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Alexis impressed by quality of Arsenal teammates

In a week when all the news has been bad, it’s no bad thing to get a more positive outlook on certain aspects of the club, and that comes from Alexis Sanchez who has spoke highly of his new teammates at Arsenal.

In an interview with AS, he spoke about coming to terms with a new club, new system and a new language, and the Chilean forward has been impressed by his colleagues – no small praise considering where he came from.

Asked by interviewer Guillem Balague why he chose Arsenal over other clubs who were interested in him in the summer, he said, “People I trust spoke very highly of Arsenal, its greatness, the quality of their players.

“Now that I’m here, sometimes I stop to look my teammates in practice and I realize that I’m surrounded by a lot of quality. I have been impressed by the attitude and talent. I know that with this group we can win many titles in the coming years. I’m convinced.”

Of course, after the last couple of results, and the position we find ourselves in the Premier League, you might think there’s an element of him having to say that because that’s just what footballers do, but all the same he does seem genuinely smitten.

I’ve been impressed,” he continued.I love how they look and create spaces, individual and collective movements.

“I tell you seriously, I like what I see so much that I have repeated many times that if we have the winning mentality needed, and if we are positive and go out to win every game, I know we can win in any competition.”

Alexis also had nice words for some time striking partner Danny Welbeck.

I love playing with him,” he said. “He has a great touch and he’s a goalscorer. He’s been a great signing.”

The one area where he has struggled slightly has been with the language, although he’s going to classes to learn English and he says that’s helping him, and his attitude is summed by his belief that has to do better as he adapts to life in England.

Clearly I need to improve and that is what I say in the dressing room: I could dwell a little less on the ball, use one-touch play to facilitate counterattacks. That is vital. I must learn that because the rapid transitions are key in this league and with this team.

This football [in England] is hard, very hard. It’s a struggle to adapt. Of all the leagues in which I have played, this is the most complicated. I like the challenge, but it’s not easy!”

Well, if this is him finding it not easy, then we can look forward to the day when he’s fully settled in and scoring all our goals and … oh …

Full interview here in Spanish.

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Man like Ozil

“Clearly I need to improve…”
This little rascal continues to tug at my heart strings.

Damo Dinkum

He’s just a beautiful, beautiful man.

remember the invincibles

I remember when Van-Persie used to praise everyone around him and left. Not saying Sanchez’s statements aren’t genuine but take them with a pinch of salt. He can’t possibly say ‘well, you know, my team-mates’ aren’t very good, I have to do everything myself’.

As long as he stays fit, we’ll have a good end to the season, but our title chances are buried as far as I can see.


Well, I mean, if he does have an inner cunt, which I doubt, RVP’s record shows that it won’t remain hidden for long. Remember this from last year?

One of my favourite memories from last season.

Bouldy's Tupee

Phil, that was one my favorite moments as well including Chicharito’s response to Van Persies gripe via instagram saying: “Without your teammates you can’t be somebody in football, always be thankful…”

Classic. Van Persie, what a cunt.

Az Ahmed

Will Manchester United reach the quarter finals? I have just voted NO. I was right

Nacho de Montreal is tasty

Thierry Henry used to say of teammates:If the boss puts you in the team, it is because he thinks you are good. You should go there and try to perform.
Is Alexis too nice to make the same suggestion ?

Rob Smith

The old saying has never been truer- The greatest compliment is not of receiving, but giving the compliment itself.

Okay, I made that up. But really, Alexis is just that awesome.

Me So Hornsey

“sometimes I stop to look at my teammates in practice and I realize that I’m surrounded by a lot of quality. I have been impressed by the attitude and talent; the hard work, the defensive stability and especially our mental fortitude to hold firm once we go ahead. I love my team”



It’s scary to think where we’d be without him this season.



No seriously, without his goals we would be 19th.


People keep using this as a stick to beat us with but I’d wager than Southampton without Pelle, Chelsea without Costa, Madrid without Ronaldo, Spurs without.. Bad example- would all be significantly lower than they are currently. Be interested to know where Liverpool would’ve finished last season minus Suarez. It’s easy to get a bit doom and gloom with how shit we’re currently playing, but if these players start playing how they were this time last year augmented by Alexis we’d start reining Chelsea in in no time. At least that’s what I keep telling myself..

