Sunday, January 16, 2022

UEFA hand touchline ban to Wenger for Galatasaray flares

Ok, so the headline is tongue in cheek, but UEFA have actually charged Arsenal with ‘insufficient organisation’ after Turkish fans brought flares into the Emirates Stadium last night. Source.

After they went 2-0 down, they tried to distract everyone from how bad their team is by trying, unsuccessfully, to set fire to the pitch (the fans are as bad as team in that regard). Yet the European game’s governing body is seeing fit to punish Arsenal because the Galatasaray supporters are basically twats.

On their way into the ground they threw flares and cans into the beer garden of The Tollington, and continued their charming behaviour inside the stadium.

The Turkish side have also been charged for the actions of their fans, with two charges of: crowd disturbances, and setting-off and throwing of fireworks.

As Arsenal only search bags, and not individuals, the visiting fans were probably able to smuggle some flares and smoke bombs down their trousers. Whether this prompts a change in the way security is handled at big games remains to be seen, but it seems harsh to pin any of the blame on the club when it was down to the travelling supporters.

Arsenal have yet to make a statement.

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fresh prince

Warmed up the atmosphere beautifully.

Its PC gone made, bring back the days of organised fights and le coq sportif.

Master Bates

and stabbings

Silent Stan's Content Mustache

Animals should be held in cages, not watch football games.

The Ghost of Paul Robinson

It’s just not flare.

serious note

Heh, i agree. wish our own fans had some flares too or a section devoted for nutters who are there to intimidate opponents and cause chaos in the stands. And also wish our fans had the guts to stand up to stewards and kick them out. Being policed in our home ground? We pay them…not the other way round. But what can you do? We’re in england…where people are afraid to stand up for themselves and accept whatever ‘rule’ without question. Families and kids this way, nutters that way. any steward/police officer seen entering the area of nutters to get… Read more »

serious note

ffs we have the cannon on our chests….we should be world leaders in pyro shows ….


UEFA should deduct a point from Galatasary for the behaviour. It’s not so severe that it would completely fuck the club over but it’d enough to deter fans from acting like thundercunts.


Or Wankhammers.


Or Twatdrivers…

The Only Olivier is Giroud



UEFA should ban themselves. This decision is a joke.

It’s Arsenal’s fault that those Turkish fans decided to become jacka**es and now we have to pay for it??

First, the damn deferee didn’t issue a red card for that reckless challenge on Alexis, and now this?

UEFA is a joke.

AS17 is for A.Sanchez not

You know what, we can also use it to our advantage. How about the next time we play some hopeless team with a dick manager, well now we know what to do to get their manager banned!


You mean this Sunday, 2.05?

Black Hei

The FA have their own rules which are distinct from UEFA. Better read up about that instead.


Platini’s got his banning wand out again.

It’s made of stick, stuck together with electrical tape from where he’s had it since he was a nipper. I believe it’s the same one he (almost risibly) used to try (belief-beggaringly) to impose a club football ban on Franck Ribery for retiring from international football.

If I ever get the chance, rest assured friends, I will grab it off him and use it to poke out his beady little eyes.


how about they don’t allow Galatasary’s fans to travel to any more games this season…

How in the hell are Arsenal charged with anything? If the away fans started racist chants, would Arsenal be charged for allowing it to happen in their arena?

Platini out!


I’m wondering what Uefa think Arsenal should have done to be ‘better organised’. Strip-searched everyone entering the stadium? Strip-searched only the Galatassaray fans (since throwing flares isn’t exactly something that’s been a regular occurrence at the Emirates)? The first would be completely impractical; the second is discriminatory, tantamount to prejudice against a country or club.

We can’t win, in short, which is probably Uefa’s point.

Henry's beard

What an absolute gaggle of cunts. And as for the Galatasaray fans…


So we get punished because their fans bahaved like cunts? What a load of bollocks!

I shouldn’t be surprised since that dickhead Platini is in charge of UEFA.


If you really want you can smuggle anything into any ground any where so how this is our fault is beyond me. There is no way to stop someone who really wants to bring a flare in from bringing that flare in unless we start cavity searches and frankly I don’t love arsenal enough to have my arse hole fingered every weekend.


Free arsehole fingering! Every weekend! This has to happen!


I’ve been offering that service for years, no takers so far 🙁




Up the Arse!


Even cavity searches wouldn’t suffice.

A determined adversary could launch flares from a UAV drone.

Ever since Massimo Bussaca got promoted after sending our striker off in ridiculous fashion against Barcelona, I’ve noticed that Uefa treats the Arsenal harshly.


Couldn’t believe the headline when I saw it. I thought it was a typo !


It’s a sinister plan by Blogs to get all the clicks. 😀 I kid, I kid

2014-2015 = the year we've been waiting for

I thought it was the 1st of April!

