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Ozil eyeing January return

Mesut Ozil has told Sky Sports News in Germany that he is targeting a return to action in seven weeks.

The midfielder hasn’t featured for the Gunners since suffering a partial rupture of the outer band of his left knee joint in the 2-0 defeat at Stamford Bridge on 5 October.

News of the targeted return doesn’t come as a shock with the boss stating last month that the 26-year-old wouldn’t be seen until the New Year.

Ozil has already missed six-games with the problem and stands to miss at least another ten as the fixtures pile up in the build up to Christmas.

Yesterday Ozil picked up an award from Laureus for his charity work after using his World Cup winners’ bonus to pay for 23 children in Brazil to have life saving surgery.

“We had the idea to help 23 children, because we had 23 players in the [Germany] squad,” he explained at the ceremony.  “And they underwent surgery, which was successful. I am very thankful. The doctors did a great job. I am very happy because it goes well for the children.”

Ozil’s legendary countryman, Franz Beckenbauer, said of the award: “He deserved it. A nice, modest, accomplished young man. A good footballer – and that is not to his detriment.”

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I’m so used to that phrase ending in ‘January exit’, I read it that way and I had a mini heart-attack.

fresh prince

Ducks sake

The Only Olivier is Giroud

Classy, classy Mesut.

Le Jaded Handbreak

Don’t let the door hit your eyes on the way in…

Seriously though, looking forward to the revival I truly believe this man is going to bring to the squad. Just in time.


who will be dropped to get him back in ? just a question , not a dig

Bendtdogg's Pizza

Would be Santi at present, I think. In January, who knows?


Jack W? After all when JW plays Ozil is usually shoved out to the wings, which I consider to be a waste of Ozil’s talents.


Most important player on the team and has not played as bad as people make out.


Why are you against making out?


The guy has serious talent. Playing him out of position, world cup hangover, personal problems… it is understandable his performances were not great this season. Despite all that Arsenal have still missed his creative presence. We are heavily reliant now on Alexis’ brilliance in the final 3rd. Ozil use to create clear goal scoring chances for others in most games. The sooner he gets back the better. That game away to Villa and at home to Galatasaray provide just a sample of what he can do when deployed in his best position.

Nacho de Montreal is tasty

Oxil did not come to Arsenal to be the OK player he has been. He was bought to be an outstanding playmaker. Not too late for him to turn into the player he is expected to be. Those who are saying he is our best player haven’t seen Alexis playing, I guess.


He is no winger wenger!


Goodluck on your way back, bro.


Hopefully he’ll be back not just fully fit but mentally clear too. Only learned of the court case with his father being settled out of court and that had to be playing on his mind.

Big Dave

I’d hate to have been the 24th kid.


Frankie Boyle is that you?? Pretty funny


What have the Germans done to deserve Sky?


must be related to the war. reparations or punishment of some sort.


I wonder if his personal troubles (father/ex manager suing him) had an impact on his form this season. I know that if I was in his position, it would certainly affect my work performance.

Time and his sheer abundance of quality should put him back on the right track to success.


Mark Hughes

I’m sure I read a blog somewhere, where the writer had the exact same thought….


and I think his parents split up too.

P.S. it appears as though one of us has to change our names, but I dare not blink first 🙂

Glory Hunter

The strangest thing about Ozil is we don’t realise just how effective he is to our game until we lose him to injury.
The same thing happened last season, our title challenge collapse coincided with Ozil being injured, although majority thought it was due to Rambo’s injury.
Lets hope he comes back physically and mentally fresh to secure us 4th spot 🙁


“A good footballer” – Beckenbauer

Believe it or not, but that’s high praise. Usually when Beckenbauer makes a statement, he simply wants to point out that everyone’s shit.


Ozil can eye a lot with those things in his head. Will be good to have him back because this season is going to be a big fight for those Champions League places, it seems no body wants them at the moment.


really really looking forward to this mans return. by then Theo will be fully fit. Theo, Alexis, Chamberlain, Jack all buzzing about with Ozil pulling the strings??? Koscielny back, maybe word on Debuchy?


