Rosicky latest to fall victim to injury


It looks like Tomas Rosicky is the latest victim of this injury hit Interlull.

The midfielder didn’t play for the Czech Republic last night, raising hopes that he’d be fit and fresh for the Gunners game against Hull at the weekend.

However, it seems that he’s suffering from some, as yet unspecified, injury:

Reports in the Czech press say the problem means he’s unable to sprint, so that probably rules him out of Saturday’s clash with the Tigers.

Rosicky will be assessed on his return to Arsenal today. The removal will take place on Thursday and St Rita’s Church of the Sacred Heart of the Immaculate Conception before the funeral on Friday.

No flowers by request of the family.

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Don’t worry guys, Walcott is back and he’s like a new signing!*

*-Until he gets injured two weeks from now.


What happens if I get ebola!

suker 4 punishment

insert four letter word here

Why is my name required

You just can’t make this shit up.

Who’s responsible for taking care of the player’s fitness? Who are the doctors? The physios? What the hell is going on here


This is all Wenga’s fault. He has overplayed him. #WengaOut


Rosicky has been injured so often and for so long – for over a year with something no one could even diagnose – picking up new problems like this must be almost inevitable at his age whenever he plays a couple of games on the trot. I don’t particularly care as we’re hardly using him anymore anyway. What I do care about is the indispensable Kos and co, and most especially Ospina. Szczesny is suspended for CL. Martinez will start (not too terrible) but with Ilyev (spelling?) on the bench who’s been a disaster whenever I’ve seen him – useless,… Read more »

Andy Mack

I assume he did it whilst away with his country, so little AFC could do about is anyway.


Welbeck is having an ankle knock 🙂

They're building a Bendtner


Kenyan Gooner



is this real life?

remember the invincibles

this is a very cruel joke


Is this just fantasy?
We do appear to be caught in a landslide without much hope of escape from reality.


Any way the wind blows


I does kind of maatter, too meee :'(


it* meh


Interlull…just killed a man…
Overplayed him without rest,
Tweaked his hammy now he’s dead


This comment is brilliant, you sir deserve a lot more thumbs up




Time to play Crowley and Zelalem then.


At this rate they’re all we’ll have left by Christmas.

fresh prince

Something swollen between the muscles?

Oooo errr missus!


Just.. 🙁


We’ll have to use the under 21s for first team football by Jan 😉


We might get a glimpse of the lesser spotted podolski this Saturday! That’ll be a rare treat.


Caught in a landslide
No escape from reality


Am I living in a nightmare right now.



Is this just fantasy


what was wenger thinking… stacking his midfield with midfielders incase of injuries….?

oops no that doesn’t work with midfielders…

Oor Wullie

Just finished reading this morning’s blog which ends hoping we don’t get more injuries during the interlull and then the newest thing on my Facebook feed is this.

3 Billion Dollar Stan


Naija Gunner


Damn this is not happening when is this gonna stop and what is the manager doing about all these calamity?

Mark Hughes

I’m not sure the manager can be at fault for a player getting injured while away on international duty, having not played for his country.


Well, he buys chronically broken players. If he favored bigger, more physical specimens like, for example, Manchester City does, there would be less injuries, I’m sure.*

*-I’m not actually sure.

Andy Mack

Interesting question there.
Is it better to have a big fit ‘OK’ player or two small ‘Very Good’ but often injured players…




Well in! There was a remarkable reticence to resort to our favorite expression in the forum so far.

Big Chief from Antarctica

When is it appropriate to laugh like Arya Stark?

remember the invincibles

Who do we have left? Wilshere, Flamini and Cazorla. On the wings Sanchez and Chamberlain. Podolski and Campbell on the bench. Ramsey and Walcott to return shortly.Well actually, THAT IS DEPTH.


From today’s blog, it looks like Sanchez wont start. So it will be Arteta, Wilshere, Ox, Cazorla, Podolski and Welbeck. And we will have Bellerin, Per, Kos (?) and Gobbs in defense. Its going to be a very tough game, hope we score first.


Not sure Arteta is back this weekend.


He might be, he might not be. If he isn’t, there’s Flamini or Diaby.

Andy Mack

+ Coq

Tony Hall

Another injury, not to worry our squad is bursting at the seams with world class talent all fit and hungry and raring to go …


Brian McDermott might get a run out sooner rather than later

George Maharis

I’m 56, I’m lucky to get something swollen between the muscles these days.


Hi, just want to update, he had problems with his calf after the game against Turkey. Plus he said this >



So even players who don’t play now get injured. Seriously WTF is going on??




