Saturday, September 23, 2023

Podolski: ask Wenger why I’m not playing

Lukas Podolski has agains expressed his disenchantment with life at Arsenal right now, hinted at a January move, and suggested that if people want a better explanation as to what’s going on they should ask Arsene Wenger.

The German international was speaking at a press conference ahead of the national side’s European Championship qualifier against the mighty Gibralatar, and was asked about his bit-part role season.

“Of course I am not happy with my situation right now,” he said. “I can’t be satisfied with that. It is hard when you can’t do what you love.

He rejected a suggestion that his form was the issue, saying, “If you only come in for 8 or 10 minutes it is hard to get into the game. If you can’t play then you can’t say he’s not playing well or he has a crisis if you’re not given the chance.”

Pressed as to why he thought he’d been sidelined, a fed up sounding Podolski replied, “I don’t know why that is, you’d have to ask my coach in England.”

And with more links to Galatasaray, he suggested, not for the first time, that’d he’d be open to a move when the transfer window opens.

“We’ll see what happens in January.”

Thanks to @SanBorussia for the quotes

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fresh prince

It’s OK we’ll just play Santi there every sing lead game forever and ever. I mean he is I’m the form of his life after all.


So true. He is always reaching for the sky. Every shot of his reaches the top tier of a football stadium nowadays!


He is not suited to play as a CF and Wenger mentioned a while ago that when he bought Poldi he wanted him at CF position. He didn’t ever intend to play him on the left wing because he wants ball retention, defending and creativity from out wide. He is a good player but not fancied by Wenger and is probably destined to go out.

the only sam is nelson



I know he doesn’t always shine but I’l be gutted if he goes.

Hope he gets more playing time.

Runcorn Gooner

Agreed.Has AW explained why he bought on Sanogo instead of a proven goal scorer on Sunday.What did did Sanogo do?Blatantly foul a Swansea player.


May be to win headers? The last few minutes, we played like Stoke crossing the ball into the box.

Truth hurts

Wenger will keep them on the bench with hardly no game time but will expect them to perform magic when we are losing at the 80th minute.
If you are not playing your form will automatically drop
Wenger ….

I love you poldi

Podolski just doesn’t work with our system of play. He lacks pace and dribbling. He only really has that left foot going for him, but he just can’t support himself or others at Arsenal. You seem him have much more success with two striker systems where he doesn’t have to worry much about anything besides shooting.


A 2 striker system? Like then one we’ve been using for the past few games yet Wenger still refused to use him as a striker in any of those games? When winning a game and needing a forward who has great work rate, physicality and able to hold the ball well, Wenger brought on a work-shy goal scoring poacher in Podolski. When losing a game and needing a forward who has plenty experience of scoring last minute goals, a true goal poacher and clinical finisher, Wenger brought on the industrious striker who’s yet to score a single PL goal in… Read more »


To be fair, with those 2 strikers being Welbeck and Sanchez, I wouldn’t want to sacrifice either of them in the XI for Poldi. Would still be getted if he goes though.




hardworking strikers warm our hearts….goalscoring lazy bums melt our hearts….


The plot thickens…


I feel like he’s been given enough chances and he didn’t deliver. I love the guy like I loved rum, but now we must part ways, wondering how great we could have been together. He deserves to play in a more relaxed league.

Jamaican Gooner

How did hr not perform when he get 10 mins+ and still score stfu man you know nothing the man deserve his chance I guess you’d sub sanogoal in too on Sunday.. #FreeCampbell #FreePoldi #FreeBellerin #FreeRozzo #LockUpMonreal #LockUpSanogo #LockUptheBoard


Its a difficult one for both the manager and Pod. If the team had been playing well this season as a whole, we would be able to rotate players in and out without affecting our overall game, but as we haven’t been, Wenger has kept playing the same group of players over and over hoping they will find form together. Also Podolski shies away from defensive duties and whilst our team as a defensive unit is so poor, its not hard to see why he isn’t starting. At the same time, Podolski would surely of been a better option off… Read more »


Aw doesn’t rotate players. Look how kos has been worn into the ground

lookat him playing players continously who are so badly out of form ‘ cazorla most recently


I agree with your comment but it means that whatever happen, Wenger has already make the choice to stick with a group of 11 players who can be assured to be on the field (if no injury) every game or so. And I do not think that is a good message for the entire group. Because when things go wrong, you should be a valuable option to turn it in the right path.