Alobam(nwa 9ja)

Diaby is injured “again”. can you beat that?


How do you know? New injury or same (recent) one?


Ozil is class. Respect him AW, play him at no 10, to the whole teams benefit, and ours!

Mark Hughes

I’m not sure he should play him there right now as it may be detrimental to the team…

Love Gun

Isn’t Ozil eyeing a january exit?

Fireman Sam

So instead of buying a Ferrari he’s gone and helped some kids get better. Nice one mate, I’ve got a bit more respect and time for you now. And it seems like a classy Arsenal style thing to do. Well done, and hope you get back to fitness asap.


Poor Man Management yet again from AW… This is a player who was supposed to be given an extended break since his previous season ended only july 13… In my opinion Ozil should have been bought back to action on October and not August… By the time you know it here comes August and Baam the next season is here and this being AFC its quiet obvious we begin our season with a must win champions league qualifier… Ozil is thrown straight back into action with no proper break, no proper pre season and not even 100% fit since he… Read more »

Man Manny

The German medics were spot on after all. Could it be that Arsenal’s injury timings are deliberately shortened by the manager?
Take your time Ozil; I believe you still have much to offer the team. You have, sometimes, been scrutinized beyond reason but you play better than many realize. Come back stronger for the 2nd half push – I believe we will have a much better team (in terms of team cohesion and results) from January.

Arsenal Mad Since 2009

Sanchez -Ozil-Walcott,
Ramsey Wilshere
Gibbs Mertesacker Koscielny Bellerin


Well done Mesut!
For helping the kids…. Football pails into insignificance.

Glenn Helder

I’ll have a pail of whatever you’re having.


If we think in capability pairings:

CF : Welbeck Giroud
2nd Striker : Podolski Campbell
LW : Ox Gnabry
RW : Alexis Walcott

AM : OZIL Santi
CM : Jack Ramsey
DM : Arteta Flamini

LB : Gibbs Monreal
RB : Debuchy Bellerin
CB : Per Koscielny Chambers


Then there’s Rosicky n Diaby

Akpom Sanogo Zelalem Hayden

Obvious missing element right now is the CBack

Hope we buy actual quality+ experience. With Meterscielny’s at 29/30, and Hayden/(Chambers) barely 21, we need someone 23-25.

At 25yrs either Subotic or Hummels fit the bill. Both are 6’3 vastly experience in a struggling Dortmund squad and I believe out of contract. Hummels has stated his preference for Arsenal. Plenty of good years ahead.


The problem is how do we fit in both Ozil and Sanchez in both their best positions, which is central? I know people like to shift Sanchez to the left, but as his central performances have shown, he’s still effective, but not anywhere near as prolific as he’s been centrally (that’s been the case for all of his career). Ozil? He’s not even effective out of position. We need our most prolific goal scorer and our most prolific creator in their best positions. Which is why I hope Wenger tries once more with the false 9 with Sanchez and Ozil… Read more »


We’ve missed him a lot. Sánchez should play on the wing together with Walcott/Chamberlain. Özil has a playing style like none of our players have, he see’s passes that very few players do. Most of the chances we create he are the brain behind to be honest. We’ll be way better with him back!


When fit and on form, mesut ozil is definitely the best no 10 in the epl and probably the world.
His movement off the ball the superb; the way he creates space is something which silva, mata, heck even cesc aren’t able to do(hence why i’d pick an inform ozil over cesc because he creates chances in the final third with or without the ball and is obviously more skillful).
Wenger needs to stop being a moron and buy a freaking World class DM and be done with.


I wish he were preparing for a January exit. Ozil is a great player but simply does not have the fight or work ethic for the EPL.

It’s never going to work for him or us, the sooner we part company, the better.

Chairman Meow

er no.

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