Thursday, September 28, 2023

Cazorla flummoxed by Arsenal injury ‘plague’

Santi Cazorla says he’s been surprised by the amount of injuries Arsenal pick up, and that he’s never experienced anything like it on any other team.

The Spaniard has plied his trade at Real Oviedo, Villarreal and Malaga, but says the continual injury problems at Arsenal have made the team weaker and less competitive.

Currently on international duty, Cazorla told El Confidencial, “It’s something that surprises me. There are always mishaps, like Walcott, for example, or you twist an ankle, but the constancy of tears, to see people outside the team a long time …that makes us much weaker.

“We don’t have all our players in the best possible condition and ultimately makes the team more vulnerable. We hoping that we can change this plague of injuries.”

Cazorla also urged his teammates to cut out the errors which have cost so many points this season.

“We’re not in a good moment,” he said. “If we want to fight for important things these are mistakes that we cannot commit.

“It’s happened to us several times already and we just can’t keep doing that.”

If there is a bit of a silver lining to this week it’s that Walcott and Giroud are on their way back to first team action, so there’s been some de-plagueing, but with Man United and Dortmund up next, we have to hope the team can find its way defensively again.

Because we here at Arseblog News really, really, really want to get one over on the Dutch Skunk.

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“We don’t have all our players in the best possible condition”.

That much is clear, but why? Why? WHY???

Rambling Pete

Who wouldn’t be shocked by the amount of injuries Arsenal pick up? It’s beyond a joke at this point and there’s no doubt in my mind that it has a huge impact on the team. It reminds me of when I used to work at a brewery back in the early 1970s and there was a fellow in there called Charlie Limpwhistle and there was never a more accurate name for a chap than that. So often I’d come in on Monday morning and the boss would say ‘Charlie’s out sick again’ and I’d have to do his paperwork, go… Read more »


Superb as always. Bonus points for the use of the word ‘popsy’.


This post is as awesome as powerful Podolski’s strikes are. Brillant, chapeau bas!


Love it!

Djangoon Unchained



who would thumb this down? John Terry?


Mrs. Limpwhistle and her brood I’d imagine.


Some cunt without a sense of humour.

Hit Machine

I think it’s really easy to forget that when thousands of people visit a website on phone screens or computers some people may invariably miss the thumbs up button with their giant thumbs or have drunk far too much coffee and have the jitters with their mouse.

Sanogo knows no limit

Please blogs, give our man Pete his own column!


Ha Ha Ha Ha! Pure class


I’ve gotten my hopes up every time Flamini and the Dutch Skunk Cunt have been on the field together and I’ve been disappointed every time. Ideally, we’d be 4-0 up in the final minute of stoppage time when Flamini puts in a trademark challenge that manages to smash Robin van Cunty in the nuts. Plus it’d be hilarious for Arsene to go “I didn’t see it” while doing his best not to burst out laughing.


I think that it’s about time Vic Akers snuck into the away changing room during the 1st half and defecated all over van Judas-cuntface-grecian2000-sneaky-littleboy-WANKER-skunk’s personal belongings. Maybe he could wipe his arse with ‘Wazzas’ tie as a bonus.


Do we really want him to stop with Van Cunty though?

Mesut Aussie

Santi…. Oh Santi…. What’s happening mate…. What have we gotta do to get you back firing… Keep pluggin buddy. We need you back in form and pronto!


Wasn’t Wenger’s first priority when he arrived at the club to totally revolutionise the conditioning of the players? I’d revert back to pie and chips before the game, sweets at half time and a beer, a line and a gamble after if this continues

Andy Mack

And he did revolutionise the conditioning of the players but then every other team did similar, which is why the PL play at such a fast pace.


Ha Ha!
Thinking though that strategy gave us the invincibles… perhaps a more modern ban on gatorade, facebook and computer games might yield some clarity 😀

Bob the gooner

Diaby out for another 3 months how unusual. Pension him off now


how can he be out when he’s never been in


Club have apparently denied that. Plus the original rumour started with, aka the site that claimed we were about to get Javi Martinez last summer.