Feels like one of the great wastes of the club. Often played out of position, injured for a long time, took even longer to bounce back from injury and now not given enough time on the pitch. Can’t blame him if he leaves in January and if he does I’ll always think of him with sadness for never really reaching his full potential with the club.


But what’s his best position? Up front? He’s been woeful every time he’s played there.

I don’t think it’s a mystery why he hasn’t had more games. AW’s spoken in public about it before:

You don’t need to read between the lines to work out that he’s not the hardest trainer. I think it was his problem at Bayern. They even stuffed him in Bayern II for a spell.


Well that’s fair enough. I can’t argue with that. Call me sentimental but I’ve been a fan since seeing him in the 2006 World Cup where he appeared out of nowhere with that great left foot. I often wondered why he stayed in Germany for so long and didn’t venture over here or to Spain. When he finally did and it being Arsenal as well I had high hopes. Maybe there was a reason why it took so long and maybe the chances he was given by Wenger were squandered. I still think it’s a great shame.


There’s another article here from 2010. Uli Stein calling him the laziest player Germany have ever had, after talking to a few of his former coaches: I think it’s the case with highly talented but less dedicated players that they start out strong, like LP in 2006, and fade as their career goes on. Looking at LP’s goal tally for Germany since 2010, two years before we got him, and it’s meagre at best. I’d like to think that AW figured he could work with him, like he’s done with difficult characters like Adebayor and RvP. He did put… Read more »


He’s suited for a more direct style of football and not our left-to-right, one-two, walk-the-ball-into-the-net bullcrap. But that’s not his problem. It’s Wenger’s. He bought a 90k a week player that is not suited for our style of play.


I feel for him. He was given 10mins against Anderlecht and scored. His ball retention is usually very good so I can’t see why he isn’t being given a chance over Santi who is bang out of form right now…


His shots on goal against Burnley were only kept out by divine intervention as far as I’m concerned.


He might not be the shiniest player around but he is an effective goalscorer, but if we’re losing or needing a goal for whatever reason, i wouldnt think twice in put him out there. But ofc We needed a goal against Swansea and Wenger sent the goalscoring machine known as Sanogo…


That sub the other day must have been the final straw.

He might be a lazy fucker but he knows how to score a goal, so maybe don’t bring him on to defend a lead (Anderlecht) and do bring him on when you need a goal (Swansea).

Whatever Arsene sees in Sanogo, no one else can, but if ends up with as many caps and goals as Podolski, I’ll eat my fuckin hat. And shoes. And coat.


Completely agree, I was astounded when Sanogo was put on ahead of him. But, what do we know.

Car Ramrod

And I thought my day couldn’t get any worse. Would hate to see him go.

Fergie the Gooner

Wake me up in June, this season is bollocks.


Ask Wenger yourself, podolski..

Bouldy's Tupee



The few times he has come in he looked like he could do something. I recall the many shorts at goal in a few minutes recently including rattling the post. Somehow Wenger just sticks with the same failing people all the time. Even Joel Campbell has looked quite good on the occasions. But Wenger now appears to prefer to die with the same out of form players…..

remember the invincibles

if we let him go, bring in Reus. Or don’t let him go.


Reus or Draxler would do it, but still would prefer keep Poldi, buy some freaking defensive cover and DM and then get reus, draxler or whoever


We’re a mess. The manager clearly doesn’t trust the substitutes – excepting Yaya Sanogo of course.. I am beginning to feel sorry for players like Rosicky, Podolski, Campbell, especially as it’s not like Cazorla is playing particularly well, is it? We keep trotting out the same 11, expecting different things to happen. A good squad requires balance and depth, and you don’t have depth when you can’t bring on a sub because you don’t trust them.
Honestly, SMH.


