Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Arsenal 1-2 Man U: by the numbers

402 – Arsenal passes v. Man U
130 – Arsenal passes in the Man U final third
32 – Percent of Arsenal’s passes that were in the Man U final third
23 – Arsenal shots
18 – Percent of Arsenal’s final third passes which resulted in a shot
8 – Arsenal shots on goal
35 – Percent of Arsenal’s shots which were on target
6 – Arsenal shots on Man U goal from prime positions (where you would expect about a 30% chance of scoring)
26 – Percent of Arsenal’s shots which were taken from prime positions
2 – Number of “Big Chances” Arsenal created
0 – Percent of those big chances, prime position, good, open, served on a platter, caviar, whatever you want to call them, shots that Arsenal finished
1 – Arsenal goal, scored by Giroud, from a long range shot which had very little chance (3%) of going in (Arteta assist)

226 – Man U passes v. Arsenal
57 – Man U passes in the Arsenal final third
25 – Percent of Man U’s passes that were in the Arsenal final third
12 – Man U Shots
21 – Percent of Man U’s final third passes which resulted in a shot
2 – Man U shots on goal
16 – Percent of Man U’s shots which were on target
2 – Man U shots from prime positions (blocked and Smalling’s miss)
16 – Percent of Man U’s shots which were taken from prime positions
2 – Number of “Big Chances” Man U created (Rooney and Di Maria)
1 – Number of those big chances Man U finished
50 – Percent of those big chances Man U finished
1 – Number of own goals Arsenal conceded to Man U after what looked like a clear foul by Fellaini

3 – Arsenal’s top three passers were Mertesacker (57), Monreal (57), and Arteta (53)
25 – Arsenal’s Oxlade Chamberlain completed more attacking third passes than anyone else
97 – Ox also completed 97% of his final third passes
5 – Ox created 5 chances for his teammates
3 – Ox created 3 chances in prime areas
1 – Ox created that 1 chance for Welbeck in the 6 yard bo

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27 – Sanchez attempted the same number of passes as Ox in the Man U final third
59 – But Sanchez only completed 59% (16/27) of his final third passes
60 – Ramsey also only completed 60% (14/23) of his final third passes
7 – But Sanchez created 7 shots for his Arsenal teammates (Ramsey 2)
3 – But 3 of those chances were from corners
3 – And another three were for shots outside the box
1 – Meaning he created just one chance from open play inside the box

70 – Sanchez only completed 70% of his passes (29/41)
1 – Of his 12 misplaced passes only 1 was outside of the Man U Final third, 6 were into the United box, 2 were square and outside the box, and just the one led to a United scoring chance, and that one was all the way on the edge of the United 18 yard box. He gets a lot of stick for giving the ball away too often or for having a low passing percentage but I only count one of these passes as a real “give away”, the one near the center circle. If a team can’t defend when one of their forwards makes a bad pass on the edge of the 18 yard box I’m reticent to blame the forward for making the pass.


Right, I’m off for a week. I’m not doing a numbers on the Dortmund match. I might not even be able to watch it. So, until next week.


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Wasted opportunities and unlucky by Gibbs.

Runcorn Gooner

Seriously Jack how could you not see Alexis wide open in front of goal.
Forever be known as the moment Jack bottled it


Tad melodramatic.


Alexis looked offside to me. Anyway, Jack would expect to score that chance 99 out of a 100 times.


On the brighter side, he’ll score that next 99 times 😉


So completely dominant but defeated. Typical arsenal.

we could write a 1000 word book on how to shoot yourself in the foot


Oh come on! We could easily get 5000 words on that subject.


7am, would it be possible if you could write a couple of more words about how many counter attack goals Arsenal have conceded over, I don’t know the past 5 seasons or so? With no stats in front of me it seems like it happens often but not too often but maybe if compared to a league average it would actually be quite a lot. Cause counter goals don’t happen that often, or am I wrong in this assumption. Also what would you consider for stats purpose a counter attack goal?


To be fair, we blame the ref for not calling the fellaini foul, but he could have sent off Wilshere for


Crap again.


The numbers will be painful for the duration of Wenger’s tenure….

this aint FIFA bitches

3 league titles & 5 FA cup Trophies is painful?