That explains why he missed most of the season with a knee injury then. Even a spurious transfer link to us is enough to guarantee an injury


Who said hes injured?


He’s not. Just rubbish reporting from a click-whore website.


I agree with the chap above: ideally we are winning by at least 4 and then, and only then, Flamini should snort a fistful of coke and charge screaming at RVP, kicking him repeatedly in the knuts and screaming that’s for the Arsenal you cunt, you had it coming! 100 game ban taken with honour. Standing ovation.

Mark Hughes

I wonder if the players are injured so often that they are all well on their way to becoming fully-fledged doctors and physios. If so, I reckon between Diaby and Walcott, they may end up having the knowledge to cure all known sports injuries (I say those two as they have had the most amount of injuries of any players since 2002).

Andy Mack

On that basis RVPrick would have been fully qualified before he went off to blow SAF.

Rob Smith

Convinced its those witch doctors at Sp*rs behind this, been doing it for years ever since that last day lasagna freak show at West Ham, you know. Get over it, black magic shit like this aint good for health you know. Either way, still lightyears behind us. Mind the gap.

Mark Hughes

The only people that say ‘mind the gap’ are those cock and balls that are still upset little Woolwich Arsenal came along and showed them how you actually become the top club in North London. We mind the gap, leap over it and them in the process.


Based on current affairs it’s much more likely to be chelski!

Mark Hughes

Interestingly, according to as at 13/11/14, Arsenal only have 4 first team players currently out injured – Koscielny, Debuchy, Ozil and Ospina. Why does it feel like we are missing so many more though….


Diaby is on his own separate list. Gnabry and Walcott are back but are too knackered competing for who is the faster sprinter in training. Ramsey is in and out and can’t understand how he played so well last season. Rosicky Campbell and Poldi must have let off one of those stink bombs in Wenger’s office so he refuses to play them.

Mark Hughes

1) Is it a coincidence that Diaby is injured but our players are ahead of schedule and coming back faster than previously thought? He’s been through it all and so knows how to sort it. While it’s not good for his footballing moral, he has reportedly been a big help to the doctors and physios with his knowledge. 2) Walcott is. 3) Ramsey played well as he actually did his job. This season, he is so desperate to get on the score sheet, he doesn’t even do the basic stuff properly. I think all the praise went to his head… Read more »


Maybe because the squad isn’t balanced?? even with koscienly and debuchy fit, we’re short on defenders.
This team is just full of no 10s and a over the hill flamini and arteta.


El confidencial? My Spanish isn’t the best but I fear they’ve betrayed Santi’s interviewee/ interviewer confidentiality rights. How dare they publish this interview.


When I saw the headline I assumed Cazorla was now injured. Any headline including an Arsenal player and the term “injury” immediately makes me nervous.

So, he’s not injured. Phew.

Adedoyin Adeyemo

The problem we have is our dear coach ARSENE WENGER,he knew quite allright that he was short at the cenral half why don’t he buy a defender before the end of the transfer window.he always knew what he wanted but he won’t just do the mildfield we need a blocking four(4),we have the money but we Wenger don’t want spend the money,he is our main problem,I wish he got sacked then we will be able to spend our money on good players not manage Monreal at the central half.


hey santi, you missing clear cut chances is as good as us conceding goals. so you have to buck up too… and where’s your creative spark that was so brilliant for us 2yrs ago?

Mark Hughes

“you missing clear cut chances is as good as us conceding goals” no it isn’t. One means you don’t score while the other means you will lose. If you are still unsure of the rules of football, then maybe reevaluate if this is the game for you.


You must be the type who forgives attacking players for missing out simple chances and yet attack defensive players for each mistake.

Maybe you should stick to winning eleven.