I do love Poldi, but he’s on far too much money to sit on the bench/reserves, must be sold if not framed first team by Wenger




It feels like this is all heading to a massive shit storm. The players we play are under performing, leads to frustration, we have depth we don’t use either through squad rotation or proper subs, more frustration, we don’t buy players for the positions we desperately need… It’s like it’s reaching a boiling point. Wenger is losing (or has lost) control. The fans are getting manic, players and coaches are seemingly losing faith. We see the iceberg, nobody seems to be steering the ship away


Try watching fewer Hollywood movies.


Idiotic comment WengersNoseHair…go pick your nose or something.


May as well flog him TR7 and Joel Campbell. It seems we don’t need them.


God knows why Joel Campbell and Podolski were kept, probably £20m of assets this summer gone and unlikely to be worth that again, when Wenger seemingly had no intention of using them. Just utter squad mismanagement again.

Not a massive Podolski fan but he was clearly only kept in case the Welbeck deal couldn’t be done, and even then he’s never performed as a CF. Last minute panic nonsense summer after summer.


Because if they were sold the whole world would know that we have even more funds to spend and then when they are inevitably not spent it would be another reason for the fans to be unhappy.

Wenger knew what he was doing


Sorry to diversify but i see reports of moves being made in jan for Danny Alves and Pedro so our problem areas are being addressed then
I really want us being linked with top defensive midfielders and centre backs but somehow thos doesnt suprise me


We don’t need Pedro and Alves is a cunt


Alves is a cunt. It would be an awful big straw to add to this camels back if I had to cheer on that douche bag.


Why do you think so, out of interest? Don’t actually have an opinion on him myself, but he seems pretty decent…


Maybe just ignore these ‘links’ and take them as what they are- utter bullshit. Until I see that we’re considering a ‘sensational swoop’ (always with the swooping..) for Javi Martinez from Bayern. Then they can be true.

Liam's sweet left foot

I think the clue is in the month. Nobody can sign anybody in November. Leave the links alone! 😀


Alves I believe is the same age as Sagna – definitely the wrong side of 30 – and Debuchy will be back in the new year. We have a Chambers and Bellerin. Not happening. No way, no how.

Nacho de Montreal is tasty

Wenger has the habit of tolerating about everything for some players then be tough with others and this against club’s interest at times. I remembered when he demoted Gilberto as a captain without prior discussion with him after the guy had a very good season the previous year.


His recent choices of captain have been highly suspect. Arteta should be on the bench at best mertesacker the same. Neither are good enough. Neither would get in chelsea city teams. Christ I cant think whos teams they would in the top half

fresh prince

West ham


I am pretty sure If Podolski started in 4 games he would have scored a couple of goals unlike our beloved Wellbeck, 5 games without a goal.


Our problems aren’t really up front….
I used to point the finger at Poldi for not doing his defensive work….but he’s not playing and things are still crap. Are our wide players simply not directed to track back and cover our full backs? Wenger out.
Sanogo brought on instead of him on Sunday means the end of his Arsenal career. Happy? I’m not….Wenger out.


i hope you’ll leave as soon as possible but will be missed you


Get Pogoalski some dang minutes.

steven unwin

wenger needs some different matter in his head the man as lost it . who in the wright mind would keep playing sanogo that lad as no talent.but wenger keeps trying him , if that’s wengers mentality its time wenger had gone. PS don’t forget to take sanogo with you.


I imagine Joel Campbell will be next to go after Poldi.

Not sure how a team that is struggling to score can’t use these guys a bit more…

Last week’s subs made no sense, we brought on Poldi to protect a lead and Sanago came on against Swansea when we needed a goal…I would have reversed those decisions.