Hmm. Our ability to attract injuries would now seem to have surpassed the famed ability of dead camels to atrract flies.

Le Jaded Handbreak

Chance for ox… Maybe give Crowley or zelalem a sniff as a substitute?
This is very bad news though, Rozza tends to be up to any task when fit


No !


This is what happens when the manager doesn’t listen to anyone, stubborn old goat!


But Rosicky has hardly even played this season? What could you be possibly referring too…


Im referring to everything in general, do you think he listens to anyone but himself?


So ‘everything in general’ led to Rosicky getting injured while on international duty? Then I’d better not get out of bed tomorrow or the cork will pop out of Antarctica and the Earth will go flat.


I….erm…I…..I don’t even know how to respond to that…

Andy Mack

You can’t respond seriously to that level of stupidity!


Seems like they all arrived with injuries, undetected by AFC.


I’ve just thought of the bright side to all this.
At this rate, Podolski will get to start and we’ll get to watch all the pundits’ heads explode as one.


*mashes keyboard furiously*


Hey, that’s my thing.

The Woj Factor

BREAKING: 8 Arsenal players found out to be double agents. Operation ran by Abou Diaby.


Hahahaha. I mean you have to laugh. It’s all you can do. Yes we have players out but our situation is not as bad as everyone makes us believe. We also have players coming back. It feels like a shiteslide of bad news because cunts like the daily fail can’t wait to print headlines like ‘another arsenal injury – gunners doomed, and forfeit hull match because Ozil is shit’. Chins up. We have a winnable run of games before the jan transfer window and players will start to come back.


I agree, though based on our form so far this season, I’m going to replace “winnable” with “tie-able” and then thumbs-up your comment.




Surely at this rate there’s a good chance I might line up for Arsenal this season?


Yep, I think I’ll take my boots with me to the Grove on Saturday, just in case

Andy Mackenzie

If the injuries keep coming at the rate they are, the first team will be selected from reserve players and those who are left over. What on earth is going in the Medical and Training Departments? The Official Arsenal F.C. website is running a poll on how many points we’ll score in the next four games. If these injuries get any worse, we’ll struggle to get four and Hull, Sunderland, Burnley and Swansea should realistically be a good chance for 9-12 points, surely! Fingers crossed?

Nationality ? a Gunner

So having 11 midfielders ( is really not a luxury, but a must in our case.


Arsene Knows.


Don’t care about the thumbs, but was he right? Apparently so!


I think we should sacrifice a goat in the centre circle at the Emirates to appease the injury gods


I nominate Mourinho


That would just anger them.


I thought he said “goat”, not a “massive twat”.


well can hardly blame burn out TR7 injury. I really detest international break bloody annoying!

Arsenal Wenger

Maybe, this is an Inception-type dream and if we all ‘die’ together, we’ll ‘wake up’ to a reality where Arsenal is defending its 6th consecutive league title and we’re passing off on buying Messi and Ronaldo even though they have issued transfer pleas because we have no place for them in our team. Of course, even then UEFA will be cunts and so will the Chavs.


Russian mafia.


Wrong Club. Try the chavs upriver.


I know, we need to go down there some day. Lock and loaded.


Oh shot. Love your humorous end to the piece.


Must be the transition from how fitness used to be done and in to how Shad Forsythe would like it done. Perhaps the change has been so dramatic that it takes time for their body to adjust properly? I dont know, im just trying to make sense of it all. Grasping at straws i guess.


Tomas is not injured or ill…
It’s just the 27-year-old footballer trying to get out from between his 34-old muscles…



John Fairclough

Does anyone know the visiting hours for our next home game?


We’re now getting injuries to players who have barely played football at all this season. What’s next? Will Wenger get a hamstring injury by walking to his car? I bet Stan’s got some sort of ligament issue.

I’ve witnessed Arsenal going through periods with lots of injuries before, but this is the worst I’ve seen.

Thierry Walcott

We’ve been cursed by the disappearance of ramblingpete



He’s writing up the study into our physio setup. That’s why it’s taking so long. #NeedMorePaper


It’s very likely that the landfill the Emirates was built on was full of old s**rs kits

Paul Richie Newton

I persmally don’t know why wenger wouldn’t bring DM and playing #Ozil in very wrong position,also n’t playing #Joel Campbell at the same time keeping #Diaby at the club yet i hoped to feature in #Arsenal Fc!!! But why #Wener?


Injured players are not news anymore. I will just assume everyone is injured unless I hear otherwise.

Ant Lester

However; “we’ve got Santi Cazorla”
(He’s just a small boy, from a small family)