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Could be that every day is April 1st in Blogs’ head?


Great. Did uefa also impose penalty on leeds supporters for dying on being assaulted by those turks?


…. and Sanchez recieves a 2 game ban for than cunny Melo trying to break his leg

The Ghost of Paul Robinson

One game per foot in the tackle, naturally.


I don’t know why they don’t search fans to be honest. It happens almost every time a Turkish team go abroad, seems bizarre that the stewards weren’t told to keep a closer eye out for it.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Would you put your hands on a Turkish wrestler’s jockstrap ?

Mesut's Kisses

That is a really cool photo of Alexis.


He likes his shorts short!

Flamini's Sleeves

These losers along with countless others bring flares to every match they can step foot in. I never hear stories of punishing security personnel. UEFA is such a joke!


You know, given that this sort of thing barely ever happens at the Emirates, I’m inclined not to blame the home team. But that’s just me.

Controlling 3000 people when a large proportion of them are apparently nutcases is basically a no-go. Surely the onus has to be on teams to weed out troublemakers in their fanbase and ban them from attending games.


What do they want, airport style body scanners to check every damn crevice? Unbelievable. If opposition fans are determined to behave like barbarians, how the fuck is that Arsenal’s fault, unless UEFA decrees that every single clubs implements a policy of strip searches to try and suck yet more fun out of a CL match. What a bunch of be corrupt, bureaucratic fuckers.

The Woj Factor

That photo of Alexis alone is worth the £35m pricetag. Potential desktop pic longevity of 3 years.


This is absolutely madness. It’s like charging the rape victim for wear a dress so that the rapist can rape her.


There were long queuse pre game as they were body searching all the the Galatasaray on their way in. Maybe a flare in their pants. Risky


To be fair i’d probably have been tempted to throw one at the white haired chap with the arm gestures myself. The whole flare thing is trite and childish.


UEFA – a massive pile of stinking shit and corruption..

It’s quite unbelievable how they make their decisions, do they have a magic 8 ball personalised with Platini’s most hideous decisions swapped for Yes, No and Maybe?


Arseblog, first of all, I’ve always though your website and blog and everything are awesome. But isn’t this headline less ‘tongue in cheek’ and more, distorting a story to get hits. I’ve often seen you rightly chastise lesser websites for this sort of thing.


I don’t get that joke either. From what I recall Wenger was in complete breach of UEFA’s 2001 frowny face guideline standards.

Scott P

I think the headline falls under the category of – too ridiculous for a reasonable person to believe. Therefore, I don’t see how it could be considered clickbait.


I don’t think any of us can begrudge Blogs & co a few extra clicks and $ considering the laughs and info he gives us for free every day!

Scott P

Indeed, and it’s not as if there wasn’t any actual news/commentary in here… Even his spoof/satire posts have a meaning at least, unlike the papers.


It’s Arseblog, I was going to click and read the latest article no matter the headline.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Does anybody come here and just cherrypick which articles they are going to read? If we’re all reading every article then there can’t be any click baiting, can there? Who the hell reads just ‘some’ of Blogs’ articles?


Platini does it again

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Platini undoes it again.


FIFA should fine UEFA for being shyte


In future I’m all in favour of the stewards fist searching every Turkish fan and also increasing away ticket prices to pay for their violation.


It’s hard to understand why Platini hates English clubs and Arsenal in particular but this is ridiculous.


Are u fuckin kidding me uefa what a fuckin joke.


So shouldn’t anderlecht technically be charged with the same thing? Fireworks and flares seem pretty much the same to me.


I’m wondering whether Arsenal are being done for something other than the flare incident within the ground?
If you open the source you will see that Dortmund are being done under exactly the same sections as Gala but Anderlecht aren’t being charged. And you would think if Arsenal are being charged for letting the fans bring the fireworks into the ground then they would be able to successfully appeal on the grounds that Anderlecht didn’t get charged.. Unless, of course UEFA are just being wankers.


When I worked at Highbury and we had visiting supporters in from abroad, we’d search them head to toe, get them to open their jackets, search bags and confiscate anything that could be used as a missile. Call it harsh, but you’d not believe some of the things people tried to smuggle in..

Female stewards searched women too. You’d also be surprised what we’d find on them too..

Then the PC brigade stepped in and said “oh that’s not allowed. It’s infringing on their human rights” so it had to stop.

And so here we are…


At Dortmund they did a thorough pat-down search and wasn’t allowed to take my bag in – I had to pay 50cents to leave my bag in a ‘cloakroom building’ by the entrance.
Not many grounds you go to where you don’t have a bag-check, have to undergo the ‘arms outstretched’ bodysearch and show what any unrecognised items in the pockets are.

Limp Bar

I don’t think Platini personally makes all of these decisions surely?