Wenger on top things I see.

More ammunition for the nay sayers.


At first I had more pros than cons about Wenger to be managing Arsenal for another 3 years but not any more. Hope the rumors are true about Arsenal staff having doubts about Wenger. But will bring changes? I mean why play Nacho on the CB if you can play Chambers there who is bigger and more defending oriented and don’t forget our best player in August when he played as a CB. A like Monreal but I just don’t see him as our backup CB even Mertesacker is uncomfortable when he plays with him. If it is about that… Read more »


So what happened to the season where everything was supposed to finally come together? We played so well last year and with this seasons new additions it should have been our year. Injuries yes but weren’t we worse off for that last year? Jesus Fucking Christ, what happened?


Aw transfer masterplan happened


Something along these lines: You built a car from spare parts that ran ok. Then when you could afford it, you bought better parts, added some of the spare parts from the previous but then neglected to buy a new gearbox to connect the engine and the rest of the drivetrain. Machine with better parts than last time that doesnt run for shit…. And by you, ai mean Wenger.


Those who’ve thumbed me down by all means carry on all you like, I’m not part of the “Wenger out” squad and I’ll never stoop to that level either, but the car comparison is a good one. I feel we have a few Ferrari’s, Porsche’s and TVR’s in the garage (maybe even one or two F1’s). At the moment most of them are running like Astra’s with spare tyres while being left in a cloud of dust by beefed up boy racer motors.

I’m not having a go at anyone, but I ask again, why? Why?


Mate, 2 ppl thumbed u down. Fucks sake grow a pair.


We didn’t play well last year. We didn’t played well last season at all (except that glorious Wilshere team-goal). Can you remember the last time we really dominated and controlled a game? I love this club, and I love Arsene Wenger, but there are serious problems here.


“We didn’t played well”

Durrrrr. Dum dum durrr *dribble*

FT 3:16

It’s a shame how Arsenal fans are constantly sucked into revising their opinions of players just because a bumbling manager who is now the perfect anti hero has mismanaged the potential of such players. Not too long ago, Podolski was seen as a perfect finisher, and popular with the fans. Fast forward a few months after being frozen out cold on the bench, he is now regarded as a lazy player by the same formerly adoring fans. We deserve this mess. We deserve this stale manager.


I don’t think anyone’s opinion of Poldi’s finishing has changed. It’s the rest of his game that isn’t up to it.


I’d understand Podolski being out if Cazorla was in amazing form. That’s hardly the case tho. Also, Sanogo instead of Podolski when we need a goal? Really?


We’ve had what, two good games this year? Villa and Burnley. Two not exactly great teams. Then we gave Man City and Chelsea a good run for their money. Any others? Feels a bit thin on the ground. And with the players we have. Disapointing!

Giroud's abs

When Sanogo is put into a game when you’re looking for a goal, you can’t help be feel frustrated. We saw what his thunderous left foot can do. If only Wenger would rotate the team every so often so he could get a game. #aha


To be fair to Wenger, it’s not like Podolski hasn’t made himself undroppable over the last few seasons. I think he can be an excellent impact sub though and if was able to replicate the effort he showed against Burnley over 90 minutes he’d walk into most teams in the league. ATM he’s playing like someone with something to prove; I say let him prove it!

Yankee Gooner

Exactly ^ this.


Overall I just do not get the 8-10 minutes substitutions. And no rotation. Thanks to fatigue we will have other injuries then, while the valuable options for replacing them will not have any competition played, no rythm, no understanding of the team and no motivation. At leat give 30 mins ! 8 mins, you grab a coffee, drink it, have a pee and that’s all.


Seriously, it does my head in! the player coming in doesn’t have enough time to affect the game, the player going out is hardly getting a rest!
Seriously, what da f*#k?!!!


I’m guessing Podolski doesn’t fit in Wenger’s long term plan and playing him regardless would skew the system. Perhaps this hints at a new face on the left wing come January?

