for WWilshere. I couldn’t be arsed to watch the 2nd.

And what Chelsea fouls? Every team fouls because they actually try to win the ball back instead of pussying around like a bunch of fannies.

We were outplayed. Do you think at any point they were worried?

Lv Rammy

Think that Ozil need Santi and Wilshere to run around a bit, still not too impressed by Flamini, think a proper DM would’ve done something about Hazard before he got to Kos.. 🙁 Welbeck’s tackle on Cesc was my highlight of the game.. Is it just me or is Jack not showing the same amount of passion and (good) anger that made him a prospective future captain? (The passion that flamini used to show, biting people’s heads off, chasing down like a dog with a bone to pick)


Jack was the only one who told T*rry to fuck off for always being in the ref’s ear like the weasely little cunt that he is. Sometimes it seems like Jack is the only one who will fight for the team like that, and I’m not talking about just this game.

Pranay Julka

Somehow I feel we are just one great defensive midfielder away from solving all our problems. Our flair midfielders drop way too deep and I can’t help but think that is because they are too cautious. When we had Gilberto in our team, that was never the problem because everyone knew he was there to clean up the mess. The likes of henry,Pires and Bergkamp were never that good defensively and Gilberto always covered it up. We have two great centre backs, two great fullbacks(Also decent cover for both of them), a few good box to box midfielders( Ramsey,Wilshere and… Read more »


I love Wilshere’s tenacity, but I don’t know if completing 76% of one’s passes is good enough to play in the middle of the pitch.


And yet he was still the only one that looked like they might do something going forwards, maybe Cazorla as well to a certain extent

Petit's Handbag

He blames Ozil because he’s playing awful and doesn’t give a shit. He frustrated the shit out of me today.
Not the only one in fairness

Koscielny's pocket

Always hate losing at Stamford Bridge For two weeks I might have to put myself in a fridge What’s bad is this is what you could predict Not a single point we deserve to have nicked Ozil was poor, as he’s been in big games Touch was always loose, gets closed out before he aims Jack tried to make it happen, but nothing came out Alexis worked hard, Santi deserves a shout But once again it’s the cutting edge that made the difference Maybe down to our manager’s tactical preference They could sit back and defend, and a goal they’ll… Read more »


Man, I can’t believe you got thumbed down. Thumbs up on the effort, and its a pretty good summary of what’s going on.

Thierry Bergkamp

Not even upset as expectations were low. Says it all about this team. Gotta respect Chelsea on the pitch


Thats nailed it for me too.Watched the game with feeling of ‘oh well, least we didnt get hammered’……. which isn’t great is it. I think 3rd is a reasonable shout but no one is going to catch Chelsea i’m afraid.

Bendtner sexy chest

ozil out!


Fuck knows how that game provided a 6 for Alexis and a 3 for Ozil. Both played really poorly, only one of them created anything at all and it wasn’t the former. Laughable rating for Flamini too, who was AGAIN at fault for the first goal of the game and mindless throughout.

BUT HE RUNS ABOUT AND SHOUTS A BIT! Save that shite for talksport.

1/10 for Wenger’s tactical setup. Again.


12 years since I started watching Arsenal/10 – Wenger’s shoving Morinho. Wow! Didn’t know Arsene could do that!

Follow the money

Cesc has more assists this season than the entire Arsenal team. But we don’t need him says Wenger. Wenger passed on Cesc to get back at him for leaving. We need a manager who will do what’s best for the club not faff about with pet projects and petty bs

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Wenger seems to think that skill and technique can overcome muscle and pace, what he constantly fails to realise is that strong physical players can also have great skill and technique, and if (according to his quotes in the press) he is such an admirer of Costa “the killer”, why the fuck didn’t he sign him.


Because Costa and Maureen have the same agent. Honestly, it was no secret, even before their Champions League match, that Costa would be going to Chel$ki.


Agree with you 100%, that is why i said 5 years ago Wenger is fooling himself if he thinks he can win the BPL with Barcelona way, no way you can win it here without MEN over 38 games, give me the Yaya or Vierra type over the likes of Flaminni or Arteta, if this idiotic manager dont sort that he wont win anything. I keep saying it you need 4 MEN in MF for this sort of game, no one can tell me the like of Diame would not have done a job for us today. BTW there is… Read more »


Thought Wilshere was our best player today, followed by Gibbs and Flamini. He was the only one that actually looked a threat which is pretty disappointing. Think you’re spot on about Ozil though, poor and playing out of position can’t excuse it especially as he has license to roam. A commenter once said that he’s the invisible Bergkamp which was meant as a compliment but it’s damning with faint praise if I’ve ever seen it. The reason why the real Bergkamp wasn’t invisible was because he made the difference in games like this.

Vassili Zaitsev

what’s wengers beef with coquelin…is he really that bad ? the coach knows best. But just wondering if we could have played flamini and the coq in midfield with ozil or wilshere or cazorla as the no.10 and sanchez and the ox on the wings.

you dont have to play all your playmakers just cos they are so good you cant leave them on the bench.

and based on current form it should have been the ox starting with sanchez on the left and ozil on the bench.


spot on, you don’t have to play all your playmakers. That pretty much sums up the selection, although we do have injuries. Also, Cazorla played very well, I am sad that he is being frozen out of the team in favor of Wilshere/Ozil. This season is Wenger’s season for Wilshere. Every season a particular player seems to be his priority. However, I have to say, we did compete today. We lacked the same cutting edge up front we have lacked for a few seasons, and we fanny about too much on the edge of the box, but defensively the team… Read more »


I’ve moaned myself dry. Truth is we lost to a better squad of players and a tactically superior manager. No shame in that, we just have to pick ourselves up and make a go at getting back into the top 4. Specifically 4th.


Also, anyone else a little baffled by Sanchez? I thought he’d want to be on the last man, getting on the end of through balls using his pace, etc. But atm he’s just playing like a quicker, more energetic version of Cazorla. Compare Hazard’s run for their first goal to anything Sanchez did today. ame was crying out for someone to make runs beyond the last man and stretch play to make room for Welbeck, who was also playing for too deep/wide.


Hazard had to run past Cazorla, Sanchez past Matic see the difference?


Fair point, but he was still rarely looking to get in behind with or without the ball. Wilshere found him early on, leading to him clattering Courtois, but apart from that everything he did was in front of the back four. Thought/hoped he’d be more of a Walcott type tbh.

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