Missing simple chances is as serious as each defensive mistake. Unless you are playing sunday footy or your usual passion….winning eleven.

By the way….I love winning eleven. And I hate mark hughes, whether the portrait is a pun or not.


On the plus side for the ManUre game, while we may be scraping the bottom of the barrel for a back four, they’ve gone through the bottom and are digging holes in the soil beneath in their search for fit defenders.


Glad to see Giroud back but… its Koscielny that we are very very desperate to see playing in this team at the moment… Im hoping Diaby is in good condition physically and match fitness wise and ready for first team action… Boy what a difference he can make in the middle of the park when he gets going… There are 8 more games until we get to the half way mark… If Arsenal can get on a winning streak hopefully and win the next 8 games we can definitely close the gap on Chelsea to single digits… Which means we… Read more »


Wow your glass is definately half full. I have to say i admire your optimism.


I’m glad Cazorla has said this. When any of us bring up the injuries as affecting our performances we get beaten down and ridiculed, people say we’re just making excuses, etc. Now Cazorla has said it. Injuries have been screwing us. It’s not just a high number, it’s the high number to key players that’s really the problem.


Cazorla has said it, so it must be the truth. don’t be daft! The players we have should be able to beat anderletch at home and away.
We keep referring to the financial gap between us and the top teams and then conveniently forget it when we play like crap against smaller teams.


Does “on their way back to action” mean we’ll have to wait until april before they can start games again?

Yankee Gooner

Maybe Arsenal should change the name of the physio room from “Blessing in Disguise” to something a little less hopeful.


Well maybe Diaby got promoted into staff.. You know, 9to5 thing. Hehe


We know we are extremely susceptable to these sort of things so why we even risk at the back with a missing Cback is beyond me.

All things being equal, other areas of the team have sufficient cover.

but the lack of the CBack means the defense is wholly unfamiliar in experience and/or position. This has an impact on the rest of the team particularly in midfield where the lack of balance at the back is most keenly felt.


A word on Santi. he is not a shit player by any means as suggested by the usual over reactionary fan base. He may have not had the best of times adjusting to the new Puma kit (cleats) but he is probably better balance in attacking and defensive duties than Podolski. he also does not waste the ball that much and has a good passing completion rate. That’s why he starts. Add to that his creativity and the fact he can play across the midfield which benefits Alexis mostly (and to some extent Ozil when he wasn’t crocked) and it… Read more »


Santi is a wonderful player. It is just that this season his finishing has been beyond woeful. I know its not his primary job but he gets in some great positions and has such excellent technique he really should be scoring more goals. I wonder if his problem comes from his habit of hitting every shot as hard as he possibly can?

Tazmanian Jesus

“Because we here at Arseblog News really, really, really want to get one over on the Dutch Skunk.”

So does Welbeck, should I imagine.

Nacho de Montreal is tasty

The injury situation at the club has lasted so long and so consistently that it cannot be due to back luck. Arsenal losing two of the back four due to injuries has become a scientific fact. Yet Wenger tried to ignore this. Accord ing to scientific projection, he will loan or buy an injured CB in January because he can also play as DM. Oh, dear Wenger !


These injuries are definitely down to the way the team trains, I bet we do alot of rondos and short passing which would put more strain on ligaments and muscles since you need to react faster and change direction quicker than normal. Also trying to get awkward passes off by putting the body in weird positions to get that one touch pass off definitely doesn’t help. With all the knowledge the medical team has and considering our personnel in that department we should have the fittest team on the planet!


Arsenal kept 10 clean sheets on the way to the 2006 Champions League with injuries to Campbell , Cole and Lauren. Senderos , Eboue and Flamini came in and managed to break the previous defensive record with grit and determination and a never say die attitude. We could do with some of that true Arsenal spirit now !

winterburn 87

It’s the curse of the Stadium ( Emirates ) no soul n also if we had employs pretty massuer like chelsea does maybe it would have make a difference

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