Bould's Eyeliner

Mathematically it’s highly unlikely anyone but chelsea will win the league. I’d be happy with third place though, as it would be an, albeit slight, improvement. Bringing in a swath of players is always a risk, and for last year, for once, we didn’t have to deal with it. If we can get things REALLY clicking by January, and a defensive addition, I can really see the momentum carrying further than just this season. It took us pretty much until March to settle in 2 seasons ago.


Without him we would be playing with 10 men @[email protected]


I call BS. Without him Sanogo would have grown into a goalscorer, everybody knows this.

Az Ahmed

That is based on the fact that Sanchez has scored all these goals, but if we didn’t have him, I don’t think we would be tinkering with last years formation as much, so we would probably not have scored as many goals, but at the same time, we would probably be a lot more solid. We beat these little teams last season by using a certain formation and game plan. Sanchez’s entrance into the club has made the manager have to tinker in order to find the right set up. So to say without Sanchez, we would be 19th is… Read more »

Bored of Canada

If you randomly take away the goals of any teams top scorer, it would change there position. I see you are trying to say that his goals have compensated for poor performances, but then that is why you buy players like him if you can.

If you take a more pragmatic view, think how it might be if more players hit form and/or the team gels a bit.

Luke BG

Just when I thought I couldn’t love this man any more…

Thierry Zidane

I like this guy


“I could dwell a little less on the ball, use one-touch play to facilitate counterattacks.” Although I agree that he could hold onto the ball for too long on some occasions, I don’t want him to change his game too much. It’s so important to have a maverick in the team who can create something out of nothing. This has been my fear for a long time, that players are told to adapt their game to suit our style and we end up having clones throughout the team. Cazorla might be a good example to look at – was fantastic… Read more »


Agreed, there have been a few examples of this. Ox, though now getting back to form, does seem different from the initial version that came. When he arrived he was a bit of a young maverick with a classic “attacking winger” mentality of constantly driving in to dangerous areas. Though he still has that and you could argue now more of a team player, he plays much more like an identikit arsenal central midfielder playing on the wings than an actual all out winger. No doubt Wenger’s ability to develop players is unrivalled, but I do wonder what if we… Read more »


I think we would’ve ended with the tippy passers versions of them…well maybe not with Ibrta cuz he would just say “screw this”


Because the best way I can describe van Persie is an arsenalised central tippy-tappy passer. Not really, no.

alexis' shorts

Y’all have a point but I don’t think it applies anywhere but in midfield. If that was the case, Ox wouldn’t even be in the team. He’s been at the club 3 seasons now and is still very direct. His one-touch play is far behind the rest at the club. Turtle-Chambo gets into really good positions but isn’t polished enough yet to provide consistently dangerous deliveries into the box. I do have to commend Chambo-lite’s crosses so far (I just wanted to say Chambo-lite). So our forwards/wingers seem to still have a more direct approach than the buildup in midfield.… Read more »

Andy Mack

Jack goes on a driving run into the box and he’s ‘taking risks’ and gets moaned at. But when he doesn’t then he’s playing tippy-tappy. We have lots of players that drive the game forward, the problem is that the player stands a fair chance of losing the ball sometimes and then the home-crowd whingers get on his case, so he goes safe and passes sideways. AW buys players specifically to drive the game further up the pitch into the last 3rd (TR, Santi, Ox and Diaby come to mind first….. if you can remember how Diaby played). Despite some… Read more »


Right now it looks like he is been played in reserves. There might not be quality difference but his workrate puts others to shame. Its high time The Team stepped up. Still dont understand why he was bench for the Spuds game , would have fried those chickens.