I like Poldi as much as anyone, but if there’s no room for his skills in this Arsenal team, I guess Wenger knows. Remember he was brought in to (maybe) play alongside or sub RVP and things have changed a lot since then. Nice chap, I’ll be sad to see him go.


I dont know if it just me but it seems our LW/LM position is like a cursed position. After the invincible season, our LW/LM position is not as decisive as before and players who arsene bought to occupy that space has not been playing regularly. Players like arshavin, gervinho, now poldi. Started well for their first season and then all goes down the drain. Maybe its just me.. Hopefully wenger can fix that..


getting tired of all the explanations…theories on why our team doesn’t work etc etc. We know what we think the problem is…Fair game if you want to defend Wenger and state your reasons but I think we should stop the tired explanations and everyone who thinks we know what the problem is should just put hash tag WengerOut and hope the pressure gets somewhere….


Summer time is the only real opportunity to strengthen the squad get the deals done early, its great we probably have been lucky to qualify for Europe being 4th has it draw backs for players wanting to play in the champions league they wait on us qualifying then its too late. January is no good for many reasons, cup tied,over priced wages etc and yet again we failed to get the players this season. exscuses are growing thinner that Rizla papers now. Wenger will not change and know one will challenge him so heres to another two and a half… Read more »


If I were Poldi, after Sunday sitting on the bench seeing my team needing a goal and seeing the lanky-useless-beanpole-0goal Sanogo coming on instead of me I would have asked for my contract to be torn up immediately! The fact Santi continues to be in our starting XI week in week out whilst he is in terrible form is shocking, Ramsey too. The one part of the pitch where we can afford to rotate and drop players who aren’t playing well but never happens. TR7 & LP9 for Santi & Rambo, they would have a point to prove and would… Read more »


maybe because you are not french, U21 and injury proned?

as much as i like to see squad rotation, i would like to see a manager rotation too….steve bould for a couple of…months please. and as arsene often likes to drop older players in the last year of their contract…i would like to see klopp in when arsene’s into his last year too…a taste of his own medicine.

Bob's Mexican Cousin

Keep the guy with the third best minutes-per-goal ration in the history of the premier league for Sanogo who is below Silvestre in that regard. Genius.

Bob's Mexican Cousin



This is the problem. When Wenger rotated players, he did not necessarily pay dividends. Think Anderlecht when Rosicky AND Podolski came on and we were not better. I personally like to see more of Poldy but I think the key issue is Wenger is rightly concern that we are struggling to find fluency in the side. Some key understanding has to be built over time between members of the squad. We are showing signs of ticking up front with Welbeck, Alexis, Ox combining. Santi for all his ‘faults’ this season is a steady player who doesn’t lose the ball often.… Read more »


Why do you even bother commenting when you never have anything original to say…why santori whyyy?


As long as we’re on the topic of useless comments…


To me, Poldi needs to accept what his best role is – late game supersub attacker. I can’t really think of any club anywhere that would do well with a player that doesn’t have a more balanced game. If he just wants to play in the attacking 1/3rd, OK, you get 10, 15 minutes when we’re ahead or chasing. If he doesn’t want that, he will need to adapt his game, and do so before being offered anything. I actually wish he WOULD accept that and just perfect his application of the role. Center striker? There are trickier, or bigger,… Read more »


Anyone out there want to buy my season ticket… Going to give this season a skip

Fireman Sam

Le prof = shite substitution master

kenny dojo

Cazorla has been shite. Sit him down and give others a chance.


The team is a mess. arsene has lost it, no more cutting edge in his managment.hate to say it.being a supporter of him even before he joined arsenal, during his days at monaco in the early 90’s. It’s sad to see a once great manager lose it.i’s ironic that the club has become bigger than him.cause he was at the heart of the project. he is outpassed by the worldwide pressure, the new mentality of the players, the fickleness of the fans, who rightfully want more success for their money.he should go and get the french national team OR move… Read more »

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