They were won in the duration of his tenure.


44 years a gooner .. and I’m now getting sick of this .. time for a change cause it can’t get any worse .


Don’t tempt fate, it can and will get worse. Its the same ole same ole, ad infinitum. Its painful…


It usually gets worse before it gets better 🙂 I saw a statistic on Wenger vs the top 4 teams during his Arsenal career. It was pretty abysmal reading compared to Alex Ferguson and Mourinho. For some reason he struggles vs the best teams, But he has very good stats vs teams we are expected to beat. Could you dig up Wengers WDL ratio vs the top 4 teams of each season and do an article on that? I just thought it was very thought provoking since it seems to have been an issue throughout his PL career. Mourinho stats… Read more »

Bob's Mexican Cousin

Not so sure mate, I remember back in the day when we would top the top 4 table and miss out on the title (methinks 2006?)

Gareth Murray

According to the genius Wayne Rooney, their keeper kept a clean sheet a should be proud. Perhaps as always suspected r wayne starts at 80 and counts backwards. The cunt.


it was no wenger fault for this game but i think it is time to bench players and bring poldi rosicky cambell into a couple of game we need change even we played well we missed glorious opportunities and we need some players to take look at their self’s it was like i was playing and getting a chance one on one with man utd keeper and was like o i’m one on one with de gea what a dream to score but i’m not a professional footballer and i shoot to the keeper hands that was exactly what wislhere… Read more »


Wenger is always responsible for the results…

Never blame the tools for the work of the craftsman..


No one else buys the players, coaches them or has no plan b.


I think our plan b came off the bench, back from injury, to score, no? Honestly our team suffers so much from not capitalising on the pressure it creates. We score one of the chances in the first half and we at least take a point, and the first goal is so important when we always overcommit when chasing the game.


I’m guessing you are 18 , 23 years, max, and that those names are legends to you rather than a memory? Correct me if I am wrong.

Koscielny's pocket

I literally cried after their second goal. I don’t know how to account this loss and who to blame, but this was so heartbreaking. Throw in the fact that that was United’s first away win in ages… Show encouraging signs and dominate but ultumately lose. Says a lot about Arsenal doesn’t it. As we say in Tagalog, “sobrang paasa.”

Koscielny's pocket



100% Wenger is to blame. Sanchez should have rather played in his recent number 10 role behind Welbeck while i even expect poldi or campbell to start from the wing. Then rosicky instead of carzola. And if i may ask, offensively what a hell was Welbeck doing on the pitch in the second half after a stupid first half, when we have a very pacey Akpom who could have made a name for himself? Giroud scored an unbelievable goal anyway, but that doesn’t make him an ideal number one striker in a big club like arsenal. Wenger is but a… Read more »

YouTube Graduate

Never change a… Oh


How is it Wenger’s fault that we weren’t clinical?


What does a guy like Rosicky have to do to get a game when Cazorla, Ramsey and Wilshere have been consistently being inconsistent?

He is the next best number 10 we have after Ozil who can easily switch wide and bring Sanchez back in. Wenger is too goddamn obsessed with Wilshere-Ramsey especially the former. I’m getting tired of his arrogance.


Couldn’t have said it better mate. Why would anyone in any sport continue to play out of form players. Rosicky deserves better. Such a shame.


I know this is gonna be a really unpopular opinion but Imma just say it; Rosicky isn’t that good. Don’t get me wrong, he’s a lovely player. But he isn’t good enough to single handedly turn this team around, no one at the club is. There’s no magic bullet and we’re not “two or three players away”

Diaby`s Glassware

Comment: dint that Fella guy foul Gibbs dammit! i really don’t like those kinds of goals with a hint of a foul…but we should’ve shot them twice in the crotch by halftime. Doesn’t AW have shooting at training for our damn midfielders? I’d take the loss at Swansea but this one is too big to fit my as*. We lose to Dortmunt and I hang myself on Christmas

YouTube Graduate



This is a good team. The talent on board right now is more than capable. Truth is, we are better than how we’ve been playing this season, and better than the shellackings of the last few years. To state the obvious, we would be a better team with Kos and Debuchy healthy and Chambers pushing for Mertesacker’s wobbling claim on his place. Add to that Gibbs and Monreal fighting it out for LB, or alternately, AW smothering games where we have a lead by bringing on Monreal in addition to Gibbs. But, realistically, it’s hard to expect that a team… Read more »


An Excellent post and well analysed. And I can guess who need culling, but AW won’t go there. His faults are there for all to see except AW.