There are times when the workrate drops a little, generally when our glass chin comes into view, but the whole team usually works pretty hard, there are just positions where you don’t want people running around like a blue-arsed fly all the time, so it seems like him and Welbeck do more as they have more space to run around in. Not that he isn’t wokring harder than most, and doesn’t have an incredible engine, just a little unfair to rag on the teams workrate when that is one of the few things we don’t have a problem with at… Read more »


Yeah the team isn’t a bunch of slackers. Moronic decisions is more to blame for the goals conceded than lack of work. If you have both supposedly holding midfielders ahead of the ball and you lose it they can work as hard as they want, they arn’t getting back in time. The majority of our goals conceded have come either from the holding midfielders and/or fullbacks being ahead of the ball for no reason or from our center backs (if you can call them that) not being strong enough in the air. Neither of those is a problem of work… Read more »


Honestly, for the output we actually get compared to the risk of it, I would rather our fullbacks sat back more than bombed forward.
If it’s the 80th minute and were chasing the game, fine, but it shouldn’t be our modus operandi


The problem is really that it’s both the supposedly holding midfielders and the fullbacks bombing forward at the same time. That’s just suicidal. You shouldn’t have 6 players in front of the ball when you’re winning. And yet we’ve done just that the last two games and been punished for it both times. Fullbacks need to get forward to create chances, but there needs to be a modicum of tactical awareness when they do. Sending everybody bombing up the field at the same time is horrible tactics.


I agree with that too. That’s where we miss Arteta
For all his supposed faults, he is disciplined enough to sit and hold.

If we could just sign a player with his tactical awareness and the legs of a 25 year old we would be so much better off.

I would be going balls deep for Schneiderlin next window, regardless of Southampton’s position in the table. If a club like Arsenal can’t turn his head then we really have fallen.


I have a proper man crush on Alexis.

His partnership with Welbeck seems to work well in the pressing game as well.


besides being a great footballer, he is an awesome humble person with the right attitude. Arsenal is lucky to have this dude




About quality of teammates ie




A dirty Sanchez, if you will.


Oh well played, sir.

*stands up slowly*

*slow clap bursts into rapturous applause*

The Woj Factor

Kind of reminiscent of going to a new partner’s house for the first time. You’ve got to love the cooking even if there’s rats scaling the walls.

Andy Mack

You’ve had some real luck with ‘partners’ then……….


I think people forget just how good some of our players can be.

Form is temporary, class is permanent.


Well 9 months of poor form is also temporary. That won’t stop our season from going to shit. I know they are good, but something’s seriously wrong and it’s been three months now. Correct me if I’m wrong, but there’s no sign of improvement is there?


you’re talking like we’ve playing with our full best squad for just once this season. light at the end of the tunnel surely


We were/are starting to click going forwards, as evidenced by the first 60 minutes agianst Anderlecht, I count that as improvement. Unfortunately we still have the glass chin that we’ve been trying to get rid of for 3 or 4 years, exacerbated by a lack fo CBs (or willingness to play the one we actually have in the middle, rather than out wide), so no improvement there, I guess.


Flamini will always be shit, though


And class form can sometimes last one season…Ramsey. Rooting for him to recreate it.


I haven’t forgotten last season which is why I’m baffled by this one. We have pretty much the same awesome team plus a boost in the form of 3 awesome new players and it’s not working out.


Uh it’s not hard to see what the difference is. Something like 70% of our games last season were played with the same back 4, and most of the other 30% was with the same back 3 (minus gibbs). We don’t have Bac any more, Kos has been injured the whole time, and Mert doesn’t know how to play well without Kos. So there you have it.


The gifted gift that keeps of giving.

Honestly, with the attitude he has, there is no limit to how good Sanchez can be if he’s given the right environment to do so. I really hope that we can give him that!





I love that despite the level he’s at, he’s still looking to improve his game. Especially when he talks about releasing the ball earlier in counter-attack situations – seems like he has really bought into the Arsenal way of playing football. Good times ahead I hope.


Anyone else just want to be best mates with this guy?

Steve F

Love this guy. He is a genuine man. So what if he didn’t clap the fans last weekend. He’s a winner and loves FOOTBALL. I bet we’ll find that he will say what he actually feels and not become your clichéd footballer trying to say what PR guru’s want him to.


I bet you if he’s asked in his English class to read to page 20, he’d go ahead and read the entire book such is his enthusiasm!