Where did they get them from in the first place? I can’t imagine they flew over with them otherwise makes a mockery of airport security!


If the flares were in checked baggage, they’d have had no trouble at all bringing them in via air.


A decent proportion of the Gala fans in attendance live in London, where flares are legal and widely available.


Word is that the Turkish FA has been cracking down on this type of thing in Turkey. So really what happened was a bunch of overzealous expats and imports tried to live up to some outdated hype about the craziness of the fans.

It would be pretty stupid to punish Arsenal for this.

North Bank Gooner

Aaaahhhh, UEFA.

Platini needs capping, jumped up little Napoleon, that man really suffers from small man syndrome.

Surprised Per didn’t get a 4 match ban for being tall 😉


What a load of shit!


Well I was wondering how they got a flare in. Guess there aren’t too many places you can hide a cylinder-shaped object in your body…


These uneducated cunts do this at every ground they’re allowed into and I’ve honestly never heard of the home team being fined for it until now.

Can Galatasaray play their next match in Platini’s back garden please? With all fans invited.


You know if theyd all been searched bodily wed be taken to court for human rughts unfringements. Anyway howd they get them thru customs in the first place.
Bunch of fuckin knob jockeys.


They are murdering stabhappy nutters and should be banned from travelling abroad.


They smuggled flares up their big arseholes


3 seasons ago I got an Ikea frying pan into the GAIS – IFK Göteborg derby in Gothenburg. Good times.


why? why did u do that? was there something that needed urgent frying and couldnt wait till after the game?

Seriously, i want to know why.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Watch some Tom and Jerry cartoons and you’ll soon see what it was for.

Good Omens

Have you never made scrambled eggs at half time ? Good god man what’s wrong with you ?

Soqed Hozi

I was at the tollington when they came past. I got hit by a whiteboard marker of all things, and a pound coin must have narrowly missed me as it was on the floor behind me after. The flares landed in the doorway and in the garden.

Just a shit fenerbache.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

How stupid must the fan be who paid good money for a flare and got a whiteboard marker instead???


As a club are we meant to individually and thoroughly search 57,000+ people on their way into the stadium? Do we do this for every match? Only when foreign teams come? Or only when Turkish teams come? Or just Galatasaray?

Once again UEFA behave in an entirely thoughtless manner

Royal Gooner

You only need to search the away fans. Which they have every right to do to them and leave the home fans alone. I think the police were using Section 60 of PACE to search all the turkish fans.


one consolation at least they only threw them onto the pitch if they had gone into the Arsenal supporters then mayhem could of evolved and then we probably would of got punished fdor re-provoking the Turks world gone mad syndrom……….Pfffffttttt


I thought Wenger had been caught wearing some cheap Turkish copy of John Travolta’s Saturday Night Fever trousers for a minute.

Springbank 1965

“16.1 Host associations and clubs are responsible for order and security both inside and around the stadium before, during and after matches. They are liable for incidents of any kind and may be subject to disciplinary measures and directives unless they can prove that they have not been negligent in any way in the organisation of the match.” Seems pretty clear to me. Usually 16.1 goes hand-in-hand with other charges for reasons of assigning responsibility to a footballing body. Usually, it’s the home club’s fans that are the cause and 16.2 strengthens ‘club’ culpability with the clause “… even if… Read more »


Outraged. But not at all surprised.


One sniffer dog is all it would take.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Only if there was only one gate for the oppo fans and they had to enter it in single file so that each could be sniffed by Fido.


What do they expect, full body airport scanners at the turnstiles! only way fans will hold off acts of hooliganism is if their actions directly affect the performance of the team, therefore point deductions are the only way fans are gonna behave in this sort of a situation. Theres always a way to sneak contraband into a stadium.


Airport scanners at the bridge in 80s. Was causing us to miss k.o. we trampled them!! What a shit club no history.


I am all for body search to keep those idiots out. Yet, here in Germany controls are much more thourough yet this thing happens every match day at at least one game. Quite how this is possible is beyond me but those fucktards surely are very creative when it comes to hiding flares and such. Also I have friends who think this looks “cool”. Just don’t see it. Anyways, it is always the club who gets fined since it is a lot easier than looking for every single asshole lighting up those flares and fining them. You kinda feel helpless… Read more »


Any excuse to increase the security state and remove freedoms will be undertaken. Next thing you know Arsenal will be hiring the TSA to do security for their games.

This is a joke.


Is that a flare in your pocket, or are you just etc..

Royal Gooner

I believe it was the coppers searching the bodies. I put the blame on poor bag searches, they need airport security to do the bag searches. But still, if those thugs from Istanbul like to stick flares inside their persons to get them in, there is something wrong (with them and) that we get punished for their fans inability to act civilly or within the law.

twisted cuntloks

Bunch of cat fuckers

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