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Debuchy hopeful of comeback next month

Mathieu Debuchy looks set to give Arsenal’s beleaguered defence a boost as he’s hoping to return to first team action next month.

The French international has been out of action since September 13th when he damaged ankle ligaments on what was only his seventh appearance for the club since his summer move from Newcastle.

The prognosis was an absence of three months, so he’s pretty much on track, but speaking to the official website he said, “My injury is now better. I work hard every day with the physio and I want to be back on the pitch in December. I’m looking forward to it.

“I was really proud when I signed for Arsenal and it was frustrating getting injured so soon, but I am focused on coming back stronger. I am very positive about that.”

With Theo Walcott back in the squad, Olivier Giroud back in full training and Debuchy on his way back, some of the weight is coming off us in terms of injuries.

Of course there’s still concern over Laurent Koscielny and when he might be able to play again, while Mesut Ozil is still around 7 weeks away, but we’ll take any bit of good news we can find right now.

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Wenger's Waterbottle

So he is two weeks away from being two weeks away. Sounds about right.


I dare you to choose a more depressing picture for the next article.


I just don’t understand what it is with us and injuries. I am pretty sure ‘hard’ players like ivanovic will become injury prone immediately they sign for us.

Henry! Chance!! Goal!!!

It seems we got our injury bug out of the way earlier this season. I’ll take earlier injury bug than later injury bug


It is the cost of the way arsenal play nowdays.

Nacho de Montreal is tasty

Barcelona played passing and retention game much better than we are doing and didn’t have half or our injury problems. We need to look elswhere to explain our problems. There were also players who left the club and stated training was more intense in the new club. I hope we find the answer one day.


and now u know why barcelona players dive a lot.. u need to do that to avoid injury.. at least the impact ones..

Andy Mack

The other difference is that Barca only have 6 or 7 (10 at most) competitive La Liga games because the opposition there is generally so weak (between 2 and 4 other strong teams depending on the year) and they can easily rotate players. Whereas we have 25+ really competitive PL games per season and get little chance of rotating the squad (apart from injuries). Plis Barca generally get good protection from the ref whereas the refs usually like seeing our players kicked around. This isn’t taking into account Cup and CL games but 15 easier games is a god-send to… Read more »


Barcelona don’t get manhandled by Premier League thugs every week.


La liga refs and that league’s mentality toward physicality and ‘getting stuck in’.
And a lot of those matches are slow and boring for good long stretches so just less unrelenting physical strain.

Az Ahmed

Are you saying we need to adapt to the premiership and play a more direct playing style and sign some physically strong athletic players? Whatever next?

Andy Mack

You’ll be suggesting Pulis as the next manager then!
I’d rather try to play decent football and hope that skill eventually wins out.

Me So Hornsey

I agree. We play a high press game without the ability to squeeze the whole pitch with a high back line due to Mert’s lack of pace. Consequently our ‘high pressers’ are constantly scurrying back at full pace to cover the huge space in midfield in front of our defence whenever the opposition breaks.
Along with Wenger’s lack of rotation, the extra levels of anaerobic pressure our present gameplan causes is probably fatiguing our players muscles more than your average team.

Andy Mack

When you’re trying to get 11 players to play like a team, you don’t want to keep changing them. Only when they actually ‘gel’ can you start to rotate 1 or 2. Then when more of them are playing well together as a team then rotate more. Unfortunately with our injuries and the poor results (because they aren’t playing like a team), rotation is out of the question at the moment.


This can only be good for us. I hope to god they aren’t rushing him back to shore up the defence.

winterburn 87

There goes January’s fresh faces


Better than the perennial 3 weeks


Yes. Take Bacary as an example. He is the hardest as they come. And with us, 2 broken legs.


Sorry, I was replying to Ghanagunner.


Finally we seem to be getting our injured players back to fitness just when we most needed them especially in defence… We are very very very very desperate for kos and debuchy to get back into the first team… It was a real worry to see that we had no defenders on the bench against Swansea I mean none… So tactically the manager can’t do jack s***… Chambers was being taken to the cleaners by Montero, the whole world knew a change was needed but, AW, dear oh dear… The boss was handicapped with no defensive options… Why..? Why..? Why..?… Read more »

alexis' shorts

Glad to have Debuchy back, that frees up Chambers to take the cb spot which he has performed admirably in so far this season. Monreal wasn’t bad, he is just physically outmatched to go against PL strikers.

On another note, odd how in a week this image will be very far from anyone’s minds
Gibbs, Welbeck, and Rooney


Joachim Low has spoken about Podolski after Germany beat Gibraltar 4-0, Poldi creating two of the goals: “Lukas had good movement in the first-half. It is always the case when he gets forward and deep, then Lukas is dangerous, as shown in the second goal by Muller. After that, he must have a re-think and work. I know that it is currently difficult for him to go 90 minutes at a fast pace. This is simply because Lukas is a player who needs practice and competitions, only then does Lukas have the quality. At the moment you have to say,… Read more »

Andy Mack

I’m a big fan of Poldi and followed (took notice of, not stalked!) him at Koln & BM, so was really pleased when he joined us and there’s no doubting his quality but he’s had far too many games as a starter when he’s been anonymous. Whereas when he comes on as a sub then he really can be a ‘game changer’. If he gets to start for us then he needs to put in 100% effort from the whistle (or look like he is!) rather than ‘pace’ himself as he appears to do usually. Really need Debuchy and/or Kos… Read more »


Great news about Debuchy. Hope Wenger was watching Wales hold Belgium tonight. Great defensive performance players throwing their bodies on the line. Full of spirit. Thats what we are lacking and need to start this saturday. 0-0 against Man u will not be a disaster.

Nacho de Montreal is tasty

Where did you get this idea of goalless draw with Many U from ? We can beat them and have to. Wélé will stick two to teach them he can score. Does Alexis play without scoring ?

Az Ahmed

Agreed with everything except the last part. 0-0 with two of the worst defences in the league? You must be off your trolley


You are wrong, 0-0 against Man Ure will be a disaster. We are already 12 points behind the leaders. We need to win every game between now and the end of the year just to stay in the race.


Stand corrected. I was thinking we are playing away. Agreed must win game just would like to see us play more cautiously away from home in big games.

Fireman Sam

I’ve paid £65 for my ticket so won’t be over the moon if it’s 0-0 mate.

It’s a good chance to give these mid-table Manc twunts a good pasting for once and at the same time give Robin Van Cunty a good boot or two in the nads.

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