Looks like a lot more was said in the full interview, anyone fancy doing a full translation for us Gooners please?


All hail Alexis, the Sanchez.


Ah! Finally something good to hear.
Class by Alexis off the pitch too.
Considering its not an Arsenal interview but through another media, I don’t think he is sugar coating it.
More power to you Red Beast!


I actually don’t doubt that our players are good in training. Keep in mind what kind of exercises a team usually does in training: Quick passing exercises, technical exercises, one-in-the-middle, etc. Our players are fantastic at that sort of thing. I very much doubt “defensive implosion” is part of the every day training regime, so on an individual level we probably look mighty impressive.

Too bad there are no trophies for looking badass in training tho.


What a positive ‘feel-good’ post! I hope his attitude spreads amongst his team-mates and more importantly amongst some of the negative doom & gloom merchants in the crowd & on social media!


What teammates?


I like this guy…I just want him to be happy, I want my players to work and fight for each other.


“Well, if this is him finding it not easy, then we can look forward to the day when he’s fully settled”

Looking forward to it too. Cheers Andrew.

Up The Arsenal!

2014-2015 = the year we've been waiting for

Go on Alexis! As long as you’re not already on a yellow card… can’t wait ’til you take your shirt off again!

Mark Hughes

Didn’t I read a month ago that he was unhappy at Arsenal as the quality of his teammates weren’t good enough? Young friends, Alexis Sanchez, is confused about your football system. Do you know what he does? He flip flops! Sometimes, he doesn’t know whether he’s coming or going!


Everyone watching him most certainly knows whether they’re coming.

Mark Hughes

That’s the last time I dabble in comedy…

True Red

I don’t think anyone would have known that was comedy. We only have your word for it

Mark Hughes

I honestly thought quoting the Simpsons and then Blackadder would have been enough. I’ll make sure I put a sarcasm sign or emoticon there next time.


He makes me weep. He makes my heart weak.

A K 57

He is not too bad himself.


inspirational, ozil can learn from him.


That’s right, bash a man when he’s injured and out of form.


How long ago was the interview conducted?


He is an amazing player but if anything he should be depressed by the quality of his teammates, not impressed.’

Andy Mack

He’d definitely be depressed if you were the standard of ‘supporter’ we had!


Hmm? Be realistic and realise that the step from playing with the likes of Messi, Neymar and Iniesta to the likes of Flamini, Coquelin, Arteta, Mertesacker are quite massive.. 🙂 And I do feel a little bit sorry for him really, because he is the only player who gives us 100% in every game.

Andy Mack

That’s it, pick the older, less mobile players or the squad players (Coq on loan!) to try to make a point. Barca have a squad as well and some of those players aren’t messi etc. We have serious talent within the squad but that doesn’t always bring success (or Barca/RM would be CL Champs every year). The issue is we aren’t playing as a team and slagging of the quality of the players is the resort of someone that doesn’t understand team sports.


Could it be that he does so well BECAUSE of the language barrier? Think about it. Cazorla, Özil,Poldi. All great in the their first year, get the hang of the arsenal(Wenger) way and presto! Second season slump. I hope not though.

Andy Mack

AW speaks a number of languages including Spanish.
Sanchez would understand the manager from day 1.


Thank you god for alexis sanchez and pubs without both of them arsenal’s season would be just depressing


Better if Arsenal learned the Alexis way rather than the other way round.


This please


I’m really glad that he’s not fed up with us yet! Still time to buck our ideas up and improve overall as a team.

Trex d Gunner

What a guy

Policeman's Bangers 'N' Mash

Puts most arsenal fans to shame. Man U and Liverpool below us. Chin up. No divine right to be level with moneybags teams. Shit happens. We’ll bounce back.


so that was a warmed up display? OMG, cant wait for the real deal.

Young Gunner

I am at Arsenal now and hopefully win it all. That’s why I’m here.
— Translated from actual interview.

If our team is half as much hungry for success as he is, we’ll beat hell of out every team in Europe.