I am happy with the performance but sad with the result.I think if they produce the same kind of performance with that enthu of pressing the opponent’s then they wont be far off chelsea come end of the season.Arsenal’s build up was so quick today,havent seen that all season.They are getting there!


This feels worse than the 8-2.

Saffa Gooner

No it doesn’t.


That’s just plain daft.


We actually dominated and played pretty well… What other team in the world can do what we do? It’s laughable actually. Yet at the same time is incredibly depressing and equally infuriating…

On the bright side Dortmund (doing their best Arsenal impression) threw away a 2 goal lead to the mighty Padeborn. Looks like everyone’s go to guy for replacing Le Boss would be a perfect fit…

Another sad thing? We could probably also register 23 shots against Dortmund and still get hit on the counter and lose…


You do know Dortmund is 15th in a league with 18 teams, right?


Yes I am very well aware of that fact hence my comment that we could still lose to Dortmund given how dyer our moral is


They may be 15th in their league but 4 wins out of 4 in the CL this season. Including a thoroughly convincing win against us – we were lucky the score wasn’t 6-0.
We will be in trouble on Wednesday, I will be pleased with a draw.

Runcorn Gooner

Jack blew it.Alexis wide open in front of goal.1-0 and we would have gone on to win against one of the poorest Man Ure sides ever


I am sick of Jack and Ramsey looking for glory, when will the Arsenal start playing as a TEAM? Look at Chile and other teams in the WC. Jack and AR, need to take a chill pill and forget their goal tally and ego, and play as a team. If I was manager I would leave both of them off the starting line up and have them on the bench as subs .

I didn't see

You can analyse all you can about the match, but one thing remains… ARSENE. He is the mental block we are all talking about. A change is needed at the club and it is long overdue Imagine a backline with Ashley young defending and yet we lose… Maybe if we lose against a middle aged part-time players can we get it in our heads that we can only go downhill with ARSENE I don’t blame the players because if the coach had the team setup such that if players don’t perform they sit it out, then everyone laps up any… Read more »


Going to watch a team who can defend my kids under 13s today


This game reflected why United sold Welbeck, always just missing, nearly got there never quite reaches, a bit unlucky, just off target

this aint FIFA bitches


Welbeck was a lot better than Van Persie.


Hard to blame Wenger here, we bossed the game, more than I can ever remember against utd, and not just possesion (as is sometimes the case) but we created plenty of good chances, the player have to take responsibility for bit finishing their chances, Costa/aguero/Rooney get one chance and bury it, we need chance after chance. For all the talk of needing defenders and defensive midfielders (which we do) we will never win the league without a world class striker (or two).


Where do these numbers come from? Does some student sit there and count the passes etc all match and hand them into opta? I find it strange that a set of numbers come out and no one questions where they came from.

A Yank

Not sure why everyone is thumbing that down. It’s a legit question.

There is a piece over on 538 on how Opta collects its data. And yes, it is logged by a person in realtime as the game happens. That data is Opta’s business and they are pretty good at it. However, they are not perfect. You put fallible humans in the process and you are bound to get errors. And I’ve come across some that were non-trivial.

Again, most of it is very good but it’s not perfect.

Diaby`s Glassware

Ashley Young…i really love your wings. Who doesn`t. He flies like its hollywood. And he was a wingback…a difficult one for that matter. I hope we learn how to kill off this type of games as fast as Diaby gets a crack in his glass toenails

Henley Gooner

I wouldn’t be surprised if Welbeck is quoted somewhere this week saying “it’s funny, I could never beat him in training either”.


pay 16m for Welbeck to play him on the left when you already have better wingers in the team in Campbell and Podolski. i’m sick of this shit. why does a world class player like Alexis has to endure this failure team and manager? he deserves to play in the best teams in the world, i’m embarrassed for him. and Ramsey is so shit my god. what an amazing season he had last year but he is becoming a liability. keeps on making terrible decisions and losing the ball too many times. at least when Giroud came on i felt… Read more »


Wengers often said certain players, most recently rambo, ‘need to go back to basics’. Well arsene take some of your own advice or do one. Thanks for the memories.