Alexis deserves to be given the free role on the pitch… He is Arsenal’s Messi… Given time he will carry this team to a lot of glory… Hopefully the time is soon

Bouldy's Tupee

I agree. I think of all teams, Arsenal should play 5-3-2, 3-5-2, or 4-3-3 with alexis as a false 9. Imagine Theo and Welbeck up top with Alexis?! Plus we practically play with wing backs anyways. Why not add a third CB?

*sigh* only dreams can be fulfilled via FIFA 15.


Well, in a 5-3-2, you give up the wide areas, and since the vast majority of EPL fullbacks bomb forward like ours, that’s just asking for trouble. Also, we have 3 CB’s when they’re all fit. As you may have noticed, Koscielny is a little bit dead right now. Plus a wing back needs to run his socks off. Gibbs might be able to do it, but Bellerin? Chambers? Bellerin’s a) not good enough defensively to cover the entire wing and b) has very little experience at the top level. As for Chambers, a) he lacks pace and therefore is… Read more »

Fireman Sam

Please dont change one bit Alexis!

You’re the best thing about this team and you’re adapting just fine to the EPL as far as I can tell.


Interesting timing of the interview after the recent shite shows. Seems to me that Gazidis is finally getting the PR team sorted so they are pro active with positive stories to temper fan discontent.


You are delusional.


If only Wenger was half as ambitious to win trophies and made the obvious signings we needed. Its true we have been unlucky in regards to injuries to Debuchy, Ozil and Girroud. Signing a 2nd choice keeper with long term injury was not wise by the Prof and knowing we need cover at CB ending up overplaying Koscieny was another blunder. So was not signing quality CM and releasing Flamini. Chambers is quality but he is still raw and pathetic he is being heavily relied upon in this defensive crisis and dont get me started on Cesc playing beautiful football… Read more »


You live in dream land You don’t release a player like Flamini after signing him last season. he has not been as bad as made out. For instance, Chambers makes way more mistakes than Flamini (which results in goals) but Flamini is the lightning rod for criticism bc there is a myth that we need a physically imposing DM like Melo, MVilla, carvalho etc etc. In reality when we have been caught on the break, we have been successful pushing the threat wide. BUT the majority of the goals have been coming from crosses be they from set pieces or… Read more »


Flamini HAS BEEN POOR this season. i don’t know how many times i have to spell it out to you….”WE NEED A DM!!!! ARTETA IS TOO OLD, FLAMINI SUCKS PERIOD” Look at bayern, chelsea, barca, madrid…do you see something they have that we don’t??

Andy Mack

FFS don’t mention the 2faced Spaniards name again.
He went on strike to get away to his beloved barca!

Little Mozart

We can always count on our newest Galactico to bring some cheer.


In regards to Gerrard talking out the biting bastard to sign for us. Thanks for me Sanchez is better.

kona cadabra

oh, no need to be miserable. this is what could have been (alt.univ#666) :


and we can play ospina and diaby as centre backs for old times sake


Which would cost an extra 100M over and above what’s already been spent. And you whine about ticket prices now? Plus we’d face fines and squad restrictions a la Man Schitty for breaking the FFP rules.


Deep down you know that isn’t true…


The problem is we are carrying developmental issues as well. We have a stable of players with massive potential but they are finding their feet and it has been complicated by the lack of options at the back created by the shortfall at Cback. Established ability : Per, Koscielny, Debuchy, Arteta, Flamini, Giroud, Walcott Slightly stagnated : Ramsey,, Rosicky, Podolski, (Jack) Players with strong development near term : (Jack), Ox, Chambers,Gibbs, Welbeck Player with strong development potential not used ; Campbell Players with Strong development potential (Long term) : Hayden, Sanogo, Zelalem, Crowley, Akpom Player with strong established ability missing… Read more »

Andy Mack



why does alexis like to dig deep to win matches? because he is a chilean 😛

Double, Double, Double....

I can’t be anymore in love with this man, he is the chile to my concarne

Ex-Priest Tobin

What a great role model for the younger Arsenal fans. I said to my sons the last time we sat down to watch a match together, watch Alexis, as that is how you need to apply yourselves in order to be a success in life.

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