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

Those who are saying we dominated the game need to show us the three points they got for dominating. All Arsenal needs at this point in time is a win. Even a crappy win would have given us three points and boost players and fans pride for starting to beat big teams. Sadly, it does that to Man U.


We have to endure at least another 2 years of this stress and disappointment each season. The only way the fans will get through to Wenger and this board, is by boycotting games, and not paying the highest ticket prices in football, to watch them disappoint us every other week. It is stressful being a gooner. It is depressing, it has been for years, how can people still want Wenger to stay, how can we be confident going into any game? Who was confident yesterday? Did you believe 100% we can beat the worst United side in years? Maybe you… Read more »

gundog paul

I really could not agree with this post any more mate. I’m so sick and tired of this shit week after week and season after season. What also really pisses me off are the so called fans that actually defend Wenger and still thinks he is the right manager for arsenal. Anybody that thinks he’s the right manager is either seriously fuckin deluded or an enemy of arsenal football club. I blame the greedy bastards on the board that are only interested in how much money they can screw out of the fans and uefa for4th place. I wish ALL… Read more »


Im glad we are on the same boat, i think majority of Arsenal fans are on the same boat, i watch a lot of fans on Youtube after the games, most of them know what they’re talking about, these are the fans living in London, going to the matches paying the high ticket prices. They’re as sick of it as i am, and unfortunately I’m not rich enough to be able to go to the games, and i don’t live in London, for me to go to a home game, i would probably be out of pocket by £300 or… Read more »


I understand what your saying, if you have no faith in the team or manager can you honestly call yourself a Gooner???


Im not sure that inwant us to get through the group. I have no belief that we can win the the champions league. If we finish third we go into the euro league and would have a chance of winning that.


Not really a fan supporter then, by any definition.

Managers should be judged by results. Show me the name of any manger that has performed as consistently as Wenger every year for 15 years, lets go back 100 years to find a team even that have stayed in the top 4 for 15 years. And playing with style. Any not chasing oil/oligarch cash.

Results = Reality

And by the way, it isn’t all about winning, otherwise by those standards, you should judge your life a failure. (You’re not Thierry are you?)


Dexterbear, if Swansea can beat us, any team in the Europa league could beat us, i would rather go through to the next round, and have a go, and go out to a great team, you never know, maybe just maybe we could meet a good team on their bad night. The only thing i dread, is going through, meeting the likes of Real Madrid, Wenger decides to play a high line, and we would get the worst defeat in our history. Surely to god we will find some sort of good form soon, and improve, and not be embarrassed… Read more »


Eriksen>Ozil. i still can’t believe we payed 42m for Ozil instead of paying around 10m for the brilliant Erkisen. and even more, i can’t believe Spurs were able to sign him. my god, it hurts me to see Eriksen play for Spurs. what a brilliant brilliant complete player he is.


You’re definitely a moron if you think so.


If players can’t make the most of opportunities then you can’t blame Wenger. The players should be criticised. However, he should drop under performers.


We lost, still proud to be a Gooner 🙂


I’m glad there’s a lot of sympathy out there for Rosicky. I think because of his age and the new signings it’s easy to forget that he really did a solid job for us last season.
It just makes no sense to me that Wenger would leave him out with Ramsey admitting he’s “not 100 fit” before the game. I mean I’m all for playing the Welsh Jesus back into form but when he’s not fit surely we we have the depth in those positions to allow him to recover!?

Diaby`s Glassware

it`s not Rambo`s fault that he`s playing while he`s not 100% fit, can u imagine AW selecting him and Rambo says “Nay boss i`m not in form” or is it Rosicky`s fault that he`s 34 and still a Gunner? Around here we say That what bites is under your cloth. AW is biting us for sure

Mach iii

At least the myth of the problem being Ozil is truly cleared up now.


Stats stats possession possession just put the ball in the fickin net


Sometimes I think the Arsenal’s owner doesn’t like football. It’s just about money, and Wenger has made it to him…

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